Implementing Great Leadership During Economic Downturn

Due to the pandemic, many businesses suffer from economic downturns. Uncertain economic times challenge the leader of business to lead and handle situation well. It is not easy especially when the economic downturn affects globally. Many leaders may experience this economic downturn as their first time. Hence, it makes everything hundred times more difficult to navigate business through the right path. However, if a leader can pass through this well, it will be such a life-long lesson. 

Tackle the social distancing challenges

Leading business during economic downturn

Working through many challenges by running the business itself is already difficult. The crisis due to the pandemic just add another challenge that has to be handled well. However, it is easier said than done because not many leaders are able to do so well during critical times. Excelling the role as a leader during tough economic times can be very challenging yet worthy.

Fill yourself in with information of the company

Instead of mulling over the difficult times, you can instead filling yourself with your company information. You can spend more time reading everything you can about your company’s strategy. It is easier for you to stay aligned on your company strategy. Sometimes, the solution is not far from you. 

Translate strategies into objectives

Once you know company strategy and all needed information, it will be easier for you to translate them to the objectives and goals of your team. It will helps building time alignment properly. Repetition like this is important for every business leader. It is often the thing most of them forget when it comes to company strategy. Goals repetition is something that can help business leaders make the right strategy to achieve goals especially during economic downturns. 

Tackle the social distancing challenges

Tackle the social distancing challenges

One of the most challenging during the economic downturn due to the pandemic is social distancing rules. It creates limitation here and there which make your accessibility to customers is also reduced. However, you can navigate this challenge with more suitable approach such as using digital channels. Your business may have shifted to digital channel as a way to adapt with the current situation and it is a good solution to stay on board. The change should be communicated within the teams so the y are still aligned to the shift in the company’s objectives. 

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Arrange investment

Resource scarcity is another challenge for business leaders during economic downturn. During tough times, you can navigate your company by making sure that your company only invest in things that are directly related to the business’s core strategy. Hence, only demonstrable returns that is delivered to the company. There is no unnecessary expenses that can make business even struggling durig tough times. 

Strategies should adapt to changes

Optimizing operational process is also needed to be done by leaders. Changes often shift the fundamental strategy of a company. When there is change, the strategy needs to be changed accordingly as well. Usually, small business can move more nimbly compared to bigger organizations because they have fewer legacy processes to deal with. Even experienced leaders might find this economic downturn very challenging. It is a learning experience every leader must manage through difficult times. 

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Nusa Dua Family Resort; Nusa Dua Staycation for Kids

Nusa Dua Family Resort; Nusa Dua Staycation for Kids

Nusa Dua is one of the luxurious sides of Bali, it is located 40 km south of Denpasar. Nusa dua beauty has attracted travelers to visit and considers as one of the best places to stay in Bali.  In Nusa Dua, you can enjoy the vibes for a relaxing beach holiday, having dinner on the beaches, swimming at the public beach, tasting the local food and enjoying the vistas across the water.  There are also various of exciting attractions and cultural activities, you can not go past the Pasifika Museum. Museum Pasifika is one of Nusa Dua’s hidden gems, you can find over 600 works of art from the Asia Pacific. Another popular attraction in Nusa Dua is turtle island. It is one of the interesting places should be visit which is a local conservation area that protects turtle eggs until they hatch and are then returned to the local beaches. Nusa Dua does not only offer a beautiful view, amazing natural beauty, beach walking, sunbathing, swimming or water sports. So what are the best things to do in Nusa Dua? Yes, it could be the perfect place for a family staycation with kids. The best recommendation for Nusa Dua Family Resort for staycation is Holiday Inn Resort. Visitors will definitely enjoy a whole day stay at Holiday Inn Resort because the resort offer beachfront activities, an exciting kids club, and chilled-out lounge zones. Here are some fun activites that you can enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort especially for kids. 

