Mitigating Tax Burden Of Your Small Business

Saving as much on your taxes as possible can help optimizing your business’s profit. There are many business owners out there finding themselves forced out of the marketplace due to tax issue. The most common reason is the exuberant tax rates that are suffocating, especially for small business owners. It is important for you to mitigate your overall tax burden and help your business gain the profit deserves. You can do it by seeking out special tax loopholes and writing off certain equipment on your taxes. 

Business finance Concept - Tax Planning text on Note pad

Useful tax-saving tips to help lesson your business’s burden

For big corporations, taxes might not be that big of an issue. Aside from having the right team to deal with it, they also have enough resources to help them deal with it easily. However, it is different for small business that has not enough resources to help them deal with tax burden. And if you are struggling like other entrepreneurs, here are several tax-saving tips to consider:

Keep a comprehensive track record

One of the most common reasons why many business owners get a bad deal on their taxes is they are failing in keeping a comprehensive track record of their expenses. You can make your own way to track your taxes even without professional help. Make your expense tracking as easy as possible for you to comprehend. You may consider using one of digital software that is good use for the long run. 

Write off some of tax expenses

Get familiar with easy-to-obtain tax deduction to help you save huge sums of money as time goes on. You can write off some of your high-tech gadgets such as computers, smartphone, and certain software to help your business the money it needs to survive. Use some of your high-tech, expensive hardware to claim a tax deduction. Make a thorough checking across your entire company to see if you can find previous investments that don’t have to come at an immense cost to your business’s longevity. 

Take advantage of work from home

You can deduct certain things which are essential toward your working from home. You can check expenses relating to your home office such as insurance or utilities and see if there are instances you can write off. Working from home has its own benefits especially in tax deduction if you can find the right things to write off properly and save some money. 

Strive to go green

Becoming energy efficient can help save money as well as help the environment. There are tax credits for individuals and businesses who strive to become more energy efficient or go green. You can leverage this in your marketing materials to appeal more Eco-conscious consumers who want to support brand or company that care about the planet.

Consider hiring veterans

Veterans have experience in military and other qualities that make them good at following order, maintaining discipline, etc. In addition, they also have access to unique tax credits that can help you save sums of money in the long run.

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Builder Bali, Why Should You Hire One?

Any contractor involved in the construction of residential housing can be referred to as a “home builder.” However, the type of builder you require is determined by the type of house you desire and the amount of involvement you desire in the process. Building a house requires significant time and financial investment, especially in Bali. The exciting part is that you will get exactly what you desire in your dream home. However, creating something from nothing can be a terrifyingly messy process if you aren’t prepared. Every step of the way, an experienced builder Bali will assist you. To keep the project on track, they plan the design, coordinate with an architect, handle permits, and help you set a budget. But how do you track down this vital team member?

A closeup of stacks of 2x4 boards at a construction site, with a roll of blueprints sitting on top.  Two construction workers and a building frame can be seen in the background. Horizontal shot.

What does a builder Bali do and when should you hire one?

Before you buy land or draw up plans, the first step in the building process should be to find a builder. A builder Bali will estimate the true cost of the home you want to build. If a Bali contractor is involved early on, they can help guide the design process. They will begin with a schematic design to give the prospective client an idea of the budget. This allows for early design revisions, rather than the owner falling in love with a home design only to discover that they need to cut out their favorite parts or reduce the project scope.

To build and sell a quality product, a home builder must understand how the home’s complex systems work, pay attention to detail, and coordinate various contractors in a team effort.

Builder Bali must think on their feet, plan ahead, and perform multiple tasks at the same time to coordinate this process. Above all, a home builder is a manager who oversees the work of dozens of skilled artisans and professionals, including carpenters, architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, painters, and landscapers.

Like a CEO, the home builder relies on a team of workers to get the job done right and has the authority to approve or disapprove of each employee’s efforts. Some home builders own the land on which their homes are built. They serve as the land surveyor in this capacity.

Zoning Regulations

They must examine a parcel of land carefully to determine whether it complies with zoning regulations, local planning laws, and environmental restrictions, as well as whether it is suitable for development.

Permitting Process

Once the builder has identified a suitable construction site, they must go through the permitting process. Homebuilders act as go-betweens for their communities and local government officials.

They conduct research and study local building codes to determine what they can build and where. Most municipalities have building codes that govern the construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical systems, and fire safety. Before beginning construction, the builder obtains permits from various authorities after studying the building codes.

