New Experience and Memorable Journey At Seminyak Villas

Bali is a perfect and spectacular island in the south Pacific. Underwater Bali is filled with a variety of colorful fish that swim around coral reefs. Green trees flourish along the beach adding to the perfection of the holiday while enjoying the sunset. The perfect accommodation to enjoy all the pleasures in Bali by staying in a villa. Seminyak villas are the choice of most tourists to be able to find lots of fun around them. Most Seminyak villas are placed with spectacular views and are recommended as the best accommodation during the holidays. Looking for a villa in peace places in the Seminyak area brings you a restful night and a good night’s sleep.

Seminyak Villas and the most sought after

Seminyak villas with a private pool

The Seminyak area is a smart choice and it’s easy to find out the reason. Seminyak is an area where foreign investors base their businesses in Bali. Travelers who seek the fun of nightlife, boutiques, international standard restaurants, shopping centers, or clubs. Seminyak is the best area to find villas with various prices and facilities. Seminyak villas are quite attractive for travelers who want to enjoy privacy, intimacy, and personal service. You will find villas with different concepts, architecture, styles, designs, and nuances.

You will easily reach the beach area on foot and very short from the villa. Seminyak is also a paradise for travelers who want to enjoy water activities ranging from beginner surfers, to advanced. Other activities can spoil you by enjoying massages offered by local residents along the beach. Bathed in the sun or waiting for the sunset while enjoying a massage is the perfection of an unforgettable vacation.

Spoiling your appetite in the Seminyak area will be very easy. You can find many international standard restaurants with chefs from home countries. The price you pay is certainly a little more expensive. But do not worry because the Seminyak area offers many food choices without having to pay very expensive.

Seminyak villas with premium facilities

Why is the rental price of the villa somewhat expensive compared to renting 1 hotel room? It is clear! You can enjoy the whole villa with all the amenities. You no longer have to go to various swimming pools with other tenants, enjoy the quietness next to the pool. semi-outdoor dining room, spacious living room, wifi connection, and a large garden. Bringing children on vacation requires extra time to monitor while they play. At Seminyak villas, you can enjoy your day while monitoring the children. You pay more for something luxurious, special, and more privacy. Why still think and compare villas with other accommodations? Your vacation should be fun and unforgettable, without having to turn into a nightmare because you choose Seminyak villas as the best accommodation.

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Building Positive Environment In The Workplace

A business is not something you can joke around. It is something valuable to invest in because you dedicate your time, money, and commitment. When you start your own business, you set your own goals of what you want to achieve. When your business grow bigger, there are more people involved and you may move to better building to accommodate every worker you hire. However, it is also important to remember that the main thing to focus on is not only the fanciness of the physical building but the environment itself.

Building Positive Environment In The Workplace

How to build positive environment to boost your business

When you run your own business, you hire people with skills and personality that you think will fit with your value and vision. Focusing on building diverse team benefits your business. There are many aspects benefited from diversity such as better decision-making, increased innovation, increased bottom line. However, diversity in team won’t benefit your business if the environment of the workplace is not so supporting.

Build a sense of belonging

Furthermore, it is important to build positive environment within the workplace. The main focus in this matter is to build the sense of belonging for every worker or team member. It also involves daily interaction, communication, etc. It is such a challenging thing to do but it’s worth it once you succeed in creating positive environment In the workplace.

Enabling conscious conversation

Building Positive Environment In The Workplace

There are many things you can try such as enabling conscious conversation. Your team is diverse in age, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Instead of avoiding the conversation, it is better to open a conscious one when you stay curious during discussion. For example, in the meeting you may face differences in opinion. Instead of shutting your team member down, it is better to ask them why they see things that way. It will open more information that will be useful for you to make improvements in various aspects. It is also recommended to allow your team members to give feedback. It will bring out issue more and stimulate collaborative sense.

