Simple Solo Travel Ideas You Can Try in 2019


I do believe that many of us have been traveled alone at least once. Whether we have been to the other cities or even countries, there are reasons why we were experience the solo traveling before.

The main reason for that could be; we can move faster and comfortable without being waiting to the others. We couldn’t also need to be exhausted when making a plan of our own solo traveling since we will only think about ourself and not the others.

At the same time, traveling with the others that you have been knowing for so long is also interesting, but surely that matching each other’s budget and time can be the main issues. So that, solo traveling is a solution where you can still spend the valuable vacation even though you have to go here and there by your own.

Simple solo traveling ideas for 2019

There are still many benefits of becoming the solo traveler you can get! Therefore, I am intending to give you inspirations about the simple solo travel ideas that you can give a shot for this 2019 if you haven’t got an idea at all.

Solo travel ideas with a little hassles so you can really enjoy the journey

The word simple on above title is actually already owned by the solo traveling activity. And overall, the whole traveling itself don’t have to give you any unnecessary hassles so your energy can be focused on how you can experience the journey to the fullest.

The simpler the travel you are getting, sometimes means the better. No heavy loads you should carry all the way, easily for you to reach the destination, a low-budget trip, and many more that will still make your day beautiful.

And if you are wondering about the these simple solo travel ideas to experience this year, you can see some of the inspirations that I have been prepared for you below.

  1. Fishing; Wait! Are you frowning right now? I am including this as one of your solo traveling ideas since it is possible for that. You can find a fishing spots whether at the sea or beach, the river, lake and many more places since fishing itself can be done even up to the highland and you can do it by your own. And it is also affordable for many of us.
  2. City tour; Oh, God! Sounds like the solo travel idea that can’t be special for you? Not until you are digging deeper about the city you are living in or the another city around you. In fact, you can really explore the social life, cultures, and lifestyle of a city and its development since years ago. City tour can also be an idea to spend your short time holiday for example at the weekend and possible to be the cheapest solo travel idea? Just give it a shot!
  3. Meet the past at the Museum; Seriously, I have no idea why people are rare recommending to visit the museum around the town. This may part of the city tour idea as well but it can be exclusively as the self tour alone since exploring the museum can take some times and it will be a good place to spend your time in silence.
  4. Go out for camping; Another way for a silence leisure is to be at the silent spot. It is also a simple solo travel idea where you can really do it yourself. But, I have an important recommendation for you to get rid off the hassles when camping which is to to buy the solo hammock camping and start using it at the camping site you need to visit. Anyway, it can also be part of how you can be closer to the nature and surely the better way to enjoy the panorama while hanging between the trees. Hope you can really enjoy the warm night by the fire camp under the stars.
  5. Heading to the beach club; The interesting thing about beach club that I have been visited is that, you won’t only get the delicious foods and refreshing drinks under the sun, but you can also swim around at the beach or you can even choose to enjoy the pool that has been provided and many more. And you can even only needs to bring the extra clothes when heading to the beach club and money. You can be there for hours.
  6. Visit the waterfall; How close you are with the nearest waterfall in your area? If that will be possible for you to finds one, I think it will really a worth trying idea for your solo traveling. Moreover, the easier the waterfall can be accessed, you may will only needs the extra clothes and money for the gas. What if you are visiting the water fall while camping there? If there will be close to the river, what if you are getting your fishing tools as well?

Of all the 6 lists on above simple solo travel ideas, which do you think will be possible to be experienced in the next weekend? Anyway, one or two of the ideas i have mentioned can be combined to another as I have exemplified. Don’t you think that all the lists are interesting since they won’t burden you much with hassles?!

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