7 Tips for Multi-Generational Vacation in Bali Family Villas

7 Tips for Multi-Generational Vacation in Bali Family Villas

When we are talking about family holiday, we are not only discussing about parents getaway with their babies. Many times, it also means a vacation both with the kids and the grandparents. Inviting the grandparents along on vacation is a often a good idea. Your children will have the opportunity to bond with and make memories with your parents, and your parents will love seeing everyone interact. And if you are heading to destination like Bali, it’s best to choose a family villas that can keep the warmth of the family. Before you book the first family-friendly villas in this beautiful island, take notes of these tips for booking the perfect villa for big family holiday.

Why Bali Family Villas is Perfect for Multigenerational Trips

The benefit of a villa holiday for a family is that you have a lot more flexibility. In contrast to a hotel, where you are limited by mealtimes and unable to make meals for finicky children, a villa is like a home away from home. You have plenty of space, including an outside area, and you may come and go as you want. While the children are small, a villa is the best option for a relaxing holiday.

Collecting the Wish-Lists

Because not everyone has the same concept of an ideal group vacation, obtaining a general sense of the sort of vacation atmosphere and personality traits each individual possesses might be beneficial. Before you start planning the rest of the trip, ask everyone what they want and what their perfect holiday entails. Is it, for example, everyone’s dream to rest on a beachfront property, spend time by the pool, and participate in some enjoyable activities? Do you have teens that would most likely enjoy the trendy Canggu and surf in Berawa? Would nestling in the peaceful and culturally rich Ubud fit more for the family?

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Look for Larger Bali Family Villas to Accommodate Everyone

Look for Larger Bali Family Villas to Accommodate Everyone

Because of the location, setting, and features, as well as the service, public areas, and privacy, big Bali family villas are ideal for group vacations. Another advantage is the number of bedrooms, which range from four to nine in certain villas. You can even find family suites with separate rooms for children. You can also book larger villas with more rooms than your family numbers. A seven bedroom villa would be perfect for 10 – 12 member of family. We all need an extra room just to be repurposed as baby powder room or extra storages.

Organising Family Trip Before the Departure

While it’s a good idea to not plan every detail and allow for unexpected adventures, preparation is the key to a stress-free group trip. It’s a good idea to make a list of things to see and do, whether for everyone or just a chosen few, so you don’t waste time and energy when you get at your lovely private villa. Remember that grandparents, parents, and children may have quite different ideas about what constitutes a good time.

Create an Itinerary that Please Everyone

Grandma and grandpa may not be as enthusiastic about a camping or hiking trip as the rest of the family, but your children will not enjoy a vacation focused entirely on museums. If you’re traveling with various generations, it’s vital to keep a variety of interests in mind while arranging your schedule.

Organising Family Trip Before the Departure

Consider a holiday theme that will allow for a broad range of activities, as well as one that is not age-restrictive (alcohol-focused vacations won’t be viable for youngsters, and physically demanding adventures won’t be possible for grandparents). For example, a beach vacation allows elderly folks to rest on the beach and read while the youngsters participate in activities such as surfing or swimming.

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Allow Time for Independent Activities

You should provide some time to be on your own in your agenda. If you have teenagers, leaving them off at a park or café while you and your parents have a lovely breakfast is perfectly acceptable. After the day is done, you may all get together and discuss your experiences with one another.

It’s Time to Talk About the Cost of the Villa

Grandparents’ vacation expenses may differ significantly from those of a family with young children. Before going into the details of where you want to spend your vacation and how much it could cost to get there, agree on a budget range that will work for all of you. Make sure you clear it upfront whether the family holiday is a gift for the grandparents, whether you are expecting something in return such as babysitting, or whether you are splitting the cost with the grans. If a grandparent chooses to pay for your family’s trip, or any portion of it, make sure you understand how much it costs them to include you all and how much it costs them.

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