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Surveying opinions

You cannot just guess of what your workers or team members are thinking. There is no way you can find it out unless you ask them. One of effective ways to do it is by surveying. This is a great way to gauge their opinions and experiences in the workplace. You can also spread questionnaire so they can answer some questions honestly and directly. Make sure that the questions are relevant. Thus, you can earn accurate insights of how they feel and what they need. Sometimes, diversity within the workplace brings some issue to the surface. Those who are in minority may face different obstacles within the workplace. Thus, you can acknowledge it and find the solution.

Positive income

Handling a business on your own is not an easy feat indeed. There are many internal and external challenges you may face. However, positive workplace will at least help you build your business positively inside. Having solid and positive team will help a lot in growing business in the long run.

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What You Can Do in Padar Island

What You Can Do in Padar Island

Are you planning to visit the heart-stopping Padar Island on your way to Komodo this year? This Jurassic-looking, dry and mountainous island is probably the most famous signature of Komodo—other than the dragons themselves. No trip to Komodo National Park is complete without a visit to this island. Padar offers unparalleled panoramic scenes with view of three crescent beaches of different colours, jagged mountains, auburn savannah, and vast blue sky surrounding the tiny island. Padar is a must and, despite of its size, there are just so much thing you can do at this magnificent island.

Trekking the Padar Island for the View

Padar Island is long known for its crazy view from the top of the hill. The summit of Padar is a hot spot for tourists and photographers alike. Trekking the island to reach the top hill come just naturally. To hike this jagged island, prepare your trekking shoes—or special trekking sandals. Do not wear just regular sandals cause you’ll just hurt yourself. You will also want your feet to be covered as the sun burns mercilessly.

Magical Sunrise and Sunset

What You Can Do in Padar Island

Catching the sunrise or the sunset in Padar Island is one of the favourites among travellers. This is the benefit of landing on a small island. You can have both the sunrise AND the sunset at one single place! Either way, you need to trek up or descend on the dark, so prepare your lights. Seeing the sun rise or set far on the horizon, how the golden rays changes the landscape, and how the sky changes colour is sort of magical.

Snorkeling Around Padar Island

The Komodo National Park has long been known as one of the richest aquatic environment in Indonesia after the Raja Ampat, and among the most diverse in the world. Padar Island serves a fair representation of this underwater world. Snorkeling in Padar can be very rewarding as the island is surrounded by rich soft and hard corals of all shapes and colours. The currents is not as strong as other spots in Komodo. You will see countless of fantastic marine animals—including fusiliers and turtles—here.

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Having a Prewedding Photoshoot

Who would miss Padar Island’s otherworldly background for prewedding photos opportunity? Series of undulating hills, jagged mountains, and auburn savannah sends off a very charming and rustic vibes that will make your photos stands out. Some couple has ventured their way to this remote island and comeback with one-of-a-kind wedding stories. Don’t you want to try?

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The Importance Of Leadership Development For Business 

A business needs various factors to be successful. One of them is leadership skill and quality. Every individual may have different quality of leadership but it is something that can be developed further. Therefore, it is safe to say that leadership development program is very helpful for a business to also develop. The program will help shaping talented individual to have better leadership skills and qualities. Lots of companies apply leadership development programs to help their employees reaching their potential. 

The focus of leadership development program

The main focus of leadership development should not be limited only to the business success but also personal development and growth. Many program of leadership development today lose focus on the real goals. Thus, the result is far from the expectation. 

If you run your own business and manage to make it bigger, it is recommended to implement leadership development program for your employees. It will benefit your employees as well as your business. However, it is a must to choose carefully the type of program during the training. It is important to not treat leadership development as a one-and-done experience. It will only make your investment go to waste. It is important to focus on applying and sustaining behavior when it comes leadership development. 

Get the milenials to be involved

leadership development

Millennial management should be included in leadership development. Having millennial as your employees mean you may have to apply different approach and program. Millennial workers appreciate the process of learning and and growth experiences. It is recommended to involve mobile access to facilitate their learning process. It allows them to learn anytime and anywhere. This is also an example of how you can tailor the leadership development programs according to the people involved.


