Tips To Help Your Team Members Managing Their Stress

No matter how passionate you are about your work, there are always times when you suffer from stress. And it happens to your team members as well. With all responsibilities and tasks, it is bound to happen. It seems impossible to prevent stress from coming. However, you can help your team members manage their stress better. Hence, they are still healthy physically and mentally. 

Tips To Help Your Team Members Managing Their Stress

Helping your team members managing their stress

Work environment is challenging to every individual in different level. And with how the work environment changed a lot today, many people experience major stress from it. Their level of stress may also be heightened by other factors which makes it even worse. However, you can do something to help your own team members managing their stress healthily, and here are some tips to follow:

Show your own vulnerability and make yourself more relatable

As a leader, you are always demanded to set by example. You are aware that everyone in your team may experience different level of stress. However, almost everyone doesn’t like to look vulnerable so they try to appear as strong as possible. Meanwhile, it is not a healthy way to cope with the stress. Encourage your employees to not feel afraid of showing vulnerability by showing your own first. Show them that vulnerability doesn’t mean weakness. This way, you will look more relatable for your team members. Then, inform them some healthy tips on how to maintain an optimistic outlook.

Use empathy to humanize work environment

Regardless of background status, each individual in your company is human. Hence, show your team members your human side by showing empathy. Also, infuse compassion in every interaction you have with them even with remote setting. Always provide support for their mental health as it is not less important than their physical health. 

Talk with your team members openly

Not everyone likes to talk out their feelings or how they are doing. However, talking can help a lot in relieving stress. As for today’s situation with the pandemic, every member of your team may be affected differently. Hence, look for the facts and talk about it with them openly. Discuss and find solutions together. Make sure to find solution that work for them to protect everything valuable including themselves, their families, work team, and company. 

Identify the sign of high stress levels and provide the right programs

It is important to identify the signs of high stress levels so you know when and what to do to overcome the situation. It is easy to fall on your own world, making you unaware of the situation around you. Your team members might be on the verge of crashing without you realize it. If you know how to identify the sign, you can take earlier actions. One of the solution to manage stress is by providing mental wellness program. Not only does this help manage work-related stress between your team members, it also helps a lot in maintaining their mental health in general. 

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10 Best Amenities of True Luxury Villas in Bali to Wow Your Guests

Best Amenities of True Luxury Villas in Bali to Wow Your Guests

Guests pick luxury villas in Bali for a number of reasons. Some are business travelers seeking for a place to stay in between meetings. Others are tourists seeking for local tourist sites. Some are conference or event organisers and participants who are in town for a meeting or event. Whatever a guest’s reason for staying with you, one thing is certain: the experiences and facilities your hotel provides may make a significant impact in the growth of your business. So how amenities improve guests experience in your villa Bali and, ultimately, boosts future bookings? 

Why Luxury Villas in Bali Should Get Serious with Their Amenities 

Running a luxury villa business in Bali makes you part of hoteliers and hospitality industry. And like any other professional hoteliers, you want to put guests’ happiness and satisfaction above everything else. Amenities is one of facilities that directly speak luxury and warm welcome to guests from villa’s owner. So, which and what kind of amenities to invest for bigger return at your Bali vacation rental?

Assortment of High-end Tea Bags and Coffees

Assortment of High-end Tea Bags and Coffees

While tea and coffee is a must for villa amenities, guests will really appreciate it when they find premium tea bags, loose leaf tea, or single origin coffee in your villa. It’s a simple thing that makes relaxing time in the luxury Bali villas feels truly splendid. 

Assortments of Facemasks

Guests love some self-pampering and rejuvenation after exploring a new place. Try adding some facial facemasks in your toiletries mix to help their skin refreshed at the end of the day. It’s the least amenities that guests expect in a welcoming box and what will impress them the most. 

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Cozy Robes and Slippers with Your Villa’s Logo

You can expect slippers at any hotel, resort, and vacation rental. But what about robes? Guests love it when they find cozy robes in the wardrobe. If your holiday villas Bali is in a market with a lot of competition from Airbnb, or if you just want to gain a competitive advantage, consider making these facilities available.