After completing the permitting process, the builder can prepare the site, stake out the exact location of the house, put on the hard hat, and begin construction.

The builder then supervises the entire home construction process, which includes laying the foundation, erecting the framing, roofing, and siding, nailing in the floor, constructing the walls, and installing the exterior trim. In addition, the builder is in charge of overseeing the installation of plumbing, heating, and electrical work. A home builder also serves as an inspector.

The local building department inspects the construction site for code violations throughout the construction phase. However, the professional home builder inspects each construction site long before and after the officials arrive to ensure that each home he constructs meets both code and warranty guidelines.

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Making Successful Sales via Phone Calls

There are many ways to reach out to a potential customers, and one of the most common strategies is via phone call. Even with the advancement of the technology in recent years, phone calls are still vital for business to make sales. If you know what you are doing you can still get customers to buy your products. When you’re on the phone with a customer, make sure to make the most of it but make it as natural as possible and don’t be too pushy to them.

Successful telemarketing tips for successful sales

man calling on the phone

uring a call with your customer, you are representing your brand. So make sure to act professionally so you can represent your brand better.. It is pretty challenging to do but it is possible that you do it successfully by yourself. But don’t worry, we have some tips that will help you become a successful telemarketer:

Consider outbound or inbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is not something uncommon in business. It is the practice of cold calling potential customers to educate them on specific service or product. This is done to let customer know why they should buy your product. To do outbound telemarketing, a caller usually has script ready in hand to help them respond to the clients accordingly.

beside outbound telemarketing, inbound telemarketing is also an important part of telemarketing campaign. Inbound telemarketing is where there’s a sales team that receive incoming calls. Meanwhile, the other method focusses on cold calling

Be confident 

Your confidence is key to successful phone calls with potential clients or customers. When you are being confident, you show your authenticity of your brand. You should do it with great sense of authority by being bold, and avoid any hints of hesitations or fears.

Establish natural tone

Most telemarketers are trained to talk while following a premade script, but it makes them almost like they area robot. You must speak in a natural tone to create more comfortable conversation where customers feel appreciated and listened. Remember, keep maintaining a natural speaking tone if you’re reading a premade script.

Avoid making assumption

Be willing to listen to your customers attentively and comprehensively. Make sure you understand what they are trying to convey and do not assume. Do not put your opinions before your customers. Listen to customers until they finish before you give proper respond. This way, you will know what to offer to your customers that fit their concerns or issues. 

Make interesting conversation

To keep them pay attention to what you are saying, make the conversation as interesting as possible. Avoid verbal tics such as ah or oh. Always use meaningful words that provide solid support to your logic and easy for customers to understand.

Watch your speech rate

It is common for telemarketers to speak too fast on the phone. Avoid this by speaking slowly to let customers listen to what you have to day properly. Try to slow down your speech rate by 20 to 30 percent. if you fins yourself needing to repeat what you said multiple times.

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Why Wood Construction is still Popular when theres newer method.

house with wooden window frame and wooden floor

Wood as the main material for building a house has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Eventhough we already have concrete available and many other new ways material developed with current technology invented, wood is still in high demand. Here, i’ll breakdown several reasons on how wood for construction material is as good and better than other alternatives.

The Only Construction Material That Stores Carbon.

house with wooden furniture

Sustainable, renewable, and ecologically friendly construction materials are becoming more popular around the world. That’s where wood comes in. To begin with, wood is the only carbon-neutral building material. It captures tons of carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere, reducing carbon emissions by tons. According to environmental experts, every 100m³ of wood used in building saves roughly 80 tons of carbon. To reduce the damage we done when we cut down a tree, instead of cutting a wild tree, the wood usually come from a planting site, so it will not hurt existing forest. Cutting down trees would be unproductive unless at least two new trees were planted for each one that was cut down. It’s worth noting that the more wood we have, the more carbon we’ll absorb from the atmosphere. It is also critical that only old trees be cut down, as they have lower carbon-absorption capacity than younger ones. 

Can be prefabricated and easy to transport

Unike concrete that has to be made on the spot, wood can be prefabricated in a factory, then transported as a module to the building site. Reducing the time needed for the overall house construction. The ability to prefabricate wall and roof elements in factories, regardless of season or weather, greatly facilitates the production of high-quality products. Accurate provisions ensure a quick and tidy implementation of the work. The favorable weight and strength of wood allows for the production of light elements with cheaper transportation costs and no need for expensive heavy construction equipment to march on site.