Beach Activities in Nusa Dua Family Resort

A place for the kids to enjoy and have fun while staying at Nusa Dua Family Resort is a beach. A day at the beach is an amazing day.  To make it the most awesome day ever, we’ve rounded up a list of fun beach activities like play volleyball, beach bowling or soccer. Learn how to fly a kite. Build a majestic sandcastle for the kids. Beach treasure hunt, or just lie back on one of our sun loungers and enjoy the view.

Kids Club

Nusa dua family resort Kids Club

Happy kids means a happy holiday! You can not go wrong to stay in Nusa Dua Family Resort at Holiday Inn Bali Benoa. There is a computer zone, a ball pit, and a photo booth with playful props so kids have a fun memento to take home. The kids club also has fun indoor and outdoor activities for the kids. 

Having fun at Games Zones Inside Nusa Dua Family Resort

The best spots to spend in Nusa Dua Family Resort with your family is game zone. There are a lot games for kids of all age, equipped with dartboards, pool table, foosball, board games and Nintendo Wii. 

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Pool Kids

The kids pool will be the apple of all the kiddo’s eyes, featuring multiple slides, a designed for maximum splash. It’s got a waterslide, fountains to play in and super-sized tipping water bucket for endless fun!

Nusa Dua would be a perfect place to stay for a Bali family gateway, particularly with very young children, as there are fewer crowds and traffic and the beaches are calmer. 

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Positive And Negative Impacts of Work From Home

The pandemic has pushed many industries to handle their work from home. Many employees have worked from home. Every individual may be affected differently from the situation. Not all people find it pleasurable to work from home because it is different from the office. Remote work has caused people to worry about their own performances. However, work from home is the best solution to keep everyone safe while still running business in the best of the situation. 

Positive And Negative Impacts of Work From Home

Positive and negative impacts of remote work

In any countries, the policy to work from home is taken to minimize the risk of infection of COVID-19. even if it hits the economy very hard, the decision should be made for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. Many businesses have suffered due to the pandemic but get adapted to the situation is what’s best to do. Here are some several positive and negative impacts found from the survey regarding to the policy of work from home:

More work life balance

Positive finding from the survey is that many employees find more balance regarding to their work and life matters. They find themselves set slower pace. It makes them feel more eager to increase their productivity because they have more time without worrying about the transport and any usual obstacles they usually find when working at the office. 

Chance to develop new skills

Chance to develop new skills

Another positive impact found from the survey is that employees develop new skills. They gain more opportunities to learn something new even outside of their own expertise when they have more time to work from home. It helps them broaden their skillset. Many also find that work from home has changed their productivity, making them more focus on the quality of their work instead because they don’t feel rushed. 

More quality times with family improves employee’s mental health

Another positive impact is that employees have more quality time with their families at home. They don’t have to worry about their kids because they are always at their sight. It affects their mental health, making them feel as ease and more relaxed in doing their tasks. Many employees also feel more cared for by their employer because they often ask about their well-being in every virtual meetings. 

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The uncertainty of current economy

Meanwhile, there are also some negative impacts experienced by many employees who work from home. For example, some experience stress and anxiety because of the economic uncertainty. Also, they find it very stressful to not be able to go outside. Also, not all employees enjoying virtual meetings or conferences. Those activities often leave them even more exhausted. 

Bigger risk of miscommunication

Miscommunication is also one of the issues of work from home. There are many factors such as technical issue such as poor connection. It makes communication to be less effective because many people find it more effective to meet in-person. Many employees also feel a lot busier working from home because they sometimes have to record their presentation, rewatch it, then send it to their employer. It is considered to be time-consuming because then they have more tasks to focus on.

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How to Enjoy Your Amed Bali Diving at Its Upmost

How to Enjoy Your Amed Bali Diving at Its Upmost

If you are an avid diver, you probably have heard of Amed. This little fishing village in the northeast coast of Bali hides numerous diving gems underneath its calm water! Unlike your typical  Bali destination, Amed is far from the typical beach-crowds, beach clubs, and the likes. It’s very quiet—vibrating peace all around the small village. Located in the foot of Mount Agung, Amed is blessed with incredible coastal view featuring the towering mountain and colder air. Amed offers a lot more than just Bali diving, and you can enjoy your time at this tranquil suburb if you know how. 