In the leadership development, coaching is an essential part of the process. It brings opportunities for every individual to learn more and more. However, it is also challenging to provide coaching program to every individual separately. The solution is to provide a group coaching. Thus, every individual has the same opportunity to experience the learning process through coaching. This can be a successful learning experience especially when you can set the right schedule. You can also use or involve modern technology to the process of the coaching. Thus, it will stay efficient and not boring. 

Encouraging engagement

Applying a leadership development program is essential to create more engagement between individuals with to the organization. For example, you can implement a program where your employees are trained to develop teamwork, strategic recognition, effective feedback, and trust. This kind of program will help in creating emotional bond between people involved in your business. The program will focus on adjusting or changing through behavioral approaches. 

Artificial intelligence

Involving artificial intelligence or AI to the leadership development is great idea. You can offer contents based on your employee’s personality as well as competency, and objectives. This way, AI can provide targeted information for them to learn. AI technology can be very helpful source in leadership development. Cultivating human capital through leadership development is considered more efficient to gain positive result. 

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How to Choose the Ideal Beach Resort in Nusa Dua 

One of the best things about staying in Bali is the abundance of beach resorts and beachfront accommodation available to that meets everything beach-goers love. Whether it’s access to a private beach or a view of rolling ocean waves from atop the hill every morning, Bali has got it covered. Opting for Nusa Dua beach resort is a perfect choice for those looking to experience a tranquil Bali. 

nusa dua beach resort

Nusa Dua beach resort 

The Nusa Dua Peninsula is located at the southern part of Bali. The area boasts tranquil beaches and well-maintained region that housed over dozens of five-star resorts. While it’s known as a tourist area, Nusa Dua is an upscale location unlike its cousins, the Kuta areas and its surrounding. Vacationing in this area is certainly much more laid-back and peaceful, perfect for travelers who are eager to get out of the crazy hustle of Bali’s tourism scene. 

Does your room have a view?

Many hotels label their properties beachfront, but it doesn’t mean all of the rooms have the view. If having a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the ocean from the comfort of your room is among one of the things why you choose a Nusa Dua beach resort in the first place, then make sure that you room is one that has it. Also consider whether you’d like a ground level or upper levels or whether the two would make a difference if you have a preference. 

nusa dua resorts

Water sports activities

One of the absolute delights in staying at a beach resort is of course, the proximity to all of the fun things you can try on. Some resorts offer the guests watersports package for the family included in their stay. You can have easy access to water slides, snorkeling, or surfing. This can mean an onsite facility or one located outside of the hotel for an additional fee. Be sure to ask what they have on offer. If you’re traveling with kids, having activities planned is also one way to be prepared and keep your little buddies entertained. 

Access to places of interest

nusa dua family resorts

If you’re staying for over 3 days at a resort, it’s best to consider your itinerary before opting for a resort, no matter how nice their pools are. Staying at Nusa Dua beach resorts mean that you’re going to be a sizable distance away from the main tourist attractions, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak as well as from the center of the city, Denpasar and Sanur. This is something to keep in mind before settling for Nusa Dua peninsula as your base in Bali.

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Eco-friendly resort in Bali 

Beyond vegan and organic meal options, staying at an eco-friendly resort means that you minimize your carbon footprints as you travel. It’s a great idea for those environmentally-conscious travelers out there. Eco-friendly properties mean that down to the construction of their properties, they consider how it’ll impact the environment. Make sure to do your research when it comes to this aspect as in Bali, any hotel can label their property eco-friendly and get away with it. 

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Effective Remote Work For Your Business

The concept of telecommuting or teleworking is not something uncommon today. With the way technology has been improved ad advanced, it is not impossible to have successful remote working concept. You can run your own business with this strategy. You can run a business while working remotely with your teams. You can also build remote work concept with your customers. The main purpose of this concept is to bring more efficiency. 

