Becoming A Divemaster or Instructor in Bali; What’s the Difference?

Becoming A Divemaster or Instructor in Bali; What’s the Difference?

All we know about becoming a divemaster in Bali is that it’s one of the step to set a career in scuba diving. We know that most recreational divers, in most places, should follow either a divemaster or an instructor who will guide them underwater and show all the cool stuffs you’d probably miss without them. However, many divers still confuse divemaster with dive instructor—thinking that they are the same. A lot of divers just know the difference between divemaster and dive instructor when they start taking career in diving seriously. So, what do you need to know about those two? And what are the responsibilities of each profession?

Biggest Difference of Divemaster and Instructor in Bali

It’s common to mistakenly think that divemaster and dive instructor are interchangeable. Even some of their tasks are indeed similar and sometimes overlapping in each others’ area, which are the reasons of the confusion. Their most fundamental difference, however, lies on dive teaching matters. A dive instructor is qualified to teach a dive class by themselves. Meanwhile, a divemaster Bali could only assist teaching scuba courses under he supervision of a certified instructor. 

Responsibilities of A Divemaster 

Responsibilities of A Divemaster

Keeping the safety of other certified divers during a dive outing is the main responsibility of Divemaster Bali. They can work from anywhere in the world. Where a dive site lies, there goes a divemaster. Often times, they are employed in dive resorts, mega cruisers, and diving liveaboard to lead a scheduled dive trips. In the daily life, a dive master’s responsibilities covers:

  • Leading diving activities
  • Ensures all safety measures during a dive trip
  • Devise a dive plan for the day
  • Be a dive buddy for divers
  • Supervise snorkelers
  • Assist PADI Instructor with dive class or other dive-related activities 
  • Help certified divers refresh their skills

Responsibilities of A Dive Instructor 

Responsibilities of A Dive Instructor

Becoming a PADI instructor is not easy. It requires long process, commitments, and hefty amount of material investment. To be a PADI dive instructor, you must first become a certified divemaster before taking an instructor training. Similar to divemaster Bali, ensuring the safety of divers during classes and diving recreations are the responsibilities of an instructor. However, as a PADI instructor they carry bigger responsibilities and that includes: 

  • Teaching beginners who are interested in diving
  • Teach diving lessons in contained water (pool) and open water
  • Be in charge of the maintenance of diving equipments 
  • Accompany divers underwater
  • Adapt to emergency situations
  • Adhering to environmental protection procedures and ensure it’s implemented by everyone in the group
  • Oversee a divemaster teaching
  • Teach divemaster and instructor interns
  • Manoeuvre a boat and be a captain should the situation arise

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Becoming A Divemaster in Bali 

Among any other dive sites in the world, Bali is one of the best place to be a divemaster! There are countless dive centre that takes divemaster internship where you can learn to be one. Becoming a divemaster in this tropical island means you have plenty of beautiful places to explore in between the lessons! It’s like taking internship while having a holiday a once. So, have you think of pursuing your divemaster career in this charming island? 

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