Wood construction have faster build time & doesnt require much foundation

For its lightness, flexibility, and resistance, the construction of a wooden house offers a wide range of possibilities in its usage.

Wood is up to 7 times lighter than concrete for equivalent buildings. Wood is, in fact, a far more durable material than we might think. but for it to become durable, wood need proper coating to protect it from outside force. It has been utilized in the construction of houses in areas with difficult climates since the beginning of civilization. On how to protect your wooden buildings you should consult to a contractor have many experience constructing wooden buildings.

Building a wooden house is pretty quick and simple because wood itself is light and strong. So the construction of a wooden house does not require a deep foundation, and the materials are very simple to assemble. Hence faster build time and cheaper labor cost. 

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Is a great insulation material

Wood has better insulating characteristics than steel, vinyl, aluminum, glass, and a variety of other building materials, resulting in less energy loss from a residence. When exposed to severe temperatures, wood does not expand or compress. When exposed to direct sunshine, it dries and becomes tougher. It’s important to keep in mind that the contraction and expansion of siding materials can cause a house to deteriorate and eventually fall apart. 

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Driving Instagram Marketing Strategy for Better Engagement

Social plays important role in business. It can used as one of the most effective tools to increase your sales. Of course, it is not as simple as it seems because you need the right strategy in order to boost the sales. The most important point of using social media is to create engagement with your target audience. Instagram is one of the most promising social media platform you can use to boost your marketing strategy. Through Instagram marketing strategy, you can generate better engagement since it is where modern people spend their hours every day. 

Driving Instagram Marketing Strategy for Better Engagement

How to create more engagement with Instagram marketing strategy

If you are not used to handling social media account, it might be a bit difficult to navigate your ways.  However, social media is made to be user-friendly so it is highly likely that you are able to use it relatively fast. And here are some tips to create better engagement with Instagram marketing strategy:

Open your Instagram account

It is highly recommended that you create separate account from your personal handle. When making your business profile, make sure to set the page as business account. Then, select relevant categories with your business so you can reach your target customer base. Then, you may also add some details to your business account by sharing contact information, business address, email, phone number, etc. Choose your business logo for the photo profile. 

Know your target audience

Pinpoint your target audience by creating buyer personas that are manageable for you. You can choose the personas based on certain characteristics such as age range, job title, gender, specific area, motivation, main problems, and any additional information you can get to create more accurate buyer personas. The more specific they are, the better your content will be because you know what to deliver. 

Consider incorporating relevant hashtags

Hashtags are important elements in social media platform. They are used for various purpose but mainly to specify the search or trend something. Find hashtags that are relevant to your business, on point, and have good following. Then, make sure to incorporate the hashtags you have chose to your posts. 

Create engagement by interacting with your target audience

Your social media account won’t grow if you stay silent. Hence, be as active as you can by interacting with your target audience. Build healthy, positive relationships with them because it is what lead to trust and long lasting partnering. Follow people in your target audience, like and comment their posts, and share some of their posts in your stories every once in a while. 

Set clear goals

You need to set clear goals to know the progress of your Instagram marketing strategy. Make sure the goals are not only clear but also narrow, specific, measurable, and actionable. Focus on your business when setting the goals. This way, you will be able to monitor the performance of your Instagram marketing strategy and find out what to change or fix to make a better performance. 

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Private Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N, Visiting Exotic Island Landscape

Travel allowances in Indonesia have been in effect since March 2022. For tourists who have received 2x vaccines or have had booster vaccines, there is no longer a need for an antigen or PCR test. Bali is one of the favorite destinations for local and foreign tourists. Based on data from Ngurah Rai Airport, foreign tourists entering Bali reached 2000 people until March 7, 2022. Apart from Bali, the current trending tourist destination is Labuan Bajo. Usually, local or foreign tourists take private trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N by visiting favorite destinations.

Private Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N, Visiting Exotic Island Landscape

Private trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N, What to expect

The most important thing when you want to do a private trip to Labuan Bajo is to determine whether you want to stay at a hotel/resort or stay onboard. Both offer a different experience. The advantages of staying at a hotel/resort certainly offer more comfort. But keep in mind that there are many interesting spots in Labuan Bajo and its surroundings and it takes time to reach them.

