Habits That Can Fail Your Property Investment


Property investors come from different backgrounds. Thus, it is only common to have various investors with different habits.

In general, there are bad habits and good habits which can influence the future of your property business. However, habit can be fixed into something more positive if you are willing to try.

As for property investment, it is highly suggest to adopt rich habits instead of poor habits.

Of course, changing or fixing habits is not as easy as breathing. Especially if the habits you own is engrained from childhood. There is no such thing as perfect human or perfect investor.

Making mistakes is inevitable but surely you can do better if you know what things you should improve in your life.

Bad habits you shouldn’t keep that can affect your property investment

It is not a secret that property investment is not simple business to run. There are risks and weighs you should consider to do it successfully for a long run. However, bad habits can be obstacles even if you are already master technical matters.

At least, there will be three habits that you should not keep when you are in property investing, they are as below:

1. Setting your goal half-heartedly

It is a bad habit because when everything is done half-heartedly, the result is pretty predictable.

Get a half-heartedly goal is one of the bed habits that can make you fail in property investment

The chance to fail is high.

It is better to choose a goal or two but do it with thorough and planned strategy. For example, you buy a property just because someone told you it is promising. If you buy it blindly without a goal behind then there is no point to achieve success.

Remember that hoping and planning is two different things.

2. You are comparing yourself with the others all the time

Another bad habit that will only lead you to failure in running property business is the tendency to compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others often causes bad thinking.

You will never be the same as others no matter how hard you try. The thing is, every individual has their own story of their property investing.

Even if you use the same strategy as others, there is no guarantee that result will be the same. The best thing to do is to plan and use strategy that fits your goals not other’s.

Looking up to experts and experienced investor to gain advice and knowledge is good. However, comparing yourself to them is bad habit because if you could achieve what they did, you would only be disappointed of yourself.

This will only discourage you from moving forward and doing better.

3. Surrounding yourself with negative people

This is actually the common bad habit which can also contributing to ruin your property investing.

But who are negative people?

They are those who often complaints and say no to everything just because they think the result will be bad. They are also those who keep questioning our decision as if they know better than you.

Well, it is toxic to keep listening to them.

The only opinion that matters is the property expert’s. They give opinion based on their knowledge and opinion. Thus, surround yourself with positive people because the positivity often bring good things.

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