How To Tackle Everything On Your Professional To-Do List With Limited Time

There is a limited time for you to handle work-related tasks with how you also have obligations towards your families and other personal matters. It is common for entrepreneurs to struggle in managing their time. They have so many thing on their plate they sometimes they often forget to take care of themselves while their work keep piling up. It is impossible to be productive one hundred percent all the time regardless how dedicated you are with your work. Time management is the key to have maximize your productivity. And here are ways you can boost your productivity and tackle all your work efficiently within limited time:

Know which tasks to prioritize

To help you know which tasks to prioritize, write down your to-dos. Hence, you know what tasks you have on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. While writing down your list, make sure to put the tasks according to its level of priority. Hence, you know what to handle first when you have only limited time to work. This is also where you need to learn to delegate ‘not real’ works and focus more on important matters. Try not to focus too much on how much you did but what you did. It may take time to learn all this at the beginning but your way of working will be much more efficient and productive once you mastered it. 

Be more intentional  about how you spend your time

By being intentional with how you spend your time, you know what and when to accomplished those goals. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly goals you set. To fully have productive work hour times, make sure to fully disconnect to any distractions during. For example, turning off your phone while you are taking care of your work. However, be assertive with your off-work hour too by fully disconnecting your relax time from any work-related things. Try not to tangle up work hour and rest hour. 

Build passive income system

It will be beneficial for you to set up passive income system where you can still earn money for 24/7. this way, you don’t have to keep worrying about maintaining cash flow and focus more on ‘real’ work that affect your business in the long run. Also, this kind of system can help a lot in reducing the amount of daily work you have to go through. It helps you a lot in maintaining  steadier work flow with your limited time and energy.

Avoid overcomitting

It is so easy for you to have so many goals for the day that you become overwhelm with it instead of working productively. You end up with more exhausted body that could not handle work anymore. This is not only dangerous for your physical health but also for your mental health. Hence, be realistic in setting goals and commit to them diligently. Even if it looks like small steps to the ‘full picture’, it’s still better because you steadily make real progress.

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Cenderawasih Bay Whale Shark, Guides and Tips

Cenderawasih Bay, on the east coast of Indonesia’s West Papua area, is an off-the-beaten-path resort. It is Indonesia’s largest marine park and home to a varied range of marine species. One of the best spots in the world to swim with whale sharks is in West Papua’s Nabire and Cenderawasih Bay. Cenderawasih Bay is gradually becoming the go-to place for remote diving, despite its lack of biodiversity compared to neighboring Raja Ampat. This is due to the fact that the location is one of the few sites in the world where whale sharks can be swum with. You can swim and see Cenderawasih bay whale shark up close. Cenderawasih Bay is frequently said to as the best site on the planet to swim with Whale Sharks.

Cenderawasih Bay Whale Shark

Cenderawasih Bay National Park: What to See

Cenderawasih Bay, also known as Bird Of Paradise Bay, is Indonesia’s largest marine national park. The Teluk Cenderawasih National Park was established in 1993 and today has 150 different coral species.

It’s also home to over 200 different fish species, dugongs, and dolphins (I saw a few during the boat trip from Nabire to Sowa). Around Cenderawasih Bay, blue whales have also been spotted. The marine park is home to four different varieties of turtles: hawksbill turtles, green turtles, olive ridley turtles, and leatherback turtles (the largest of all living turtle species).

Cenderawasih Bay Whale Shark: How To See

Whale sharks are more easily spotted in Papua, Indonesia, than in other parts of the world.

They frequently congregate around local fishing boats known as Bagans, which are moored for months at a time just offshore – barely a 10-minute boat trip from Sowa.

Bagans are large fishing boats/platforms with fishing nets suspended beneath them, used at night to catch small fish and squids.

Cendrawasih Bay whale sharks are thought to bring good luck to local fishermen, thus they are often given a little percentage of their daily harvest to keep them around.

When is the best time to go to Cenderawasih Bay?

The whale sharks in the Cenderawasih Bay area are the world’s only non-migratory whale sharks. In Indonesia, there is no specific whale shark season.

