Aqua Blue Liveaboard for Family Sailing Adventures

Aqua Blue Liveaboard

Are you planning a family vacation but not sure what to do or where to go? Why not look at one of the most family-oriented liveaboards that will take you to an amazing destination and provide you with fun activities to do on the boat. Of course, Aqua Blue liveaboard is all you need! This liveaboard will take you to the famous Komodo National Park. A liveaboard trip is not only a wonderful experience, but you’ll get to visit some of the most beautiful places in Komodo. From swimming to kayaking, there are lots of activities for every family member!

Aqua Blue liveaboard, the best liveaboard for a family trip!

Aqua Blue liveaboard should be top of your selection list of Komodo National Park journeys with the family. This liveaboard is a beautiful 60m high ex- Naval ship. The liveaboard underwent a full makeover in 2019. It is ideal for family holidays as it has the most fun activities on offer- not to mention itineraries that take you to some stunning beaches. This liveaboard has 15 beautifully designed cabins, each with air conditioning. For relaxation time aboard the Aqua Blue, you can choose between the sky lounge bar with plush comfy chairs or the beautiful sun deck where you can watch the breathtaking ocean view.

Top Things to do on a liveaboard trip!

Watch a sunrise over the ocean. Aqua Blue liveaboard offers a wondrous view of the sea and the horizon, providing a perfect setting for a family to watch the beautiful sunrise or sunset together. Looking at the stunning sunrise and sunset allows you to meditate, relax, and reminisce. Viewing the setting of the sun while on a liveaboard is pleasurable.

Bliss out at the salon. For those looking for complete rejuvenation of the body, soul, and mind, this liveaboard offers spa treatments in the boat’s salon. Indulge yourself in spa treatments, sipping on cocktails at the private bar, or take out your yoga mats.

Diving. Komodo island is one of the most famous dive destinations in the world. Marine life at Komodo Island is next level.  Diving on a liveaboard holiday is a top-notch experience as most of the boats are well equipped with high-quality diving gear and staffed with professional guides.With a liveaboard, you can expect to dive three or more times a day!

Island hopping. Some stopping points are perfect for island hopping, picnics on the beach, and visit the local villages. Make sure to capture a lot of beautiful pictures during the trip.

Sit on the balcony. The balconies of a liveaboard are often the best spot to enjoy a stunning sea view. What better way to enjoy the stunning view than from the comfort of your own room!

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