Travel-Size Toiletries for Luxury Villas in Bali 

Travel-Size Toiletries for Luxury Villas in Bali

It’s easy to forget your toothbrush or one of your travel-sized products when you’re on the road. Stocking your bathroom with goods like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, lotion, contact solution, and so on will make your guests feel at ease, even if they forget anything. As an added bonus, provide small hand sanitizers that they may carry with them.

Hair Dryer and Styling Tools 

With Bali’s hot and humid weather your guests would spend every day between the beach and the pool. The majority of the hotels and villas where your visitors stayed offered a hairdryer in their rooms. What would truly please them is maintaining extra equipment at the front desk, such as curling irons and flat irons, so guests can leave some more room in their bags.

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Fun Local Treats from Bali 

Having simple snacks on hand for visitors to grab when they arrive or on their way out will nourish their body and heart. Try to provide a range of single-served dishes that can accommodate a variety of dietary requirements.

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The Idea Of Normal In Business Settings

The global pandemic has led us to the new normal now. It has been over a year since we were hit by the pandemic and it turned our world upside down. People are starting to get used to the idea of a new normal. However, can that term be applied to business world? Should professionals also get used to the idea of normal?

Should you expect for things to get back to normal?

The idea of getting back to how the world was before the pandemic is what many people are expecting right now. People can’t wait to get back to work at the office, go to school instead of having online classes, and socializing more freely with others. However, the impact of the pandemic is too big for us to expect things to get back to the way it was before. There have been many shifts that leave more permanent effect and not all of those are bad. 

In business setting though, there is not really we can call as normal because business world itself is often unpredictable. In business settings, normal has never really existed int he first place so why now we are all expecting for that? The problem is regardless of your profession or background, changes are always something scary to experience. Changes are not comfortable and considered not normal. Humans always crave for stability and normality. We want to be in the same environment that makes us comfortable and safe. We easily grow attached to places we go and things we do. Hence, the idea of normal is what we are always craving for. 

Things that you define as normal might be suitable only for certain period of time. Things always change no matter how you against of the idea. If you cannot accept the idea of changing then it will be harder to move on and pivot when necessary. And in business, you won’t survive with that mentality. It is time for you to start normalizing the idea of experiencing disruptions.  In business there will always be disruptions in various forms. What works for your business today might not work tomorrow. Change is inevitable but what you can do instead of preventing it is to be agile and flexible. 

Do not be afraid of not getting back to normal

Keep in mind that humans have brains that can work wonderfully, solving variety of problems in many different ways regardless of the disruptions or environments involved. There is not really normal way to work and that’s what you should plant in your mind. What you consider normal is not always have to be about working at the same place. But maybe it could be the way you operate your days instead. What you can do to adjust with the current situation is work your way to reach success. Detach all your past and old routines if they don’t work for you anymore. Instead, use your agility and flexibility to face any challenges in any situation.

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Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, The New Trend of Marine Tourism

One of the super-priority destinations developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is Labuan Bajo. Located in the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, NTT. The village of Labuan Bajo is located on the island of Flores’ westernmost tip. It is serene, with many wonders awaiting your discovery. Labuan Bajo began as a modest fishing village, but it grew to become the gateway to numerous unique East Nusa Tenggara locations. Labuan Bajo liveaboard is becoming a trend and the perfect way to visit many exotic islands with super amazing views.

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, The New Trend of Marine Tourism

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Port to Paradise

Labuan Bajo’s principal purpose gradually evolved to that of a gateway to various tourist spots in the surrounding area. This area is blessed with numerous scenic sites as well as a diverse natural habitat, particularly in terms of its underwater biota. Labuan Bajo is known for its breathtaking sunsets. Deciding to sail comfortably to Komodo National Park, definitely take the Labuan Bajo cruise package which is the main hub for visiting inhabited and uninhabited islands.

