Building Healthy And Positive Relationship With Your Investors 


People start their own business with their personal savings or raise money from investors. It is a matter of choice usually based on situation. For a technological startup, raising money from investor is very common. And for small business, sometime personal fund is considered enough to cover the expense. When you start your own business by raising money from the investors, it is important to be aware of how importance it is to build positive and healthy relationship with them. It may be professional relationship but you have to make the most of it and make sure they feel appreciated and loved. 

Make your investors feel appreciated and loved

When you make your investors feel appreciated and loved, it is easy to build healthy and positive relationship. It is also significant factor to contribute the longevity of your professional relationship. There are many entrepreneurs who only treat their investors like money machine. Meanwhile, there are so many benefits when you make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Discuss, discuss, discuss

It is important to discuss with your investors about how their involvement in your business. You have to discuss how active they want to be involved in your business. They can choose to be an active investor who only receive updates through emails. Or, they can choose to actively engage and participate in your business development. Then, you can ask what they expect from their involvement. This will help you easier to create the dynamic of your relationship with your investors. 

building healthy relationship with investors

Earning trust

Open communication is essential in building healthy and positive relationship. Communication is the key of trust. Sugar-coating business summary may result in trust issues. Thus, you have to build open communication to show your authenticity and credibility. Make sure that your investors are not left informed from major events of your business especially when their role can be significant. In building communication, make sure to open dialogue to reduce the risks of unnecessary fight or arguments. You and your investors also should decide communication that you both feel most comfortable with. 

Help your investors to learn

Allow your investors to learn more about the industry of the business they invest in. Also, allow them to brag about your business. You can do it by updating them the demo days, conferences, or shows where you participate in. You can also give them samples of your new products to allow them to know your business development. It will create positive feeling for the investors and make them feel proud of choosing to invest in your business. 

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Consult with your investors

Ask your investors when you need help or advice. When they feel needed, they feel appreciated and acknowledged. Be more specific when you ask for help or advice to avoid any confusion. Their opinions, suggestions, or ideas might help you to make the best decision for your business. It makes them feel great when they can be helpful to their own investment. It is also highly recommended to invest your time to get to know more your investors. This way, you can build the future together in positive setting. 

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