How To Foster Engagement With Your Remote Team

The situation with the pandemic has forced millions of people around the world to work remotely. The access to work freely at the office is limited even until now since the pandemic has not been contained yet. However, the vaccination is on going now and some countries have eased the protocol. Some people around the world have started working at the office gradually with tight rules and protocols. Meanwhile, some others are still working remotely due to various reasons. If you still implement remote work in your company, it is important to know how to foster engagement and keep morale high. 

Creating positive and rewarding environment for the success of remote team

There are many benefits of remote work but there are the downsides too. The most important thing is to cultivate ongoing methods that can contribute to create more positive and rewarding environment for everyone in your team. And here are things you can do to foster engagement better:

Connect on a personal level 

To connect on a personal level with your team, you need to be more creative with the remote situation. Usually, you can have a casual and more personal conversation in the breakroom or over coffee. Meanwhile, remote work won’t allow you to have those moments. However, you can create those moments by taking initiatives. For example, you can hold a virtual lunch or coffee once a week with your remote team. You can choose a theme or not at all. The point is to make it a comfortable environment for everyone to speak freely, they can speak about their achievement of the week, their current condition, and many more. 

Establish open communication

Even when you and your team work in the same building, poor communication will only lead to failure. And working remotely is even more challenging because there are so many barriers. However, you can still establish open communication with your remote work by providing more access for everyone to reach each other out more easily. Use reliable communication tools to avoid any misunderstanding as well. Encourage everyone to speak up. It is also recommended to be more casual about chatting. Allow your team to have their inside jokes as long as it doesn’t impact poorly to anyone. 

Set boundaries

You need to create a system and structure that will be healthy and balance for everyone. Encourage work-life balance by setting working hour thoroughly. If you and your remote team has different time zones, make sure to consider it. It is strongly suggest that you provide clear information accordingly. The point is to let them know that at the end of the day, they post what they have accomplished and what’s on their to-do list. Then, allow them to log off and mute notification because it is time for them to have their personal activities. Allow them space to disconnect with work life can help prevent burnout. As the result, they will feel happier, more satisfied, and engage more with the team. It is good for everyone’s mental health.

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How To Plan Your Amazing Komodo Trip Vacation

Actually, many foreign tourists who visit Indonesia and want to see Komodo dragons, don’t know how to reach them. They had heard a trip to Komodo National Park was an experience like no other. If you are looking for a vacation that is full of adventure and uniqueness, a Komodo trip can be the best option, landing and seeing Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. 

Komodo Trip Transportations

Renting a phinisi boat is indeed the only way to reach Komodo National Park. Most tourists start their adventure in Bali. Spend a few days in Bali, and continue the adventure to find the Komodo’s natural habitat. Labuan Bajo is the start of your journey to Komodo National Park. You can use a plane or ferry to get to Labuan Bajo.

Flight schedule from Bali to Labuan Bajo

FlightsTravel time
Indonesia Air Asia1 hr 10 min
Citilink Indonesia1 hr 15 min
Wings Airlines1 hr 30 min
Batik Air 50 min

Ferry from Bali (Benoa) to Labuan Bajo

Komodo trip transportasion - KM Binaiya
KM Tilongkabila
KM Binaiya
KM Awu
KM Leuser

After tourists arrive in Labuan Bajo, you can look for a phinisi boat operator to start your trip to Komodo island. So many trips to Komodo operators allow you to get an unsatisfactory trip. Why? The reason is when you don’t get information about trip packages, facilities, fees that enter, and those that are not included in the package.

Travelers who have traveled to Komodo island recommend that it would be better if they book a Komodo dragon trip from Bali. Why? There is plenty of time to look for a more detailed Komodo package and to be able to compare trusted and experienced operators.

