The Importance Of Establishing A Good Relationship With Your Customers


Running your own business is more than just your boldness to start it. Even if you start it, there is no guarantee you will be successful in building it. Some business founders also think that as long as you sell good product then it will find its market eventually. However, it is not entirely true because it is not always the case. The key to successful business is a good relationship with customers and it may take time to build.

The Importance Of Establishing A Good Relationship With Your Customers

Establishing good relationship with customers

When one customer is satisfied with your product, they may tell the others hence you get more customers. It will be an organic growth for your business. You can actually amplify it using the right strategy, which is building good relationship with customers. You may gain exponential growth as the result. And here the right conditions to make it come true:

Understand what you need to build

When starting a business, you need to know what to offer to your potential customers, what kind of solution you can offer to them. To know what to build, you need to understand the problem you are trying to solve first. And you will only know it if you talk with the people who have experienced it. Even after you find the solution, you need to test it out whether or not it is effective to solve the problem you want to fix. 

Then, you need to gain feedback from those people so you get accurate information. And to get feedback, you need to develop good relationship with them because you cannot just keep pestering them questionnaires over and over again. Show them that their opinion do matter and you care about their problems and that you are willing to help. Only then they will be happy to deliver their honest feedback. 

Make your first customers the most valuable promoters

Your first customers usually have more deep and personal connection and relationship with your brand. The are growing with your brand and help it develop into something bigger. They have their influence on helping it grow so they would like to talk about it more to others, making them the best promoters you can have. Therefore, it is essential to build a real person-to-person relationship with your customers. Also, make sure that the relationship goes both ways, which means it is beneficial or valuable for both sides. 

The benefits of building your initial community

In business, especially startup, hoping for your product to go viral is not enough. The most important thing is how you can find the right solution to be offered to the right target customers, and make them fall in love with it. What you can do to amplify the outcome is by building initial community of activated super-fans. Your strong community will help spread your offering faster and more effectively.  Therefore, make sure to engage personally with every person who show interest in your brand. Involve them in the community actively and you will see the outcome. 

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