Before You Go for Komodo National Park Diving

The prehistoric and ferocious dragons from Komodo National Park, a remote set of islands in frontier Indonesia, take the world by storm just a couple years ago and now the discovered beauty extends to the land under the water. Komodo’s underwater is one of the greatest delight in this world. Being in a meeting point between two oceans, the Komodo’s underwater is flowing with strong currents bringing rich planktons and nutrients for plants and animals to feed on. The conservational effort of the upper land further preserve the exquisite environment underneath. And thus, diving in Komodo National Park become one of the must-do for travelers and divers alike. The marine world is overflowing with bursts of corals, abundance marine life, majestic Manta Rays, pelagic fishes, turtles, and critters! So wait no more. It’s time for divers from all around the world to roam in the water of magnificent Komodo. 

Simple Tips on Komodo National Park Diving

Is your license good for diving in Komodo National Park?

The first thing you need to do is checking your license. Beginner open water certification allows you to dive only in few spots. Note that the Komodo National Park diving is notorious for its strong currents. While this yields in incredible marine life, this also means more challengers for divers. generally, divers are advisable to have at least Advanced Open Water certification to dive in Komodo. But if you only have the beginner Open Water and insist doing so, talk to your diving tour operators. They will take you to more sheltered and shallower spots which are easier for novice.  

What kind of diving you want to have?

Simple Tips on Komodo National Park Diving

The life in Komodo’s underwater world is so diverse! One of the spot is overflowing with squadrons of flying Manta Rays—the gentle eagle of the ocean—while the other site is brimming with colourful critters! It’s time to do your homework and find the sites you are interested in. Find if your diving liveaboard itinerary have your wanted sites. 

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Bring your own BCD and snorkel mask if you could

Most Komodo National Park diving tour has complete dive gears for rent. That’s to say you don’t have to fill up your bag with heavy duty gears. However, we do recommend you to bring your own mask and BCD. Especially if you already have on you really like. We know the struggle to find the right snorkel mask that fits perfectly in your face. 

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Dealing With Your Business Competitors

Running a business means you have variety of tasks to accomplish on daily. You are the owner of your business so you have the control to everything. However, it is sometime not a pleasant position to sit on because then you have many responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to know of every aspect in your business including your competitor. It is important to know hoe your business competitor is doing so you know your footing. You also have something to learn from, be it their mistakes or their success. It also can influence and impact your plan even in less direct way. 

Deal with competitors without losing your footing on your own business

It is important to monitor your competitors from time to time to know their progress and to see if there are opportunities you can take advantage of regarding to the situation of your them. However, dedicating too much time in monitoring your competitors can put your own business in jeopardy. You may lose your focus in the process of monitoring your business competitors. This is something you have to prevent from happening.

Dealing With Your Business Competitors

Do not obsess over your competitors

To not lose your focus on building your own business while maintaining your sight on your competitors, you have to know how to balance your time. Monitoring your competitors doesn’t have to be done so frequent that you forget your business priorities. Make sure to not lose your focus on expanding your own business, improving your service to customers, as well as building network. When you waste too much time obsessing over your competitors, you will lose your business sooner or later. 

Focus on one competitors

Instead of monitoring all competitors to maintain your footing, you can focus on the one that is the biggest. Focusing only on the biggest competitors will help you stay focus on your own priority. You won’t waste your time. Instead, you won’t lose your footing to expand and grow your business. You can select 5 or six biggest competitors for your business to pay attention to. 

Focus on the competition

Balancing your time to grown your own business while monitoring competitor behaviors can be tricky and challenging. Specify your focus in the competition. It may help you to set goals for your business based on the competition itself. Thus, the system is still balance. Information you gain from monitoring your competitors can be used as a source of confirmation whether or not you take the right path. Keep in mind that completing your goals is supposed to be your main focus. 

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See competitors every once in a while

You can look behind you to see your competitors every once in a while. However, it is important to keep your face while paying attention to what’s in front of you. This way, your focus will stay on accomplishing your goals. Don’t think or worry too much about your competitors. Keep in mind that your brand and customers are the main priorities. The most ideal time ratio is 80/20 or 90/10 for expanding your own business and monitoring competitor behavior.