The Komodo vacation budget is indeed not cheap, so you need to make sure the trip runs smoothly and satisfactorily. The Komodo tour package offers cabin sharing facilities, with or without an air conditioner, bathroom sharing, sundeck, indoor and outdoor dining rooms, lounge rooms, 3 meals. 

private komodo trip - Jakare liveaboard

For tourists who want a more private Komodo dragon trip, they can rent a phinisi boat which of course will be more expensive. The facilities will certainly be more luxurious and your vacation will be very comfortable without interference from other guests. Of course, you don’t need to share ship facilities with other people. Another advantage is that you can schedule a Komodo dragon trip as you wish. Tourists can negotiate and determine diving, snorkeling, or fishing spots for a more exciting adventure.

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The Importance Of Establishing A Good Relationship With Your Customers

Running your own business is more than just your boldness to start it. Even if you start it, there is no guarantee you will be successful in building it. Some business founders also think that as long as you sell good product then it will find its market eventually. However, it is not entirely true because it is not always the case. The key to successful business is a good relationship with customers and it may take time to build.

The Importance Of Establishing A Good Relationship With Your Customers

Establishing good relationship with customers

When one customer is satisfied with your product, they may tell the others hence you get more customers. It will be an organic growth for your business. You can actually amplify it using the right strategy, which is building good relationship with customers. You may gain exponential growth as the result. And here the right conditions to make it come true:

Understand what you need to build

When starting a business, you need to know what to offer to your potential customers, what kind of solution you can offer to them. To know what to build, you need to understand the problem you are trying to solve first. And you will only know it if you talk with the people who have experienced it. Even after you find the solution, you need to test it out whether or not it is effective to solve the problem you want to fix. 

Then, you need to gain feedback from those people so you get accurate information. And to get feedback, you need to develop good relationship with them because you cannot just keep pestering them questionnaires over and over again. Show them that their opinion do matter and you care about their problems and that you are willing to help. Only then they will be happy to deliver their honest feedback. 

Make your first customers the most valuable promoters

Your first customers usually have more deep and personal connection and relationship with your brand. The are growing with your brand and help it develop into something bigger. They have their influence on helping it grow so they would like to talk about it more to others, making them the best promoters you can have. Therefore, it is essential to build a real person-to-person relationship with your customers. Also, make sure that the relationship goes both ways, which means it is beneficial or valuable for both sides. 

The benefits of building your initial community

In business, especially startup, hoping for your product to go viral is not enough. The most important thing is how you can find the right solution to be offered to the right target customers, and make them fall in love with it. What you can do to amplify the outcome is by building initial community of activated super-fans. Your strong community will help spread your offering faster and more effectively.  Therefore, make sure to engage personally with every person who show interest in your brand. Involve them in the community actively and you will see the outcome. 

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How to Sell Your Real Estate Bali Seminyak Right

How to Sell Your Real Estate Bali Seminyak Right

Owning a real estate in one of Bali popular beach town like Seminyak can be an incredible opportunity. One can turn it into a very profitable vacation rental. However, sometimes an owner cannot keep it forever—they might need to go back to their country without having anyone else to manage the property—or other circumstances that prevent them from keeping the property. Nothing wrong with your choice to put your Seminyak property back to the market. You just need to do it right. Take notes on how you should sell your vacation home in this fancy neighbourhood for maximised return.

A Real Estate in Bali Seminyak is Basically a Home – Treat It Like One

While a vacation home has its own quirks, it can and should be treated in many respects like any other house on the market. While selling a house necessitates a great deal of patience and time, there are a few things that homeowners may do to expedite the process.

For a vacation house, curb appeal is crucial, as it is the first impression many people will have of a purchase that is largely discretionary. Take the opportunity to freshen up any landscaping, touch up exterior paint, or even consider little details such as a new mailbox or new home numbers. Every small change may go a long way toward establishing a positive first impression.

Stage Your Vacation Home

Stage Your Vacation Home

Think about those dream houses and interior décor inspirations you usually see in magazine. You want your real estate Bali Seminyak to look like that. Clean, crisps, and neat. Don’t let it empty and unappealing. A clever home staging can help people fall in love easily with the house. Cleaning and decluttering will help you prepare your home for staging. If you’re unfamiliar with home staging, it’s the art of presenting a room in its best light by using the correct furniture, décor, and accessories. It all comes down to how your house appears and feels.

