Disadvantage of Overwork and How to Overcome It


Business is a tough industry especially now because the pace is running like there is no tomorrow. People in the industry believe that they shouldn’t slack around or else they will be left behind. This often result in overworked, and stress workers. Busyness in business is often viewed as a good thing because it shows how demanded they are and how their role is important in the industry. However, it often ends up with negative side effects as well such as poor personal relationship, deteriorating mental health, and over exhausting body. Therefore, there is no benefit of overworking. 

Healthier work for healthier business

It is important for you as a leader of your business to promote healthy work. There are other ways you can do to benefit your business aside from overworking yourself or letting your workers working to death. When you and your team adopt healthy ways of working, the result will come out more positive. Remember that nobody can make you sustainable but yourself. 

Disadvantage of Overwork and How to Overcome It

Avoid working non-stop 24/7

You should try to understand that this kind of work is not healthy at all both for you and your team. Let weekend be a weekend which means no work involved. It is the time when you focus on your family and recharge your energy. Work can wait on Monday. It is the same to your workers. Try to not send them emails during weekend. It is their time and their right to rest properly. You can draft the tasks into a folders and give them first thing Monday morning. Physical and mental well-being are both important to maintain. This way, you and your team will be more productive during weekday because you are well-rested throughout the weekend. 

Don’t have a motto of ‘I live to work’

It means you spend your time solely for work and nothing else. If you, as a leader has this kind of philosophy, your teams will think it is a must for them to do so. Make sure that you work because you choose it and you have reason for it. For example, you work late at night because you dedicate the evening for your kids. If this the case, let your team know that you work by choice, and you know what you are doing. This way, your team will understand that they also have their own choice, not solely following your way of working. 

Quality over quantity

Instead the quantity, you should focus more on the quality of contribution the team make. Don’t scold your workers if they want to finish their work on time so they can catch up family dinner. Don’t praise your workers over trivial things such as coming earlier to work. You should also focus on the result. You can acknowledge your workers who can deliver a high-quality presentation to client instead of praising those who work till late at nights in the office. Respecting personal time of your workers is necessary. It can help reduce their work-related stress so they can work more productively. 

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