Tips For Entrepreneurs To Cope With Bad Effects Of Pandemic

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Cope With Bad Effects Of Pandemic

Regardless of your job or background, you are only human being. It is normal to experience bad times. The global pandemic has affected not only one person or two but the majority of people all around the world. The situation has brought anxiety, depression, loneliness, and more. Of course, everyone has contributed to help creating the solution for this situation such as creating a vaccine. However, many people have been affected greatly. If you are one of them who are suffering from stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, and fear, you are not alone and you can cope with them. 

Maintaining your mental health during pandemic

Entrepreneurs and business goers alike are struggling with the situation caused by the global pandemic. Many businesses have been shut down for good due to the crisis that was too difficult to deal with. The situation has led to depression and stress among entrepreneurs and business goers alike. Even though they are known to be one of the people who tend to have strong mentality, they are still human who can be affected just the same as others especially during these difficult times. 

Mental problem as side effect of the pandemic

Maintaining your mental health during pandemic

Entrepreneurs may have their own different method in coping with stress, anxiety, loneliness or depressions caused by any crisis. However, not many of them are prepared to face this situation. Therefore, feeling depressed is not something uncommon. Some changes are needed in order for entrepreneurs to pivot with the situation. It is not easy either and cause more stress along the way. For example, remote work has caused people to feel disconnected and cause various problems such as technical problems or miscommunication. 

Reach for help

If you are experiencing many bad effects due to the global pandemic, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. It is not easy as it sounds because when people are showing signs of depression or anxiety, they tend to isolate themselves instead of reaching out for help. However, it can make big differences when you are willing to get help from others or talk to someone you trust. You can speak with them through a video call. 

Try to be more hopeful

It might not help a lot but being hopeful can truly shift your mindset. Keep in mind that any bad situation is temporary. So this pandemic will end someday and you have to hold on. Even though it has gone longer than we all have anticipated, there will be a point where it truly ends. New normal will come and you will be one of those people who survive the worst. Hence, always have faith in you that the situation will get better. 

Be kind to yourself

Try not be harsh on yourself when you are feeling unwell or not doing a good job with your work. It is okay to feel sad or angry because feelings are not something you can control either so no need to put a happy face all the time. Practice self-care because this can make you feel better of yourself. Do something you love when you are having bad thoughts. 

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Top Tips for Going with An Open Trip Labuan Bajo!

Top Tips for Going with An Open Trip Komodo Island!

It’s hard to resist the charm of Komodo. The Jurassic-looking set of islands, the prehistoric beasts, the clear blue water that holds bursts of corals and rich marine life underneath—everything about Komodo screams daring adventure. However, not all people can afford chartering a yacht for exploring this fascinating frontier. One of the most popular way—and a travelers’ favourite—for venturing the Komodo is by joining an open trip Labuan Bajo. You will be sharing the boat with five to twelve other passengers, depend on the boat, and of course sharing the cost! Not only that it’s fun, it’s also budget-friendly! If you have never joined an open trip before, here’s our top tips to make the experience fulfilling! 

Gather All Information About the Open Trip Labuan Bajo

Gather All Information About the Open Trip Labuan B

The first and foremost thing to do before proceeding with the trip. Do your research! Gather all information you need about Komodo and what you expect about the trip. Make a list about destinations you want to visit in Komodo and how long you plan to go for the sailing trip. Browse about the boats and see what kind of liveaboard boats you want to sail with. It’s important to set the expectation about liveaboard’s facility right. Do you want to sleep in a full-furnished, air conditioned cabin or are you willing to sleep in a mattress on an open deck? Do you want to dive and snorkel in Komodo or do land exploration only?

It’s important to book the right open trip Labuan Bajo which itineraries and facilities align with what you want. We don’t want to have disappointment in the future that could spoil your Komodo trip experience.

