Getting Balinese Design at Studio Tattoo Bali


Tattoo culture is huge in Bali. Even before the booming of mass tourism, Bali’s local people has known tattoo, or rajah in local language, as part of their tradition. Today, globalisation and international exposure has been playing their part in making this creative tradition to be an inseparable part of daily lifestyle on this island. Bali is brimming with modern studio tattoos and skilled artisan that’s ready to pour the art to your skin. 

Though tattoo culture become widely modernised in Bali (you can find anything from new school to illustrative arts), traditional Balinese style tattoo is probably one of the best thing you can get. Tattoo has strong magical value in Bali’s history. Only the elites of the society—the clerics, shamans, and rulers—were able to wear tattoo. However, the tradition now prevails in more modern designs. Bali is the right place if you want to get a tattoo that would remind you of this place forever. 

Unique Balinese Designs You Can Get at Studio Tattoo in Bali

Intricate details and rhythmic patterns are Bali’s most renown artistic traits, and this is prevalent on their tattoos. Black and grey ink are common on these designs, resulting in relief-like, 3D patterns on the skin. Below, we will go deeper to kind of traditional style tattoo requested at Bali tattoo studios.

Ganesha pictured in modern style

The Barong: A Studio Tattoo Bali’s Favorite

The most iconic Bali’s symbol, Barong is one of the earliest Bali’s traditional designs to get popular in many studio tattoos. To illustrate, Barong is known as Balinese spirit that guards the island. Barong is so versatile to put into various style. From blackwork, traditional, to simple line art, you can tailor Barong that fit your personality the most. Barong could have many bodies—it could bear the body of a lion, a bear, a tiger, to a dragon. Or you could just take the mask for simpler design. 

Iconic Balinese Ornaments

If you want a tattoo that screams “Bali” at a distance, the Balinese ornaments would be a great choice. Some combine the ornaments with a Balinese Hindu Gods figure at the centre, some goes only with the ornaments. There are three popular Balinese ornaments in tattoo studio Bali; the coral leaves, coral stone, and coral cyclops. Coral leaves takes inspiration from leaves of various size. In like manner, coral stones usually features shapes of sculptures that’s popular in Balinese statues. The coral cyclops pictures a concept of giant creatures with one large eyes. Black grey tattoo work best for this style. 

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Balinese Hindu Gods and Mythical Creatures

Besides the iconic Barong, a lot of people were enchanted with other Balinese Hindu Gods and mythical creatures to be engraved on their skin. Most requested figures on many studio tattoo Bali are the Rangda (often mistaken as the Barong itself), Kala, Garuda, Naga, Rhaksasa, Buta, and sometimes the fire spirit Banaspati. Likewise, popular Hindu gods that’s made into tattoo were Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesha, goddess Saraswati, and sometimes goddess Lakshmi. 

Balinese Words and Symbols 

Among other Balinese traditional arts, Hindu symbols and mantras are the most popular tattoo in this modern world. The simplicity and sacred holiness it offers make it perfect for someone who want a simple tattoo with deep meaning. It’s popular among the locals and tourists who just find new ways in Hinduism. The most popular symbol on this category are the sanskrit Om, Balinese Om, or the Mandala Om. In like fashion, some people go further by picking up quotes from Aksara script that has meaning to them. The artists on studio tattoo Bali usually helps you with the translation!

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