Building Resilient Leadership While Running Business


Running business means you need to take care of everything including managing your team. It is not an easy challenge because leadership is something you need to learn as long as you live. Resilient leadership is truly beneficial for an organization including business. Running business with excellent leadership often bring good result. Hence, not many business owner have that quality of leadership that is resilient.

How to build resilient leadership

There are many factors that can make you a bad leader especially while running a business. Instability, uncertainty, crisis, and fear are some of the many factors you need to face as a business leader. Sometimes, a leader should make bold decision in the best interest of their customers, employees, and profit margins. 

Resiliency as the key

In leadership, resiliency has become a key factor to be successful. it is about how to learn, adapt and become stronger in the times of adversity. Building resiliency is not easy but once it is mastered, you build the ability to make more confident decision regardless of the situation. 

How to build resiliency within your leadership

Resiliency is not something you can build overnight. It is a learning process you need to keep having. Turning challenges into opportunities is also a process of building resiliency. And here are what you can do to be resilient leader for your organization:

Focus more on human-to-human interaction

Today, face-to-face interaction has become limited with hoe the global pandemic affect our life. However, it is not an excuse for you to neglect the importance of sense of teaming and collaboration. You can use this opportunity to encourage more ways to build greater interaction, morale, and productivity. You and your team can support each other to build collaborative online environment with new tools and processes. 

Build constant change into your management system

In business, change is inevitable. Hence, you need to always anticipate constant change ans assume things will shift. Only then, you will be able to plan, measure, and execute the best strategies. Finding a single approach is hard because there is not any. Instead, you can encourage your team to test new tools and approaches to find what works best for you. Be flexible and open-minded during the process and don’t easily give up when meet failure. 

Measure thoroughly and fluidly

Finding new opportunity to success can be challenging. You need to pivot in order to build success. One important thing to do to have good outcomes is to measure. Measurement includes establishing key financial metrics, tracking, and assessing on real-time basis. You also need to adapt to short-term achievements and metrics. Measurement along with balancing short and long-term goals are crucial for every level within your company. 

To be a resilient leader, you also should be willing to learn from other leaders. It is not about agreeing to what others do or don’t. it is about what lessons you can take from observing the others so you don’t make the same mistakes and follow their success in your own way. 

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