Bring A Camera

Do not miss a moment! All smartphone might have adequate camera now, but sometimes it cannot truly capture the surreal landscape of Komodo. Imagine the magnificent rolling hills of Gili Lawa. The bird-eye view of Komodo’s landscape from the top of Padar that’s just out-of-this-world. Or the bright and brilliant underwater that looked just like a giant colourful aquarium! You want to bring a good camera to capture all of these captivating beauty.

Go with A Friend 

Go with A Friend

Nervous about going on a trip with a bunch of strangers you don’t know? It’s very normal—especially if you are naturally an introvert. Going with a friend—or loved one—to the open trip Labuan Bajo might make you feel more comfortable. Sometimes, having someone familiar with us on a trip actually make us feel more confident to mingle with other people onboard! Going on a trip with someone familiar also make cabin arrangement easier.  

Make Friends Onboard!

Whether you are going with a friend or travelling solo, try to make friends onboard! You will be meeting like-minded people with you on the liveaboard. And since everyone is on the mood for travelling, starting conversation will be easy. Don’t worry too much and be yourself. It’s not rare to heard friendships which was formed from open trip to last for years!

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Don’t be Shy to Ask Anything to the Open Trip Labuan Bajo Organizer

Make no room for miscommunication. Ask anything you don’t understand about the trip to the organiser. And if you don’t have anything to ask, don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with the organiser! Tell them how you enjoy the trip and share your insights about the day. Open trip organisers loves to connect with their guests and they can be among the best friend you can have on board!

Keep Your Belonging Safe and Secure 

All the fun aside, don’t forget to keep an eye of your belonging. Especially if you have to share a room with another guest. Don’t put your phones and wallet anywhere—you don’t want to lose it during the trip. Make sure your valuables are always kept in somewhere safe. Don’t be a slacker with your belonging.  

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Maintaining Organic Traffic For Your E-Commerce

Maintaining Organic Traffic For Your E-Commerce

When you manage e-commerce business, there are many challenges you need to deal with especially with how your website works. Your website is important part of your business because it is like the store. Every activity related to your business such as displaying new product, receiving payment, to responding to customer’s feedback are all done in your website. If you cannot manage it well then it is easier for your business to crumble. One of the most challenging factors in managing website is to attract and maintain traffic. 

Hot to gain and maintain organic traffic for your e-commerce

When it comes to managing e-commerce, what’s more important is not high traffic but the organic one. When you get organic and high quality traffics, it will attract more real customers. This way, your online has more opportunities to grow big. 

To attract organic traffic, you need to make sure that you properly manage your website. Look at the speed of the website for example. If it is really slow when loading, potential customers will just leave right away and visit another website with better performance. You might think that visual graphics and all that animation are what make your website interesting. Yes they are interesting but it is not enough to make potential customer stay. You need website that has good speed and so potential customers can spend their time there efficiently without waiting the loading process to end in hours.

Maintaining Organic Traffic For Your E-Commerce

Today, website is not only accessible for Personal Computer but also other devices such as mobile phone. You need to adapt to it and make our website compatible with mobile device, especially smartphone. Many people are using smartphone in their daily lives accessing various sites with just few touches and scrolls. By making your website accessible and compatible with mobile device, you have more chance to increase organic traffic.

After managing and fixing problems with your website, you can start with implementing the right strategies to attract organic traffic. You need to make high-quality posts in your website. Don’t make it only full of products you sell but also other information that your audience will find helpful, insightful, informative, or entertaining. You have limitless options of what to post such as articles, video, product reviews, and many more. 

Your high-quality contents can work better if you optimize them with SEO. It helps a lot in ensuring your website has at least a decent ranking on search engine such as Google. Implementing SEO strategy on your own can be overwhelming, you can learn it from the beginning until you understand the concept. However, you can also hire a SEO experts to help your website performs better. 

Make your website compatible with various social media platforms. Hence, you can upload more varieties of content and link them to different platforms. For example, you create a twitter account and post a short clip there. Then, link it with the original post you have on your website so people are curious to visit.