Padar Island

Padar Island is unusual in that it is a hiking destination in the middle of the sea. Padar is sandwiched between Komodo and Rinca, two large islands. There are several green hills, spiky points, and numerous beaches. The hike is short and takes about 20 minutes to complete if you can resist the temptation to stop and view the scenery along the route. On foot, you can quickly access various view spots.

Labuan Bajo tour visiting Komodo Island

This is the most obvious. Labuan Bajo serves as a gateway to Komodo National Park. The island of Komodo is about a four-hour boat voyage from the town. You can see the spectacular Komodo dragon up close and personal on this island.

The dragons are allowed to wander the entire island, including the rangers’ compound. When you visit, make sure you are always accompanied by a park ranger; the charge for a park ranger is normally around IDR200,000 per party.

Diving activity

As previously said, the Komodo National Park is extremely diverse, both on land and underwater. Try scuba diving near Seraya Kecil Island, one of the park’s islands. There’s a good chance you’ll see dolphins, manta rays, and perhaps whales. The ultimate prize, though, is the dugongs, the local mermaids. If you can’t spot the mermaids, there are bright coral reefs to distract you.

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Dealing With Difficult Conversation During Remote Work

Dealing With Difficult Conversation During Remote Work

Dealing with difficult conversation in person is already challenging. Added with remote environment, it can be such a daunting experience to deal with. However, you have to face it no matter what because you are the leader and you have to find ways to solve the problems. During remote work, there is no other way for you to deal with difficult conversation other than through virtual conversation. It may sound unpromising but it can be just as effective as you do it face to face. 

How to deal with difficult conversation during remote work

It is common that difficult conversation comes up from time to time in your team. Sometimes, the problem is not that big but the complexity of the problem that is too concerning to ignore. Or, sometimes the problems can potentially affect the workflow in the team so you need to solve it as soon as possible. And here are some useful tips for you to deal with difficult conversation during remote work:

Use video instead of text or phone call

Use video instead of text or phone call

 Using a video also holds you accountable to fully stay present in the conversation. It is an attempt to make both side stay focused on the conversation. It also allows you to see more nonverbal cues such as body language, gestures, etc. Hence, you need to pay more attention to those. See how the other is reacting during the conversation. Also, pay attention to vocal or physical changes that may happen. On the other hand, watch your gesture and body language so you don’t send potentially misinterpreted signals. Stay composed and don’t let emotion get the best of you. also

Eliminate distractions

It is also important that you eliminate distractions that can disrupt your focus in the conversation. Minimize clutters, background views, and noise that can possibly disrupt your conversation.also, mute your notifications from both your computer and phone. Remove anything that can shift your focus away from the conversation. 

Turn off self-view

The reason of using video call is so that you can focus on the other person and not to focus on yourself. Hence, turn off your self-view during the conversation so can fully pay attention to the discussion. When you are talking to someone, you have to see them not yourself. Just make sure that your camera angle is good for the other to see you clearly. If you are afraid of looking embarrassing, check yourself before the video call, see if you have anything stuck in your teeth or something. 

Do not be in a rush

To make conversation more effective, allow additional time for responses. Give each other time to process and form a response. Pauses between speaking can feel longer than they actually are. However, embrace the uncomfortable silence before interjecting or prompting for a response. Also, make thorough preparation before holding a difficult conversation so you have relevant data and information needed, know what questions to ask, and understand what to do to wrap out the conversation by making concrete plan for follow-up. 

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The Importance of Guests Experience in Villa Seminyak

The Importance of Guests Experience in Villa Seminyak

Whether it’s Bali’s most exclusive five-star hotel or private owned one bedroom vacation rental villa in Seminyak, hospitality plays vital role on the success of your business. The bottom line of a vacation rental property is heavily influenced by the guest experience. In the face of severe competition, your vacation rental business’s guest experience can make or break it.

Understanding Guest Experience in A Vacation Rental

The interactions you have with your guests from the time they arrive until they depart are referred to as the guest experience. This phrase is most commonly used in the hospitality business to describe how well you treat your guests. They will have formed opinions, thoughts, and emotions that will effect their experience from the time they see your listing, read reviews or descriptions of your vacation rental home, and view images of the property. The pleasure continues once your guest arrives at the vacation rental home up until they return the key and walk out the property. So, guest experience formed not only from the time they spent on your property. It begins before they come and end when they go back home.

