6 Tips for A Comfortable Trip in Any Family Resort Bali

A Family Trip in Nusa Dua Resort Bali: Holiday Inn Review

Planning for a family getaway in Bali? If you are travelling with toddlers and young kids, you should definitely consider to prioritise family resorts above any other travelling option. Then, pick your base. While Legian, Seminyak, and Canggu are amongst the most popular area of the island, the calm Nusa Dua and Benoa are best known for travelling families. The Nusa Dua is tucked away on the little Bukit Peninsula in southern Bali. The majority of the area is made up of upscale resorts, tourist attractions like retail malls and convention centers, and well-kept gardens. It has the feel of a gated community of hotels for tourists. It’s a great place to begin a trip to Bali, especially for first-timers. Families or those wishing to spend a few days cooped up in a resort will also find it to be ideal, with easy access to great beaches. This is why picking up a family resort in Nusa Dua for a base is a good idea. 

Choosing A Family Resort for Your Holiday 

It can be challenging to choose a hotel room for your family. It appears that many hotel rooms are built for business travelers or couples going away without children. However, there are still a lot of fantastic rooms created with families in mind. Just be aware of what to look for! These are the criteria you can use to select a hotel room for your family:

Pick A Big Room; If Possible, the Family Suite

It can get quite crowded when there are several children AND another adult staying at the same motel. Therefore, every square foot of the room counts. Look for larger hotel rooms or suites; in my opinion, the bigger the better.

Choosing a larger room or suite can quickly double, triple, or even quadruple the cost at some hotels. Furthermore, the suites are sometimes intended more for honeymooners or upscale-minded couples than for families.

Look for The Resorts’ Kids Meal 

Look for The Resorts’ Kids meal

Taking your kids out for three meals (plus snacks) a day becomes old very quickly. Choose a hotel that has a few excellent options on-site or nearby. But be sure to look over the menu in before. The food at the on-site eateries is frequently either too sophisticated or too pricey for the kids to eat there every meal. 

Look for Nusa Dua resort deals for family like free meal promo for the kids. Some resorts do offer this discount, as long as the kids order from the kids menu and get accompanied by a parent that pay something for themselves.

Look for Nusa Dua Family Resort with Plenty of Open Space

It’s extremely good if you can get the kids out of the room to run about because hotel rooms are so small and neighbors are typically just one (often thin) wall away. Finding a hotel with a playground, walking paths, some greenery, or even just a terrace will make your stay much easier.

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A Kid Pool is A Huge Plus!

A Kid Pool is A Huge Plus!

A hotel pool is another incredibly wonderful extra. The hotel pool is frequently the kids’ favorite part of the trip, and it’s a great place for them to burn off extra energy. The kids adore sneaking into the pool for a little dip every evening, even on hectic vacation days.

Take A Special Look to the Mini Fridge

Another significant advantage for families is a minifridge. If you are travelling with children, you know how important having a fridge in your room is. You need to stock up on drinks, quick breakfast items, or snacks. That way, you won’t have to go out to get anything all the time, and you won’t have morning meltdowns due to hunger if we can’t get out the door quickly enough. Additionally, having some snacks on hand might be very economical!

Important tips: Take a first look to the mini fridge once you arrive to your room. If it’s filled, have the hotel staffs remove all the contents immediately. Sometimes, the sensor is too sensitive; even a slight movement of the items in the fridge can automatically charge you. 

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