3 Things to See in East Flores by Tanaka Liveaboard

3 Things to See in East Flores by Tanaka Liveaboard

No wonder why so many travelers choose East Flores for their sailing holiday. With its endless stunning beaches and the incredible world-class diving, East Flores has an activity for everyone. The area of Flores features some of the best wonders of the whole island.  Most of them are accessible only by liveaboard and offer a unique experience. Here, you can find many excellent areas for diving and snorkeling. While others boast stunning stretches of sand where you relax without thinking about anything other than what exists around you. Sailing on a Tanaka Liveaboard is one of the most amazing ways of unwinding in a tropical paradise. Where you needn’t worry about crowds, finding somewhere to eat out, and ultimate privacy. So, let’s look at our selection of three exclusive things to see in East Flores with your boat.

Tanaka liveaboard take you to Komba Island

Komba is a small uninhabited island. It is located in the Banda Sea North-East of Flores. The island has an altitude of some 4,200 m from its base, which makes it one of the highest oceanic volcanoes in Indonesian waters. Due to its uninhabited situation and difficult access, it is rarely visited by travelers. Here, you have the chance to discover Komba’s vibrant reef under the shadow of Batu Tara.  Batu Tara is a small island volcano located on the north of Lembata Island in the Flores Sea. So, if you are looking for things to see in East Flores a fan of spots away from the crowds, here you have the solution! What about sitting on the deck and watching the magical orange glow from one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes? Cool! So, head to the beautiful and peaceful island of Komba with Tanaka Liveaboard!

3 Things to See in East Flores by Tanaka Liveaboard

Visit Lamalera village

Lamalera village lies on the island of Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara province. This unique village has great tourism potential to develop as a tourist attraction. The village is known as the home of traditional whale hunting. Furthermore, the local life in this remote village revolves around the sea. In Lamalera, you can find local people who hunt large sea animals. For instance, manta rays, whales, and dolphins. Whaling has been an internal part of the culture and life of the local people for hundred years.

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Pura Island

Pura Island is located in the middle of the Alor Strait, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Due to the size, Pura is not only suitable for relaxation but there are so many things to see and do here. The island will leave you speechless! For instance, you can see the highest point of the island which is none other than the volcano.  Including snorkeling, swimming, meeting the villagers, trekking, and photography. So, are you still thinking about where to go on holidays? Choose East Flores and set sail with Tanaka Liveaboard to see its beauty!

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