Effective Remote Work For Your Business

Remote work with your teams and customers

Successful remote work both with your team members and customers can be successful. However, you nee to find the right keys to make it so. It may sound easy but the reality may not be the same. 

Set your mind right

To apply the concept of remote work, you have to be ready in setting your mind right. There are many myths going around about how remote work is impossible and how it won’t give any contribution to make business successfully grow. Keep in mind that productivity doesn’t depend on the location where you work. It is also about determination, accountability, trust and commitment.

Increase productivity

Effective Remote Work For Your Business

Remote work culture can increase the level of productivity for your business. Working remotely means you have more time to focus on your responsibility without worrying over the traffic. However, some people in your team or customer base may have different idea about that. Therefore, it is important to spread remote work culture and embrace it. You can also educate your team members and customers about the benefits of remote work. It is great if you can provide real positive results to your customers so they can support you. 

Easier communication 

Telecommuting is supposed to make communication easier. The concept of remote work will also become successful if it is supported by sufficient communication channels. Instead of choosing only one channel, it is recommended to establish different channels for communication with your team or customers. The concept of omnichannel will make remote work concept runs smoothly. You can use computers, cellphones, and other supportive devices to communicate with each other. Also, make sure to establish stable internet connection to support communication system. 

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Explore alternatives

Try different alternatives to explain everything better to your team or customers. Sometimes, words are not enough to make people understand what’s on your mind. Your brilliant ideas might not be comprehended effectively due to lack of variety in explaining. To convey your ideas in remote work, try additional visualization to make your audience grasp the idea better. If you are not good in drawing, take advantage of software or digital tools.

Video conference for meeting

To replace in-person meeting, you can hold a video conference every once in a while. This is probably needed when you cannot just deliver the information via email, text message or phone call. Video conference is as effective as in-person meeting. You can invite remote meeting participants. However, it is also important to establish a solid communication plan. It is the key if you want your remote work strategy to be successful and effective in boosting your business productivity. 

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Lost in Komodo Dragon Island

Lost in Komodo Dragon Island

Over 5,000 million years ago, gigantic monitor lizards used to roam the earth. The Megalania—meaning “ancient great roamer”—were at least 5.5 meters long and weight minimum 575 kg, originally coming from Australia. As time pass by, the giant roamers of the earth migrates to nearby places. The collision of Asia and Australia allows them to move to what today is Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia’s eastern archipelago. During this time, the Megalania evolved into what we know as Komodo Dragons (Varanus Komodoensies). While their sister Varanus taxon died out in Australia and Eurasia, the last glacial period cause the now Komodo Dragons are trapped on Lesser Sunda Islands. The condition seems to support the gigantic lizard to thrives on—these relic animal is still pretty alive and kicking. Today we call it the Komodo Dragon Island, which together with few other islands become the last sanctuary of these prehistoric beasts. 

Protected by the government and almost left untouched from human civilisation for decades, the Komodo National Park grow into Indonesia’s best hidden treasure. Well, it’s not completely hidden anymore but its stunning charm still lives on. One step on the Komodo Dragon Island and you will transported back to the land before time.

The Rugged, Outlandish Beauty of Komodo Dragon Island

The Rugged, Outlandish Beauty of Komodo Dragon Island

Dry forest, undulating hills, and high palm “lontar” trees punctuating the sky make the topography of Komodo dragon island. The Komodo Dragon Islands and other islands within the park have these surreal look. Almost like straight from a film set. The climate on these islands is the driest in Indonesia, contributing to the savannah vegetation and mangrove forest. It’s like watching the Jurassic movie—plus the wild-roaming dragons—only, this is very real. 

