Must Try Street Foods In Shanghai 


Street foods have been part of tourism in every destination. Enjoying street food is like an art itself. As for China, Shanghai is one of the best cities to go for street food hunting. There are various street foods to try out. The metropolitan Shanghai offer diverse choices of dining experience. However, enjoying the street foods is more fit in with the spirit of real local lifestyle you can experience. The foods are not only delicious but also affordable. Thus, you have nothing to lose. 

Most recommended street foods in Shanghai to try

Here are several street foods in Shanghai you should not miss during your trip:

Ci Fan

Ci Fan is a Chinese rice ball which is very iconic in Shanghai. It is often enjoyed for breakfast. It is made from glutinous rice made into ball shape. It is then stuffed with you tiao, pork floss, vegetables, white sugar, as well as eggs and sometimes hams. It is best to enjoy when it still steamy hot. 

Xie Ke Huang

Xie ke huang is a crab shell pie is also known as the poor Shanghainese man’s hairy crab. This food is baked in clay oven until it turns golden brown. The pies are in oval shape. They are usually stuffed with sweet or savory fillings. So you can choose your own favorite. The reason why it is called crab shell pie is because of the shape that resemble a golden crab shell. If you want to enjoy it with tea, the sweet xie ke huang is more recommended. 

Xiaolongbao Dumpling

Xiaolongbao is very popular in China and you can find it in Shanghai as well. It is basically soup dumpling and you can find it in various street carts in any season. This dumpling has velvety texture. This is one of the most classic Shanghainese foods. This food is might look like snack but it can satisfy your hunger just fine. 

xiaolong bao

Con You Bing Pancake

Cong You Bing is a pancake made with green onions. You can find this warm street foods almost everywhere in Shanghai including in the local market. Old grannies and grandpas are often the ones who cook this simple, delicious food. They get up diligently in the morning to cook this particular food. You can even feel their warmth through this pancake. 

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Tofu flower soup

Tofu flower soup is also a very iconic street food you should try while you are in Shanghai. It is made by curdling soy milk. The tofu has very smooth texture. The soup itself contains the subtle flavor of soybean. It is added with mixed dressing of seaweed, pickled radish, dried shrimps, scallion, as well as soy sauce and chili oil. 

Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu is the highlight of Chinese street foods. It is considered as the most iconic snack in China. In Shanghai, you can find it at various street vendors and carts. The stench might leave you shock in the first bite. However, you don’t have to worry because the tofu is clean and totally edible. It has silky texture with distinctive smell and flavor. 

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