Preparing Your Small Business For The Second Covid Shutdown


The coronavirus has been mutated into different variations which means it is still a long way before it can be fully contained. The rise of the new variant such as Covid Delta has made people all around the world felt threatened again. Many small business are are anticipating for the second wave of covid impact including the possible lockdown. What will happen to your small business that is just started?

What you need to do for your small business in preparation for the second covid shutdown

With new covid variants on the rise, it is a must for you to be prepared than being caught off guard. The CDC is now recommending mask-wearing again. What should you do to your own employees and small business regarding to the situation of the possible second shutdown?

Make sure that your employees are all vaccinated

The CDC says that fully vaccinated people can participate in many activities they did before the pandemic so working is possible to do even with the new covid variants on the rise. Hence, it is important to remind your employees to get vaccinated for the preparation of working from the office. However, it is also recommended to wear a mask during the activities done outside of home. It means, your need to instruct your employee to keep their mask on while working. 

Employees who are at lower risk of transmission

Your employees who are at lower risk of transmission and have been vaccinated may take off their mask during work especially if the number of employees per group in the room is less than 10 people. Meanwhile, those who are immunocompromised or at increased risk for severe disease or have certain medical conditions should wear mask while working even though they are already vaccinated. 

Cut off unnecessary costs

Running a business even if it is a small one still costs a lot. And during this pandemic that has not been over yet, you may consider cutting some costs. You may have to run your small business with limited numbers of employee, covid fears, etc. It is time for you to reevaluate all your budget especially with the possible second covid shutdown. 

Adjust working hours

It is also recommended to adjust working hours for you and your employees. It aims to avoid staying open and incurring labor costs during slower times. If you run a restaurant, do a cost analysis to determine if staying open later into the night brings in more revenue. If it just costs more money than it is probably better to scale back. 

Save money for a rainy day

It is such an old concept to say saving money for a rainy day but it can truly save your small business during the worst situation. Especially with the unexpected situation with the covid, you need to manage your money to the core. It is recommended that you put away 7-10 percent of your income to have cash reserves so your small business will remain steady even when slowdowns hit again.

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