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Top Five Things to do in Baliem valley

 Baliem valley

Located around the Jayawijaya mountains, Baliem Valley is a great place for you to enjoy culture, customs, and the stunning landscape. This area, sometimes known as the Grand Valley. This famous valley is the most favorite and most available destination in Papua’s interior.  For over 30,000 years the mountainsides and in this valley have been inhabited by scattered Dani tribes. When you visit this area, it is no wonder that you will find that the local people still use traditional Papuan clothing, namely Rumbai and Koteka. Here’s our list of the 5 best things to do in Grand Valley.

Trekking in the wilds of Baliem Valley

From the city of Baliem Valley, you can get treks into the Dani, Yali, and Lani tribal lands and even go to Asmat lands. This valley is a heaven for trekkers and a perfect place to kick off your highland trekking adventures. Besides, the local’s people are kind and friendly. They will always point you in the right direction. By trekking, you can witness the culture, traditional ceremonies, traditional markets and the way of life of the local people.

Lake Habbema

Lake Habbema is located on a plateau at 3,400m above the stunning sea level in the shadow of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Trikora. The best way to reach this stunning lake is to drive there or trek back through rainforests and villages. This lake is also a great place to come for a scenic trek and contains some beautiful Indonesia flora.

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The Baliem Valley Lake

The Grand Valley has over 50 stunning caves scattered through the rocky hills flanking the valley. You can see the caves in the hills to the east of the Jiwika. Gua Wikuda has an underground river that according to local legend, flows all the way to Lake Anegerak.

Jiwika salt spring

Jiwika salt spring is located about one-hour hike east of Jiwika. There is a small cluster of naturally occurring salt springs that have provided the Dani tribe with a valuable source of salt for centuries. Saltwater is believed to have the power to cure various diseases by local people. The local women use absorbent banana stems to soak up the briny water then transport them back to their village. The things that become taboo are not allowed to defecate and shower in the source of air.  Moreover, to sit on a rock that is located above the spring.

Visit the white sands without the beach

As we know, white sand is usually found on the beach. However, this area which is far from the coastal coast actually has white sands. Moreover, the taste and the texture of white sand here is really similar to the one on the beach. So what are you waiting for? Let’s visit Grand Valley!

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Training Your Mind To Have A Better Focus

Entrepreneurs are also human so it is common to lose focus sometimes during the day. Sometimes, your mind wander even when you are truly focusing on your work. Your mind is part of your nature and you cannot just blame it from wandering during work. However, you can train your mind to have better focus and result in boosting your productivity. 

Boosting your focus to increase productivity

Staying focused can be challenging especially when you are growing your business. There are many things that can distract your mind. However, constantly losing your focus during work can be problematic. Hence, it is best to try train your mind to have better focus. It can help increase what you can accomplish, boosting your productivity as the result. 

The very first thing you have to deal with is distraction it can come from anywhere such as social media, personal problems at home, etc. Digital distractions are nowadays the most problematic ones. They keep making you lose focus with various notifications coming from your phone. Therefore, it is best practice to keep your digital device away during your work. It includes TV, gadget, and even television. 

It can be challenging to cut off digital distraction. However, you can fill the emptiness by engaging in physical activities during your break instead such as feeding your pet, watering your plants, walking out of your room to breathe in fresh air, do some yoga, or have breath exercise. Those activities can help a lot in maintaining your well-being. 

Your mind is not designed to multitask. You may be able to perform well with multiple tasks. However, it is easier to lose focus that way. Therefore, it is highly advised that you stop multitasking and accomplish one goal at a time instead. Switching between tasks will only make you lose focus which also requires you to spend more times because you have to know where you left off. When you focus on one goal at a time, your focus stay in that area. Hence, you can accomplish it faster and start to work with another goal more efficiently. 

