Improving Your Business’s Online Reputation

Improving Your Business’s Online Reputation

Online reputation is one of the most important aspects for your business especially in this modern era. Building positive online reputation takes time but it only take few negative reviews for it to crumble. Hence, it is not easy to build good online reputation for your business. Not to mention that competitors are getting creative in building their online presence and reputation. 

Strategies to improve online reputation of your business

Digital platform is like a wild world. You have little to no control over what people say. However, you can successfully build your good online reputation by paying more attention to what matters. They are customer feedback and how to respond to the issues head-on. Here are strategies to can consider to build your business’s good online reputation:

Show your voice to your audience

Show your voice to your audience

Choose organic outlets to share your voice and let the audience know where you stand. It is important to not only showing your presence through ‘selling’ but also ‘caring’. Share how you can help your audience with subject matters your expertise lies. You can also tell your audience what makes you special. Your expertise and authenticity will help building good online reputation. 

Brand identity is important for online reputation

Develop your brand identity to build good online reputation. It can be done through delivering excellent customer experience, in various online platforms such as social media. Make sure your team are aware of the importance of brand identity so they know what to do to maintain and develop it. If you think you need to do something more, you can contact a professional branding experts. With their expertise and experience, they know how to help you improve your online reputation using the most fitted strategies for your business. 

Customer service is good for brand image

Improve your customer service if you want to build good online reputation. It is easy or customers to rant on their social media about how bad a brand served them. It is easy to spread and cause damage to a brand’s reputation. You don’t want this to happen so improve customer service. Aside from improving good online reputation, excellent customer service will also help to gain more trust and loyalty from customers.

Responsiveness is the key

Responsiveness is the key

Be responsive to any feedback regardless if it is negative or positive. Take appropriate action to respond to the feedback. If it needs acknowledgment then acknowledge it. Also, own up to your mistakes publicly if you make mistakes. People will appreciate your genuine actions more. Being honest and transparent will always be good choice in the long run. 

Steady engagement

Maintain steady engagement with your customers online. Do not just come and go randomly. Make sure to respond to their questions or just thank them for their support. Regular communication will create steady, long lasting engagement. 

Listen to what your customers have to say

Listen to your customers attentively and carefully so they know that they are appreciated and cared for. If you just dismiss their feedback or sweep an issue under the rug, your customers will run away from you. They also may leave even more negative reviews of your brand on other platforms. 

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Making the Most of Your Paid Leave for Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners!

Making the Most of Your Paid Leave for Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners!

Sometimes it’s hard to have deep love for scuba diving and being employed in a full-time job. While you need to keep the job as a main source of income, you’re also tied to the job which restrain your time for vacations. So how could you make the most of your paid leave at a full-time job to explore various diving destinations in the world? Here’s some trick for making the most of time for your scuba diving vacations for beginners!

Beginners Alert: Put as Many Leave You Can for Scuba Diving Vacations

Your country might have more than 30 days paid vacation leave in the law but your company might find it hard to allow you to take a 3 weeks leave in a row. It depends on how your boss sees it, really. However, if you constantly show dedication and fruitful effort in your job, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Try to perform at your best especially at few month leading to your supposed vacation. Maybe you don’t have to take one month full of vacation. Sometimes two week is just enough for a short diving gateway. 

Look for National Public Holiday/ National Collective Leave/ Bank Holiday 

Save up your paid leaves while you can! Look for any public holiday or national collective leave in your country that fall in the middle of the week. If you have a national holiday on Thursday, for example, you can extend it to a long weekend and fill the gap with your paid leave. Beginners or not, this is how you can turn a mini holiday to a scuba diving vacations. 

Try to Dive Locally in for Weekend Gateways

Choose Holiday Destinations in Dense-Sites Like Bali or SEA

Now you have the mini holidays. You don’t have to go far overseas to experience an awesome diving. Try to explore your local destinations and see they have interesting spots to explore! Sometimes it only need a short leap to discover underwater wonders!

Choose Holiday Destinations in Dense-Sites Like Bali or SEA

Don’t waste your precious paid leave on transportation. To make the most of it, travel to a country with vast options of diving. It would be even better if its also rich in culture and have a lot of non-diving travel options that you can enjoy between the dive. Bali, Indonesia, and other South East Asian country is a great example of this. Bali alone have more than twenty dive sites spread on the island that you can enjoy for weeks. You can also extend the dive trip with just a short flight to Komodo, Papua, Banda, and many more for awesome diving explorations!