Stay at Amed Bali diving resort

Most divers come to Amed Bali as just part of their diving trip. One plunge in Amed and they are back to Sanur, Kuta, or wherever they based. But if you have more time in Bali, consider to stay in Amed for at least two to three days to fully experience the beauty of this village. Sleep in one of the best resort in Amed and wake up to incredible view of Mount Agung and the ocean. 

Go for meditation and yoga before diving

Go for meditation and yoga before diving

Want to soak in the tranquility of Amed even more? Take benefit from Amed’s peaceful nature to heal your soul. Early in the morning before your first dive session, go to your balcony and bathe in the rays of the sun. Take a deep breath and focus. Use the moment to meditate, do yoga, purify your mind, and let go of worldly worries. Yoga help better diving, and if you do it everyday during your stay in Amed, you will come back with much refreshed body and soul. 

Try diving in Amed Bali lightly 

Go light as you dive in Amed! Dive with just shorts and lycra—without all the thick dive suite. The water temperature is warm, ranging from 26ºC – 30ºC which allows you to dive with light suits. On other occasions, take time to admire Amed’s underwater with just snorkeling. Just don your snorkel mask and jump to the clear water!

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Explore the other side of Amed

Explore the other side of Amed

The Amed Bali is not limited to diving and when you step outside the village, you will find numerous attraction await. Trek the majestic Mount Agung. Go grab a bike and explore the charming countryside. Rent a kayak and go kayaking. Check in the abundance rice terraces which, unlike the famous Tegalalng, is totally not commercialised. Go a bit down to the south and make a stop at Tirta Gangga water palace—the place is beautiful and still very well maintained. 

Learn how to take pictures underwater

Give yourself the best souvenir from the underwater by… taking the best underwater photos you can. Seriously, do you want to leave Amed diving Bali with nothing? No, we are not talking about plucking some corals (big no!) or capturing some exotic creatures (also a bog no!). We are talking about learning some underwater photos technique so you can bring home a Nat-Geo quality picture and video from Amed to be cherished forever. 

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Building Skills To Handle Any Situation Within Business Industry

It is said that experience is one of the most critical quality in most industries. It is trues because you can build your expertise the longer you work in the area. You will build critical knowledge to handle various situations and scenarios that may arise. Not to mention that it helps you to make quick decision to the best benefits of your business. However, building your skills to be able to handle any situation can be very challenging especially for newbies. 

Business Skills
Photo by Taylor Grote

Dealing with any situation in business industry

Running a business requires you to have knowledge and experience. However, those can be earned along the way. It is not something to do overnight. It doesn’t matter if you have gained more knowledge or experience, you will still need to build them as long as you are alive. Here are tips of what you can do to build your expertise and share your critical knowledge to handle any situation within business industry:

It is recommended to diversify your skillset instead of focusing on one specific are. Many people argue that it is better to focus on one area because it means you will gain specific expertise. However, it is also very beneficial if you have diverse skills. It will allow you to see things from different perspectives and make you more creative in finding solutions. You will be more flexible and agile in handling any critical situations.

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Build and develop your emotional intelligence. Within business industry, it is not only about being good at math that matters. In fact, your emotional intelligence is very critical element you should develop. It will help you manage your emotions and build your communication skills, making you a good communicator. In business industry, people with excellent emotional intelligence are considered have more opportunities to thrive because they can find the right bridge to cross any obstacles with their ability to respond and communicate well.

Try to go beyond profit. Therefore, working with a customer-centric vision is not enough within business industry. You still have to focus on the value as well. Therefore, it can help build economic sustainability for your business. Of course, it should be followed by social and environmental sustainability as well. When you focus on the right thing, you will be able to find the solution of any situation. 