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Live onboard means you stay on board during the sailing trip. Ship facilities are provided for the convenience of tourists during the cruise. You can enjoy a private cabin, share cabin equipped with air conditioning. The sundeck area is equipped with beanbags and lounge chairs for tourists who want to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Meal 3x per day during Labuan Bajo trip and snorkeling equipment.

What include tour Komodo Labuan Bajo?

Pricing information and the facilities included are important. Many tourists are tempted by cheap prices without researching what facilities they get. 

Include on Labuan Bajo tour package:

  • Private Ship
  • Tour according to the program
  • Mineral Water during the trip
  • Transfer to the inn/airport to the PP port
  • 3 Air Conditioned Boat Cabins for 6 Persons normal capacity
  • Full Music and Karaoke on board
  • Eat during the trip according to the guest’s taste
  • Coffee, Tea and Snack during the trip
  • Snorkeling and other Safety Equipment
  • 4 Professional Crew (Captain, Assistant and Chef)


  • Komodo National Park Entrance Ticket
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Documentation (Land + Underwater + Drone)
  • Ranger (Komodo Island Tour Guide)
  • Tiping Crew Ship (Voluntary)
  • Personal cost
  • Private Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N Itinerary
  • Each Labuan Bajo trip operator offering a different itinerary. But most of them offer destination spots that are not much different.


  • Kelor island
  • Padar island
  • Kalong island
  • Rinca island
  • Manta Point
  • Taka Makassar
  • Gili Lawa
  • Siaba island
  • Sebayur island
  • Kanawa island
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Breaking The Cycle Of Procrastination When Running A Business

Breaking The Cycle Of Procrastination When Running A Business

Being entrepreneur doesn’t suddenly change you to become a more driven person than you were before. The fact is, everyone may have their moment of procrastination where they are too burnout to do anything productive. The reasons of procrastination might be varied from one person to another. It can be due to personal issues and other things that affect you both physically and mentally to procrastinate. 

How to break the cycle of procrastination

Purposely delaying your tasks and responsibilities from time to time especially the ones you consider unpleasant is normal. However, procrastination is considered harmful and damaging when you do it regularly that it affects your productivity and the way you manage your business. 

The signs of damaging procrastination

How to break the cycle of procrastination

Your procrastination is damaging when you feel lost without a guide, have difficulty coping changes and transitions, are constantly being late, have a growing to-do-list, and focus too much on nonessential works. When you experience one, two or even all the signs of damaging procrastination, you need to immediately find ways to break the cycle to not cause any further damage both to yourself, the people working with you, and the business you are managing.

Simplify your projects

If you procrastinate your tasks because they feel too enormous to handle, break them into more manageable pieces. With simpler forms, your projects will seem less intimidating. You can simply reduce the project into a series that required specific actions. Also, it is important to start focusing on one task only before jumping into another one. Make sure to complete the task before taking another into your plate. 

Make your tasks more interesting

Sometimes, you feel too reluctant to finish even a small task. It might be because you see it uninteresting. Hence, it is highly recommended that you try making the task more interesting to look at. You can do it your own way for example, you list the task on a special notebook that has your customized design. Or, you can do it by creating your work space more interesting to stay at. Hence, you feel more motivated to complete your task. 

Create the hype

You can hype yourself up to feel more motivated in finishing your task. For example, have a big whiteboard you can place inside your office. Then, write down the tasks you need to complete, daily, weekly, or monthly. Every time you finish a task, cross it on the board. Make sure the board can also be seen by other people such as employees and other stakeholders. The peer pressure can also help motivate you to work better and harder.

If you have done everything you can to break the cycle of procrastination yet see no result, it may be the time for you to ask for help from the people around you. It is probably the task you are handling is too big for you that you need efforts from more people. Or, you can also see a doctor to help you refocus and stay present. 

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Marketing Villas in Canggu: Most Expensive Mistakes that Cost You Money

Marketing Villas in Canggu- Most Expensive Mistakes that Cost You Money

Some vacation rental owners in Bali have a fantastic villas, sits in popular area in this island like Canggu, a fantastic beachfront location, and even luxury services, but they don’t get as many bookings as they would like. Why? It’s due to inadequacies in their marketing strategy. Here are the 7 most common mistakes committed while marketing your vacation rental in order to avoid any blunders that may be contributing to your lack of bookings. 

Targeting Most General Travelers Without Specific Target Audience

It’s critical to have a strong grasp of your target audience because it will influence all of your marketing and advertising content. The fact that you’re targeting families, couples, or groups of friends can have a big impact on the things you emphasise in your marketing copy.

