Building Healthy And Meaningful Relationships With Clients

Running  service-based business, it is essential that you pay attention on your prospects and clients alike because they are more than just a transaction for you. Hence, avoid treating them as such. Treat them as a partner that you are going to work with for a very long time. Treat them like how you treat valuable people in your personal life. It is important to build strong and meaningful relationships with them that is based on trust and respect.

Relationships With Clients

The importance of meaningful relationships with prospects and clients

To build meaningful relationship is not easy because it requires time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight and you need to show your best efforts. Not to mention that after building relationships both with clients and prospects, you need to nurture it to last long mutually benefit both parties. And here are things you can do to build such meaningful relationships with them:

Get better understanding of their needs

You will only be able to speak their language and talk about things that resonate their perspectives if you understand them. Hence, do your research to find out more about your clients and prospects even before you meet them. Stalking in this context does matter to get idea for their pain points. You will also find out what kind of communication style they will likely prefer. This can be your base to start a conversation and implement your approach so you get to  make good first impression. 

Treat them like a partner

As mentioned earlier that it is bad to treat your prospects and clients like they are just transaction for you to generate more cash. They are real human beings who have their own preferences, needs, and their own minds. Hence, treat them like how you treat a business partner. Listen to their input and experiences. It will be very valuable for the improvements of your projects. Make them involve in your project so they can speak freely about their opinion. It can help add value to the relationship itself.

Reach out

Do not hesitate to be more proactive with your prospects and clients. It is often that clients wait for your project to know how it is going. They even wait for you to reach them out and ask for their reviews or opinions. They want the project to work because they are involved and the outcomes must going in desired direction. Instead of letting them wait, be more proactive and reach them out by providing updates. You can also do it by checking in them on regular basis where they get to ask questions. 

Do not over-promise and under-deliver

It is better to under-promise and over-deliver instead of the otherwise. When you keep promising things you cannot keep to your clients or prospects, their expectations will be going too high that it becomes impossible for you to fulfill. Hence, make sure to deliver what you promise. This way, you meet their expectations and they will see you as competent and honest business partner.

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Arrange Your Diving & Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

The only population of Komodo dragons in the world you can only find is in Komodo National Park. The park’s main tourist attraction is the Komodo dragons, ferocious lizards known for being the world’s largest reptiles. And with good reason. They’re both horrifying and interesting. Tourists who visit Komodo National Park but only see the animals above water are losing out on one of the world’s most spectacular underwater wonderlands. The coral reefs that surround Komodo National Park are incredible.

Arrange Your Diving & Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

Discovering the best snorkeling in Komodo National Park 

During your liveaboard tour, you will find the best snorkeling in Komodo National Park. The reefs in Komodo are spectacular, both in terms of their overall health and the variety of sea life.

The larger variety and abundance of reef fish make Komodo stand out. Cuttlefish, manta rays, eagle rays, and large sea turtles were among the unusual species you can see. Komodo is known for its Komodo Dragons, and you’ll be able to see a number of them during your walking tour in the national park on Rinca Island, even during mating season! Komodo dragons are pretty frisky, and fantastic to see. There are also deer and water buffalo near the ranger station.

The Komodo snorkeling experience was diversified in terms of the types of reefs and underwater environments, as well as the types of creatures. You may see enormous gorgeous fish gliding freely through the water, smaller rays, and eagle rays in the same locations where Komodo is known for having a number of manta ray cleaning stations.

Komodo National Park Water Temperatures

Depending on whether you want to snorkel in the north or south, you may need a lightweight wetsuit. The water temperature can be a touch chilly at times.

Spot Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

Pengah reef

Pengah Reef is one of the park’s most under-appreciated attractions. The guide will explain that the conditions must be right for this site to function. The waves calm and if you look down, you will find underwater caves covered in a beautiful coral and no shortage of fish life. Pengah snorkeling was out of this world!

Batu Bolong

One of the park’s signature sites, Batu Bolong, offers some of the best diving in Komodo National Park. Its strange name means “rock with a hole in it,” and while it looks to be nothing more than a small protrusion emerging from the depths, it is a gigantic structure beneath the surface, sweeping down 70 meters into the blue. 

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These currents, on the other hand, are what distinguish this wonderful rock, since it is home to a rich array of marine life as well as a spectacular hard and soft coral cover. However, snorkeling is feasible! For your safety, follow the guide’s directions and swim close to your group. 

