Bali Tattoo Seminyak What is Flash Tattoo?


These days not many tattoo collectors ever even heard of flash tattoos. In Bali tattoo Seminyak the trend largely follows the world at large. No one quite wanted a flash tattoo anymore. And for good reasons. But flashes have their own uses, especially back in the day when the only tattoo portfolio that you can see of your artist is through visiting their tattoo shop.

Bali tattoo Seminyak flash design is for walk-in clients 

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Back then when tattooing hasn’t become widely accepted and even mainstream, flash tattoos are well in-demand for walk-in clients. There are even shops the tattoo community refer to as the street shops specializing in these “generic” tattoo designs using these flashes.

The size of the flashes themselves varies. But most tattoo flashes are designed in a way that lets the design to be finished in one appointment. They’re usually not for large pieces such as the back piece. Some might likened it to “instant” tattoo because of the generic design and the fact that it’s meant to be done quickly. 

Today flash tattoo serves as a design reference 

These days, the majority of people who wants their tattoo done in Bali don’t give go for pre-made designs. They want a customized tattoo design of their own. Although flash still exist, when they’re featured at a tattoo studio Seminyak they’re usually only serve as a quick reference of the many designs that their tattoo artists have done. Some Bali tattoo Seminyak still use the flash designs displayed on their parlors. 

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Today, there are many tattoo artists who sell their designs online, or traded between fellow tattoo artists. This is often referred to as “flash” as well. As the demand for custom tattoo is going to be all-time higher compared to flash tattoos, right now, there are even artists who do one-time, exclusive flash tattoo. This could either mean: they sell their tattoo design to one person and no one else, most often done through the internet. Or that the artist created a flash design that they offer to clients, and once a client chose a design, the flash is not going to be sold to others. 

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Flash designs are not your tattoo artist’s portfolio 

Flash tattoo are like “stock design” — treat it like something of a stock photo. While many artists take care of doing their very own designs into unique flash tattoo, the ones displayed on the tattoo Studio Seminyak are that; they’re designed to take a quick time to do. Don’t treat the flash tattoos you see at your Seminyak artist’s parlor as their portfolio. Flash tattoos aren’t designed to bring the best out of your Bali tattoo artist. 

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Yes you’re going to have a design already worn by many people 

No you wouldn’t get best tattoo Seminyak if you opt for a flash tattoo. Basically, you’re choosing a generic design, one that probably a thousand people who had visited that shop in yearas have asked for the same design. But for a good many people this is not a problem for them. If you really like the flash design, then by all means ask your Bali tattoo artist to do it. 

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