What You Need to Know About Tenancy Agreement

As an investor and landlord, you should do everything thoroughly and legally. Earning monthly return is not the only you have. Maintain your property while keeping your tenants around are also included into your long-term goal in property investing. To take this matter seriously, you should know about tenancy agreement.

Some importances of tenancy agreement

It is one important factors that can help your business to last long.If you are relatively new to rental property investment, or property business in general this can be confusing. However, it is never too late to learn and understand more things you should.

The importance of tenancy agreement

Basically, there are two types of tenancy agreement you should know about. They are periodic and fixed tenancy agreement. Both are equally important. Thus, you need to learn what those are two about and how to make them properly. Here is brief information about it:

  1. Periodic tenancy agreement runs from short-term period like weekly or monthly period. There is no end dates when it comes to periodic agreement though. It is characteristically more flexible than fixed agreement is. Therefore, decision making can be adjusted. There are many examples of this agreement. For example when the fixed lease has ended but the tenants still need to stay a little bit longer at your property. Thus, they can keep renting and pay rent on weekly or monthly. Basically, periodic agreement is a great way to give time for your tenant to have the fixed one. However, of course, it doesn’t give you security of steady income because it is liable. Periodic agreement is basically quick and predictable. There might be designated timeframe for periodic agreement to last. It is usually around two weeks to two months. It usually depends on the relevant state.
  2. Fixed tenancy agreement on the other hand has stability to it. It runs for certain period of time and is usually predetermined. It runs around six to twelve months. Since it offers more stability and certainty. This type of agreement is beneficial both for landlords or the tenants. Landlords will get fixed rental income for a set period of time. Meanwhile, the tenants will also feel secure because they have fixed place to stay for a set period of time. This agreement has its weakness too just like periodic agreement. Disadvantages will come when there are rent rises in the market during. Besides, it will be hard for you as a landlord to kick your tenants out if they are irresponsible or making problems during the agreement period.
  3. There is no need for you to choose which agreement you should prepare for your rental property investment. You need both regardless of pros and cons of them. Periodic agreement help you with the unexpected things that might happen. Meanwhile, fixed agreement gives you security of steady rental income for a set period of time regardless of its inflexibility. Both gives you benefits you need in order to run your property business in the right path so you can grow it even more for the future.
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Simple Solo Travel Ideas You Can Try in 2019

I do believe that many of us have been traveled alone at least once. Whether we have been to the other cities or even countries, there are reasons why we were experience the solo traveling before.

The main reason for that could be; we can move faster and comfortable without being waiting to the others. We couldn’t also need to be exhausted when making a plan of our own solo traveling since we will only think about ourself and not the others.

At the same time, traveling with the others that you have been knowing for so long is also interesting, but surely that matching each other’s budget and time can be the main issues. So that, solo traveling is a solution where you can still spend the valuable vacation even though you have to go here and there by your own.

Simple solo traveling ideas for 2019

There are still many benefits of becoming the solo traveler you can get! Therefore, I am intending to give you inspirations about the simple solo travel ideas that you can give a shot for this 2019 if you haven’t got an idea at all.

Solo travel ideas with a little hassles so you can really enjoy the journey

The word simple on above title is actually already owned by the solo traveling activity. And overall, the whole traveling itself don’t have to give you any unnecessary hassles so your energy can be focused on how you can experience the journey to the fullest.

The simpler the travel you are getting, sometimes means the better. No heavy loads you should carry all the way, easily for you to reach the destination, a low-budget trip, and many more that will still make your day beautiful.

And if you are wondering about the these simple solo travel ideas to experience this year, you can see some of the inspirations that I have been prepared for you below.