Avoid overworking yourself just because you think it will increase your productivity. Overworking doesn’t guarantee more productivity. In fact, it can be the block of your productivity. When you keep working for hours, you feel fatigue, exhausted, and drowsy. Those create mental blocks which cause you lose your focus. Hence, take a break to regain your focus and stimulate your brain. You can opt for short breaks at quick interval or long break after working continuously for some time. 

Another key to maintain and increase your attention span is quality sleep. Proper sleep helps your body and mind to function properly. Staying up late to work will only result in decreasing health and mental block. Hence, try to maintain a good night sleep six to eight hours every day. During sleep, your brain cells reinforce the connections. You wake up with fresh mind and your attention span is boosted. You will be more ready to get through the day with your focus at its highest.

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Fun Things to Do When Staying at Private Bali Villas With Family!

Planning an unforgettable family holiday but can’t decide where to go? Well, look no further than Bali Island, the paradise island and a wonderland for kids! Whether to celebrate a special moment or just to bond away from home. Family holidays can be a perfect opportunity to create special memories. Feeling great and sharing amazing times with family is a great way to connect. Private Bali villas are seen as a perfect choice of accommodation with their offering of complete exclusivity, where families can stay and enjoy the amenities all to themselves. A private villa is the perfect holiday hotspot for families who want to spend some quality time together in their own space. To give you some inspiration for your next family holiday, here are some in-villa activities you can do guaranteed to bring the family closer!

 Look out at paradise from your own infinity pool - Bali Villas

 Look out at paradise from your own infinity pool.

It’s true that many private Bali villas boast a private pool. This is one of the most popular features that people are looking forward to seeing and experiencing in Bali. Imagine yourself swimming in such a beautiful pool with a majestic nature as a background, wouldn’t that make it the most family activity ever?

Family Mealtime

family time in bali villas

Eating together is a pleasurable pastime for families who enjoy sitting around a table and sharing laughter and love. With great weather, Bali is incredible for al fresco dining. There’s something magical about having dinner by the pool, looking out in a gorgeous view from your private villa. Many private Bali villas come with access to a personal chef. So you can create a private family dinner to suit your own tastes. While you are on holiday in Bali, make sure you grab a taste of Balinese cuisine!

Outdoor activities in your private Bali villas

Outdoor activities in your private Bali villas

In a private villa, you can do a lot of fun outdoor activities. So make sure you should be good at choosing a private villa to get the best. Look around your private villa and use all the facilities as much as possible. Most villas come with a feature like lawn, gazebos, and hot tub. So, you can spend your whole day playing around in the private villa. Splashing in the private pools, or playing around the outdoor garden!

Finish the day with a Balinese spa!

Some Bali villas have their own Balinese spa rooms complete with hot tubs and saunas. A sauna session can serve as a perfect family activity that reconnects siblings together!

Capture your holiday memories!

The memories of your holiday are surely worth remembering. Therefore, make sure to take some good pictures together. Add some creativity by wearing a cute dress and poses you can do in the different locations within your private villa.

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Benefits of Data for Your Business Efficiency

It is understandable that technology has brought business world to another level. There are many benefits coming from the use of technology in business industry. Through the right technology, we can collect data that is powerful fuel to boost our business. Data is not can be collected from various sources using various method thanks to the advanced of technology.

Benefits of Data for Your Business Efficiency

Data and its power to help grow business successfully

When used effectively, data can deliver transformative impact on business’s growth and operations. You can leverage data sources to make your business more efficient as well as profitable. Here are some ways data can be a powerful fuel for your business to thrive:

Data can provide more accurate information for better understanding of customers. Remember that your business growth relies a lot in understanding your customers. When you understand them, it is easier to navigate your business to the right direction because you know what point to reach. With data, you can engage with customers in every facet. For example, you can use social media tracking results to show how your target audience responding to your messages.

Wit data, you can also better understand the current situation of your customers. This way, you know whether or not you can improve retention efforts. Solid data is useful for you to understand better what appeal to your target audience and what not. Using the right data, you can adapt or adjust your marketing strategy based on what you find.