According to HomeLight research, nearly all top agents think that staging is good for getting more money for your home or attracting buyers to the sale. More than 67 percent of realtors believe that staging helps to enhance the sale price of a house.

Inspect and Repair Your Seminyak Real Estate Bali Before Selling

In essence, a large list of problems in an inspection report offers purchasers more bargaining leverage. Worse, purchasers may discover anything that leads them to back out of the transaction, prolonging the time your home is on the market. You have a bit more control if you get a house inspection done beforehand.

You’ll have more time to make required repairs and shop contractors for the lowest price instead of feeling pressed to fix things quickly as your closing date approaches. Plus, when buyers can’t discover anything wrong with your property, you make it difficult for them to offer less than full price.

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Take Good Pictures of Your Property

Take Good Pictures of Your Property

Well-taken pictures speak volumes. Make sure your listing photographs represent all of your hard work after you’ve done the deep cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and staging. Many times, that is the only thing people will see online; how your real estate in Seminyak Bali looks like before deciding whether or not to continue browsing. If you want to sell your house quickly, your photographs must be spectacular.

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How To Have Smooth Breakthrough Conversations With Your Employees

To become a true leader is not as simple as it looks. Even most successful leaders started from the bottom to get to where they are now. They have experienced what it is like to be an employee and take their journey to success step by step. However, it is also possible for leaders to have difficulty to see the organization through the eyes of an employee for some reason. It is important to know to make sure everything runs smoothly with the business operation. 

Having breakthrough conversations with your employees smoothly

One of the most effective ways to get an insight into the operations of your business is by having breakthrough conversations with your employees. It is essential for the conversation to happen naturally where your employees can feel comfortable to share their opinion. And here are how to do it:

Avoid being too dominant

It is more recommended to take passive approach while having conversation with your employees. When they criticize you, do not get defensive so easily. Try to listen in the situation first before giving any hard reaction. You can let them lead the discussion so they are comfortable voicing out their opinion. Treat what they criticize you as insightful input so you can identify the real problems and find the best solution. 

Establish trust with your employees

An authentic communication will happen smoothly if you put your trust on the other. It is trust between you as the leader and them as the employees. Establish open communication and actively listen to what your employees are trying to say. If you keep responding to their insight unnecessarily and become defensive then the communication will just fail. 

Stay honest and authentic

Remind your employees to be honest and authentic with their opinion. Let them not afraid of showing their vulnerability. Make them trust you to say what they truly want to say. Do not pressurize them to act professional if it only results in inauthentic, dishonest, fake feedback. Hence, it is important for you to lead authentically, express your own feeling in conversation, and humanize your interaction. 

Never control the conversation excessively

A breakthrough conversation can happen smoothly if both sides are in equal stage. It means, just because you are the leader doesn’t mean you can intimidate your employees when they are trying to share their honest opinion. Hence, make sure to make them feel safe expressing their opinions and participating in the conversation authentically. Allow the conversation to evolve naturally. Only then the conversation will result in helpful insight for everyone. 

Make time for breakthrough conversation

Some leaders might think that they are too busy to have breakthrough conversation with their employees. However, it is such an important thing to do because it can encourage employees to be honest with their leaders, not talking behind their back. Hence, make sure to make time for this conversation regularly and be fully present when those moments come. The conversation should go both ways based on trust and respect with each other.

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Komodo Rinca Tour, Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rinca Island is one of the 29 islands off the coast of Flores that make up the Komodo National Park. Komodo and Rinca are home to the rare reptile, the mighty Komodo dragon. The Komodo Rinca tour offers a great opportunity to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Which island is the best for viewing Komodo dragons?

Komodo Rinca Tour, Visit Rinca Island

Komodo Rinca tour begins by visiting the island of Rinca. In fact, most tourists will visit Rinca island more than Komodo island. There are some reasons:

Rinca Island is closer to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the starting point for tourists before embarking on an adventure exploring other islands around it. The Komodo Rinca day tour schedule will be very easy to arrange. You can do a tour of Rinca island in one day, including lunch and snorkeling. You can take a package trip to Rinca island leaving at 7 am and returning around 3 pm.