  1. Fishing; Wait! Are you frowning right now? I am including this as one of your solo traveling ideas since it is possible for that. You can find a fishing spots whether at the sea or beach, the river, lake and many more places since fishing itself can be done even up to the highland and you can do it by your own. And it is also affordable for many of us.
  2. City tour; Oh, God! Sounds like the solo travel idea that can’t be special for you? Not until you are digging deeper about the city you are living in or the another city around you. In fact, you can really explore the social life, cultures, and lifestyle of a city and its development since years ago. City tour can also be an idea to spend your short time holiday for example at the weekend and possible to be the cheapest solo travel idea? Just give it a shot!
  3. Meet the past at the Museum; Seriously, I have no idea why people are rare recommending to visit the museum around the town. This may part of the city tour idea as well but it can be exclusively as the self tour alone since exploring the museum can take some times and it will be a good place to spend your time in silence.
  4. Go out for camping; Another way for a silence leisure is to be at the silent spot. It is also a simple solo travel idea where you can really do it yourself. But, I have an important recommendation for you to get rid off the hassles when camping which is to to buy the solo hammock camping and start using it at the camping site you need to visit. Anyway, it can also be part of how you can be closer to the nature and surely the better way to enjoy the panorama while hanging between the trees. Hope you can really enjoy the warm night by the fire camp under the stars.
  5. Heading to the beach club; The interesting thing about beach club that I have been visited is that, you won’t only get the delicious foods and refreshing drinks under the sun, but you can also swim around at the beach or you can even choose to enjoy the pool that has been provided and many more. And you can even only needs to bring the extra clothes when heading to the beach club and money. You can be there for hours.
  6. Visit the waterfall; How close you are with the nearest waterfall in your area? If that will be possible for you to finds one, I think it will really a worth trying idea for your solo traveling. Moreover, the easier the waterfall can be accessed, you may will only needs the extra clothes and money for the gas. What if you are visiting the water fall while camping there? If there will be close to the river, what if you are getting your fishing tools as well?

Of all the 6 lists on above simple solo travel ideas, which do you think will be possible to be experienced in the next weekend? Anyway, one or two of the ideas i have mentioned can be combined to another as I have exemplified. Don’t you think that all the lists are interesting since they won’t burden you much with hassles?!

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What Smart Investors Do to Invest Successfully?

If you think work hard is the only thing you should do to achieve success in property investing then you should rethink. Aside from work hard, work smart is also impactful. Therefore, looking up to smart investors benefits you especially for your investment. Of course, every individual has their own goal and strategies to reach their goal. However, knowing what smart investors do to invest successfully will also benefit you. At least, you know what kind of habits you should keep and get rid of. It is not that you should blindly follow what others do in their investing. The point is, there are certain traits of smart, successful investors to do the things wonderfully.

What Smart Investors Do to Invest Successfully?

Tendencies of smart investors during their investing journey

There are different things between those who success in their investing and those who keep struggling to do so. The experts say that personal traits are influential to investor’s success. Here are tendencies of smart investors in running their property investing:

  • Updating goals is what most smart investors do to be successful. Updating goals doesn’t mean you are indecisive or inconsistent toward your own business. It means, you set aside time at regular intervals in order to review your goals of property investing. Then, you cross check them with your current investment. You need to see whether or not your property’s performance is living up to your goal when you bought them. Of course, you need to set long term goal since the beginning. However, assessing your property goals regularly is needed if you want to achieve success in investing.
  • Always crave for knowledge and education is what smart investors do during their journey in investing. There is no obligation for you to pursue formal course. You can always fill in your brain by reading journals, reading books related to property investing, as well as keeping up to date on property investing related data. Remember that education is important foundation for your investment and smart investors know it.
  • Smart investors tend to do well in negotiation. If you are not good at negotiating, you can still learn to improve this particular skill. Negotiation is important skills to help you lead your business successfully. When you have good negotiation skill, you are able to influence as well as persuade people. You will be able to secure strong position in the business if you can negotiate well. Negotiation doesn’t always mean good at bargaining. It is when you can buy the right properties and maximize their potential.
  • Smart investors don’t easily freak out when they encounter tough times during their journey in investing. Smart investors know exactly that when they are involved in property investing, there must be ups and downs awaited. Instead of freaking out, smart investors plan a way out and anticipate it. Even if the unexpected happens, they don’t get scared but become more persistence to go through the tough times until they can tackle down all problems. Having this mentality can be built gradually.
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Komodo Trip to the Lost Civilisation of the World

You’d think that an adventurous trip leading up to the discovery of the lost world only happens on movies. What if I say that such “get back in time” kind of trip is actually tangible? What if I say that Komodo trip could be your gateway to get lost on the “Old World”?

Now, I’m not talking about metaphor. Is not a pilgrimage trip to ancient ruins to learn the history and imagine the life back in the era. This is a trip where you will delve into in the midst of ancient way of live, very much lively and thriving.