Chance of Meeting the Dragons

The Komodo Dragon Island is the only place in the world where Komodo roams free in the wild. But it’s not the easiest place to spot the Komodo Dragons. The island is not a zoo and the freedom that the dragon has means that they can choose to live in the remotest parts of the island. They are even harder to found during the mating seasons. If you are lucky, you can meet three to five dragons during the walk. They do make majestic impression with their beastly looking, lurking around the trees and the dry grasses. But some travelers has to be satisfied with meeting only one in the wild! However, they are most frequently seen hanging out in their favourite spot; under the shade of the kitchen hut. Not the most Jurassic-looking sight you can get, but thats better than nothing. 

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Maintain Your Safety

Never venture inside the Komodo dragon Island without a guide. It’s dangerous to walk alone and you might probably attacked by the dragons. These lizards are very good predators—they are very patient and act all sleepy when they wait for their prey to get distracted before a launching a sudden ambush! One bite and you are done. Also, they are highly sensitive to smell. Especially to bloods. Guides know the safe route, the dragons’ behaviours, and how to keep them at bay with their branchy wooden stick. It might seem fragile, but believe them. It can keep your body intact after finishing the dragon trip. 

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Building Healthy And Positive Relationship With Your Investors 

People start their own business with their personal savings or raise money from investors. It is a matter of choice usually based on situation. For a technological startup, raising money from investor is very common. And for small business, sometime personal fund is considered enough to cover the expense. When you start your own business by raising money from the investors, it is important to be aware of how importance it is to build positive and healthy relationship with them. It may be professional relationship but you have to make the most of it and make sure they feel appreciated and loved. 

Make your investors feel appreciated and loved

When you make your investors feel appreciated and loved, it is easy to build healthy and positive relationship. It is also significant factor to contribute the longevity of your professional relationship. There are many entrepreneurs who only treat their investors like money machine. Meanwhile, there are so many benefits when you make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Discuss, discuss, discuss

It is important to discuss with your investors about how their involvement in your business. You have to discuss how active they want to be involved in your business. They can choose to be an active investor who only receive updates through emails. Or, they can choose to actively engage and participate in your business development. Then, you can ask what they expect from their involvement. This will help you easier to create the dynamic of your relationship with your investors. 

building healthy relationship with investors

Earning trust

Open communication is essential in building healthy and positive relationship. Communication is the key of trust. Sugar-coating business summary may result in trust issues. Thus, you have to build open communication to show your authenticity and credibility. Make sure that your investors are not left informed from major events of your business especially when their role can be significant. In building communication, make sure to open dialogue to reduce the risks of unnecessary fight or arguments. You and your investors also should decide communication that you both feel most comfortable with. 

Help your investors to learn

Allow your investors to learn more about the industry of the business they invest in. Also, allow them to brag about your business. You can do it by updating them the demo days, conferences, or shows where you participate in. You can also give them samples of your new products to allow them to know your business development. It will create positive feeling for the investors and make them feel proud of choosing to invest in your business. 

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Consult with your investors

Ask your investors when you need help or advice. When they feel needed, they feel appreciated and acknowledged. Be more specific when you ask for help or advice to avoid any confusion. Their opinions, suggestions, or ideas might help you to make the best decision for your business. It makes them feel great when they can be helpful to their own investment. It is also highly recommended to invest your time to get to know more your investors. This way, you can build the future together in positive setting. 

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How to Arrange Interior Living Room Furniture Yogyakarta

Arranging interior furniture can be one of the most exciting steps to arrange your room. Many homeowners are pressured when it comes to arranging the living room as it’s the first room that anyone would step into when they come into your house. Before even thinking of purchasing new interior furniture Yogyakarta the first thing you should do is plan! Arranging your furniture isn’t something you’d do often. So invest your time in planning out your room well. 

Arranging interior furniture Yogyakarta by type of room 

Before you even think of the design of your home furniture Yogyakarta or what type of wood you’d like for your coffee table, one thing you should do first and foremost is to get to know your living room. This is the first step to creating a comprehensible room layout that works; so beyond aesthetics, keep your needs in mind to make your living room functional. 

interior furniture yogyakarta by voila

Understanding your living room shape. No two rooms are the same. And you there’s no fool-proof formula to arrange interior furniture Yogyakarta – so the very first thing you should do is to understand your room type. Is your room a small one? Is it long and narrow? Do you share your living room space with your kitchen in an open-plan floor? Make sure that you understand this first before you purchase any interior furniture. 