Whale sharks may be spotted all year near Cenderawasih Bay, thanks to the fisherman onboard the Bagans who feed them.

The monsoon season, which occurs twice a year in this section of Papua: between July/August and November/December, reduces visibility.

However, the visibility was still fantastic with 30m+ during my visit in July during the monsoon season.

Whale sharks are best seen early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The excursion to the Bagans in the late afternoon is only possible if you stay in Sowa.

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What To Consider When You Find A New Job Opportunity

There must be time in you career journey, where you feel like you want to move and see out change. You want to have another role that can be leveled up with your developed skills and experiences. However, it is often that people get confused of what to do when a new job opportunity presents itself. You start weighing the pros and cons but you do it too long that you pass the opportunity. So what should you consider when you find a new job opportunity so that you can make quick decision without feeling regret?

The possibility of having another opportunity

Ask yourself if it is possible for you to find another opportunity like this. However, it is rarely for the same opportunities to come multiple times. Hence, it is probably the sign for you to move up or forward. Especially when the job coming from a great company, then you must take it. You may be anxious about the change since no change feels right. However, you won’t feel certain and positive until you experience it. 

The benefits you get from taking the opportunity

Even a promotion is not worth it if there is no benefit ou can gain from it. It may only add your workload and responsibilities without giving you any value. Hence, any new job opportunity should be your step stone to move forward and up with your career journey. Make sure that the opportunity suits what you are looking for. Hence, do your own research before taking it and talk to relatable people who can help you make the right decision. 

Consider long-term growth potential

As mentioned above that you should take a new job opportunity that give you benefits, and that includes the opportunity to long-term growth. With new job opportunity, you want to expand and achieve more. If it offers you opportunity to also advance with your career journey then it may be a good opportunity to take. However, if the same opportunity is already offered by your current company then you may reconsider your decision to leave. 

Assess your mental health and skill set

Many people think that when they are feeling burnout with their current job then they should take a new one. However, it is not always the best decision to take because it may only add your stress. You don’t know if you will be capable with new responsibility with all the stress you are currently struggling with. Hence, always give honest assessment on your own mental health and skill set to determine if you are ready to take new role or not. 

The probability of success and to thrive

Consider the probability of success and to thrive when you are offered with new job opportunity. You have to know if it offers high probabilities because you want a successful future. Hence, take time in making decision and learn more about the position and how it will helps you expand your existing skills. This is how you can see if it suits you well. 

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Reopening Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali: Owners Complete Guide

Reopening Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali- Owners Complete Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic halted travel completely. Early on, many states passed mandatory shelter at home laws, affecting travel-related activities. The overall decrease in travel has a big impact on villas, hotels, and vacation rentals in Bali as a result of this. Hotels and resorts had to lay off more than half of their workers, with more than half vacation rental owners had to close their property. Your luxury villa Canggu Bali might be one from thousands of lodgings that suffers the lack of guests in this past two years. However, Bali plans to reopen the border in late October and predicting the comebacks of worldwide travelers is certainly a good news for vacation rental hosts. So how you can seize this opportunity and bounce right back to the business? 

Preparing Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali to Reopen Post-Pandemic

Vacation rental owners all across Bali are eager to get back to business as people resume their holiday plans and begin taking travels again. They may be breathing a sigh of relief as people begin to travel again. Many are going above and above to entice eager passengers, fill those vacancies, and compensate for all of the last-minute cancellations and lost revenue. 

However, this does not mean that landlords may resume normal operations. To provide potential vacationers with the peace of mind and sense of security they seek, hosts must develop new safe practices and make them known to possible renters.

Setting A Reopening Date for Your Canggu Villas

Setting A Reopening Date for Your Canggu Villas

If you haven’t already, schedule a day to reopen for business and notify all of your old customers. Choose a date that is both distant enough in the future to allow you to tie up any loose ends and narrow the gap between your current openings and future bookings. Spend time (and money) on marketing efforts to get the word out once you’ve chosen a new date.