Komodo Trip to the Lost Civilisation of the World; the Wae Rebo Village

The Living Fossils: Komodo Dragons

I tried to not be exaggerating, but the landscape of Flores itself looks like a direct set of the Lost World movies. Completely isolated from the outer world, only reachable by the sea, with landscape fiesta that’s still perfectly pure from the hands of modern mass development. While the mainland Flores is dominated with rainforests and mist-covered mountains, the islets on Komodo National Park are brimming with undulating savannah hills and jagged, extinct volcanoes that just burst out from the blue ocean. Just when you were amazed by Komodo’s outlandish beauty, you will soon realise that everything was a mere background, though wonderfully unbelievable. Behold, this is only just the beginning of Komodo trip to the lost world. 

Inside two of the National Park’s biggest islands, the Komodo and Rinca, roams the biggest dragons on earth. Also being the last species to survive. These giant lizard is a legit walking fossils. They are direct descendants of megalania, a species of giant monitor lizard that used to roam the world on Pleistocene era. The Komodo might not be a dinosaur—as people often think—but they are just as older. And their million years journey continues until the present day. 

Komodo Trip outside the Komodo: to the Megalithic Tribes

Until very recently, Flores was very hard to be penetrated. Thanks to the rugged and difficult terrain, Flores’ indigenous tribes could preserve their ancient culture without any modern intervention. Two major mainstream religion—Catholic and Islam—has been indicted by Bugis moslem seafarers and missionaries, but their belief to ancestral spirit are still deeply practiced on par with the “official” religion. 

Flores has a number of ancient tribes who still strictly adhere to megalithic beliefs. The Ngada tribes, who reside deep in the valley of mountainous Bajawa region, believes that the ancestor spirit stay on the village square, long after their deaths. The Komodo trip to this region might shock you of how megalithic traditions—that you might only seen on Disneys and movies—are very much alive. Female spirit are represented by the small huts, while the males are represented on ngadhu stone pillars. Whenever a premature life fall, the black blood of buffalo would be spilled to appease the evil spirit that cause the deaths. 

The Bena Village, another Flores’ megalithic tribes, sets under the shadow of a volcanic mountain. Villagers dwell in high thatched roof houses that sits in two rows—most are adorned with  a number of buffalo skulls, a symbol for wealth and power. The one with most buffalo skulls are easily recognised as the most influential person on the village. In the middle of the village stands a megalithic burial site, where the tribe connects to the supernatural realm and communicate with ancestors. 

Isolated in the middle of mist-covered top of mountain is the Wae Rebo village, made striking by their big cone-shaped houses. Many travelers make the secluded village as the end journey of their Komodo trip, a perfect place for last reflection before going back to the hustle and bustle of the world. Was Rebo is the last village to maintain Manggarai’s traditional conical houses, that otherwise will has long been completely extinct.

Are you ready to discover the old, long forgotten world with mind-blowing Komodo trip? 

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Habits That Can Fail Your Property Investment

Property investors come from different backgrounds. Thus, it is only common to have various investors with different habits.

In general, there are bad habits and good habits which can influence the future of your property business. However, habit can be fixed into something more positive if you are willing to try.

As for property investment, it is highly suggest to adopt rich habits instead of poor habits.

Of course, changing or fixing habits is not as easy as breathing. Especially if the habits you own is engrained from childhood. There is no such thing as perfect human or perfect investor.

Making mistakes is inevitable but surely you can do better if you know what things you should improve in your life.

Bad habits you shouldn’t keep that can affect your property investment

It is not a secret that property investment is not simple business to run. There are risks and weighs you should consider to do it successfully for a long run. However, bad habits can be obstacles even if you are already master technical matters.

At least, there will be three habits that you should not keep when you are in property investing, they are as below:

1. Setting your goal half-heartedly

It is a bad habit because when everything is done half-heartedly, the result is pretty predictable.

Get a half-heartedly goal is one of the bed habits that can make you fail in property investment

The chance to fail is high.

It is better to choose a goal or two but do it with thorough and planned strategy. For example, you buy a property just because someone told you it is promising. If you buy it blindly without a goal behind then there is no point to achieve success.

Remember that hoping and planning is two different things.

2. You are comparing yourself with the others all the time

Another bad habit that will only lead you to failure in running property business is the tendency to compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others often causes bad thinking.

You will never be the same as others no matter how hard you try. The thing is, every individual has their own story of their property investing.

Even if you use the same strategy as others, there is no guarantee that result will be the same. The best thing to do is to plan and use strategy that fits your goals not other’s.

