How to Choose the Ideal Beach Resort in Nusa Dua 


One of the best things about staying in Bali is the abundance of beach resorts and beachfront accommodation available to that meets everything beach-goers love. Whether it’s access to a private beach or a view of rolling ocean waves from atop the hill every morning, Bali has got it covered. Opting for Nusa Dua beach resort is a perfect choice for those looking to experience a tranquil Bali. 

nusa dua beach resort

Nusa Dua beach resort 

The Nusa Dua Peninsula is located at the southern part of Bali. The area boasts tranquil beaches and well-maintained region that housed over dozens of five-star resorts. While it’s known as a tourist area, Nusa Dua is an upscale location unlike its cousins, the Kuta areas and its surrounding. Vacationing in this area is certainly much more laid-back and peaceful, perfect for travelers who are eager to get out of the crazy hustle of Bali’s tourism scene. 

Does your room have a view?

Many hotels label their properties beachfront, but it doesn’t mean all of the rooms have the view. If having a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the ocean from the comfort of your room is among one of the things why you choose a Nusa Dua beach resort in the first place, then make sure that you room is one that has it. Also consider whether you’d like a ground level or upper levels or whether the two would make a difference if you have a preference. 

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Water sports activities

One of the absolute delights in staying at a beach resort is of course, the proximity to all of the fun things you can try on. Some resorts offer the guests watersports package for the family included in their stay. You can have easy access to water slides, snorkeling, or surfing. This can mean an onsite facility or one located outside of the hotel for an additional fee. Be sure to ask what they have on offer. If you’re traveling with kids, having activities planned is also one way to be prepared and keep your little buddies entertained. 

Access to places of interest

nusa dua family resorts

If you’re staying for over 3 days at a resort, it’s best to consider your itinerary before opting for a resort, no matter how nice their pools are. Staying at Nusa Dua beach resorts mean that you’re going to be a sizable distance away from the main tourist attractions, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak as well as from the center of the city, Denpasar and Sanur. This is something to keep in mind before settling for Nusa Dua peninsula as your base in Bali.

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Eco-friendly resort in Bali 

Beyond vegan and organic meal options, staying at an eco-friendly resort means that you minimize your carbon footprints as you travel. It’s a great idea for those environmentally-conscious travelers out there. Eco-friendly properties mean that down to the construction of their properties, they consider how it’ll impact the environment. Make sure to do your research when it comes to this aspect as in Bali, any hotel can label their property eco-friendly and get away with it. 

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