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The Ultimate Budget Surf Vacations Planning

So here’s the deal. You have been idling for mounting some awesome waves but you don’t have a fat wallet in the pocket. Here’s how you can enjoy surf vacations in limited budget.

Choose Budget Destination for Your Surf Vacations

The Ultimate Budget Surf Vacations Planning

Are you sure you want to go to the Maldives when you only have few thousand dollars in the bank? Think again. The world has so many breathtaking surf spots and lots of them are totally affordable! The Northen Peru is totally off the radar and its accommodation are quite cheap. The Nicaragua has consistent surf and warm water pretty much all year round. Food and accommodation are cheap, but it’s quite remote and tourism facilities could be limited. Indonesia has Bali, Mentawai, and Sumba which are renown for their tropical weather, quality surf breaks, and remote surf spots. The flights can be quite expensive if you are coming from Europe/ the States, but once here, everything is cheap! A basic lodging will cost you $10 – $15 dollars per night. Local foods and beers are just as low as $3 – $5. Spain and Portugal are much accessible if you come from Europe (means, less travel expenses) and they offer some of the best waves in the planet. They have tons of surf camp and surf lessons across the country, which means prices can get very competitive. 

The thing is, do your research. There are lots of affordable surfing destination in the world where you can go even when you don’t have much dollars in hand. 

Consider Shared Surf Camp for Accommodation

If you know how to travel, you know that accommodation is one of the element in travel that you can press as low as possible. Moreover, surfers usually prioritises awesome wave-riding experience over accommodation. As long as it’s comfortable and does the job, who cares? Shared dorm rooms are usually the cheapest. And it come with likeminded friends who you might ended up being surf mates for the vacations. 

Time is Your Advantage

The more flexible you are, the bigger chance you have to get the best price for everything. Low season time usually offers more package deals and overall lower prices for transportation and accommodation. If you have to go for surf vacations on specific holiday time, you are likely going to pay more. Flexibility on time also allows you to take last minute flight offers. Many airlines, cruises, and liveaboard trip offer last minute deals to fill the empty seats!

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Have Surf Vacations with Friends (If Possible)

The Ultimate Budget Surf Vacations Planning

One way to travel on budget is having a friend with you. Be sure to pick up the right friend though. Similar tastes and preferences could keep meaningless arguments at bay. It’s nice to have friend on surf vacations to share the waves, the excitement, the stories, and most importantly, the gas bills or hotel rooms. 

Pack Light—Super Light, If You Can

You don’t want to overpack and pay for the over-baggage. Pack few pieces of t-shirts and shorts, two pieces of light dresses, a jacket, a rash guards or wet suits (if needed) and a lightweight travel towel. Bring maximum two surfboards—one for the good days and one for when the waves are rather small. Don’t forget your wax and ding repair kit along with the surfboard. Or don’t bring surfboards at all and rent it in your destination. You will find many inexpensive surf equipment rentals and shops to rely on. 

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Crafting Unique Personal Brand 

In business, you can’t just lazying around without a care. The competition is tough and you always have to come up with great ideas. Running your own business is promising yet challenging. To be the best is not the only thing that help you reach your goal. You must be unique enough to draw attention from the market. People always want to become the best but it is more reachable so every single your your competitor has chance to catch up with your standard of ‘best’. meanwhile, creating unique personal brand will make you less reachable by your competitor. It can also make your brand draw more attention in the market.

Crafting a Unique Personal Brand biz

How to craft your own unique personal brand

It is already known that strong personal branding is needed for the success of business. However, creating the unique one is not so easy. There are ways you can do to make it happen, such as:

Always eager to learn from the others but avoid copying them. There are always things you can learn from the others. Let your knowledge as broad as possible. However, be more selective in choosing what matters for you and your business. By observing the and learning from the others, you will also know what kind of things that can make you different from them. While learning from the others, don’t lose yourself. Instead, you can let your unique self shine through. Therefore, you can create your own unique personal brand. 