Looking up to experts and experienced investor to gain advice and knowledge is good. However, comparing yourself to them is bad habit because if you could achieve what they did, you would only be disappointed of yourself.

This will only discourage you from moving forward and doing better.

3. Surrounding yourself with negative people

This is actually the common bad habit which can also contributing to ruin your property investing.

But who are negative people?

They are those who often complaints and say no to everything just because they think the result will be bad. They are also those who keep questioning our decision as if they know better than you.

Well, it is toxic to keep listening to them.

The only opinion that matters is the property expert’s. They give opinion based on their knowledge and opinion. Thus, surround yourself with positive people because the positivity often bring good things.

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When Is the Best Time to Rent the Villas at Seminyak?

Renting villas at Seminyak can be part of what you are going to do when you are in Bali. As one of the recommended accommodation as well as the location, you may want to know more about when is the best time you can rent your own.

One of among reasons why people especially the foreign travellers are falling in love with Bali is the tropical atmosphere as the whole country itself which is Indonesia has a tropical climate for most of the year.

Best times to rent villas at Seminyak and why you have to do that?

And where do you think the best place to experience the tropical sensation when you are in Bali? One of it is in the villas at Seminyak village where the location has its own beach. Tropical breeze nearby the beach can really be the perfect thing to spend your holiday moments while in Bali.

But, can you really experiencing that for the whole year as well or are there any best time that are recommended so you won’t fall into the worst travel schedule?

Best times to rent the villas at Seminyak

For your information, the whole Indonesia has two seasons namely tropical and rainy season. The longer one between the both is the tropical season since the rainy is only for the 4 and 5 months for most of the existing regions.

So, the first best times to traveling in Bali while renting the villas at Seminyak as your accommodation is referring to the wettest months to visit the island to ensure that you can really get the tropical experiences.

So that, it will be recommended that you are renting the villa right before November and after March since those range of months will be possible for the falling rain. But the thing is that, climate is changing.

After January 2019 ago, there are only some rainy days and most of the times are shiny until this end of February. So that, I am recommending you to keep an eyes to the climate changes since it is changing all the time.

It is barely possible to say that November to March are the wettest season as before since everything is changing.

But, from July to August, those months will mostly the hottest moments since the weather can even reach up to the 30’s degree Celsius.

Those months then can be included to your schedule as your vacation time in Bali and are also the best time to experience the staycation at the villas at Seminyak where the tropical breeze from the nearby beach and the ocean are the things you won’t miss.

From July to August, mostly they will also be the crowded seasons for the tourism in Bali. But if you don’t mind with the heavy traffic as well as to share the beaches with the others, then those months will be the best for the pleasant temperatures in mostly the driest months of the year.

Why choosing to stay in the villa at Seminyak?

As said before that Seminyak itself is nearby the beach while the villas themselves are perfect for any of the getaway accommodation to experience more of the tropic weather of Bali.

But surely that both of those reasons won’t be all of what you will get when choosing to finds one among the available Seminyak villas offers.

By the great match of perfect accommodation type and location, villas are usually recommended when you are requiring the complete facilities with great services.

Even a villa itself is looks like the rented personal house, its services are usually in the prime state where you will be helped out to fulfil all of your needs because many of the villas are actually have been provided with the professional trained staff.

Seminyak itself is popular as one of the best place to visit and stay for about the past 10 years since it has various destinations and there are hundreds accommodation offers that you can choose.

If years ago Kuta is so much popular for the travellers, today, Seminyak has been taking over it as one of the main alternative to stay at and spending the holidays in Bali. So did the hotel rooms that seemed have been taken over by the villas at Seminyak as the favourite stay in Bali.

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Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Start Investing

Starting your journey in property investing require you to be prepared of what to comes. Making mistakes is inevitable. However, the point is always eager to learn something more and willing to do better. Even successful investors has their own fair share of regrets and mistakes. Of course, property investing is promising. However, it is also challenging that only a few can be successful. If you think you can become a successful property investor in a month or two then you should rethink of it. There is no thing as overnight success in property investing because everything requires process which takes time.

Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Start Investing

Thriving through the worst during your property investing

There are many things that can make you fall apart during your investing experience. Of course, the time is not always bad. There are times when you are able to do everything smoothly. To help you get through all the phase and process in property investing, here are things you shouldn’t forget since day one:

–        Setting goal is something you shouldn’t forget throughout the entire process of property investing. Your goal is what can make you thrive through the worst. When you remember your goal, you will be able to know where to go and what to do. There are many roads that can help you to reach your goals. However, there are also many of them that can get you lost. However, you will keep coming back to the right path if you know and remember what your goals are.