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A Change of Marketing Strategy 

Modifying your marketing plan is a part of reopening your vacation rental. You’re no longer merely marketing to the usual family planning a summer trip. You’re attempting to pique the interest of folks who are at home with their children, people who have been in their homes for months, and locals who are still hesitant to travel. These people should be the focus of your marketing strategy to make your Canggu villas win the tight competition in Bali vacation rental market. 

Highlight any amenities in your holiday property that might appeal to professionals who work from home. Alternatively, if your property is near nature trails or entertainment areas where families may enjoy themselves while avoiding crowds, highlight them.

New Cleanliness Protocols to Ensure Safety

New Cleanliness Protocols to Ensure Safety

The most crucial aspect of reopening your vacation rental is maintaining the safety of guests and owners. Post the pandemic, cleanliness and health-safety sit among the top priority of guests when booking a vacation rental. The best method to keep you and your guests safe and healthy while on vacation is to take deliberate steps to clean and sanitize the property regularly. 

A 12 – 24 Hours Wait Rule

To limit their risk of infection, hosts and cleaners must wait at least 24 hours following the vacancy before entering the space. This means you cannot put back to back shedule booking in your luxury villa Canggu Bali. 

A Thorough Cleaning Guide at the Luxury Villa Canggu Bali 

You want guests to feel safe in your Canggu villas. Here’s a sample guide of proper cleaning and sanitising protocol you should apply:

  • Open windows and use fans to ventilate the rooms before cleaning.
  • Hands should be washed before and after each cleaning.
  • Clean all surfaces with soap, then disinfect with a disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol or diluted household bleach.
  • Linens should be washed on the highest heat setting advised.
  • Disinfect the interiors of all appliances, including vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and dishwashers.

A Peduli-Lindungi Apps in the Doorstep 

Indonesian government officially made the coronavirus-surveilance PeduliLindungi (care and protect) app to be mandatory at all public places. This program relies on community engagement to share location data when traveling in order to do contact history tracing with COVID-19 patients. Through the PeduliLindungi app, the Indonesian Ministry of Health will verify foreign-issued vaccination cards that will be utilized to accommodate guests’ activities in during their time in Indonesia.

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Make Guests Choose Your Canggu Villa

While a targeted marketing campaign and altered rates and terms may stimulate tourists’ attention, they may require a little more persuasion to book. Offer instant rewards for bookings, or include extras like a grocery welcome gift or meal delivery service vouchers. Make an effort to be inventive. Consider the desires of this first wave of passengers and use them as booking incentives.

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Stay Persistent in Growing Your Business During Hard Times

As we all know that the pandemic has turned our world upside down. Many people have been affected by this global pandemic. Many sectors are also suffered from the effects including business industry. Building successful business doesn’t happen overnight. Added with unexpected situation such as pandemic, the challenges become even more real. Throughout these hard times, some people survive and some don’t. however, there are always lessons you can learn from difficult situation. 

How to keep going with your business during hard times

Surviving crisis is not a matter of who are more experienced and not. Although experience plays a lot in helping you navigating through the crisis, it is not the only factor. If experience is the only ingredient you need to get out of hard times in building business, then how people who just begin their journey can reach their potential to succeed? So here are things you can do to keep going with your business during hard times:

Do not try, just do it your best

When you try your best, it often has a meaning that you have already accept your defeat. And it is not acceptable for entrepreneur. You need to be a little bold to keep going with your business during hard times. When you apply a strategy, there is always a risk and challenges. Sometimes, the challenge doesn’t come from your strategy calculation but from how the people around you talk. 

When you try your best but receive plenty of pushback or skepticism from others, it is easy for you to feel discouraged and give up. However, when you decide to do your best, you keep your direction ahead and don’t bother with unimportant opinion from the people who don’t even matter. This way, you will find the light that guide you to the right direction of success.

Develop best qualities

When you have good qualities, you will be able to stand strong even during hard times. It is because you don’t fully rely on others. You have the qualities that can be the base for you to keep moving. Some of the best qualities to develop include honesty, respect, and integrity. How good those qualities will be tested through day-to-day tests when it comes to entrepreneurship. There will always times for you to see how developed those qualities within you. 

