Before You Go for Komodo National Park Diving


The prehistoric and ferocious dragons from Komodo National Park, a remote set of islands in frontier Indonesia, take the world by storm just a couple years ago and now the discovered beauty extends to the land under the water. Komodo’s underwater is one of the greatest delight in this world. Being in a meeting point between two oceans, the Komodo’s underwater is flowing with strong currents bringing rich planktons and nutrients for plants and animals to feed on. The conservational effort of the upper land further preserve the exquisite environment underneath. And thus, diving in Komodo National Park become one of the must-do for travelers and divers alike. The marine world is overflowing with bursts of corals, abundance marine life, majestic Manta Rays, pelagic fishes, turtles, and critters! So wait no more. It’s time for divers from all around the world to roam in the water of magnificent Komodo. 

Simple Tips on Komodo National Park Diving

Is your license good for diving in Komodo National Park?

The first thing you need to do is checking your license. Beginner open water certification allows you to dive only in few spots. Note that the Komodo National Park diving is notorious for its strong currents. While this yields in incredible marine life, this also means more challengers for divers. generally, divers are advisable to have at least Advanced Open Water certification to dive in Komodo. But if you only have the beginner Open Water and insist doing so, talk to your diving tour operators. They will take you to more sheltered and shallower spots which are easier for novice.  

What kind of diving you want to have?

Simple Tips on Komodo National Park Diving

The life in Komodo’s underwater world is so diverse! One of the spot is overflowing with squadrons of flying Manta Rays—the gentle eagle of the ocean—while the other site is brimming with colourful critters! It’s time to do your homework and find the sites you are interested in. Find if your diving liveaboard itinerary have your wanted sites. 

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Bring your own BCD and snorkel mask if you could

Most Komodo National Park diving tour has complete dive gears for rent. That’s to say you don’t have to fill up your bag with heavy duty gears. However, we do recommend you to bring your own mask and BCD. Especially if you already have on you really like. We know the struggle to find the right snorkel mask that fits perfectly in your face. 

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