Making Successful Sales via Phone Calls


There are many ways to reach out to a potential customers, and one of the most common strategies is via phone call. Even with the advancement of the technology in recent years, phone calls are still vital for business to make sales. If you know what you are doing you can still get customers to buy your products. When you’re on the phone with a customer, make sure to make the most of it but make it as natural as possible and don’t be too pushy to them.

Successful telemarketing tips for successful sales

man calling on the phone

uring a call with your customer, you are representing your brand. So make sure to act professionally so you can represent your brand better.. It is pretty challenging to do but it is possible that you do it successfully by yourself. But don’t worry, we have some tips that will help you become a successful telemarketer:

Consider outbound or inbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is not something uncommon in business. It is the practice of cold calling potential customers to educate them on specific service or product. This is done to let customer know why they should buy your product. To do outbound telemarketing, a caller usually has script ready in hand to help them respond to the clients accordingly.

beside outbound telemarketing, inbound telemarketing is also an important part of telemarketing campaign. Inbound telemarketing is where there’s a sales team that receive incoming calls. Meanwhile, the other method focusses on cold calling

Be confident 

Your confidence is key to successful phone calls with potential clients or customers. When you are being confident, you show your authenticity of your brand. You should do it with great sense of authority by being bold, and avoid any hints of hesitations or fears.

Establish natural tone

Most telemarketers are trained to talk while following a premade script, but it makes them almost like they area robot. You must speak in a natural tone to create more comfortable conversation where customers feel appreciated and listened. Remember, keep maintaining a natural speaking tone if you’re reading a premade script.

Avoid making assumption

Be willing to listen to your customers attentively and comprehensively. Make sure you understand what they are trying to convey and do not assume. Do not put your opinions before your customers. Listen to customers until they finish before you give proper respond. This way, you will know what to offer to your customers that fit their concerns or issues. 

Make interesting conversation

To keep them pay attention to what you are saying, make the conversation as interesting as possible. Avoid verbal tics such as ah or oh. Always use meaningful words that provide solid support to your logic and easy for customers to understand.

Watch your speech rate

It is common for telemarketers to speak too fast on the phone. Avoid this by speaking slowly to let customers listen to what you have to day properly. Try to slow down your speech rate by 20 to 30 percent. if you fins yourself needing to repeat what you said multiple times.

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