Building skills doesn’t always mean that you have to be so self-centered. In fact, building yourself can come from helping others. Thus, try to be more accommodating to others, offer your help to your team before they even ask. This way, you have more opportunities to be exposed to new challenges, processes, and other things around your business industry. 

Next critical thing to do to build your skills in handling situation is to never stops learning. You can do it in many different ways such as reading, seeking mentors, both inside and outside your business industry, do more volunteer work, build connections, listen more to understand, and invest yourself with new skills.

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Bali Villas – Point to Consider Before Choosing One

Securing a Bali Villas for your vacation or long term plan might be tricky. You will always want to avoid any problem and try the best to keep mutual interest. Moreover, any simple mistake might lead to a bigger one, its best to consider little detail before make up a decision.

With a broad option available to Bali Villas, it may left us underwhelming. Plenty of luxury, classy style, extraordinary architecture are in line to match our demand. Furthermore, whatever you consider to be an ideal place for vacation or stay, it still important to cross-check several aspect regarding your safety during the stay.

Bali Villas
Source: Kibarer Property

This several aspect will determine your ideal Bali Villas requirements. Some of the aspect include nearby culture, norms & ethics, service included, privacy and security and facility check.

Nearby Culture, Norms & Ethics

Whenever you consider about the area, you might prefer the ones that provide various attraction, crowded place and any of your best interest. But, it will be more wise to consider the nearby situation, what is the local regulation, culture, ethics and norms.

Every newcomer must adhere to these aspect before finally step in the territory. Its important to respect the local culture, ethics and norms as Balinese strongly address it. Moreover, to study and know those culture aspect will save you someday.

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Service Included

While considering Bali Villas, we have the opportunity to talk with person in charge. We need to make sure what service are included in the offer. In addition, in-depth talking of every point in the contract is necessary as it will help you provide anything while you abroad.

On regular basis, most villa provide meals, transportation, cleaning service, security to the visitor without any additional charges. Therefore, its necessary to emphasises these extra service to make everything clear.

Privacy, Security

During your stay, you will need a guarantee of privacy and security. When it comes to privacy, you wouldnt tolerate any kind of violation or interruption during your time in Bali Villas. Better discussion about these issue with the villa management is necessary before you choosing to going forward.

Bali Villas
Source: Kibarer Property

Facility Check

Often Bali Villas provide a full furnished furniture to accommodate visitor with the best facility they have. Meanwhile every furniture and facility must be put to a good use, as each of them belong to a depreciation facility. Depreciation facility refer to a decrease of fair value of an asset. Furthermore, the more it use the quality will decrease over time.

Bali Villas
Source: Kibarer Property

You might want to check any sort of that facility, just to make sure everything is proper to be use. Often visitors are charged with additional fees of a broken facility during their stay. Moreover, you are unsure how did that happen to you. So in order to avoid that, a simple checking over the furniture and facility will do the job. You can always ask for a replacement whenever you find unsuitable facility for your stay

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The Possibility Of Increasing Your Prices During The Crisis

The pandemic in 2020 has brought many kinds of misery. Business are not excluded either. In fact, many businesses went down due to the crisis during pandemic. However, there are also businesses who still try their best to survive using many strategies. One of the strategy to save the business from going down is by increasing the price. However, is it appropriate to do in the middle of crisis?

Raising your prices in the mids of the big economic crises

It is not easy to raise the price even if it is not in the middle of crisis. Not all customers are happy receiving the news of it. However, sometime, raising prices is necessary action to take for the sake of everyone both for you and your customers. Thus, it is important to know how to do it properly so it will be easier both for yourself and your customers. 