Using data, you can identify and eliminate inefficient supply chains especially when your business sell physical products. There are many issues can raise from something caused by or related with supply chain. Those can be major problems for your business. Through correct, solid data, you can identify which problems that need to be fixed so you have more efficient supply chains.

Common problems with supply chain include shipping delays, damage to fragile items, and more that can cause waste across many industry. If your business sell foods, various problems of supply chains may cause huge food waste. Hence, it is always beneficial to use data to track down your supply chain process.

Data is also useful to help you to run your business faster and better especially in the matter of decision-making. Today, real-time data plays huge role in every industry including business. It is in fact one of the major selling points of big data programs. With real-time data, you don’t have to wait for hours or months to make analysis.

You can run your business with more efficiency and drive it needs using the right data. However, it is also important to collect data from the right source using the right tools. Make sure that the data you are looking for is relevant with what your business needs to improve. Data can be used to making smarter business plan as well. However, your ability to interpret the data is just as important. Only then you can take full advantage of solid data to create direct impact on your business’s result.

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Aqua Blue Liveaboard for Family Sailing Adventures

Aqua Blue Liveaboard

Are you planning a family vacation but not sure what to do or where to go? Why not look at one of the most family-oriented liveaboards that will take you to an amazing destination and provide you with fun activities to do on the boat. Of course, Aqua Blue liveaboard is all you need! This liveaboard will take you to the famous Komodo National Park. A liveaboard trip is not only a wonderful experience, but you’ll get to visit some of the most beautiful places in Komodo. From swimming to kayaking, there are lots of activities for every family member!

Aqua Blue liveaboard, the best liveaboard for a family trip!

Aqua Blue liveaboard should be top of your selection list of Komodo National Park journeys with the family. This liveaboard is a beautiful 60m high ex- Naval ship. The liveaboard underwent a full makeover in 2019. It is ideal for family holidays as it has the most fun activities on offer- not to mention itineraries that take you to some stunning beaches. This liveaboard has 15 beautifully designed cabins, each with air conditioning. For relaxation time aboard the Aqua Blue, you can choose between the sky lounge bar with plush comfy chairs or the beautiful sun deck where you can watch the breathtaking ocean view.

Top Things to do on a liveaboard trip!

Watch a sunrise over the ocean. Aqua Blue liveaboard offers a wondrous view of the sea and the horizon, providing a perfect setting for a family to watch the beautiful sunrise or sunset together. Looking at the stunning sunrise and sunset allows you to meditate, relax, and reminisce. Viewing the setting of the sun while on a liveaboard is pleasurable.

Bliss out at the salon. For those looking for complete rejuvenation of the body, soul, and mind, this liveaboard offers spa treatments in the boat’s salon. Indulge yourself in spa treatments, sipping on cocktails at the private bar, or take out your yoga mats.

Diving. Komodo island is one of the most famous dive destinations in the world. Marine life at Komodo Island is next level.  Diving on a liveaboard holiday is a top-notch experience as most of the boats are well equipped with high-quality diving gear and staffed with professional guides.With a liveaboard, you can expect to dive three or more times a day!

Island hopping. Some stopping points are perfect for island hopping, picnics on the beach, and visit the local villages. Make sure to capture a lot of beautiful pictures during the trip.

Sit on the balcony. The balconies of a liveaboard are often the best spot to enjoy a stunning sea view. What better way to enjoy the stunning view than from the comfort of your own room!

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Things To Consider Before Getting Yourself A Business Loan

Things To Consider Before Getting Yourself A Business Loan

There are many financial tools entrepreneurs can get to support their business. One of them in business loan. Some entrepreneurs may consider business loan as a burden since it can take years before it is fully repaid. However, business loan can be the right financial tool as well especially when you have to make ends meet during crisis, or purchase necessary but pricey equipment.

What to do to get the right business loan

Loans can be what you need but not always what’s best for you. Taking out a loan carelessly can put yourself and business in jeopardy in long-term. Hence, it is best to consider various factors before deciding to get a business loan.