Siaba Besar

Divers and liveaboard boats were swarming the calm sea. The reef at Siaba Besar is suitable for beginners because it is quite shallow and big areas are protected from strong currents. The clarity is excellent, and you can see creatures in the sand as well as a large number of turtles on the shallow reef.

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Optimizing Your Business Value Upon Sale

Optimizing Your Business Value Upon Sale

Selling your business can be the right decision you take regarding to the situation you are in. It is not always a bad thing to sell your business especially if you are benefited from it. The point is not about selling your business but at what price you are willing to let it go. Your business might be more saleable than you though it was. If you are not careful about it, you might end up being regretful with your decision. Hence, it is a must to take any consideration before deciding to put your business in the market. 

Selling your business as an exit?

Selling business is often seen as an exit. When you are no longer capable of taking care and running your business properly the way you wanted, you may consider selling it. However, it is not easy to sell your business since the competition in the market is so tough. The best things when you decide to sell your business is to maximize its value so you get the best deal structure when seeking out an exit. Here are some important tips to optimize your business value when you sell:

Set your goals as clear as possible

In order for you to know of what to achieve upon sale, you need to set the goals as clear as possible. You can even write your goals down on paper to make it as real as possible instead of just fragments of empty thoughts that stay only in your mind. Decide in what price you want to sell your business and when you will do it. Also, think about the feelings you want to feel upon sale. Once you set the goals, imagine the scenarios. By doing these things, you will be able to go through every process of it with more patience and resilience. 

Calculate everything thoroughly

Detailed calculation is needed upon selling your business if you want to maximize its value. Make sure to calculate it based on seller’s discretionary earnings or SDE. Make sure you count everything from from business profits to plus perks and expenses. Make sure to be as thorough and detailed as possible so the number resulted will be accurate. If you are unsure about your calculation, seek advice from financial professionals or experts. They will take a look at your book and help you decide what to do to optimize your business value. They may also spot the things you missed with your calculation. 

Be aware of the market norms

Keep in mind that business value is set by market norms. Hence, it is recommended that you create a competition. It means, you can present your business for sale to more than one potential buyer. The more parties are interested in your business, the toughest the competition will becomes. They will compete to offer you maximum value. More buyers means more demands and it can drive the price up. This way, you get more opportunities to get the best deal terms. 

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What NOT to Do When Decorating Your Elite Vacation Rental Bali!

What NOT to Do When Decorating Your Elite Vacation Rental Bali!

While some guests look for the perfect location or amenities when they search for luxury villas in Bali, many guests book based purely on the pictures your property. They might be looking for a place that is modern, charming, or cozy. Other guests may book based purely on the high reviews of people who have stayed there before. It’s essential to say that the look and reviews of the interior of your home makes a huge difference to potential renters!   

The good news, is that you don’t need to spend a fortune updating your property to see a strong return-on-investment. However, there’s a fine line between decorating an elite property in Bali with fine taste to overdoing the villa decoration. So read our guide and know what NOT to do and make your property among the best villa in Bali. 

Don’t Paint Your Bali Luxury Villas with All-White Paint 

Don’t Paint Your Bali Luxury Villas with All-White Paint

Most luxury villas in Bali loves to paint their property all-white. However, ff you’d rather go with neutral hues, simply don’t make it all white. White furnishings and furniture may appear appealing and elegant, but they are not the ideal choice for a short-term rental. They are easily stained, which can result in a larger cleaning charge.

Don’t Go Overboard with Earth Tones in the Interior

Browns and beiges are the least popular hues in the world, as they are associated with degradation in people’s minds. You’ll make your guests pleased and attract more bookings if you balance your browns with blue and blue-greens.

Don’t Put Your Personal Item As Part of Decorations

However, don’t mistake this for permission to fill your area with your personal belongings. Your guests may become uncomfortable if you have too many personal stuff, such as family photos. It may make them feel unwelcome and as though they have intruded on your personal space. It’s also problematic from a security standpoint.

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Don’t Purchase All Your Furnitures from One Place Only

Don’t Purchase All Your Furnitures from One Place Only

Don’t limit yourself to one type of furniture. We all adore IKEA, but when a home is totally furnished from the same store, guests are quick to notice. Research a selection of budget-friendly manufacturers to keep your rental’s interior decor fresh.

