5 Things to Check Before Investing An Ubud Villas


Ubud is one of those destinations where a few days a holiday can quickly turn into a stay of months or even years. This is a place where Bali’s cultural epicenter imbues every moment; this village is a tranquil escape away from party vibes found in central Bali. With its wealth of traditional craft, art, and culture, the local people feature an abundance of markets and galleries to see unique art and architecture. This town has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. With the increasing number of travelers, many investors start to consider residences in Ubud as a prospective object for investment. If you are investing in residences in Ubud, then Ubud Villas is undoubtedly the most promising option. Here are the essential Points to Check Before Investing in a Villa at Ubud. 

Investing An Ubud Villas

 Find the right location

Finding the right location is one of the first decisions you will make when you start hunting for Ubud Villas. You need to choose the best place that suits your needs and your preferences. When it comes to selecting a great location around Ubud, you only have two location options. You either want to be right in the heart of Ubud or staying somewhere in the jungle, rice fields, or along the river. Ensure the development plans for the surrounding area and confirm it won’t impact the rentability of your villa and lifestyle.  

Accessibility from Ubud Villas

Another point to note is the accessibility of your villa. Your villa needs to be within reasonable driving distance to go shopping, dining out, entertainment, and recreational activities. You should also be sure that the access road leading to your villa is wide enough for cars to park along or letting other vehicles pass by. 

Facilities of Ubud Villas you need

Facilities of Ubud Villas you need - ubud villas

After you decide on the right location, you should have a general idea of what size villa you want before you do too much hunting around. Including minimum square footage and the number of bathrooms or bedrooms you will need. Besides that, find out if the villa facilities you need are all there too! For you, a swimming pool, large kitchen, and comfortable living room might be significant. You will surely be disappointed if they’re omitted. Other facilities to enquire about are the water supply, electricity, drainage, and the internet. 


Make sure if your villa has all the necessary legal documents. Check all the documents that link you to the certificate and ensure the villa matches the land certificate.  

Ask help from the property agent

If you are new to Bali investing, you need to ask for help from a property agent to make sure all your decisions are accurate. Make sure you choose the best agent with high credibility. Several property agencies you can find here, such as Kibarer Property.  Kibarer will guide you through the whole process of due diligence. They also have a notary service ready to help and take care of all documents and property ownership processes and transactions.

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