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Take the Benefit of Dive Safari 

Take the Benefit of Dive Safari

One simple cheat to maximise your scuba diving vacations for beginners is taking a dive safari trip. On this trip, you will hop on a liveaboard to visit multiple dive sites on two to seven days of sailing. It’s a low effort dive holiday which give you maximum satisfaction! 

Beginners, Match Your Scuba Diving Vacations with Desired Diving Season

There’s nothing more disappointing than collecting your precious paid leave to see Mola-Mola, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks (or other exotic animals on your list) only to find out that they are out of season! Do your research throughly and make sure your vacations is in line with your desired diving season.

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The 4 Main Factors Before Selecting a Property for Investment

The apartment can be your first step to invest in real estate, practically for young people. In fact, bright young people have started their real estate careers by buying an apartment and renting it to students or by listing it on various online housing sites. Depending on the class, the rental rate for an apartment is generally lower than for a house in the same class, which attracts a larger crowd to the market. Before you get started and sign the paper, you need to know the other factors that will influence the likelihood of your apartment.

Property Investment

Good location for the perfect apartment

Did you know that strategic location is related to growth in development! You are close to the heart of the city, it’s better. Considering that most people living in apartments in Indonesia are workers, very few will be willing to live in the suburbs. Capital growth tends to be denser in the city, most offices and colleges are located in this area and your tenants will want to live close by.

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What can you find around you?

Access is one of the main points of sale of an apartment. Access to tolls, shopping malls and public facilities is extremely important in metropolitan cities. Make sure you can read the lifestyle of your future tenants. Apartment on the vacation island, for example, should be easily accessible from attractions such as beaches, stores or restaurants. As a general rule, your apartment should be close to public facilities. People want to have an easy stay; they don’t have to travel far to shop, pray or get to work. Think like a tenant, would you want to live in an apartment with such a neighbourhood?


What kind of facilities are available in this apartment? At the very least, your apartment should have adequate facilities, as this would be a major consideration for your future tenants. A shared garden and swimming pool will be perfect for families and tired residents who want to get away from the noisy city. Some of the luxury apartments even have a roof garden for maximum relaxation of the inhabitants. It will be more pleasant if the apartment also has a gym with a special subscription, where tenants don’t need to go to another gym to exercise.

It’s also important to have the right buildings.

Some apartments are offered fully furnished to promote easy living, as moving can be particularly exhausting. Tenants could only come for their basic needs and have their own bedroom, living room, kitchen and even cable TV. Some apartment owners, however, know that the personal touch is important, so they leave the apartment only half furnished or completely empty, the price being of course considerably lower. Study your target market to decide whether or not you should complete it with complete furniture

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Luxury Villa Canggu Bali – Does Location Really Matter?

Bali offers a tremendous amount of attraction and living opportunity, especially the likes of luxury villa canggu bali . But is it true that what matter the most is the location of those aspect? As saying goes “Location dictates our path” is more like a spell that binds between real estate world.

Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Furthermore, if you buy wrong option, you trapped yourself up into financial ruin. Or at least an unpleasing experience in real estate. In some cases, it will do little amount of harm, but if you are reckless in the next one, you might hurt really bad.

Essentials of Real Estate Location

You can renovate your home, adding, changing down to a broader sqm scale. What you can’t change is where it’s located. It’s without a doubt that real estate experts would recommend buying not only in the best location you can afford. Otherwise, if theres a choice, buying an average unit in the best neighbourhood instead will do a magic. Especially with luxury villa canggu bali.

People believe villa is an investment and the best ones have the most space for improvement. Ideally, you’ll be inserting value to the home during your ownership, build an investment in hopes that it will payoff when it sells. Moreover, you can add value based on your style and preference. That being said, it is best to consider the location factor before you make up your mind.

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What to Consider in Location

Purchasing a unit in a location that seems offering good deal will make sense to our agenda. But what if you are attracted by the ones thats not in your preferred location? The opportunity to buy a an affordable unit can tempt people to consider on a to an unreliable location.

Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Theres also a potential on losing money on some location that undeveloped overtime and barely appreciate in the market. Other reason of this downhill might cause by the rising number of crime that happen in the territory. But not to worry with Luxury Villa Canggu Bali since they are possess the safest and secure living environment. Furthermore, the friendly neighbourhood of Canggu have a special place in visitors/tourist heart as they offer a marvellous attraction and peaceful living.

Luxury Villa Canggu Bali as Your Top Destination

A decent location in Bali can be describe by its tranquility, surrounding environment and its local people. Canggu pose as a great territory for that aspect and unlike other rigid environment elsewhere. For instance, this Luxury Villa Canggu Bali which located in the heart of Canggu. Not just the location, it also have a striking design concept and value. Covering in a 4 acre of land size and building size of 250 sqm, this villa delivering a tropical sense in a next level.

Luxury Villa Canggu Bali

Featuring 3 en-suite bedroom, 3 bathroom, fully furnished and tropical installment that provide decent quality. Moreover, special facility of hot tub, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and beautiful garden. It is without a doubt the dream living for every luxury villa canggu bali seeker.

Inquire this comfortable villa now accurate return on investment report and ideal value price. This villa will do a miracle for both longterm investment or short stay. Get the special offer by inquiring this villa now!

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Making A Brand With Timeless Feel

A brand with timeless feel will be more memorable. No matter what trends are in, it will stick to the memory of many people. A timeless brand will stand against world changes. Reaching this stature is not easy because creating such brand is very challenging. However, it is not something impossible to do. You can put our effort to make such a timeless brand that can help boost your business in the long run. 

Making A Brand aWith Timeless Feel

Creating timeless brand for your business

Building your own business needs to thorough plan from A to Z. One of the most important steps is when you make your brand. Keep in ind that a brand is more than just a color or symbol. It should represent yourself and your business. A brand should be easy to recognize even between other powerful brands. Well, it sounds challenging but you can consider trying these tips:

Make it easily recognisable 

As mentioned above that a brand should be memorable and easy to recognize. Here are several factors that can contribute to timeless, memorable brand such as simplicity, quality, and value. Make your brand simple so people can recognize it easily. However, make sure that its simplicity is still synonymous with the quality you want to deliver to your audience. Then, your brand should be synonymous with your value. Through your brand, you can show how dependable you are to your audience. 

Follow a set of principles and values

There are many popular and iconic brands you can take inspiration from such as Rolex, Apple, Mercedes, etc. Then, try to find what makes them so long-lasting throughout decades. It seems that the combination of innovation and consistency is one of the key factors. To make a timeless brand, you have to follow a set of principles and values. However, make sure that those can stay adapted with any changes happened to the world over time. 

Make your narrative

Creating timeless brand for your business

A narrative is also important factor you can use to make timeless brand. A company narrative is good for selling as well. Creating a unique and powerful narrative is important. However, do not make it over-complicated or near unrealistic. Just make sure that your narrative deliver what you are and what you stand for. It is best to make company narrative that is aligned with your value.

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Get detailed with branding process

Do not be afraid to get really detailed with your branding process. You can dig deeper of your future brand by asking questions to yourself using a perspective of your customers. For example, you need to think of what factor that can make your customers miss your brand the most. This can help you build a distinguishable brand that will stand out from the rest. 

Show constant effort

In the process of making a timeless brand, you need to show your effort constantly especially to your customers. Make sure that you serve your customer well and keep your promises. Remember that building a timeless brand is not a one-time thing. It needs constant nurture using effective communication. Building healthy, positive relationship with your customer is one of the most important element to make your brand timeless.

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Becoming A Divemaster or Instructor in Bali; What’s the Difference?

Becoming A Divemaster or Instructor in Bali; What’s the Difference?

All we know about becoming a divemaster in Bali is that it’s one of the step to set a career in scuba diving. We know that most recreational divers, in most places, should follow either a divemaster or an instructor who will guide them underwater and show all the cool stuffs you’d probably miss without them. However, many divers still confuse divemaster with dive instructor—thinking that they are the same. A lot of divers just know the difference between divemaster and dive instructor when they start taking career in diving seriously. So, what do you need to know about those two? And what are the responsibilities of each profession?

