Komodo Cruise Boat Tour: Best Budget Luxury Liveaboard


When imagining Komodo diving and staying for days on a phinisi boat is very boring. Change your thinking! Komodo cruise boat tour is a trend these days, especially for those who want to enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery. Imagine five-star hotel facilities moving to a phinisi ship and you can enjoy it along the way. 

Luxury Komodo Cruise Boat Tour Budget

How much is the budget to join the Komodo cruise boat tour? Budget is always an issue when planning a trip to Komodo Island and its surroundings. The problem is, you have to go to Labuan Bajo as the starting point of the trip. From Labuan Bajo, you have to use a boat to explore many dive spots. 

For now, there are several choices of transportation modes, ranging from KMP ships to private ships. Actually the Komodo cruise boat tour is not as expensive as you think. To save on the Komodo diving liveaboard budget, you can look for an open trip upon arrival in Labuan Bajo. 

Many Komodo diving liveaboard operators offer tourists to fill empty slots. Price? Of course, it’s quite cheap. Phinisi boat facilities are also quite comfortable for you to stay during the trip. Usually, you will share a bedroom with several people with the positive side, you can get to know many other travelers and share experiences.

Komodo Cruise Boat Tour

Another option is to rent a phinisi boat with your condition sailing with a group or family. Vacationing with a group or family would be very nice if it was more private. Boat charters are the best option to enjoy diving in the waters of Komodo. The budget should you spend to rent Phinisi is certainly worth the comfort during travel.

Advantages of Komodo cruise boat tour

  • Choosing a phinisi boat that fits your budget
  • Choose a cruise according to capacity
  • Adjust your travel time
  • Private
  • Luxurious and comfortable facilities
  • Choose the dive spot you want
  • Availability of diving and snorkelling equipment

Several choices of phinisi boats that you can choose from:

Derya liveaboard

derya liveaboard - Luxury Komodo Cruise Boat Tour

This phinisi ship with 4 cabins can accommodate 8 passengers, excluding the ship’s crew. 2 bathroom facilities including bathroom amenities are prepared during the trip to the Komodo islands. The master bedroom has a double bed, while the sharing cabin has a double bed and a single bed. All cabins are equipped with air conditioners.

Fenides liveaboard

fenides liveaboard - komodo diving

The Fenides liveaboard can accommodate 11 people and is 41 meters long. The ship has 5 cabins on two decks, including a master suite with a double bed and a workbench. Two cabins with double beds, and the other two cabins with twin beds. Each room is equipped with a bathroom and air conditioners.

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