Komodo Diving Liveaboard Story in Flores Frontier


For someone always dream of the sea and its vibrant world within, a diving holiday with Komodo diving liveaboard to the far-flung Flores in eastern Indonesia would be the best holiday ever. The national park is packed with dozens of top world-class dive sites. Divers from all around the world keep saying that it’s a great rival to the Maldives and Egypt. Tranquil isolations, plankton-rich currents, blooming coral reeds, and being in the heart o the coral triangle makes the Komodo as one of the best place to enjoy the marine world. It’s great for micro-diving as well as spotting the big fishes! Squadron of Manta Rays, dolphins, turtles, and reef sharks are waiting to meet curious divers. Here’s what you need to know about having a diving holiday in Komodo with liveaboard boats. 

Komodo Diving Liveaboard Story in Flores Frontier

Sleeping on Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Being in Komodo diving liveaboard trip means you are going to live on sailing ship for several days. That means you will be sleeping on the cabins and eat together in the deck. Depend on the class of the liveaboard, you might have a private cabin for two people (just like in a hotel), or getting a dorm-cabin that you’ll share with 2-6 other passengers. Eating and taking baths would be entirely done in the liveaboard. Just consider the liveaboard as your floating dive-dorm!

Having 3 – 5 Dives per Day

On a non-diving liveaboard, you might have a chance of one to two dives per day, combined with trips to other destinations. But in diving-exclusive liveaboard, the chance of diving definitely get larger. You could have at least three dives a day if you want to have some island excursion as well.  They could even arrange 5 dives per day, including the night dives, if you want it to be exclusively dive trip. This gives you time to visit more unpopular sites, which means more little-touched reefs and less crowds around. As diving liveaboard trips tend to last from 3 days to a week, it’ll give you a bunch of rich experience in just short time!

Why You Need to Embark on Komodo Diving Liveaboard? 

All this time, you might be more familiar with land-based diving. You might think of visiting a dive center, have them bring you to some dive site for a day, and return to the land for the night. However, when you are in Komodo, embarking on Komodo liveaboard is way more practical. You see, the KNP is comprised of 20+ islands and dives sites in between. Reaching one sites to another could take up an hour or two of sailing. You don’t want to lost big portion of your time just for commuting. Embarking on diving liveaboard and sleep on the boat during the night will cut a lot of time that you can use for more diving.

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All the Plusses Trips

You are sailing in the gorgeous Komodo and it’s definitely a loss if you skip the surrounding islands! When you are not busy roaming the underwater, the lands offers breathtaking landscapes that would leave you in awe. Have sunrise in the phenomenal Padar Islands. Walk with the dragons in Komodo Island before you’re back with the Mantas. Escape for a quick rest in the soft beaches of Kelor Island. And when the dusk is her and your dive suites are hung, head to Kalong Island to enjoy spectacular sunset with flying giant bats. 

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