Guests Experience is Not All About Having a Nice Villa in Seminyak

Guests Experience is Not All About Having a Nice Villa in Seminyak

Now, imagine you are planning a vacation in Bali. You want to stay in Seminyak and choose a nice villa for five days stay in the area. It has pools, kitchen, three bedrooms with a view, and a lounge with big TV. Now, Seminyak is about 40 minutes drive from the airport, and you need to haggle with aggressive taxi drivers. You manage to find one and feel totally ripped off—all because your villa doesn’t provide pick up service. Now you get a glimpse of Bali from the taxi’s window; the car is heading to Seminyak and the weather is good. But when you reach Seminyak, you realise that the roads are rather small and the villa, promising a seclusive hideout, is actually hidden from all the beach clubs and shopping districts.

You make sure that the villa address is right—it is. Only after solid 30 minutes, 5 missed calls, and two back-to-back calls with the host, you finally reach the address. But wait, you need to wait for another ten minutes before someone arrives and give you the door locks. Finally, you can get inside to put your belongings. But it’s past lunch time and everyone is hungry; and guess what? The fridge is empty, no welcome drinks or welcome basket in sight, the water dispenser has no water, and the tap water is a no-go. Feeling frustrated, you proceed to check the house and find the property is a bit dusty. You swear that this will be the last time you rent a vacation house. At least in a hotel you will get welcome drinks and room service. The nice beds and Instagrammable hanging rattan chairs in the patio can’t even make up the hellish experience. When you leave, you make sure to put one star in the review and warn everyone to never book this property.

This is how bad guest experience look like. You don’t want this happen to your Seminyak villa, don’t you?

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Why Guests Experience is Vital for Your Villa Seminyak

Why Guests Experience is Vital for Your Villa Seminyak

It’s much easier to grasp why the guest experience is so important if you put yourself in their position. Customer experience is critical to the success of your vacation rental business because it can boost customer loyalty and revenue through better ratings and reviews.

Excellent guests experience is like invisible investment for business. Positive experience can turn into:

More bookings as a result of 5 star ratings

Achieving 5-star ratings, whether in simple Google My Business or vacation rental listing services such as Airbnb’s, can give you better search result rankings! If your prior guests had a positive experience, your vacation rental property will be more visible to new guests.

Referral and word of mouth promotion

When someone like something, they’ll want other people to know it and like it too. When you provide impressive guests experience, you convince them that they are staying in the best villas in Seminyak. Your guests will feel encouraged to review your property and this means free marketing channel!

Returning guests and loyal customer

You may urge your visitors to rebook directly in the future and avoid the costly booking costs once you’ve hosted them once and dazzled them with your amazing guest experience! Many guests will understand once they’ve gotten to know you and you’ve developed a personal relationship with them.

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How To Foster Engagement With Your Remote Team

The situation with the pandemic has forced millions of people around the world to work remotely. The access to work freely at the office is limited even until now since the pandemic has not been contained yet. However, the vaccination is on going now and some countries have eased the protocol. Some people around the world have started working at the office gradually with tight rules and protocols. Meanwhile, some others are still working remotely due to various reasons. If you still implement remote work in your company, it is important to know how to foster engagement and keep morale high. 

Creating positive and rewarding environment for the success of remote team

There are many benefits of remote work but there are the downsides too. The most important thing is to cultivate ongoing methods that can contribute to create more positive and rewarding environment for everyone in your team. And here are things you can do to foster engagement better:

Connect on a personal level 

To connect on a personal level with your team, you need to be more creative with the remote situation. Usually, you can have a casual and more personal conversation in the breakroom or over coffee. Meanwhile, remote work won’t allow you to have those moments. However, you can create those moments by taking initiatives. For example, you can hold a virtual lunch or coffee once a week with your remote team. You can choose a theme or not at all. The point is to make it a comfortable environment for everyone to speak freely, they can speak about their achievement of the week, their current condition, and many more. 