In entrepreneurship, making decision is like everyday task. Sometimes, it is easy for you to lose focus. But when you have good qualities in you, you will always find a way to turn back to your true self. With honesty, respect, and integrity, you know what to do to build other aspects such as trust with customers. Those values are essentials for you to keep all the time. 

Also, it is important to believe in what you do. It may sound cliche to love what you do. But it makes sense in some ways. There will always be challenges in every step you take and if you don’t believe in what you do, there won’t be success to build.

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How To Choose The Perfect Komodo Boat Trip

The island of Komodo is a paradise for visitors wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bali. Experience things like hiking through beautiful scenery, swimming with manta rays and turtles, relaxing on a pink beach. The flora and fauna are among Indonesia’s best, and as demand for this prized location grows. There is an urgent need for additional information about booking a Komodo Island boat excursion to this island. A Komodo boat trip has become a must-do event, and there is a demand for information on which boat tour to Komodo Island is best for you!

How To Choose The Perfect Komodo Boat Trip

What to consider when choosing a Komodo boat trip?

  • Open or private Komodo boat trip
  • Type of boat
  • Cabins
  • Bathroom (private/shared)
  • Hot Water
  • Electricity
  • Air conditioning
  • Maximum capacity of boat
  • Deck
  • Destination
  • Komodo liveaboard budget

Komodo sailing trip rides are a great isolating encounter with privacy, distance, and the option of taking a dip in the ocean whenever you want.

The Komodo Islands in Indonesia are a powerhouse of a trip, but there’s more to think about than the price tag.

Open trip meaning, you’re on a journey with people you don’t know in a group, on the same boat as them. While on a private Komodo boat trip, exclusive for yourself or your group.

Type of Komodo liveaboard

When looking for excursions to Indonesia’s Komodo islands, you’ll come across a variety of options, but they don’t always indicate the type of boat that will be utilized.

Type of Komodo liveaboard - cabin

It’s crucial to understand the sort of boat being utilized because it will give you an idea of the amenities, the number of people, cabin style, and the size of the boat you’ll be traveling and sleeping on. The following are the various types:

Standard boat

A smaller boat with no air conditioning and only the most basic amenities (no hot water), as well as no individual cabins (usually 8 to 12 people excluding crew). This can be used for either a public or private excursion.

Standard boat with AC

A smaller boat with only shared cabins and poor amenities (no hot water) (usually 8 to 12 people excluding crew). This can be used for either a public or private excursion.

Traditional phinisi boat

Cabins are available in both private and shared configurations. All of the cabins are air-conditioned. A minimum of 12 guests and a maximum of 22 individuals are normally accommodated. This can be used for both public and private trips.

Luxury yacht

These are frequently utilized for small group private excursions and will have every facility you could want, as well as lovely decor. There are plenty of websites that have plenty of information about what’s available with this Komodo boat trip package on their own websites.

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Tips To Help Your Team Members Managing Their Stress

No matter how passionate you are about your work, there are always times when you suffer from stress. And it happens to your team members as well. With all responsibilities and tasks, it is bound to happen. It seems impossible to prevent stress from coming. However, you can help your team members manage their stress better. Hence, they are still healthy physically and mentally. 

Tips To Help Your Team Members Managing Their Stress

Helping your team members managing their stress

Work environment is challenging to every individual in different level. And with how the work environment changed a lot today, many people experience major stress from it. Their level of stress may also be heightened by other factors which makes it even worse. However, you can do something to help your own team members managing their stress healthily, and here are some tips to follow:

Show your own vulnerability and make yourself more relatable

As a leader, you are always demanded to set by example. You are aware that everyone in your team may experience different level of stress. However, almost everyone doesn’t like to look vulnerable so they try to appear as strong as possible. Meanwhile, it is not a healthy way to cope with the stress. Encourage your employees to not feel afraid of showing vulnerability by showing your own first. Show them that vulnerability doesn’t mean weakness. This way, you will look more relatable for your team members. Then, inform them some healthy tips on how to maintain an optimistic outlook.