Don’t Decorate Your Bali Luxury Villas with Furniture Sets Only

Choose a combination of standout furniture pieces and interesting second-hand pieces to create a listing that attracts attention. When your goal is to create an experience and a design that will tell an exciting tale, a furniture set is not the ideal investment.

So, if you’ve ever needed an excuse to get lost at a neighborhood vintage store, you may use this as an excuse to look for unique and unusual items. Try to present authentic Bali Indonesia villas in your property. However, do mix it with modern furniture design to avoid a dusty secondhand-shop look. 

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Don’t Overdo the Graphics

Sure, graphics and patterned images are fun and can bring different atmosphere that’s unique to your villas only. However, an overabundance of patterns and images can make a room appear smaller. While you want to embrace small spaces, your goal is to create a pleasant and intimate area rather than one that is overly cluttered and confined. Instead of using pictures or patterns, rich color schemes might be used to provide a touch of luxury.

Don’t Overdo the Small Decor in Your Villa

Fake plants, statues, and other decorations acquire dust, which raises your cleaning costs. Choose a few exceptional, well-placed accents instead – additional points if they come from local artists!

Don’t Wait Until Your Pillows to Get Lumpy

Everyone enjoys good pillows, so invest in some very great, fluffy pillows and replace them frequently. After a long day of sightseeing, resting one’s head on a clean, inviting pillow is a lovely feeling that will help guests relax. Remember, comforts earns stellar reviews!

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Tips For Women To Become Successful Entrepreneurs

There is no rule to decide who can and cannot become entrepreneurs. However, there is always this stereotype that put women behind men when it comes to entrepreneurship. There are some people who think that only men can become as successful as they want to be in business world. Meanwhile, it is not true at all. Women actually have the skills and potential to dominate business world. However, the access are sometimes limited not by their choice but by how society works. 

Two asian businesswomen walking and talking during coffee break in modern office or coworking space, coffee break, relaxing and talking after working time, business and people partnership concept

How women can become successful entrepreneurs

It is not easy for women to become successful entrepreneur since they are sometimes underestimated, unheard, and unappreciated. Not to mention that they are seen to be only responsible for ‘house work’ such as taking care of child and keeping the house clean. However, it is very possible for women to be a successful entrepreneur on their own. Even though challenging, the rewards that comes from achieving success are worth it. 

Change your mindset

If you have this mindset that allows you to think you are less than others or men then make sure to fix it. Your mindset plays significant role to your journey of achieving success in business. It affects the way you act, how you present yourself, how to show your confidence, etc. With the right mindset, your thoughts will become words, and your words will become behaviors and habits that can lead you to success. 

If you are currently having negative narratives, start building positive narratives in your head.  Don’t spend your time doubting yourself or making negative assumptions of your future. It can be challenging to change your mindset into more motivating and encouraging one. however, do it consistently and persistently. You will get there and see how much you have changed. 

Find your voice

It is often that women are being suppressed, making them unable to speak up freely. Sometimes when they do speak up, they are easily dismissed or ignored. However, it is important to keep voicing out and be free to do it. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the spotlight and share your message. By being brave to do this, you will inspire and motivate other women to do the same. You can start by speaking about yourself, your talents, and your goals to attract people’s attention. Then, you will see people are interested to work with you by looking at your drive and passion in doing what you are doing. 

Build positive impacts with what you wear

Dress up for success means you choose clothes to wear that have positive impacts on your confidence and how you carry yourself. Wear something that make you feel good about yourself. You can start by dressing for work each day instead of working in pajamas. It can help boost your motivation to work since what you wear make you switch to work mode. After working, you change your clothes into casual outfits which allows you to transition back to your home made and relax.

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Yacht Charter Indonesia, Expedition By Phinisi Ship

Yacht charters for most people may sound very luxurious and expensive. Generally, yacht charter users are upper middle class people. Over time, yacht charter Indonesia increasingly popular among diving lovers, fishing lovers, and even for family vacations. For diving lovers, several locations in Indonesia require you to use a yacht charter because of the difficulty of reaching diving spots and to save your time. Then what are the specifications of a yacht that you should pay attention to when you have to stay and sleep for days?