Consider how your vacation rentals might fulfil the demands of various target audiences, such as their proximity to the beach and local amenities, or special features of the property, such as a large kitchen that would be ideal for large parties. You can focus your marketing efforts on this specific demographic once you’ve discovered the types of travellers your rentals are likely to appeal to.

Not Listing Your Canggu Villas in Enough Listings or Marketplace

Not Listing Your Canggu Villas in Enough Listings or Marketplace

Many property managers make the mistake of limiting their marketplace options, believing that managing many listings across multiple platforms would be too difficult. While promoting your rentals in more places may require more time and work, it is critical to take use of the many internet channels available to maximise your revenue, including not only the large names like Airbnb and, but also more niche sites.

The more websites that advertise your rental, the more likely you are to obtain more visibility and, as a result, more bookings. Plus, thanks to technological advancements, listing on several sites is now easier than ever.

Pricing Too High or Too Low Around the Area of Your Villa

When it comes to pricing, pay close attention to what is displayed on agency and listing sites for houses in your area, as well as the amenities and services offered by your competition. A common phrase heard recently is ‘race to the bottom’. This is a reference to some ostensibly low prices that listing sites may promote as perfect. However, there is a risk in listing too low, as this can attract the less desirable components as well.

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Not Defining the Unique Selling Points of Your Holiday Rental Bali

Bali has thousands of vacation rentals, so what can make you stand out from the rest?

The vacation rental industry is a cutthroat business. Why should someone reserve your home when there is so much to choose from? You must provide them with a compelling rationale. Otherwise, if your vacation rental doesn’t stand out for something, it may always be the second choice, resulting in fewer bookings.

Identifying your unique selling point (USP) can be done in a variety of ways. Perhaps your USP is the way you’ve ‘packaged’ the charming ancient beach home. Maybe it’s the tropical cabana and Mediterranean-style private pool in your tropical suite villa Canggu. Or maybe it’s your pet-friendly regulation and all the pet-facilities that makes guests-with-pets holiday easier.

Painting a clear picture of the lifestyle visitors may expect will function much better than sending out generic messages that could apply to anyone (or no one). Rather than merely outlining the amenities of your cottage, appeal to your target market on an emotional level to promote the benefits of renting it.

The Experience You’re Selling Isn’t Described

Your unique selling point has already been acknowledged; now it’s time to sell the experience. Remember what travellers are looking for when they come across your description for the first time. Every potential guest wishes to have the holiday of their dreams, to escape the daily grind and to unwind. Guests want to enjoy the best vacation possible, therefore you must persuade them to choose your rental. To attract visitors, sell the site itself. Consider how far your property is from the city centre. If your villa is located in Canggu, try to highlight any good restaurants or cafes around the villas. Do you have point of interests or popular destination nearby? Any beach clubs, water parks, night clubs, or shopping centre arounds?

Make the region where your property is located one-of-a-kind, appealing, and worthwhile to visit. Include a map of your rental’s location as well as photos of surrounding sites of interest.

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Not Taking the Grasps of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing your vacation rental business online, having a strong social media presence is critical. It’s where your potential holiday guests will congregate, and it’s the ideal place to interact with them. However, simply ‘being on Facebook’ because you feel obligated to do so will not suffice. It doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful, Bali dream villa Canggu if you don’t know how to present it to people in the internet.

Being active on social media is all about spreading the word about your vacation rental, generating contacts, and cultivating relationships that could lead to bookings when the time comes. It’s a continuous process that gathers strength over time by posting and updating at least once a week.

Regardless of whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another site, get to know your profiles and keep them up to date. Once you’ve committed, be persistent and consistent in posting engaging content on a regular basis. Instead of self-promotion, think outside the sales and marketing box and share information that your potential guests will enjoy for its own sake.

Not Having Enough Photos of Your Canggu Villas or Photos of Poor Quality

When you advertise your Canggu Villas on the internet, the images are the only visual aid your potential visitors have to determine whether or not your property is suited for them. One of the most effective ways to improve your reservations is to use photos. Because most guests will not visit your property before booking, the photographs you post on your website must speak for themselves.

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Building Healthy And Meaningful Relationships With Clients

Running  service-based business, it is essential that you pay attention on your prospects and clients alike because they are more than just a transaction for you. Hence, avoid treating them as such. Treat them as a partner that you are going to work with for a very long time. Treat them like how you treat valuable people in your personal life. It is important to build strong and meaningful relationships with them that is based on trust and respect.