Biggest Difference of Divemaster and Instructor in Bali

It’s common to mistakenly think that divemaster and dive instructor are interchangeable. Even some of their tasks are indeed similar and sometimes overlapping in each others’ area, which are the reasons of the confusion. Their most fundamental difference, however, lies on dive teaching matters. A dive instructor is qualified to teach a dive class by themselves. Meanwhile, a divemaster Bali could only assist teaching scuba courses under he supervision of a certified instructor. 

Responsibilities of A Divemaster 

Responsibilities of A Divemaster

Keeping the safety of other certified divers during a dive outing is the main responsibility of Divemaster Bali. They can work from anywhere in the world. Where a dive site lies, there goes a divemaster. Often times, they are employed in dive resorts, mega cruisers, and diving liveaboard to lead a scheduled dive trips. In the daily life, a dive master’s responsibilities covers:

  • Leading diving activities
  • Ensures all safety measures during a dive trip
  • Devise a dive plan for the day
  • Be a dive buddy for divers
  • Supervise snorkelers
  • Assist PADI Instructor with dive class or other dive-related activities 
  • Help certified divers refresh their skills

Responsibilities of A Dive Instructor 

Responsibilities of A Dive Instructor

Becoming a PADI instructor is not easy. It requires long process, commitments, and hefty amount of material investment. To be a PADI dive instructor, you must first become a certified divemaster before taking an instructor training. Similar to divemaster Bali, ensuring the safety of divers during classes and diving recreations are the responsibilities of an instructor. However, as a PADI instructor they carry bigger responsibilities and that includes: 

  • Teaching beginners who are interested in diving
  • Teach diving lessons in contained water (pool) and open water
  • Be in charge of the maintenance of diving equipments 
  • Accompany divers underwater
  • Adapt to emergency situations
  • Adhering to environmental protection procedures and ensure it’s implemented by everyone in the group
  • Oversee a divemaster teaching
  • Teach divemaster and instructor interns
  • Manoeuvre a boat and be a captain should the situation arise

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Becoming A Divemaster in Bali 

Among any other dive sites in the world, Bali is one of the best place to be a divemaster! There are countless dive centre that takes divemaster internship where you can learn to be one. Becoming a divemaster in this tropical island means you have plenty of beautiful places to explore in between the lessons! It’s like taking internship while having a holiday a once. So, have you think of pursuing your divemaster career in this charming island? 

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The Benefits Of Hiring Business Coach

Only few entrepreneurs known the importance of hiring a business coach to scale their business and growth. Some others meanwhile, don’t find the worth of spending money and time to hire a business coach. However, business coaches are those who have years of experience hence they know of many things regarding to leading and developing business. They may have also been through many obstacles and found the solutions. One of the problem might be the one you are or will be experiencing later. 

Business Coach

Consider hiring a business coach to yourself

If you question whether or not it is worthy to hire a business coach, the answer is yes. If you are willing to spend more expenses and times to have business coach advised or train you, then you will see yourself the benefits. Many experienced entrepreneurs have gained benefits themselves. Hence, most of them recommend to entrepreneurs especially beginner to consider hiring a good business coach. 

A business coach can help you see a blind spot you may not aware of. A good business coach will help pointing out succinct points of your business and operations. If you have difficulty finding a good coach yourself, do not be shy to ask from your networks. They may recommend you a good one that is right for you. 

A business coach can help guide you to the right path. Sometimes, it is easy to wander randomly because you are too busy with one thing while running your business. Having a good business coach besides you, you will receive help to head to the right direction. You might feel like you just caught up in usual track. However, business coach can notice a small change that potentially lead you to the wrong path. 

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A good business coach can help you learning, growing and evolving. Of course, you can gain business knowledge from any sources such as internet or books. However, there is always gaps you that might hold you from reaching success. A business can help you fill those gaps. They will teach how to make yourself the best investment you have. 

A good business coach will help unlock your self-imposed blockers. By having a business coach by your side, you have someone to hear and help you without feeling anxious because they are there for you. Sometime, an entrepreneur stuck with their self-thinking making them always stick to saying yes or feel themselves always right. A business coach will help you to develop the best tools and skills to manage yourself so you can manage your business well.