Yacht Charter Indonesia Specifications

Considering this is a boat made for travel comfort, indeed it can be quite luxurious. Specifications depend on each yacht. Generally, a yacht consists of:

  • 3-15 cabins
  • Air conditioning for all cabins
  • Sundeck with outdoor sitting
  • Lounge sofa
  • Outdoor Lounge area
  • Dining room (indoor & outdoor)
  • Warm water shower

For a relatively luxurious yacht, it will usually be equipped with:

  • Spa
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gym area

For other facilities, the owner usually equips the yacht with:

  • Diving equipment
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Kayaking Stand up paddle boards
  • Private speedboats

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Recommendations for Indonesian yacht charters

Aqua Blue Liveaboard

There is plenty of area for guests to enjoy a nice dinner with two outside dining options and indoor dining. The sun deck has a spacious outdoor seating area with sun loungers, and guests can unwind in the jacuzzi on the bridge deck after a day of touring. Aqua Blu also has a watersports platform where visitors can rent kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, snorkeling, and diving equipment, as well as access the tenders that take guests out to discover the delights of the region.

Aqua Blue Liveaboard master cabin - yacht charter indonesia

Length: 60 m

Beam: 11,4 m

Draft: 4,2 m

Cabins: (fully airconditioned)

  • 1 master cabin
  • 5 twins cabins
  • 9 double bed cabins
  • Warm water showers

Living areas:

  • Bridge Deck with Jacuzzi, Outdoor Lounge Area, Spa, and Exercise Zone Sun Deck with Outdoor Seating, Lounge Sofa, and Barbecue
  • The Forecastle Deck features an outside dining and seating area, as well as an indoor lounge bar, a library, and a television room.
  • Outdoor seating on the main deck, as well as a salon and dining room

Leisure Equipment:

  • A gym
  • Kayaks
  • 2 Zodiacs
  • Snorkeling & diving gear
  • Stand up paddleboards
  • 3 Private speedboats

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Dunia Baru Liveaboard

Dunia Baru is 51 meters long and has three decks that provide enough of space for visitors. Guests can enjoy the chef’s delectable teppanyaki supper made in the open kitchen and bar area. The ship offers a variety of relaxing alternatives. Guests will find an idyllic area to take in the views and sounds of nature, whether it’s in front of the wheelhouse for a panoramic view, the internal air-conditioned lounge to escape the noon sun, or walking to the deck at night to see the ship’s lights gleaming into the ocean.

Dunia Baru Liveaboard master cabin - yacht charter Indonesia

Length Overall: 51 m

Length on Deck: 36 m

Beam: 11 m

Draft: 4 m


  • 1 master suite cabin6 ensuite double cabins
  • Air Conditioning in all cabins
  • Warm water showers

Living areas:

  • Galley
  • Indoor dining area
  • A bar and lounge
  • Outdoor dining area

Leisure equipment:

  • SeaDoo Jet Skis
  • Tenders
  • Diving and snorkeling gear
  • Wakeboard
  • Water Ski set
  • Paddleboards
  • Sunfish sailing dinghy
  • Sea Kayaks
  • Towables
  • Fishing gear

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The Idea Of Adopting Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist lifestyle is the idea of adopting more intentional ways of living where the things you own and do reflect your values and priorities. In simple words, you live based on what you need not what you want. Because when you live based on what you want, you will keep wanting more and more. The limit is the sky and it can lead you to uncontrollable lifestyle that doesn’t give any value or meaning to your life. 

The Idea Of Adopting Minimalist Lifestyle

Benefits of minimalist lifestyle

There are many benefits you can get from adopting minimalist lifestyle. Such as less stuffs to clean, less money being spent, less time wasted, and more. Other benefits to get include  having more clear purposes to pursue in your life because you live intentionally with every decision you make. 

It also helps you to develop self-confidence. You no longer have to hide behind what you possess. You still see the value of yourself even without unnecessarily overpriced stuffs. Minimalist lifestyle also allows you to to follow your dream because you get more motivation, time, and energy to try new things and move forward purposely. 

The challenges of adopting minimalist lifestyle

Adopting minimalist lifestyle requires a process and it can take time before you get used to it. There are challenges you probably have to face such as decluttering your precious items, limiting yourself from something you have grown to love for so long, or committing to the whole idea of minimalism itself. Hence, do not view minimalist lifestyle as a project you need to finish. It is a lifestyle that you will be adopting for the way of living and thinking. There is no such thing as the final result or the end of minimalist lifestyle project. Hence, be patient with yourself, and enjoy every process of it. 