Easy to see Komodo on Rinca Island

Rinca Island is one of the habitats for rare reptiles. Tourists are more likely to see komodo dragons on this island because there is less protection for the komodo dragons to shelter in. Komodo on Rinca Island is smaller than on Komodo Island, but sightings on Rinca Island are quite guaranteed.

Trekking trips on Rinca island offer spectacular views. The savanna adds to the exotic of this island. Arriving at the peak, tourists will see a stunning expanse of the savanna.

The beaches on Rinca Island are dominated by blue. The clear water is perfect for snorkeling tourists and seeing colorful underwater habitats. The beaches on the island of Rinca are still natural and beautiful.

On the island of Rinca, you will see many of the Komodo dragons lying on the ground. Tourists will explore guided by an experienced local ranger who brings many tour groups. Don’t separate from the ranger because the Komodo dragons on Rinca Island are more aggressive.

Komodo Rinca Tour go to Komodo Island

You will definitely see rare reptiles on the island of Komodo, considering that this island is the habitat of large reptile animals. Komodo island tour takes you to explore the island of Komodo which is one of the 7 natural wonders in the world. You will see the wildlife of giant lizards and do jungle trekking, and hill climbing.

1300 Komodo dragons breed and in 1986, the island of Komodo was designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site. In addition to Komodo dragons, you can see various flora ecosystems such as Sepang wood which is common as medicine and as a dye for clothes.

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Boost Your Business To Thrive During Difficult Times

The ill effects of the global pandemic has been felt and is still being felt by every segment in business around the world. Many companies had no choice but to lay off their employees, declare bankruptcy, etc due to the impact caused by the pandemic. There is nothing normal anymore today and the future is still uncertain. Hence, it is a must for any business to put more effort not only to survive but to thrive as well even during these difficult times. 

Boost Your Business To Thrive During Difficult Times

Elements needed to boost your business to thrive

For your business to outlast the economic downturn, it should have business models that are not just mediocre. Hence, you must become creative in your effort to be more effective, efficient, and profitable during these difficult times. And here are important elements you need to boost your business:


It is an element you need for your business to thrive because it can contribute to the growth of it. Diversification means the process of expanding or varying range of products, services, business offers, etc. It includes offering variety of new, unique and different line of what you have offered before. If your business is accustomed to doing the same thing for a long period then it will remain stagnant. The growth will be insignificant and your business will end up standing at the back of the line. 

Change is something inevitable and you will be forced to make change when a circumstance follows. Instead of being forced to make change, it is better to plan your own strategies so your business will be ready to make changes regardless of the circumstances that follow. Business growth strategies should be plan based on creativity to thrive. Hence, your business can grow to become better, different, unique, valuable, and profitable. 

Allow your business to to become more diverse to increase the opportunity for future sales growth. With diversification, your typical target market will expand into new markets with additional products and services, attracting not only current customers but also the prospective ones. 


It is another crucial element you need for your business to keep growing and thriving in any circumstances. Build your business to be adaptable to the local and global environment. Just like when the global pandemic hit, businesses had the options to adapt to the situation by providing what the customers need in current situation or simply close due to lack of business. Those who have survived until now are the ones who chose to adapt. 

When you build your business to be more adaptable to any situation, it will grow its resilience. Hence, your business has stronger foundations to keep going regardless of the circumstances. Also, plan smart business growth strategies so you can make the right changes to your business models, allowing it to conduct temporary changes and keep implementing the permanent ones that will be advantageous for the business growth in the long run. Remember that change today is now a necessary so if you refuse, your business will less likely to thrive in the future. 

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7 Tips for Multi-Generational Vacation in Bali Family Villas

7 Tips for Multi-Generational Vacation in Bali Family Villas

When we are talking about family holiday, we are not only discussing about parents getaway with their babies. Many times, it also means a vacation both with the kids and the grandparents. Inviting the grandparents along on vacation is a often a good idea. Your children will have the opportunity to bond with and make memories with your parents, and your parents will love seeing everyone interact. And if you are heading to destination like Bali, it’s best to choose a family villas that can keep the warmth of the family. Before you book the first family-friendly villas in this beautiful island, take notes of these tips for booking the perfect villa for big family holiday.

