Highly Recommended Foods To Try When Visit Cambodia 


Asia is a great place for travel because there are many gems to explore. One of the most precious travel destinations is Cambodia. There are many qualities this country has that attract visitors. One of them is their cuisines. Cambodian cuisine is diverse and full of historical value. Cambodian foods are underrated to say the least. They deserve worldwide recognition. There are so many Cambodian dishes with unique, rich taste that deserve proper appreciation. 

Best food to try when visit Cambodia

There are many kinds of foods to try during your travel in Cambodia. They are diverse and positively delicious. The best thing about Cambodian cuisine is that it is the most perfect to enjoy in the country itself. If you are planning to visit Cambodia anytime soon, make sure to try these foods:

cambodia food


Amok is popular Cambodian food but it is also similar to the food that its neighboring countries have. Still, Amok in Cambodia has special flavor and texture. The one thing that makes Cambodian Amok different from the rest is slok ngor. It is a local herb which imparts bitter taste subtly. Amok is Cambodian curry made with fresh coconut milk as well as kroeung. It is made with fish, nails, chicken, or vegetables. 

Chicken red curry

Chicken red curry or what the locals call Kari sach moan is also a must try Cambodian food. Comparing to Thai curry, this Cambodian curry is less spicy. It is made with large local red chilies. It is known to have mild spiciness level. The curry itself is made with chicken, sweet potatoes, white radish, fresh coconut milk, and kroeung. It is often accompanied with fresh rice noodles, white rice, or sliced baguette. Choose your fighter. 

Kha sach

Kha sach ko is a beef stew in palm sugar. This dish involves cooking style of Cambodian in which palm sugar is caramelized into a sticky syrup. It is then used as the base for the dish. There are other ingredients added to make the beef taste delicious including galangal, garlic, chilies, black pepper, and star anise. Other versions even include coconut water broth and cloves, or tomatoes, soybean sauce, and tamarind. This beef dish is often served with baguette or noodles. 

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Sngor chruak sach trei

Sngor chruak sach trei is basically Cambodian sour fish soup. It has refreshing taste from simple soup. The main ingredient of this dish is the fish. The soup is supposed to be a companion that complements the the fish. This dish involves the process of cooking the fish in light lemongrass broth seasoned with fried garlic and lime juice. The soup is also added with Asian basil and saw leaf coriander.

Mi Kola

Mi Kola or Kola noodle is also highly recommended Cambodian dish to try during your visit. It was originally special dish from Kola ethnic. Today, you can find it almost everywhere in Cambodia from street carts to restaurants. This dish is made with rice noodles garnished with slices of hard-boiled eggs, dried shrimps, peanuts, cucumbers, and fresh herbs. It’s all then mixed with lime- garlic- shallot dressing. 

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