6 Design Tips For Your Villa Website in Bali


So, you have built or bought a villa in Bali and needs to take it up to online marketing world by design and develop the better website?

How to have the better design for your villa website in Bali

As long as I could remember, for some places, villas are pretty much dominating as the main accommodation for travellers in Bali. Say Petitenget and Seminyak as the examples where you are barely won’t know where the hotels are.

And while you have been knowing that building your villa’s website is one of the main part of marketing your accommodation through digital platform, developing it is also getting more important especially when you think you will need a plan in redesigning it.

Therefore, in helping you to have the better designed website for your villa in Bali, I have prepared some valuable tips in how you are going to get it started.

1. Find the web design experts, seriously!

Your villa’s site is not your playground or a place to learn and apply the new website codes you have just found on internet. If you know nothing, then you will need to find the trusted and professional Bali web design company.

It doesn’t matter what the company and agency is, as long as there have been the professional web developer team and you are trusted them to start develop your villa, gives it a go! Investing your website budget to the web expert in Bali is a good investment to get the better web development services.

2. Getting to know your Bali villa’s target audience

It could be since the first second when you were planning about running a villa business, you have been thinking about the target market of your accommodation business.

If you are thinking that your main audience is those higher class travellers that keep on visiting Bali and the villa itself have been luxury designed, then you can go with the theme of how luxury your villa’s website will be designed.

The way how your site is designed is also a way how to set your business position and to highlight your target audience. If your villa’s main market is for family retreat, then you can think about how comfort and could be cheerful it is to stay in your villa with all of the rest of family members.

3. Gorgeous colour scheme for your villa’s website

Have you noticed that most of the time, the luxury villas especially in Bali are always being displayed in gold theme?

For the simple trick how you are going to love the colour scheme of your website as well as your target audience is to focus on main image resources that are shown on each pages of the site. If the dominant colours of the building are the red and white, then both can be the benchmark of the site.

4. Professional and high quality images

One of the important thing that will encourage your target audience to give their trust on you is how professional your villa’s website is designed and developed. The more professional it looks, the better impression you will get.

And through the usage of professional and high quality images, your accommodation business will gain more trust and it is good as well to show what’s your villa’s got in more detailed images.

Don’t trust your phone camera in this no matter how advanced it is, but you’d better hire the professional photographers.

5. KISS: Keep It Simple, S*upid!

KISS is actually one of the popular design principle and I think it surely relates to how your site is designed as well. I have no idea how hard your Bali villa’s website will be developed, but it will seriously needs to look as simple as possible.

6. Make sure that your site can be accessed through multiple browsers and devices

Many people are referring it as responsive website. Your villa website should be proportionally appealing across different browsers and devices. And not only that, all of the elements are working as they should be.

The web development company must have been knowing how to test any kind of website on any kind of screen size.

And to be honest, testing your villa’s website itself is cumbersome. Say that the web developers have been testing it directly on their phones and using different browsers. But sometime when the client is checking it himself, the result can be very much different when the site layout can’t be rendered properly on his device.

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