Why Bali Family Villas is Perfect for Multigenerational Trips

The benefit of a villa holiday for a family is that you have a lot more flexibility. In contrast to a hotel, where you are limited by mealtimes and unable to make meals for finicky children, a villa is like a home away from home. You have plenty of space, including an outside area, and you may come and go as you want. While the children are small, a villa is the best option for a relaxing holiday.

Collecting the Wish-Lists

Because not everyone has the same concept of an ideal group vacation, obtaining a general sense of the sort of vacation atmosphere and personality traits each individual possesses might be beneficial. Before you start planning the rest of the trip, ask everyone what they want and what their perfect holiday entails. Is it, for example, everyone’s dream to rest on a beachfront property, spend time by the pool, and participate in some enjoyable activities? Do you have teens that would most likely enjoy the trendy Canggu and surf in Berawa? Would nestling in the peaceful and culturally rich Ubud fit more for the family?

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Look for Larger Bali Family Villas to Accommodate Everyone

Look for Larger Bali Family Villas to Accommodate Everyone

Because of the location, setting, and features, as well as the service, public areas, and privacy, big Bali family villas are ideal for group vacations. Another advantage is the number of bedrooms, which range from four to nine in certain villas. You can even find family suites with separate rooms for children. You can also book larger villas with more rooms than your family numbers. A seven bedroom villa would be perfect for 10 – 12 member of family. We all need an extra room just to be repurposed as baby powder room or extra storages.

Organising Family Trip Before the Departure

While it’s a good idea to not plan every detail and allow for unexpected adventures, preparation is the key to a stress-free group trip. It’s a good idea to make a list of things to see and do, whether for everyone or just a chosen few, so you don’t waste time and energy when you get at your lovely private villa. Remember that grandparents, parents, and children may have quite different ideas about what constitutes a good time.

Create an Itinerary that Please Everyone

Grandma and grandpa may not be as enthusiastic about a camping or hiking trip as the rest of the family, but your children will not enjoy a vacation focused entirely on museums. If you’re traveling with various generations, it’s vital to keep a variety of interests in mind while arranging your schedule.

Organising Family Trip Before the Departure

Consider a holiday theme that will allow for a broad range of activities, as well as one that is not age-restrictive (alcohol-focused vacations won’t be viable for youngsters, and physically demanding adventures won’t be possible for grandparents). For example, a beach vacation allows elderly folks to rest on the beach and read while the youngsters participate in activities such as surfing or swimming.

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Allow Time for Independent Activities

You should provide some time to be on your own in your agenda. If you have teenagers, leaving them off at a park or café while you and your parents have a lovely breakfast is perfectly acceptable. After the day is done, you may all get together and discuss your experiences with one another.

It’s Time to Talk About the Cost of the Villa

Grandparents’ vacation expenses may differ significantly from those of a family with young children. Before going into the details of where you want to spend your vacation and how much it could cost to get there, agree on a budget range that will work for all of you. Make sure you clear it upfront whether the family holiday is a gift for the grandparents, whether you are expecting something in return such as babysitting, or whether you are splitting the cost with the grans. If a grandparent chooses to pay for your family’s trip, or any portion of it, make sure you understand how much it costs them to include you all and how much it costs them.

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Preparing Your Small Business For The Second Covid Shutdown

The coronavirus has been mutated into different variations which means it is still a long way before it can be fully contained. The rise of the new variant such as Covid Delta has made people all around the world felt threatened again. Many small business are are anticipating for the second wave of covid impact including the possible lockdown. What will happen to your small business that is just started?

What you need to do for your small business in preparation for the second covid shutdown

With new covid variants on the rise, it is a must for you to be prepared than being caught off guard. The CDC is now recommending mask-wearing again. What should you do to your own employees and small business regarding to the situation of the possible second shutdown?

