Choosing Interior Furniture Yogyakarta for Your Home that Lasts


Planning and choosing interior furniture Yogyakarta is a big part in furnishing your home. It’s tempting to simply go to the big box stores and be done with it. But when you talk about furnitures, you’d want to talk about longevity. Is the furniture you’re buying going to last? Especially the pieces you’re going to be using everyday; are they going to be able to last for a reasonable period of time? What if you have to replace your furniture only a year after you buy it? 

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Construction and built of the interior furniture Yogyakarta 

Furniture pieces that last for a long time generally feel solid instead of “hollow”. The weight of the furniture itself often reflects the quality of said furniture pieces. You’re not just buying furnitures for you to use until next month, or the next year. Furniture pieces in your home; the good quality ones, should last for years; a decade, even. Some of the furnitures with the finest quality could last a lifetime. 

Prices vs longevity of furniture Yogyakarta 

It’s no surprise that prices often reflect the overall quality of the furniture you’re going to purchase. If there is anything non-negotiable when it comes to buying furnitures, then it’s the built quality and construction of the interior furniture Yogyakarta first and foremost. You don’t want to spend your money on a piece of furniture that only lasts for a year, or a couple at most. What you’ll end up doing is buy another furniture in a very short amount of time.

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The first step to buying a solid quality furniture is of course, finding Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that are reliable and trustworthy. But before that, there are some things you need to establish with yourself first.

  • How long do you expect a furniture to last (make an informed expectation when you’re buying; do your research).
  • How much is your budget and how much you’re willing to spend? Should you save up more before you consider buying? 
  • What kind of furniture style you’re looking for that would suit your room? 

Always give your furniture a test sit

It doesn’t matter how pretty the furniture looks if you don’t feel comfortable using it. So always give it a test sit. But what if you’re buying your furniture online? Very unfortunate for you, you likely won’t be able to do a test sit at all. It’s highly advisable to not buy something you’re going to put your body on (eg. bed, sofa, chairs) without testing it for yourself in person first. 

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You can of course, check for reviews online. That’s one of the must-dos for anyone who’s buying furnitures for their apartments or home. However, do remember that what one person considers comfortable may not be the same as what yourself think. Your threshold of what you consider “comfortable” can be very tricky. 

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Aesthetic value of a furniture 

This would be the very first thing that you notice (inevitably) when you’re buying furnitures. And it’s  certainly an important aspect. However, let’s pause for a second and think; have you planned your interior well? Do you have a theme in place? When you’re talking aesthetic, don’t just think about the aesthetic value of each piece. Think about the room in its entirety. Make sure that you plan well. Have a sketch, a mock-up, or even just a Pinterest reference when designing your interior. 

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