Enjoying A Villa Holiday Deep in the Forest of Ubud: 5 Tips to Know

villa in ubud

Ubud offers some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Bali, with lush tropical rainforests, winding rivers, vast rice fields, and other natural wonders. How could one best take in the sights of this enchanted oasis? One of the best ways is by staying at your very own private villa in Ubud. We love looking for hidden gems in Ubud; villas that are located deep in the forest, isolated, with nothing but nature surrounding the villa. 

Why Forest Getaway in Ubud is the Best

villa in ubud

Holidays in the woods are a wonderful way to reconnect with nature. To help you make the most of these breathtaking natural settings, find the wonderful range of woodland villas in Ubud. This remote destination gives the best, untouched setting for a wonderful vacation. On a wonderful woodland vacation, you may enjoy cooking outside or indoors with family and friends because there is enough space for both. Children can unwind in their own rooms, giving parents time to relax as well. Family members can take vacations with their dogs or other pets because many properties allow pets.

By renting woodland cabins from locals, you can get insider advice on how to make the most of your vacation. Holidays in the woods are a fantastic time to engage in some active outdoor pursuits like hiking, rock climbing, or boating. Alternatively, simply unwind or plunge into the private pool at your villa in Ubud. 

Bring Your Own Favourite Foods and Drinks

The majority of places offer breakfast at an additional fee, which we personally always choose to take advantage of because it’s fantastic to get fresh bread, cheeses, hams, and sauces to start the day. But not all of them offer anything for dinner. We advise planning some straightforward meals that you can cook on the wood burner in one pan, like a simple pasta dish or a flavorful soup to enjoy with bread.

Making a charcuterie board with tons of snacks, desserts, and dips is our particular favorite. This is always served with fine wine and some warm French bread.

Pack Some Warm Clothes for Your Stay Deep in Ubud

Depending on what time of year you stay at a private forest villa in Ubud, it is always a good idea to dress warmly and comfortably. To avoid mosquitoes while sitting outside late at night in the spring and summer, it is preferable to wear a cozy sweater with long sleeves. Warm socks are also recommended during the rainy season, when your feet may become cold due to the chilly temperatures.

Go Offline!

These cabins are wonderful for unwinding and spending time with loved ones. What better way to accomplish this than with a few board games? There are a variety of games available for you to play, both old and new, making it an enjoyable night of competition. Alternately, you could bring that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while or a puzzle to try to finish before you go.

Pack A Camera with You

For a trip to a woodland lodge, packing a camera with a memory card that is completely charged and empty is perfect. You can experiment around and see if you can catch the night sky in addition to nicely capturing your trip. These remote woodland cabin locations are frequently in excellent positions where, on a clear night, you can view a lot of stars. This is a result of these places being far from populated areas like cities. Light pollution is therefore minimal.

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