Important things in minimalist lifestyle

To adopt minimalist lifestyle, you need to look at the most important elements that play huge role. The first is your mindset. It plays ultimate role to the successful of adopting this lifestyle. You will learn to think like a minimalist and it is when you become a minimalist. You practice minimalist lifestyle through various actions but if the way you think has not changed then you are not minimalist yet. Hence, make sure that you learn it with an open mind so you commit to the lifestyle willingly.

The second is the process of decluttering. This can be challenging especially if you think it is about getting rid of something you own. Meanwhile, it is not always about that. It is more about deciding what you need to keep instead. To declutter, you need to ask yourself what matters the most to you, what space you need to create from decluttering, and what kind of life you want to live in. Keep in mind that it is not about depriving yourself. It is about having what truly matters to you so you stop obsessing over stuffs. It allows you to prioritize the real purpose of a life you want to build for yourself. 

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How to Market Your Private Vacation Rental in Bali for Christmas!

How to Market Your Private Vacation Rental in Bali for Christmas!

Bali and Christmas might be not the most usual combos, but many people are actually happy to swap the freezing snowstorm with Christmas holiday in a Bali villa resort with private pool. Beside that, Bali has huge expat communities in touristy places like Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas, and Ubud, who will be celebrating the joyous season with their friends and families. You have huge potential market for Christmas if you run private villas business in Bali. So, how should you market your villa for this holiday season and what should you advertise?

Some of the most significant things we connect with this unique holiday are family, comfort, and food. That said, it’s a fantastic way to promote your vacation rental and build long-term relationships with your guests. Because of the strong demand for travel and lodging during this period, hotels may be fully booked, costly, and not always the best option for guests. Adaptability and innovation are essential for success in the hospitality sector. Highlight your best qualities, whatever they are, and plan a memorable and themed retreat. Here’s how to make your private villas a hit for this season. 

Highlight Your Kitchen and Stage It for Christmas

Highlight Your Kitchen and Stage It for Christmas
Highlight kitchen amenities in your villa
Stage kitchen for christmas
Stage kitchen for Christmas

Your private Bali villas will be at the top of travelers’ lists if it is a huge house with a full kitchen that can accommodate a large family. Guests are looking for a spacious, open-plan area where they can make and have a nice meal, so the kitchen could be a selling feature for you. Include high-resolution, professional images of your kitchen that portray your property as welcoming and pleasant. Make the guest imagine themselves preparing a warm Christmas dinner in your rental.

Even if your home lacks a large kitchen, you can still set it up so that your guests have everything they need for a stress-free vacation. Promote all of the appliances in your kitchen that would make cooking a Thanksgiving meal easier — not just the turkey, but all of the side dishes as well! Your enormous oven, as well as all of your cooking appliances, should be highlighted.

Decorate Your Private Bali Villas for Christmas

Even though this island is located in the tropic, your villa should reflect what people expect for Christmas celebration. Make your vacation rental holiday-ready, and guests will feel right at home. Put up a Christmas tree. In Bali, you can be as creative as you can get with your Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be pine tree—it can be made from stack of driftwood, coconut shells, tropical fruits, or even woven bamboo! You can also display other holiday adornment, such as candle pillars made from cinnamon sticks, colorful wreaths, paper snowflakes, and tree branches. 

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Showcase Space for Get-Together Inside Your Private Rental

Showcase Space for Get-Together Inside Your Rental 1
Cozy space to get together

The goal is to convince guests that celebrating the winter holiday in a private beach villa in Bali is a good idea. Adjust your the floor design of your rental to make it appear more open and inviting. Focus on spaces where guests may sit, converse, and relax. The furniture should be placed in such a way that navigation is simple and there are no blockages or difficulties. You can also show the pool area and make it look fun for family-get-together. 

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Maintain A Competitive Pricing Strategy

Because of the increased travel demand at this time of year, you can boost rates to satisfy the demand, but determining how much to charge can be difficult. Check out similar vacation properties’ nightly rates by searching on multiple listing channels or their website to keep competitive with other short-term rentals throughout the holidays. Adjust your rental pricing based on the size, features, location, and target market of your properties.