–        Next thing you shouldn’t forget in property investing is education. You should have known by now that every investor should value education as one of the most important keys to successful investing. There is no such thing as smart enough or too smart. There will be times when you will rely more on your brain than the rising market. Thus, educating yourself should have no expiry date when it comes to property investing because changes are inevitable.

–        Another thing you should remember when diving in property investing is that sometimes your biggest challenge is not taking the risk but overcoming your own fear. Your fear is something that can hold you back from investing and making good decision. To overcome your fear especially at the beginning of your career in property investing, you can educate yourself by reading reliable sources and talking to property advisor.

–        Becoming successful property investor cannot be achieved overnight. You need to keep in mind that property business is not a get rich quick scheme. To be on the top place, you should start from the scratch. Gathering information, researching, building reliable teams, setting finance, doing due diligence, and there are many things to do before you get there. Property business can help you build your patience while strengthening your skills in other aspects such as negotiation, communication, making quick decision, etc. thus, you should not forget from the beginning that is not only hard work you need to achieve your success but also work smart.

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Avoiding Burn Out During Sailing in Komodo Boat

Sailing with Komodo boat is awesome. You get uninterrupted scenery of Komodo’s wonderful landscape, you wake up every morning just to be greeted by the crystal blue ocean, and have a week full of adventures. It’s hard to feel bored when you are too busy to dive, hike, and sharing exciting stories with other passengers. However, these excitements of sailing trip eventually cast a drawback upon your body. Despite all the fun, you would probably get burn out, especially after passing a day or two. Before you know, your body will get super tired—not only from all the excursion activities, but also from socialising with the group. Don’t worry. That’s something absolutely normal. Here are several things you could do when you started feeling burned out. 

Avoiding Burn Out During Sailing in Komodo Boat

It’s Time to Spare Some Time Alone

The majority of Komodo boat are not build as big as super yacht or mega cruisers—considering Komodo’s shallow shores and narrow passages between islands. Consequently, it’s easy to feel confined in the liveaboard when you need to share the limited space with at least 10 other people. Well, unless if you reserve one whole Komodo boat charter for yourself, of course. When you feel too tired even to simply share a small talk, don’t be ashamed to take an early retreat to your cabin. Or if you still want to enjoy the panorama without going back inside, just take your headphones out, signalling a conversation timeout. 

Go to Bed Early

One of most common social problem in shared sailing trip is the late night conversation. We don’t really know why, but somehow after-dark conversation become a thing between divers/ travelers on Komodo boat. Maybe because the atmosphere. Maybe because of the beers. Whatever it is, chilling out with each other after the sun sets become one of the favourite things to do, even until midnight. You don’t have to impose yourself to join the conversation just because the fear of missing out (a.k.a FOMO) when all you need is a rest after a tiring day. It’s okay to go to bed an hour or two before anybody else to just read a book and relax. We really recommend it especially if you share the cabin with someone else. Well, it’s nice to take a bath in peace and have some moment alone to just space out or reflecting the day before sharing the space with someone again.

Take Care of Yourself

Enough rest is not the only key to avoid burn out. Taking proper care of your body also does the benefit. Get plenty of sleep, calm your mind whenever possible, and drink a lot of water. Water is really important, especially since you are in the middle of vast saltwater with strong sunshine shining right above. Also, try to remember the boat schedule so you won’t be rushed for preparation. Rushing caused stress, and accumulated stress caused burnout.

Skip A Dive to Just Chill on Komodo Boat

There’s something delightful about taking your time on Komodo boat to enjoy the life onboard. To absorb the idyllic tropical landscape, to appreciate a change of life routine, and sip on tropical juices that the crew made for you. Throw your FOMO-anxiety to the ocean—though it probably the time when your group see something exotic under the deep water. Also, you are not wasting your money to just lie in the sundeck beds and miss a dive like this. The empty boat and serene feeling are totally worth it. 

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Things That Can Prevent You from Investing In Property

It is not a secret that the earlier you invest, the more opportunities you get to be successful. By investing early, you have more rooms for mistakes because you still have time to fix this and that.

Things that prevent you from investing in property

However, it is also often that people delay investing due to various reasons. Property investors come from various disciplines and backgrounds.