Use empathy to humanize work environment

Regardless of background status, each individual in your company is human. Hence, show your team members your human side by showing empathy. Also, infuse compassion in every interaction you have with them even with remote setting. Always provide support for their mental health as it is not less important than their physical health. 

Talk with your team members openly

Not everyone likes to talk out their feelings or how they are doing. However, talking can help a lot in relieving stress. As for today’s situation with the pandemic, every member of your team may be affected differently. Hence, look for the facts and talk about it with them openly. Discuss and find solutions together. Make sure to find solution that work for them to protect everything valuable including themselves, their families, work team, and company. 

Identify the sign of high stress levels and provide the right programs

It is important to identify the signs of high stress levels so you know when and what to do to overcome the situation. It is easy to fall on your own world, making you unaware of the situation around you. Your team members might be on the verge of crashing without you realize it. If you know how to identify the sign, you can take earlier actions. One of the solution to manage stress is by providing mental wellness program. Not only does this help manage work-related stress between your team members, it also helps a lot in maintaining their mental health in general. 

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10 Best Amenities of True Luxury Villas in Bali to Wow Your Guests

Best Amenities of True Luxury Villas in Bali to Wow Your Guests

Guests pick luxury villas in Bali for a number of reasons. Some are business travelers seeking for a place to stay in between meetings. Others are tourists seeking for local tourist sites. Some are conference or event organisers and participants who are in town for a meeting or event. Whatever a guest’s reason for staying with you, one thing is certain: the experiences and facilities your hotel provides may make a significant impact in the growth of your business. So how amenities improve guests experience in your villa Bali and, ultimately, boosts future bookings? 

Why Luxury Villas in Bali Should Get Serious with Their Amenities 

Running a luxury villa business in Bali makes you part of hoteliers and hospitality industry. And like any other professional hoteliers, you want to put guests’ happiness and satisfaction above everything else. Amenities is one of facilities that directly speak luxury and warm welcome to guests from villa’s owner. So, which and what kind of amenities to invest for bigger return at your Bali vacation rental?

Assortment of High-end Tea Bags and Coffees

Assortment of High-end Tea Bags and Coffees

While tea and coffee is a must for villa amenities, guests will really appreciate it when they find premium tea bags, loose leaf tea, or single origin coffee in your villa. It’s a simple thing that makes relaxing time in the luxury Bali villas feels truly splendid. 

Assortments of Facemasks

Guests love some self-pampering and rejuvenation after exploring a new place. Try adding some facial facemasks in your toiletries mix to help their skin refreshed at the end of the day. It’s the least amenities that guests expect in a welcoming box and what will impress them the most. 

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Cozy Robes and Slippers with Your Villa’s Logo

You can expect slippers at any hotel, resort, and vacation rental. But what about robes? Guests love it when they find cozy robes in the wardrobe. If your holiday villas Bali is in a market with a lot of competition from Airbnb, or if you just want to gain a competitive advantage, consider making these facilities available.

Travel-Size Toiletries for Luxury Villas in Bali 

Travel-Size Toiletries for Luxury Villas in Bali

It’s easy to forget your toothbrush or one of your travel-sized products when you’re on the road. Stocking your bathroom with goods like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, lotion, contact solution, and so on will make your guests feel at ease, even if they forget anything. As an added bonus, provide small hand sanitizers that they may carry with them.

Hair Dryer and Styling Tools 

With Bali’s hot and humid weather your guests would spend every day between the beach and the pool. The majority of the hotels and villas where your visitors stayed offered a hairdryer in their rooms. What would truly please them is maintaining extra equipment at the front desk, such as curling irons and flat irons, so guests can leave some more room in their bags.

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Fun Local Treats from Bali 

Having simple snacks on hand for visitors to grab when they arrive or on their way out will nourish their body and heart. Try to provide a range of single-served dishes that can accommodate a variety of dietary requirements.