Having a good business coach also means you will receive unbiased opinion or insight. You will receive constructive criticism. It will be different when you ask opinion from your families or friends. Their opinions might be biased so they may not so reliable for your business. Meanwhile, a good business coach will stay true to their insight because they have learned about weakness and strength of your business. Also, they have experience to base their insight so it is more accurate and reliable.

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Seminyak Villas – Hidden Benefit of Spacious Villa

Seminyak Villas are now possessed as a vital choice for long-term life purpose and plan. Whether you are an immigrant worker, living abroad or a family man, access to a spacious villa is undoubtedly a great option. A contemporary villa space gives us the chance to set any working related, family gathering or events. Furthermore, without renting space somewhere else, you could rely on your property for these occasions.

Seminyak Villas

Exterior and interior are both the key to define the spaciousness in a unit. These factors are often in the same size as each other to feel a sense of balance. Moreover, an additional facility in the villa might diminish the space and left it with no extra room.

Also, to mention that minimalist living currently becomes a phenomenon. Minimalist living pledge people to only keep what is consider essentials and can be used intentionally. Moreover, this approach will give the villa an extra space in every corner. So here are several benefits spacious living can offer:

The benefit of Spacious Seminyak Villas

Spacious units and fewer facilities or furniture promote a more lighten and open environment for their owner. Besides, abundant space in seminyak villas gives more capacity to get anything you want in a dream living.

Seminyak villas | Living room

Abundant space also gives a more attractive and aesthetic look compared to the lesser space room. With the extra shared space, you could also correctly arrange the things in more accessible and handy. Furthermore, it would not be an issue to redecorate in the future.

Fit to Any of Your Agenda

Starting from a gathering, events and celebration are the favourite lists with a spacious unit’s support. You could arrange those in your property without renting elsewhere. No need of extra spending, as it could be distribute to another cause of the event. Moreover, it offers room of privacy for the people and your close friends.

Likewise, the saying there’s always room for improvement. You might have the opportunity to do so in your extra space. Having a clear view of the event, great ambiance, and long conversation with the guest would be ideal for any occasion.

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Comfy Place to Relax

Living in a seminyak villas that provides extra space would indicate the need of new windows and refreshment installation. It can be use in more natural light to the room through several angles. When that happens, a more vivid and chill ambiance will occur. The instalment will earn the villa more lively than ever.

Spectacular Traditional Seminyak Villas

If you wonder what spacious villa could offer to its owner, this spectacular unit might suprise you. This villa is located in Seminyak area and enclosed by the serene surrounding. Covered in land size of 12.5 are and building area of 560 sqm, makes this one an astonishing for spacious unit.

Seminyak villas | Bathroom

Furthermore, this astonishing villa feature with 6 bedrooms and bathrooms, tropical garden, full set kitchen, traditional living room, swimming pool, gazebo, etc. This complex is built with finest quality materials, artistic wood works, great furnishing and high aspect of luxury standards. It’s the ideal living for any villa owners.

It is indeed one of the best available option to buy as a vacation villa in Bali. In addition, it is segregated in two different units you can live in one while you rent the other. Grasp this decent seminyak villas now on November deal which provide the best rate during the year! Its on a limited time, be hurry before you  regret it.

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Implementing Great Leadership During Economic Downturn

Due to the pandemic, many businesses suffer from economic downturns. Uncertain economic times challenge the leader of business to lead and handle situation well. It is not easy especially when the economic downturn affects globally. Many leaders may experience this economic downturn as their first time. Hence, it makes everything hundred times more difficult to navigate business through the right path. However, if a leader can pass through this well, it will be such a life-long lesson. 

Tackle the social distancing challenges

Leading business during economic downturn

Working through many challenges by running the business itself is already difficult. The crisis due to the pandemic just add another challenge that has to be handled well. However, it is easier said than done because not many leaders are able to do so well during critical times. Excelling the role as a leader during tough economic times can be very challenging yet worthy.

Fill yourself in with information of the company

Instead of mulling over the difficult times, you can instead filling yourself with your company information. You can spend more time reading everything you can about your company’s strategy. It is easier for you to stay aligned on your company strategy. Sometimes, the solution is not far from you. 