As mentioned before that loan is one of financial tools taken out by many business goers but that doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you. Instead of jumping directly to get a business loan, it is best to lay out different financial options possible for your business to see which one is the best for your business. Make sure to get thorough analysis to get the best answer.

Keep in mind that there is no single type of business loan out there. Therefore, you need to know the types of loan your business needs. Generally at least there are two options, they are personal loan and business loan. The former is considered riskier than the later because your own assets won’t be protected. In business loan, there are more options to choose. You need to weigh everything down before making decision.

Credit score is essential when it comes to taking out a loan. Even if your personal credit history is spotless, it can be a problem if your company’s credit history is a mess especially when you are planning to take out a business loan. Great credit history offers more chances for lower rates. Hence, improve your credit history by paying your bills on time.

A loan comes with different terms based on where you get the loan and the type of the loan itself. For example, you may get greater loan option by providing collateral or personal guarantee. This offers you more options of the term you want to choose. However, it is considered big risk because if you cannot pay the loan then your personal asset will be seized.

You also need to consider your business’s affordability to pay the loan every month. The bigger the loan and the shorter the timeline, the higher monthly payment you should pay. You may opt for smaller loan if you want shorter timeline and lower monthly payment. However, it is back to your needs and calculation.

Next one of the most important things is to choose the right lender. There are different financial institutions out there ready to lend a hand but not all of them can be trusted. Also, different institutions may apply different terms and interest rates. Hence, always shop around before making a deal to have a better rate and safe loan for your business.

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The Reasons You Need to Book a Silolona Liveaboard for Komodo Trip

Silolona Liveaboard

Are you still hesitating about the holiday destination of your next liveaboard holiday? Think no more, Komodo Island is your next liveaboard destination. Komodo island is one of the hidden gems in Indonesia. This island is best known for its population of Komodo dragons, the world’s giant lizard on the earth. However, this stunning island has far more to offer than just sightings of these lizards. Though, it features some stunning beaches and wild bushes. The sea has blue water and is so calm. Therefore, Komodo Island is one of the best places in the world to dive and so a liveaboard trip. Once you reach Komodo Island, you are likely to explore it. Here are some reasons why you need to book a Silolona liveaboard for the Komodo trip!

You won’t get bored

Silolona liveaboard offers the perfect mix of service, exquisite Indonesia touches, and modern amenities. On this liveaboard, you won’t have time to get bored. The Komodo itinerary will be packed with different dive opportunities, island visits, and cultural experiences on the local island.

See Multiple Destinations

On a liveaboard trip, you unpack once and your floating hotel takes you from island to island and there’s no need to mess with ferry schedules or lug your suitcase along cobblestone streets. Every new day, you’ll wake up in a new place. There are beautiful reefs with abundant marine creatures everywhere you look on Komodo Island.  By liveaboard, you can cover more ground and see more places with better marine life spotting opportunities along the way!

Silolona liveaboard  are sociable

Unlike other vacations where your traveling buddy is in your own bubble, a liveaboard trip tends to be more social. Since you stay in a confined space, there is a good chance you will see the same people over and over. It is the best opportunity to get to know them. Liveaboard trips are really sociable, even if you decide to travel alone or as a couple.

Sailing in Komodo Island is relaxing

On this liveaboard trip, you will have plenty of fun activities on offer to stop you from getting restless, there will also be plenty of opportunities to chill and relax too. There’s nothing better as relaxing as sailing along with the wind in your hair and listening to good music on the deck. A liveaboard trip is specifically designed to be an exceptional voyage and by its very nature delivers an unrivaled liveaboard experience – once in a lifetime!

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Silolona liveaboard  offers great value

The liveaboard trip certainly isn’t cheap, but it can be of great value for money because the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for an amazing trip: accommodation, food, adventure, and transportation. So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming about your next holiday, book your liveaboard holiday to Komodo Island Now!

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