Relationships With Clients

The importance of meaningful relationships with prospects and clients

To build meaningful relationship is not easy because it requires time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight and you need to show your best efforts. Not to mention that after building relationships both with clients and prospects, you need to nurture it to last long mutually benefit both parties. And here are things you can do to build such meaningful relationships with them:

Get better understanding of their needs

You will only be able to speak their language and talk about things that resonate their perspectives if you understand them. Hence, do your research to find out more about your clients and prospects even before you meet them. Stalking in this context does matter to get idea for their pain points. You will also find out what kind of communication style they will likely prefer. This can be your base to start a conversation and implement your approach so you get to  make good first impression. 

Treat them like a partner

As mentioned earlier that it is bad to treat your prospects and clients like they are just transaction for you to generate more cash. They are real human beings who have their own preferences, needs, and their own minds. Hence, treat them like how you treat a business partner. Listen to their input and experiences. It will be very valuable for the improvements of your projects. Make them involve in your project so they can speak freely about their opinion. It can help add value to the relationship itself.

Reach out

Do not hesitate to be more proactive with your prospects and clients. It is often that clients wait for your project to know how it is going. They even wait for you to reach them out and ask for their reviews or opinions. They want the project to work because they are involved and the outcomes must going in desired direction. Instead of letting them wait, be more proactive and reach them out by providing updates. You can also do it by checking in them on regular basis where they get to ask questions. 

Do not over-promise and under-deliver

It is better to under-promise and over-deliver instead of the otherwise. When you keep promising things you cannot keep to your clients or prospects, their expectations will be going too high that it becomes impossible for you to fulfill. Hence, make sure to deliver what you promise. This way, you meet their expectations and they will see you as competent and honest business partner.

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Arrange Your Diving & Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

The only population of Komodo dragons in the world you can only find is in Komodo National Park. The park’s main tourist attraction is the Komodo dragons, ferocious lizards known for being the world’s largest reptiles. And with good reason. They’re both horrifying and interesting. Tourists who visit Komodo National Park but only see the animals above water are losing out on one of the world’s most spectacular underwater wonderlands. The coral reefs that surround Komodo National Park are incredible.

Arrange Your Diving & Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

Discovering the best snorkeling in Komodo National Park 

During your liveaboard tour, you will find the best snorkeling in Komodo National Park. The reefs in Komodo are spectacular, both in terms of their overall health and the variety of sea life.

The larger variety and abundance of reef fish make Komodo stand out. Cuttlefish, manta rays, eagle rays, and large sea turtles were among the unusual species you can see. Komodo is known for its Komodo Dragons, and you’ll be able to see a number of them during your walking tour in the national park on Rinca Island, even during mating season! Komodo dragons are pretty frisky, and fantastic to see. There are also deer and water buffalo near the ranger station.

The Komodo snorkeling experience was diversified in terms of the types of reefs and underwater environments, as well as the types of creatures. You may see enormous gorgeous fish gliding freely through the water, smaller rays, and eagle rays in the same locations where Komodo is known for having a number of manta ray cleaning stations.

Komodo National Park Water Temperatures

Depending on whether you want to snorkel in the north or south, you may need a lightweight wetsuit. The water temperature can be a touch chilly at times.

Spot Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

Pengah reef

Pengah Reef is one of the park’s most under-appreciated attractions. The guide will explain that the conditions must be right for this site to function. The waves calm and if you look down, you will find underwater caves covered in a beautiful coral and no shortage of fish life. Pengah snorkeling was out of this world!

Batu Bolong

One of the park’s signature sites, Batu Bolong, offers some of the best diving in Komodo National Park. Its strange name means “rock with a hole in it,” and while it looks to be nothing more than a small protrusion emerging from the depths, it is a gigantic structure beneath the surface, sweeping down 70 meters into the blue. 

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These currents, on the other hand, are what distinguish this wonderful rock, since it is home to a rich array of marine life as well as a spectacular hard and soft coral cover. However, snorkeling is feasible! For your safety, follow the guide’s directions and swim close to your group. 

Siaba Besar

Divers and liveaboard boats were swarming the calm sea. The reef at Siaba Besar is suitable for beginners because it is quite shallow and big areas are protected from strong currents. The clarity is excellent, and you can see creatures in the sand as well as a large number of turtles on the shallow reef.

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