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The Idea Of Normal In Business Settings

The global pandemic has led us to the new normal now. It has been over a year since we were hit by the pandemic and it turned our world upside down. People are starting to get used to the idea of a new normal. However, can that term be applied to business world? Should professionals also get used to the idea of normal?

Should you expect for things to get back to normal?

The idea of getting back to how the world was before the pandemic is what many people are expecting right now. People can’t wait to get back to work at the office, go to school instead of having online classes, and socializing more freely with others. However, the impact of the pandemic is too big for us to expect things to get back to the way it was before. There have been many shifts that leave more permanent effect and not all of those are bad. 

In business setting though, there is not really we can call as normal because business world itself is often unpredictable. In business settings, normal has never really existed int he first place so why now we are all expecting for that? The problem is regardless of your profession or background, changes are always something scary to experience. Changes are not comfortable and considered not normal. Humans always crave for stability and normality. We want to be in the same environment that makes us comfortable and safe. We easily grow attached to places we go and things we do. Hence, the idea of normal is what we are always craving for. 

Things that you define as normal might be suitable only for certain period of time. Things always change no matter how you against of the idea. If you cannot accept the idea of changing then it will be harder to move on and pivot when necessary. And in business, you won’t survive with that mentality. It is time for you to start normalizing the idea of experiencing disruptions.  In business there will always be disruptions in various forms. What works for your business today might not work tomorrow. Change is inevitable but what you can do instead of preventing it is to be agile and flexible. 

Do not be afraid of not getting back to normal

Keep in mind that humans have brains that can work wonderfully, solving variety of problems in many different ways regardless of the disruptions or environments involved. There is not really normal way to work and that’s what you should plant in your mind. What you consider normal is not always have to be about working at the same place. But maybe it could be the way you operate your days instead. What you can do to adjust with the current situation is work your way to reach success. Detach all your past and old routines if they don’t work for you anymore. Instead, use your agility and flexibility to face any challenges in any situation.

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Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, The New Trend of Marine Tourism

One of the super-priority destinations developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is Labuan Bajo. Located in the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, NTT. The village of Labuan Bajo is located on the island of Flores’ westernmost tip. It is serene, with many wonders awaiting your discovery. Labuan Bajo began as a modest fishing village, but it grew to become the gateway to numerous unique East Nusa Tenggara locations. Labuan Bajo liveaboard is becoming a trend and the perfect way to visit many exotic islands with super amazing views.

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, The New Trend of Marine Tourism

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Port to Paradise

Labuan Bajo’s principal purpose gradually evolved to that of a gateway to various tourist spots in the surrounding area. This area is blessed with numerous scenic sites as well as a diverse natural habitat, particularly in terms of its underwater biota. Labuan Bajo is known for its breathtaking sunsets. Deciding to sail comfortably to Komodo National Park, definitely take the Labuan Bajo cruise package which is the main hub for visiting inhabited and uninhabited islands.

Padar Island

Padar Island is unusual in that it is a hiking destination in the middle of the sea. Padar is sandwiched between Komodo and Rinca, two large islands. There are several green hills, spiky points, and numerous beaches. The hike is short and takes about 20 minutes to complete if you can resist the temptation to stop and view the scenery along the route. On foot, you can quickly access various view spots.

Labuan Bajo tour visiting Komodo Island

This is the most obvious. Labuan Bajo serves as a gateway to Komodo National Park. The island of Komodo is about a four-hour boat voyage from the town. You can see the spectacular Komodo dragon up close and personal on this island.

The dragons are allowed to wander the entire island, including the rangers’ compound. When you visit, make sure you are always accompanied by a park ranger; the charge for a park ranger is normally around IDR200,000 per party.

Diving activity

As previously said, the Komodo National Park is extremely diverse, both on land and underwater. Try scuba diving near Seraya Kecil Island, one of the park’s islands. There’s a good chance you’ll see dolphins, manta rays, and perhaps whales. The ultimate prize, though, is the dugongs, the local mermaids. If you can’t spot the mermaids, there are bright coral reefs to distract you.

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