How Humbleness Can Help Grow Your Business

How Humbleness Can Help Grow Your Business

It is quite rare to see humbleness in people especially those who involve in business industry. Most people in business industry view each other as competition and try hard to look more standout. Also, many people view humbleness in business industry as weakness because it is a tough field for the weak, they would say. However, humbleness is not a weakness that will prevent you from reaching your success in life and business. In fact, it may be the secret to succeeding in business but not many people know that. 

Leading with humility

Being humble in running business is about how to lead with humility. Hence, it is not something you can call weakness. Business industry is tough and full with competition but that doesn’t have to make you a person far from humility. And here is how humbleness can help grow your business instead:

Humbleness earns you loyalty

Humbleness earns you loyalty

Many people in business only think about earning profit. However, there are many other more important factors to reach success in business than money. It is loyalty. When you involve humility in how you lead your employees, what you get will not truly trust but also loyalty that last. When you collaborate humility with empathy then you get the best combo; trust and loyalty. Show your humility to your employees by letting them know they matter to you. This way, you can work to reach success together. 

Humbleness means not being shy to learn from employees

You might be the boss but that doesn’t make you automatically more superior than your employees. You are all human and no one is perfect. If you think and act as if you know everything, your business is bound to fail sooner or later. If you are a humble leader, you know when to pivot, and make even hard-decision. Absorb everything you need by learning from your surroundings including your own employees. Keep the spirit to improve yourself by not shying away from learning especially from people who work with you on daily basis like your employees. 

Humbleness teaches you authenticity

When you focus more on showcasing your humility, you won’t be ashamed to talk about your mistakes in the past. You will use it as a grateful reflection and opportunity to show others how you improved. You can use humility to better yourself and show your employees how to do it. Telling a story of your past mistakes to your employees can be valuable for them because they may have things to learn from. It is an opportunity to pass along some of the wisdom and experience you have picked up along the way. 

How hard is it to adopt humbleness?

It is going to be very hard especially when we are living in the world where narcissism and naked display of power are on the center. However, we can always practice humility as part of our leadership toolkit to better ourselves and our business. This way, you can be impactful and successful wherever you are. 

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