How To Have Smooth Breakthrough Conversations With Your Employees


To become a true leader is not as simple as it looks. Even most successful leaders started from the bottom to get to where they are now. They have experienced what it is like to be an employee and take their journey to success step by step. However, it is also possible for leaders to have difficulty to see the organization through the eyes of an employee for some reason. It is important to know to make sure everything runs smoothly with the business operation. 

Having breakthrough conversations with your employees smoothly

One of the most effective ways to get an insight into the operations of your business is by having breakthrough conversations with your employees. It is essential for the conversation to happen naturally where your employees can feel comfortable to share their opinion. And here are how to do it:

Avoid being too dominant

It is more recommended to take passive approach while having conversation with your employees. When they criticize you, do not get defensive so easily. Try to listen in the situation first before giving any hard reaction. You can let them lead the discussion so they are comfortable voicing out their opinion. Treat what they criticize you as insightful input so you can identify the real problems and find the best solution. 

Establish trust with your employees

An authentic communication will happen smoothly if you put your trust on the other. It is trust between you as the leader and them as the employees. Establish open communication and actively listen to what your employees are trying to say. If you keep responding to their insight unnecessarily and become defensive then the communication will just fail. 

Stay honest and authentic

Remind your employees to be honest and authentic with their opinion. Let them not afraid of showing their vulnerability. Make them trust you to say what they truly want to say. Do not pressurize them to act professional if it only results in inauthentic, dishonest, fake feedback. Hence, it is important for you to lead authentically, express your own feeling in conversation, and humanize your interaction. 

Never control the conversation excessively

A breakthrough conversation can happen smoothly if both sides are in equal stage. It means, just because you are the leader doesn’t mean you can intimidate your employees when they are trying to share their honest opinion. Hence, make sure to make them feel safe expressing their opinions and participating in the conversation authentically. Allow the conversation to evolve naturally. Only then the conversation will result in helpful insight for everyone. 

Make time for breakthrough conversation

Some leaders might think that they are too busy to have breakthrough conversation with their employees. However, it is such an important thing to do because it can encourage employees to be honest with their leaders, not talking behind their back. Hence, make sure to make time for this conversation regularly and be fully present when those moments come. The conversation should go both ways based on trust and respect with each other.

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