Establish open communication

Even when you and your team work in the same building, poor communication will only lead to failure. And working remotely is even more challenging because there are so many barriers. However, you can still establish open communication with your remote work by providing more access for everyone to reach each other out more easily. Use reliable communication tools to avoid any misunderstanding as well. Encourage everyone to speak up. It is also recommended to be more casual about chatting. Allow your team to have their inside jokes as long as it doesn’t impact poorly to anyone. 

Set boundaries

You need to create a system and structure that will be healthy and balance for everyone. Encourage work-life balance by setting working hour thoroughly. If you and your remote team has different time zones, make sure to consider it. It is strongly suggest that you provide clear information accordingly. The point is to let them know that at the end of the day, they post what they have accomplished and what’s on their to-do list. Then, allow them to log off and mute notification because it is time for them to have their personal activities. Allow them space to disconnect with work life can help prevent burnout. As the result, they will feel happier, more satisfied, and engage more with the team. It is good for everyone’s mental health.

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How To Plan Your Amazing Komodo Trip Vacation

Actually, many foreign tourists who visit Indonesia and want to see Komodo dragons, don’t know how to reach them. They had heard a trip to Komodo National Park was an experience like no other. If you are looking for a vacation that is full of adventure and uniqueness, a Komodo trip can be the best option, landing and seeing Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. 

Komodo Trip Transportations

Renting a phinisi boat is indeed the only way to reach Komodo National Park. Most tourists start their adventure in Bali. Spend a few days in Bali, and continue the adventure to find the Komodo’s natural habitat. Labuan Bajo is the start of your journey to Komodo National Park. You can use a plane or ferry to get to Labuan Bajo.

Flight schedule from Bali to Labuan Bajo

FlightsTravel time
Indonesia Air Asia1 hr 10 min
Citilink Indonesia1 hr 15 min
Wings Airlines1 hr 30 min
Batik Air 50 min

Ferry from Bali (Benoa) to Labuan Bajo

Komodo trip transportasion - KM Binaiya
KM Tilongkabila
KM Binaiya
KM Awu
KM Leuser

After tourists arrive in Labuan Bajo, you can look for a phinisi boat operator to start your trip to Komodo island. So many trips to Komodo operators allow you to get an unsatisfactory trip. Why? The reason is when you don’t get information about trip packages, facilities, fees that enter, and those that are not included in the package.

Travelers who have traveled to Komodo island recommend that it would be better if they book a Komodo dragon trip from Bali. Why? There is plenty of time to look for a more detailed Komodo package and to be able to compare trusted and experienced operators.

The Komodo vacation budget is indeed not cheap, so you need to make sure the trip runs smoothly and satisfactorily. The Komodo tour package offers cabin sharing facilities, with or without an air conditioner, bathroom sharing, sundeck, indoor and outdoor dining rooms, lounge rooms, 3 meals. 

private komodo trip - Jakare liveaboard

For tourists who want a more private Komodo dragon trip, they can rent a phinisi boat which of course will be more expensive. The facilities will certainly be more luxurious and your vacation will be very comfortable without interference from other guests. Of course, you don’t need to share ship facilities with other people. Another advantage is that you can schedule a Komodo dragon trip as you wish. Tourists can negotiate and determine diving, snorkeling, or fishing spots for a more exciting adventure.

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The Importance Of Establishing A Good Relationship With Your Customers

Running your own business is more than just your boldness to start it. Even if you start it, there is no guarantee you will be successful in building it. Some business founders also think that as long as you sell good product then it will find its market eventually. However, it is not entirely true because it is not always the case. The key to successful business is a good relationship with customers and it may take time to build.

The Importance Of Establishing A Good Relationship With Your Customers

Establishing good relationship with customers

When one customer is satisfied with your product, they may tell the others hence you get more customers. It will be an organic growth for your business. You can actually amplify it using the right strategy, which is building good relationship with customers. You may gain exponential growth as the result. And here the right conditions to make it come true:

Understand what you need to build

When starting a business, you need to know what to offer to your potential customers, what kind of solution you can offer to them. To know what to build, you need to understand the problem you are trying to solve first. And you will only know it if you talk with the people who have experienced it. Even after you find the solution, you need to test it out whether or not it is effective to solve the problem you want to fix. 