Prices During Crisis
Photo by Annie Spratt

It is true that increasing the price should based on the right reasons. You cannot just raise the price just because you can or have control over it. However, it is not about the reasons themselves but the way you deliver them to your customers. Your reasons may be simple and clear but your customers won’t understand if you inform them inappropriately. It is advised to cut to the chase when stating the increased of the price. You don’t have to write multiple pages just to try to justify your decision.

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Be clear and objective when explaining to your customers why you have to increase the price. Generally, no one like to pay more. However, it will be understandable if it comes with valid reasons. Along with increased prices, make sure to notify your customers what kind of upgrades they will receive. Thus, it will convince your customers that your decision to raise the price is justified. Be quick, reasonable, and objective in your explanation.

As mentioned above that raising prices should be beneficial not only for your business but also your customers. You have to let your customers know that your decision come from a good place and the intention to make them more satisfied with your products or services. For example, you raise the price so your customer can experience faster service and delivery, as well as lessen the downtime. Therefore, the increased price will be worthy for everyone. Make sure that what you promise or offer in return of the increased price is true. Don’t make promises you cannot deliver. 

Get personalized with your loyal customers. There must be customers who have come so far along with your business. They have trusted you and usually willing to pay big bucks. Thus, it is essential to prioritize them by making personalized emails. In your emails, make sure to reflect on your relationship and show them how grateful you are for them staying with you all this time. Meanwhile, you can personalize your based on their industries or any other details for the rest of your customers. 

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Private Villa Ubud, Great Investment for Business & Lifestyle

Private Villa Ubud are popular for its serene and peaceful environment. It surrounded by stunning natural environment and tourist attraction that will left us amazed. The crowd of tourist, traveler to a businessman are expecting the peaceful and dream vacation in Ubud. Even the number are rising from time to time, its a time of a life to feel the Private Villa Ubud sensation.

Private Villa Ubud
Source: Kibarer Property

Prospecting a business in property is pretty good opportunity. Also it support by the data that property value are increasing in time as a huge volume of demand strike in. Which type of business should you consider? Theres always a suitable option for any of your investment plan. Whether you are the type of businessman who seek for B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) approach.

To mention, private villa and housing are currently a hot list in Ubud. Align with the development of tourism and globalization, Ubud has growing rapidly in past few years. We are looking for a multi-cultural community environment that will shape Ubud as one of advance tourist and attraction in Bali.

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How is it an Investment?

If you happen to go on a vacation in Ubud, you might rent the accommodation for a short period time. The owner will thank you for your short visit and take your payment. Beside the payment, the owner benefit from the property valuation each year. That simple example might highlight the concept of investment in a small scope.

Private Villa Ubud
Source: Kibarer Property

But consider on how you could own one of those and posses it as a future investment. Private Villa Ubud may fit those characteristic to add your investment portfolio. Unlimited types and option of villa ubud are available to purchase. If you have successfully own one, next step is list it to market. Ample of marketing channels, marketplace and listing directory could be optimize for your private villa Ubud marketing strategy. After all, the work of wonders will begin and repeat itself for future investment.

To Retreat Yourself

Whenever you own a private villa ubud for a business purpose, you could always comeback to enjoy it yourself. Retreat yourself likely as a customer, it will give a personal pleasure for a reason. Meanwhile it could be your gateway from any busy and bustle of daily activity. Staycation is consider as favourite gateway for a fascinating vacation ahead with the loved ones.

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New Experience and Memorable Journey At Seminyak Villas

Bali is a perfect and spectacular island in the south Pacific. Underwater Bali is filled with a variety of colorful fish that swim around coral reefs. Green trees flourish along the beach adding to the perfection of the holiday while enjoying the sunset. The perfect accommodation to enjoy all the pleasures in Bali by staying in a villa. Seminyak villas are the choice of most tourists to be able to find lots of fun around them. Most Seminyak villas are placed with spectacular views and are recommended as the best accommodation during the holidays. Looking for a villa in peace places in the Seminyak area brings you a restful night and a good night’s sleep.

