Komodo Yacht Charter: Debunking the Myths


With dozens of beautiful, uninhibited islands spread on tranquil blue sea, the Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, become one of the most sought after cruising ground in Southeast Asia. It’s the land of the last dragons on earth, undisturbed beaches, and undulating savannah hills that would beguile any wanderers. In such landscape, liveaboard and Komodo yacht charter automatically become the only—and the most favourite way—to explore the national park. 

As the increase of the popularity, however, the myths of yachting also widely spread more than ever. Many travelers, locals and foreign, still cannot decide to put out Flores seafaring experience on a yacht simply because of distorted idea about it in the first place. We see the needs to put on “correction” and debunk several myths and stereotypes about cruising in Komodo that you definitely need to know. 

Myths About Komodo Yacht Charter Debunked

Komodo Yacht Charter is Only for The Rich

Before we make it any further, let’s make it clear. Here in Labuan Bajo, the port town of Flores and gateway city to the national park, you’ll get several class of Komodo liveaboard. In the lower class is the budget liveaboard, a humble sailing boat with shared cabins, two bathrooms, and one multifunctional deck doubled as makeshift dining room. Sometimes they got no cabins at all and you got to lie in communal room with dozens other travelers. Budget liveaboard and other lower level boats usually has fixed itinerary, while yacht charter frees you to tailor your own. Yacht charter is among the top class of sailing boat in Komodo, taking Indonesian phinisi form with ensuite cabins for everyone. The cost of a week charter of sailing phinisi yacht is comparable to a rest in 5-star Bali’s hotels with oceanfront/ rice paddies view.It’s getting more affordable even for middle class, especially as you can split the bill with your friends/ family/ travel group. 

Sailing in Yacht Means Leaving Comfort Behind

Many still picture that sailing to the remote Komodo means that you would be away from any modern civilisation. It’s not like you are going to be constantly stuck in extreme conditions. Thank God, yachting means fully furnished cabins, decks, and any rooms in the yacht with highest standard of furnitures. You would see cozy cabins with double spring beds, spacious salons, modern kitchen, working TV, and even polished toilets onboard. Every indoor spaces are air conditioned so you don’t have to worry about humidity. When you think about Komodo yacht charter, you should think about a floating resort. Because that what it is. 

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“Not One of Us Know How to Yacht”

Oh dear, chartering a yacht doesn’t mean that you need to steer the wheel by yourself. What’s the use of crews that comes with the boat? Let them control the boat with their amazing sailing skills. Your duty is just to lie back and enjoy the experience. 

Yacht Would Make You Seasick

Many still associate yachting with nauseating incident—and such presumption sticks with yachting in Komodo as well. Well, it’s good to know that all Komodo yacht charter are taking the form of phinisi (a two masted) boat, means that they are large bodied and thus having high stability on choppy sea. Chance of getting seasick drop into very low number, and the comfort of cushiony sofas and comfortable bed could be really help. If you are still worried about seasickness, we recommend you to bring medicine, anti-nauseating band, herbal teas, or even essential oils if that could be of any help.  

Try chartering a yacht in Komodo and see how the experience change your life forever!

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