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How To Tackle Everything On Your Professional To-Do List With Limited Time

There is a limited time for you to handle work-related tasks with how you also have obligations towards your families and other personal matters. It is common for entrepreneurs to struggle in managing their time. They have so many thing on their plate they sometimes they often forget to take care of themselves while their work keep piling up. It is impossible to be productive one hundred percent all the time regardless how dedicated you are with your work. Time management is the key to have maximize your productivity. And here are ways you can boost your productivity and tackle all your work efficiently within limited time:

Know which tasks to prioritize

To help you know which tasks to prioritize, write down your to-dos. Hence, you know what tasks you have on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. While writing down your list, make sure to put the tasks according to its level of priority. Hence, you know what to handle first when you have only limited time to work. This is also where you need to learn to delegate ‘not real’ works and focus more on important matters. Try not to focus too much on how much you did but what you did. It may take time to learn all this at the beginning but your way of working will be much more efficient and productive once you mastered it. 

Be more intentional  about how you spend your time

By being intentional with how you spend your time, you know what and when to accomplished those goals. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly goals you set. To fully have productive work hour times, make sure to fully disconnect to any distractions during. For example, turning off your phone while you are taking care of your work. However, be assertive with your off-work hour too by fully disconnecting your relax time from any work-related things. Try not to tangle up work hour and rest hour. 

Build passive income system

It will be beneficial for you to set up passive income system where you can still earn money for 24/7. this way, you don’t have to keep worrying about maintaining cash flow and focus more on ‘real’ work that affect your business in the long run. Also, this kind of system can help a lot in reducing the amount of daily work you have to go through. It helps you a lot in maintaining  steadier work flow with your limited time and energy.

Avoid overcomitting

It is so easy for you to have so many goals for the day that you become overwhelm with it instead of working productively. You end up with more exhausted body that could not handle work anymore. This is not only dangerous for your physical health but also for your mental health. Hence, be realistic in setting goals and commit to them diligently. Even if it looks like small steps to the ‘full picture’, it’s still better because you steadily make real progress.

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Cenderawasih Bay Whale Shark, Guides and Tips

Cenderawasih Bay, on the east coast of Indonesia’s West Papua area, is an off-the-beaten-path resort. It is Indonesia’s largest marine park and home to a varied range of marine species. One of the best spots in the world to swim with whale sharks is in West Papua’s Nabire and Cenderawasih Bay. Cenderawasih Bay is gradually becoming the go-to place for remote diving, despite its lack of biodiversity compared to neighboring Raja Ampat. This is due to the fact that the location is one of the few sites in the world where whale sharks can be swum with. You can swim and see Cenderawasih bay whale shark up close. Cenderawasih Bay is frequently said to as the best site on the planet to swim with Whale Sharks.

Cenderawasih Bay Whale Shark

Cenderawasih Bay National Park: What to See

Cenderawasih Bay, also known as Bird Of Paradise Bay, is Indonesia’s largest marine national park. The Teluk Cenderawasih National Park was established in 1993 and today has 150 different coral species.

It’s also home to over 200 different fish species, dugongs, and dolphins (I saw a few during the boat trip from Nabire to Sowa). Around Cenderawasih Bay, blue whales have also been spotted. The marine park is home to four different varieties of turtles: hawksbill turtles, green turtles, olive ridley turtles, and leatherback turtles (the largest of all living turtle species).

Cenderawasih Bay Whale Shark: How To See

Whale sharks are more easily spotted in Papua, Indonesia, than in other parts of the world.

They frequently congregate around local fishing boats known as Bagans, which are moored for months at a time just offshore – barely a 10-minute boat trip from Sowa.

Bagans are large fishing boats/platforms with fishing nets suspended beneath them, used at night to catch small fish and squids.

Cendrawasih Bay whale sharks are thought to bring good luck to local fishermen, thus they are often given a little percentage of their daily harvest to keep them around.

When is the best time to go to Cenderawasih Bay?

The whale sharks in the Cenderawasih Bay area are the world’s only non-migratory whale sharks. In Indonesia, there is no specific whale shark season.

Whale sharks may be spotted all year near Cenderawasih Bay, thanks to the fisherman onboard the Bagans who feed them.

The monsoon season, which occurs twice a year in this section of Papua: between July/August and November/December, reduces visibility.

However, the visibility was still fantastic with 30m+ during my visit in July during the monsoon season.

Whale sharks are best seen early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The excursion to the Bagans in the late afternoon is only possible if you stay in Sowa.

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