Komodo Rinca Tour, Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site


Rinca Island is one of the 29 islands off the coast of Flores that make up the Komodo National Park. Komodo and Rinca are home to the rare reptile, the mighty Komodo dragon. The Komodo Rinca tour offers a great opportunity to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Which island is the best for viewing Komodo dragons?

Komodo Rinca Tour, Visit Rinca Island

Komodo Rinca tour begins by visiting the island of Rinca. In fact, most tourists will visit Rinca island more than Komodo island. There are some reasons:

Rinca Island is closer to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is the starting point for tourists before embarking on an adventure exploring other islands around it. The Komodo Rinca day tour schedule will be very easy to arrange. You can do a tour of Rinca island in one day, including lunch and snorkeling. You can take a package trip to Rinca island leaving at 7 am and returning around 3 pm.

Easy to see Komodo on Rinca Island

Rinca Island is one of the habitats for rare reptiles. Tourists are more likely to see komodo dragons on this island because there is less protection for the komodo dragons to shelter in. Komodo on Rinca Island is smaller than on Komodo Island, but sightings on Rinca Island are quite guaranteed.

Trekking trips on Rinca island offer spectacular views. The savanna adds to the exotic of this island. Arriving at the peak, tourists will see a stunning expanse of the savanna.

The beaches on Rinca Island are dominated by blue. The clear water is perfect for snorkeling tourists and seeing colorful underwater habitats. The beaches on the island of Rinca are still natural and beautiful.

On the island of Rinca, you will see many of the Komodo dragons lying on the ground. Tourists will explore guided by an experienced local ranger who brings many tour groups. Don’t separate from the ranger because the Komodo dragons on Rinca Island are more aggressive.

Komodo Rinca Tour go to Komodo Island

You will definitely see rare reptiles on the island of Komodo, considering that this island is the habitat of large reptile animals. Komodo island tour takes you to explore the island of Komodo which is one of the 7 natural wonders in the world. You will see the wildlife of giant lizards and do jungle trekking, and hill climbing.

1300 Komodo dragons breed and in 1986, the island of Komodo was designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site. In addition to Komodo dragons, you can see various flora ecosystems such as Sepang wood which is common as medicine and as a dye for clothes.

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