Make sure that your employees are all vaccinated

The CDC says that fully vaccinated people can participate in many activities they did before the pandemic so working is possible to do even with the new covid variants on the rise. Hence, it is important to remind your employees to get vaccinated for the preparation of working from the office. However, it is also recommended to wear a mask during the activities done outside of home. It means, your need to instruct your employee to keep their mask on while working. 

Employees who are at lower risk of transmission

Your employees who are at lower risk of transmission and have been vaccinated may take off their mask during work especially if the number of employees per group in the room is less than 10 people. Meanwhile, those who are immunocompromised or at increased risk for severe disease or have certain medical conditions should wear mask while working even though they are already vaccinated. 

Cut off unnecessary costs

Running a business even if it is a small one still costs a lot. And during this pandemic that has not been over yet, you may consider cutting some costs. You may have to run your small business with limited numbers of employee, covid fears, etc. It is time for you to reevaluate all your budget especially with the possible second covid shutdown. 

Adjust working hours

It is also recommended to adjust working hours for you and your employees. It aims to avoid staying open and incurring labor costs during slower times. If you run a restaurant, do a cost analysis to determine if staying open later into the night brings in more revenue. If it just costs more money than it is probably better to scale back. 

Save money for a rainy day

It is such an old concept to say saving money for a rainy day but it can truly save your small business during the worst situation. Especially with the unexpected situation with the covid, you need to manage your money to the core. It is recommended that you put away 7-10 percent of your income to have cash reserves so your small business will remain steady even when slowdowns hit again.

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Komodo Cruise Boat Tour: Best Budget Luxury Liveaboard

When imagining Komodo diving and staying for days on a phinisi boat is very boring. Change your thinking! Komodo cruise boat tour is a trend these days, especially for those who want to enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery. Imagine five-star hotel facilities moving to a phinisi ship and you can enjoy it along the way. 

Luxury Komodo Cruise Boat Tour Budget

How much is the budget to join the Komodo cruise boat tour? Budget is always an issue when planning a trip to Komodo Island and its surroundings. The problem is, you have to go to Labuan Bajo as the starting point of the trip. From Labuan Bajo, you have to use a boat to explore many dive spots. 

For now, there are several choices of transportation modes, ranging from KMP ships to private ships. Actually the Komodo cruise boat tour is not as expensive as you think. To save on the Komodo diving liveaboard budget, you can look for an open trip upon arrival in Labuan Bajo. 

Many Komodo diving liveaboard operators offer tourists to fill empty slots. Price? Of course, it’s quite cheap. Phinisi boat facilities are also quite comfortable for you to stay during the trip. Usually, you will share a bedroom with several people with the positive side, you can get to know many other travelers and share experiences.

Komodo Cruise Boat Tour

Another option is to rent a phinisi boat with your condition sailing with a group or family. Vacationing with a group or family would be very nice if it was more private. Boat charters are the best option to enjoy diving in the waters of Komodo. The budget should you spend to rent Phinisi is certainly worth the comfort during travel.

Advantages of Komodo cruise boat tour

  • Choosing a phinisi boat that fits your budget
  • Choose a cruise according to capacity
  • Adjust your travel time
  • Private
  • Luxurious and comfortable facilities
  • Choose the dive spot you want
  • Availability of diving and snorkelling equipment

Several choices of phinisi boats that you can choose from:

Derya liveaboard

derya liveaboard - Luxury Komodo Cruise Boat Tour

This phinisi ship with 4 cabins can accommodate 8 passengers, excluding the ship’s crew. 2 bathroom facilities including bathroom amenities are prepared during the trip to the Komodo islands. The master bedroom has a double bed, while the sharing cabin has a double bed and a single bed. All cabins are equipped with air conditioners.

Fenides liveaboard

fenides liveaboard - komodo diving

The Fenides liveaboard can accommodate 11 people and is 41 meters long. The ship has 5 cabins on two decks, including a master suite with a double bed and a workbench. Two cabins with double beds, and the other two cabins with twin beds. Each room is equipped with a bathroom and air conditioners.

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