It means you can invest in property even if you don’t major in business, finance, and some sort. Things about property investing can be learned along the way. You can also learn by doing.

What prevent you from investing in property?

It is common for young people to feel hesitant toward property investing. There are many reasons why they think it is not the right time for them to invest. You may also have your own reason why you keep delaying your plan to invest in property. Here are common things that prevent you and most people from investing in property:

  • For young people, one of the biggest reason for delaying in investing is because they think they are currently doing fine with whatever they are dealing with; jobs, career, etc. They think they are earning good salary and can get more in the future so why bother investing. However, it is a misunderstanding most young people adapt to believe that the harder you work the higher you can be. Through investing, you can create wealth. Instead of setting a plan how to spend your salary, you can create more by investing.
  • Another thing that can delay from investing is the feeling of being incompetent. You think you are too young to invest and you lack of confidence as well as knowledge to do so. Of course, property investing requires money, skills, and knowledge. However, you can get yourself educate before and throughout your investing journey. There is never limit when you need to stop learning.
  • Another common thing that prevent you from investing is affordability. If you feel like you can’t afford investing in property then you need to learn more about it. Saying property investing requires money is not wrong but saying it requires lots of money is a misconception. You can cut down on expenditure and saving your cash in separate bank account as a start. This is such a huge step for your investment plan.
  • If you think you are too messy to handle property investing then you won’t ever start. Property investment requires you to be skilled in organizing things and handling many things such as statement banks, bills, etc. however, you can always start learning step by step by organizing your finance. It is a matter of habit you can build.
  • And the most common thing why people keep delaying on investing is their own fear of failure. Of course, failure is not a pleasant experience. You are afraid of losing money after investing. However, fear often comes due to lack of understanding especially of the risks of property investing. You can start with low-risk investing with little or no risk of loss of capital.
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Why You Should Convert to Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is among one of the most revolutionary ways of enjoying the outdoors. Those who love camping would have heard hammock-worshipper alike preaching how they love their hammocks.

This camping equipment certainly has risen so much in popularity. There are impressive numbers of communities dedicated to those who love hammock camping. But for those who have yet to experience the full benefits of a hammock, what’s the hype, really?

Hammocks are so much lighter compared to tents

Depending on your tent set up, it can weigh five times more than a hammock for the same amount of people.

This is already considering the full-blown equipment that a hammock may have depending on your needs. These hammock equipment include mosquito nets, tarps, as well as other hammock’s accessories of your choice.

The full-set of hammocks along with their full equipment will still weigh a great deal lighter compared to a tent.

This saves so much room and not to mention, money. Particularly when you need to fly during your travel. The basic hammock setup usually won’t require you to book checked luggage, as long as you know how to travel light.

Hammocks are more affordable overall

When it comes to cost, a good quality lightweight hammock is still going to cost less than a tent. The same can be said with many hammock accessories. The overall size of the equipment is also generally smaller compared to tents. As previously mentioned, hammocks are an excellent choice when you want to avoid checked luggage when you’re flying.

It’s so much more comfortable compared to tents

reasons to convert to hammock camping

It’s no secret that one of the most-preached ideas of hammock lovers is how comfortable they are.

Hanging on trees with colorful. Chose a good quality of lightweight travel hammock. Especially when you’re just getting started, don’t go for the low-quality one. Always make sure to check the materials of the hammock.

Whether they’re sustainable or whether they support other sustainability efforts in their manufacturing process. Remember that your hammock is going to be holding all of your body weight.

So a good quality hammock will need to be both strong and lightweight. And a hammock with a good design is one that is easy to be packed as well.

You’ll wish you’re in your hammock even when you’re at home

Hammock camping is loved even at your very own backyard. The comfort hammock provides is no joking matter. This is why a lot of people had set up hammocks at their very own houses and even indoor when there’s room!

Hammocks are perfect even when you’re simply relaxing at home. Setup your hammock at home and enjoy reading a book in your backyard.

Sleeping pads vs hammocks

Unless you’re bringing your spring bed to your camping grounds, I doubt that sleeping bags or other sleeping pads equipment are more comfortable than hammocks.

Grounds surfaces are often rocky and most sleeping pads are unable to provide the comfort our backs needed. Are you familiar with the eagerness, or rather, the relief, of campers coming home from their trips? You’re definitely not a stranger to the longing and yearning for a real bed.

It will not be an issue anymore once you’ve converted and become a hammock’s avid user.

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