Then, you need to gain feedback from those people so you get accurate information. And to get feedback, you need to develop good relationship with them because you cannot just keep pestering them questionnaires over and over again. Show them that their opinion do matter and you care about their problems and that you are willing to help. Only then they will be happy to deliver their honest feedback. 

Make your first customers the most valuable promoters

Your first customers usually have more deep and personal connection and relationship with your brand. The are growing with your brand and help it develop into something bigger. They have their influence on helping it grow so they would like to talk about it more to others, making them the best promoters you can have. Therefore, it is essential to build a real person-to-person relationship with your customers. Also, make sure that the relationship goes both ways, which means it is beneficial or valuable for both sides. 

The benefits of building your initial community

In business, especially startup, hoping for your product to go viral is not enough. The most important thing is how you can find the right solution to be offered to the right target customers, and make them fall in love with it. What you can do to amplify the outcome is by building initial community of activated super-fans. Your strong community will help spread your offering faster and more effectively.  Therefore, make sure to engage personally with every person who show interest in your brand. Involve them in the community actively and you will see the outcome. 

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How to Sell Your Real Estate Bali Seminyak Right

How to Sell Your Real Estate Bali Seminyak Right

Owning a real estate in one of Bali popular beach town like Seminyak can be an incredible opportunity. One can turn it into a very profitable vacation rental. However, sometimes an owner cannot keep it forever—they might need to go back to their country without having anyone else to manage the property—or other circumstances that prevent them from keeping the property. Nothing wrong with your choice to put your Seminyak property back to the market. You just need to do it right. Take notes on how you should sell your vacation home in this fancy neighbourhood for maximised return.

A Real Estate in Bali Seminyak is Basically a Home – Treat It Like One

While a vacation home has its own quirks, it can and should be treated in many respects like any other house on the market. While selling a house necessitates a great deal of patience and time, there are a few things that homeowners may do to expedite the process.

For a vacation house, curb appeal is crucial, as it is the first impression many people will have of a purchase that is largely discretionary. Take the opportunity to freshen up any landscaping, touch up exterior paint, or even consider little details such as a new mailbox or new home numbers. Every small change may go a long way toward establishing a positive first impression.

Stage Your Vacation Home

Stage Your Vacation Home

Think about those dream houses and interior décor inspirations you usually see in magazine. You want your real estate Bali Seminyak to look like that. Clean, crisps, and neat. Don’t let it empty and unappealing. A clever home staging can help people fall in love easily with the house. Cleaning and decluttering will help you prepare your home for staging. If you’re unfamiliar with home staging, it’s the art of presenting a room in its best light by using the correct furniture, décor, and accessories. It all comes down to how your house appears and feels.

According to HomeLight research, nearly all top agents think that staging is good for getting more money for your home or attracting buyers to the sale. More than 67 percent of realtors believe that staging helps to enhance the sale price of a house.

Inspect and Repair Your Seminyak Real Estate Bali Before Selling

In essence, a large list of problems in an inspection report offers purchasers more bargaining leverage. Worse, purchasers may discover anything that leads them to back out of the transaction, prolonging the time your home is on the market. You have a bit more control if you get a house inspection done beforehand.

You’ll have more time to make required repairs and shop contractors for the lowest price instead of feeling pressed to fix things quickly as your closing date approaches. Plus, when buyers can’t discover anything wrong with your property, you make it difficult for them to offer less than full price.

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Take Good Pictures of Your Property

Take Good Pictures of Your Property

Well-taken pictures speak volumes. Make sure your listing photographs represent all of your hard work after you’ve done the deep cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and staging. Many times, that is the only thing people will see online; how your real estate in Seminyak Bali looks like before deciding whether or not to continue browsing. If you want to sell your house quickly, your photographs must be spectacular.

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