Arranging furniture in a large living room 

People sometimes think that having a large living room instantly makes for a great, comfortable, and highly versatile; you can do so much with a sizable living space, right? While that’s certainly correct, often times, people simply don’t know what to do when they’re given so much space. The takeaway is: it’s easier to mess up furnishing a large room than a small one. 

So what should you do when you have a sizable living room to furnish? Before you attempt to buy any interior furniture Yogyakarta first off, define the seating area. This can be instantly done by placing a rug to create the illusion of a room inside a room. This would be where you place your sofa and your coffee table. Keep in mind that the sofa and chair for the area shouldn’t be more than 3 meters apart so that it encourages conversation. 

Furnishing a small living room 

home furniture yogyakarta

Small living rooms may seem somewhat of a bummer. But it’s easier to work with the limits you have. Moreover, having a small living room is more cost-effective. It shouldn’t take much out of your cost when buying furniture either. 

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With this limit, you’re going to need to select only the best pieces. Creating the illusion of height is always a great idea; you can do this by hanging drapes higher than the windows itself. Small trees as your houseplants are also a great idea. There’s nothing more relaxing than being able to have a piece of nature inside your house.

Making good use of your space 

If you have window that overlooks the garden or other open space, make sure that no piece of furniture obstructs it. Decorating with mirrors are always a good idea to make your space appear larger. 

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Things To Make Networking As Easy As Possible

There are many factors contributing to the success of your business. As entrepreneur, finding every opportunity to achieve your business goal is essential. One of the most powerful factors to help your business grow bigger is network. Both personal and professional networks are important for your life. However, building a network is considered as challenging for many entrepreneurs even though it looks easy. Network plays important role in the business because it is the biggest source of opportunity. 

Networking effort and how to make it easy

Networking endeavor is so challenging for many entrepreneurs due to various reasons. Some of them think that they don’t really have much time to do make the effort. Meanwhile, some other find it difficult to build network because they think they are not extrovert enough to do so. However, reaching out to people to build network doesn’t require an extrovert person or long hours. You can do it successfully with the right strategies. 

Things To Make Networking As Easy As Possible

Make networking as part of your daily activity

It is essential to incorporate networking in day to day activity and you will have time to do so. In the beginning of your business, it is normal to find it difficult to reach out to people and build a network. The point is to set your mind. Mindset management truly important in networking effort. First, make sure that you embrace it. Networking is not only for adding contacts but also build your professional presence. This way, your mind won’t get too focus on the networking process but the context and benefits. 

Get to know the right people

Choose the right people to connect with through your networking endeavors. Reaching out senior executives with decades of experience sounds too good to be true. In fact, they are less reachable especially for you who just start your business. Thus, you can start by positioning your target. Instead of aiming high, consider the middle target. You can reach out junior mid- level people. They have enough experience and knowledge to share with you. They can answer your questions regarding to the industry. They can also be the connection between you and the seniors.

Aim at interesting people

It is important that you aim interesting people to connect with. You will have more opportunities to find those people through activities where key influences are gathered. For example, you may attend a local charity work or join sport teams to find people who at least share the same interest. This helps to make the process of networking easier. Or, you can also attend a seminar or conference where people in other specialties also attend to. 

Networking could happen anytime, anywhere

You don’t always have to make networking efforts in professional or formal settings. Sometimes, family events or casual gathering can be a great opportunity for networking as well. You can ask your parents or families to make a short introduction to important people. However, you have to develop dialogue by your own and not rely fully on them. The non-formal setting surrounded by some familiar people allows you to feel more relaxed so you can make your networking effort smoothly.

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