How to Make Your Child Comfortable in Kids Surf Camp


Surfing is an awesome activity for anyone of all ages. Not only it makes you look cool (admit it, we love looking cool with a surf board), it also a total body workout that would keep you in shape. For kids, surfing is great to boost their body growth, fitness, self-esteem, and confidence. Enrolling kids to surf camp is one of the great way to spend the summer; gaining new skills, making new friends, and having a whole new experience! If you worry that your little beans won’t be comfortable at surf camp, here’s some way to make it better.Going to kids surf camp can be a big gig for the kiddos. Here’s how you can improve their experience and make them enjoy their time there

How to Make Your Kids Comfortable in Surf Camp

First, Make Them Comfortable in the Water

Kids who don’t have confidence on the water won’t be really comfortable at the surf camp. If the surf camp is on your family list on the upcoming holiday (and the kiddos are agree for that), you can start taking them to pool for a prep up. On surf camp, they will basically spend their day in the water, paddling for waves, and try to ride it. Having basic ability to swim in open water will help them a lot. 

Take Them to Surf with You

Introduce your minions to the joy of surfing! Having a glimpse of wave riding through their own parents would spark their natural interest in surfing. So when it’s time for them to come to kids surf camp, surfing is not something strange for them. In a new environment, having already familiar with the surf culture prior to their arrival to the surf camp would make the transition easier. 

How to Make Your Kids Comfortable in Surf Camp

Choose Surf Camp for Kids Near Your Home/ Hotel

Surfing is tiring. For their tiny body, surfing could use up all of their energy. That’s why kids tend to eat more and sleep longer once they got home. Which is excellent for their health, actually. They get tired easier after a season at the surf camp, so it would be very helpful to choose a surf camp near your home. Or your accommodation, if you’re on holiday. Having the surf camp close from home means more time used for actual rest than get it wasted on the roads. 

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Make Sure They Are in the Right Hand

You should be picky with kids surf camp if you really want them enjoy the time here. Make sure that the instructors are professionals, licensed, and actually good with kids. They should know how to tackle kids’ short-span attentions, give easy-to-understand directions to the kids, and handle kids’ needs.

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