Best Location to Stay in Bali for Beginner Surfers?


One of the proofs that Bali can be for every kind of travellers is that it can even be used for those as the surfing enthusiasts and would like to self-taught theirselves in a safety ways with or without an instructor. Beginner surfers are welcomed!

If you are with the other beginner surfers are wondering what to do if this will be your first time for visiting Bali, I’ll guide you here so you know what to do.

You will not only thinking about which beaches and locations you can visit for your surfing learning, but I can even tell you which place to rent the accommodation for the other beginner surfers that is close to the beach where all of you can start surfing safety.

Best and suggested location to stay in Bali for beginner surfers

So, let’s assuming that you are in a surfing trip to Bali with the other beginners.

Suggested location to stay in Bali where all of the beginner surfers can learn surfing everyday

If you are thinking about heading to Kuta since it is the most popular area and beach where you guys can also learn surfing, I don’t really agree with that idea since the beach has been polluted by the plastic wastes.

And that’s the last image I have seen about the Kuta beach until now where there are so many wastes around that can make your trip being disappointed.

I don’t know whether that time the Kuta beach was delivered the wastes from the other places or islands or not, the only thing I could remember is its own dirty no matter how many people are considering that they have been spent a good time there.

Besides Kuta, surely that there will also be the other destinations for beginner surfers to visit. But first, I think that it is important to think about the location to stay for all the beginner surfers to find the best location to stay in and can support their surfing activity.

I am talking about the best and recommended location, the accommodation as well as the beach. And if you are asking me where to stay and which accommodation to reserves plus the beach, then propose your surfing group to check out this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak.

Seminyak is the village in Bali with its own long beach. The accommodation that i just suggested to you will also need short minutes to the beach. Maybe just under 5 minutes to it by foot and then you can start surfing in a not so big waves that are perfect for beginner surfers. Even the new kid surfers are recommended to be there with surely by the surveillance of an adult or an instructor.

Staying in Seminyak village is also recommended for many beginner surfers who are requiring to stay closer at where they can experience the popular city and places in Bali and the surrounding. So, they will really experience many things while their main activity which to learn more about surfing won’t be distracted.

That’s why, this could be the best location to stay in Bali for the travellers as a whole as well as for the beginner surfers.

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