Seminyak Villas and the most sought after

Seminyak villas with a private pool

The Seminyak area is a smart choice and it’s easy to find out the reason. Seminyak is an area where foreign investors base their businesses in Bali. Travelers who seek the fun of nightlife, boutiques, international standard restaurants, shopping centers, or clubs. Seminyak is the best area to find villas with various prices and facilities. Seminyak villas are quite attractive for travelers who want to enjoy privacy, intimacy, and personal service. You will find villas with different concepts, architecture, styles, designs, and nuances.

You will easily reach the beach area on foot and very short from the villa. Seminyak is also a paradise for travelers who want to enjoy water activities ranging from beginner surfers, to advanced. Other activities can spoil you by enjoying massages offered by local residents along the beach. Bathed in the sun or waiting for the sunset while enjoying a massage is the perfection of an unforgettable vacation.

Spoiling your appetite in the Seminyak area will be very easy. You can find many international standard restaurants with chefs from home countries. The price you pay is certainly a little more expensive. But do not worry because the Seminyak area offers many food choices without having to pay very expensive.

Seminyak villas with premium facilities

Why is the rental price of the villa somewhat expensive compared to renting 1 hotel room? It is clear! You can enjoy the whole villa with all the amenities. You no longer have to go to various swimming pools with other tenants, enjoy the quietness next to the pool. semi-outdoor dining room, spacious living room, wifi connection, and a large garden. Bringing children on vacation requires extra time to monitor while they play. At Seminyak villas, you can enjoy your day while monitoring the children. You pay more for something luxurious, special, and more privacy. Why still think and compare villas with other accommodations? Your vacation should be fun and unforgettable, without having to turn into a nightmare because you choose Seminyak villas as the best accommodation.

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Building Positive Environment In The Workplace

A business is not something you can joke around. It is something valuable to invest in because you dedicate your time, money, and commitment. When you start your own business, you set your own goals of what you want to achieve. When your business grow bigger, there are more people involved and you may move to better building to accommodate every worker you hire. However, it is also important to remember that the main thing to focus on is not only the fanciness of the physical building but the environment itself.

Building Positive Environment In The Workplace

How to build positive environment to boost your business

When you run your own business, you hire people with skills and personality that you think will fit with your value and vision. Focusing on building diverse team benefits your business. There are many aspects benefited from diversity such as better decision-making, increased innovation, increased bottom line. However, diversity in team won’t benefit your business if the environment of the workplace is not so supporting.

Build a sense of belonging

Furthermore, it is important to build positive environment within the workplace. The main focus in this matter is to build the sense of belonging for every worker or team member. It also involves daily interaction, communication, etc. It is such a challenging thing to do but it’s worth it once you succeed in creating positive environment In the workplace.

Enabling conscious conversation

Building Positive Environment In The Workplace

There are many things you can try such as enabling conscious conversation. Your team is diverse in age, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Instead of avoiding the conversation, it is better to open a conscious one when you stay curious during discussion. For example, in the meeting you may face differences in opinion. Instead of shutting your team member down, it is better to ask them why they see things that way. It will open more information that will be useful for you to make improvements in various aspects. It is also recommended to allow your team members to give feedback. It will bring out issue more and stimulate collaborative sense.

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Surveying opinions

You cannot just guess of what your workers or team members are thinking. There is no way you can find it out unless you ask them. One of effective ways to do it is by surveying. This is a great way to gauge their opinions and experiences in the workplace. You can also spread questionnaire so they can answer some questions honestly and directly. Make sure that the questions are relevant. Thus, you can earn accurate insights of how they feel and what they need. Sometimes, diversity within the workplace brings some issue to the surface. Those who are in minority may face different obstacles within the workplace. Thus, you can acknowledge it and find the solution.

Positive income

Handling a business on your own is not an easy feat indeed. There are many internal and external challenges you may face. However, positive workplace will at least help you build your business positively inside. Having solid and positive team will help a lot in growing business in the long run.

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