Tattoo Artist Bali Speaks: Choosing Tattoo Placement


Choosing a tattoo placement should always be one of the first things you consider when you’re getting a tattoo—whether it’s your first or your many times getting one. And this aspect is so important for solid reasons. There’s the considerations of pain tolerance and and the design of the tattoo itself when it comes to tattoo placement. 

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Where in your body should you get your tattoo? 

This is a trick question that should be answered individually. The issues with tattoo placement is more than just what meets the eye. Where you get inked affect these things:

  • Pain levels. Some parts of your body is just more painful to get tattooed more than others. These body parts include but not limited to the skin nearest to the bone. 
  • The appearance of the tattoo overtime. Are you planning to get tattooed on your stomach? Some areas of your body are the most likely to change or stretch overtime. The stomach is one of the examples. The skin on your abdominal area is also known to be able to stretch to a certain capacity, so don’t be surprised when your chosen tattoo artist Bali takes up more time inking the area.
  • You also need to think the suitability of the design to the part of the body that you’re going to ink. 
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Tattoo artist Bali says: design is a huge factor 

The scale of your design is particularly important when deciding where in your body you’re going to put the ink. Where should you put the Mandala tattoo you’ve been itching to ink on your body? Do you have an elaborate piece you’d like to tattoo in your body? Fine lines and fine details? The tattoo would need to be large enough to accommodate all of the elaborate details so that your tattoo artist Bali would be able to ink the piece to its best possible form. 

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Choosing a place that’s easy to look at by yourself 

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This is especially important for first time tattoo collectors. If this is  your very first time in getting a tattoo, but you have to twist your head every time you want to see the newly inked artwork on your skin, that would be a big bummer. So if this is your first time getting a tattoo, it’s generally important for you yourself to be able to see the tattoo easily and be able to appreciate it from time to time. 

Pain levels correlates to your body parts 

A collarbone tattoo or a rib is going to be painful compared to, say, an upper arm tattoo, that’s just how it is. While the pain levels don’t discourage many to get their tattoo in their desired place anyway, this is something that needs to be understood and taken into consideration.

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There’s also the fact that the more painful area you’re tattooing, the more likely you’re going to need a break from the inking. It’s not uncommon for painful areas to tattoo to take longer compared to the less painful ones. For many, this may mean more cost, since some of the best tattoo artist Bali generally charge per hour basis. 

Considering the visibility of your tattoo 

While we consider yourself the most important person who should be able to enjoy your tattoo before anyone else, this is another factor in tattoo placement that cannot be overlooked. Do you want to be able to easily hide your tats? Perhaps for whatever reason, you cannot be seen sporting a tattoo during work, or anything of the sorts. 

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