Translate strategies into objectives

Once you know company strategy and all needed information, it will be easier for you to translate them to the objectives and goals of your team. It will helps building time alignment properly. Repetition like this is important for every business leader. It is often the thing most of them forget when it comes to company strategy. Goals repetition is something that can help business leaders make the right strategy to achieve goals especially during economic downturns. 

Tackle the social distancing challenges

Tackle the social distancing challenges

One of the most challenging during the economic downturn due to the pandemic is social distancing rules. It creates limitation here and there which make your accessibility to customers is also reduced. However, you can navigate this challenge with more suitable approach such as using digital channels. Your business may have shifted to digital channel as a way to adapt with the current situation and it is a good solution to stay on board. The change should be communicated within the teams so the y are still aligned to the shift in the company’s objectives. 

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Arrange investment

Resource scarcity is another challenge for business leaders during economic downturn. During tough times, you can navigate your company by making sure that your company only invest in things that are directly related to the business’s core strategy. Hence, only demonstrable returns that is delivered to the company. There is no unnecessary expenses that can make business even struggling durig tough times. 

Strategies should adapt to changes

Optimizing operational process is also needed to be done by leaders. Changes often shift the fundamental strategy of a company. When there is change, the strategy needs to be changed accordingly as well. Usually, small business can move more nimbly compared to bigger organizations because they have fewer legacy processes to deal with. Even experienced leaders might find this economic downturn very challenging. It is a learning experience every leader must manage through difficult times. 

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Nusa Dua Family Resort; Nusa Dua Staycation for Kids

Nusa Dua Family Resort; Nusa Dua Staycation for Kids

Nusa Dua is one of the luxurious sides of Bali, it is located 40 km south of Denpasar. Nusa dua beauty has attracted travelers to visit and considers as one of the best places to stay in Bali.  In Nusa Dua, you can enjoy the vibes for a relaxing beach holiday, having dinner on the beaches, swimming at the public beach, tasting the local food and enjoying the vistas across the water.  There are also various of exciting attractions and cultural activities, you can not go past the Pasifika Museum. Museum Pasifika is one of Nusa Dua’s hidden gems, you can find over 600 works of art from the Asia Pacific. Another popular attraction in Nusa Dua is turtle island. It is one of the interesting places should be visit which is a local conservation area that protects turtle eggs until they hatch and are then returned to the local beaches. Nusa Dua does not only offer a beautiful view, amazing natural beauty, beach walking, sunbathing, swimming or water sports. So what are the best things to do in Nusa Dua? Yes, it could be the perfect place for a family staycation with kids. The best recommendation for Nusa Dua Family Resort for staycation is Holiday Inn Resort. Visitors will definitely enjoy a whole day stay at Holiday Inn Resort because the resort offer beachfront activities, an exciting kids club, and chilled-out lounge zones. Here are some fun activites that you can enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort especially for kids. 

Beach Activities in Nusa Dua Family Resort

A place for the kids to enjoy and have fun while staying at Nusa Dua Family Resort is a beach. A day at the beach is an amazing day.  To make it the most awesome day ever, we’ve rounded up a list of fun beach activities like play volleyball, beach bowling or soccer. Learn how to fly a kite. Build a majestic sandcastle for the kids. Beach treasure hunt, or just lie back on one of our sun loungers and enjoy the view.

Kids Club

Nusa dua family resort Kids Club

Happy kids means a happy holiday! You can not go wrong to stay in Nusa Dua Family Resort at Holiday Inn Bali Benoa. There is a computer zone, a ball pit, and a photo booth with playful props so kids have a fun memento to take home. The kids club also has fun indoor and outdoor activities for the kids. 

Having fun at Games Zones Inside Nusa Dua Family Resort

The best spots to spend in Nusa Dua Family Resort with your family is game zone. There are a lot games for kids of all age, equipped with dartboards, pool table, foosball, board games and Nintendo Wii. 

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Pool Kids

The kids pool will be the apple of all the kiddo’s eyes, featuring multiple slides, a designed for maximum splash. It’s got a waterslide, fountains to play in and super-sized tipping water bucket for endless fun!

Nusa Dua would be a perfect place to stay for a Bali family gateway, particularly with very young children, as there are fewer crowds and traffic and the beaches are calmer. 

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