Selective learning

You may have many things to learn from the others. However, be more focus on things that matter for your business future. You cannot just observe and learn every business. Instead, focus on business that’s similar to your niche. Therefore, you know what you can to to make your brand different positively from others, especially your direct competitors. If you observe everything, you will not have time for yourself to grow your business. 


Make networking your habit. It can help you build your own strength and unique self. When you interacting with more people, there are more things to learn. Not to mention that it is good for your contact business. The more you build your network, the more you know things. You gain information from everyone you meet that you can use for useful thing later in the future. You can also find yourself advocates. Building relationship and developing network is important for business. It can help you find ways to craft unique personal brand. 

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Expect errors and mistakes

Always spare rooms to improve. There is always gap for mistakes and errors. Thus, you have to keep moving and do your best to improve your brand. Your unique personal branding can attract the attention of your target market. However, consistency of the quality is what makes them stay. Make sure that your goal in crafting unique personal brand is not only to catch attention of new customers but also to make the existing ones stay loyal. And this is one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competitors. 

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Komodo Island Tour Packages What’s Included During the Floating Life?

Reaching the Komodo National Park isn’t as simple as going on a plane and ready to embark on a trip. The remoteness of the island and the relatively few facilities for tourists make traveling here difficult. This is why most people opt to go with a tour. There are a handful of Komodo island tour packages that you can choose; and among those options, there’s the full boat trip to Komodo. 

komodo island tour packages

The peace of mind afforded by this Komodo tour package is certainly second to none. With absolute convenience, you get meals to dive masters who are familiar with the area, ready to guide you. It’s definitely one of the ultimate vacation experiences in Indonesia. 

Komodo island tour packages the boat life 

When you’re taken care of by the boat staff, you don’t have to worry about anything. You’re living in your accommodation; likely a floating phinisi that could take you to any part of the sea you wished. Your Komodo tour in a boat already includes everything; all three meals a day plus snacks, and depending on the cruise, they may provide you with a dive master as well. 

komodo island travel

The initial cost for a liveaboard may seem high, but when you’re factoring the fact that you don’t have to worry about meals and transportation to and from your destinations (or dive spots), you’ll see that aside from the value the boat life provides, there’s the convenience that makes your komodo trip worry-free; especially when it comes to budget. 

Delightful food onboard Komodo tour 

Your Komodo island tour packages would have already included all three meals on board, often including snacks. You’re going to sail with at least one chef aboard. If you’re doing a boat charter, you’ll often be able to customize the menu to your liking (subject to availability of the ingredients of course, depending on your requests). But even if you simply chose the standard package, the dining experience atop a Komodo boat is still going to be one of the most delightful parts of your experience. 

komodo tour

Most phinisi liveaboard already includes staff that would take care of everything for you, from washing the dishes, to accommodating special requests. Rarely does liveaboard operators that offer private boat charter didn’t provide you with staffing. This also means that there’s little to no room to cut on the budget in this department; but then again it’s your vacation. You deserve the break. Experience Komodo island tour with the utmost relaxation and convenience as the boat gently rocks you and stunning archipelago pass you by. 

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Which one should you pick? 

One of the biggest reasons that you’re choosing the liveaboard is that the priority of your travel is to get as much dive as possible. But what if you’re just a beginner in diving but would like to experience Flores marine life? It’s certainly a brilliant idea, but if you’re just getting started, choosing shorter trips is recommended. You can opt for longer ones (starting from 7 days itinerary) once you’ve had more dives and/or had more advanced qualifications. 

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How To Have Loving, Effective Discussion In Business

Communication is important aspect in life. The Point of communication is to achieve goals the parties involved have. Sometimes, compromise is necessary to bring win-win solution. In business industry, it is discussion is very common. There are many problems when you run a business. Sometimes, you cannot just solve the problems yourself. You need to hear out what the others have in mind to help you solve the problems. Discussion is also needed to achieve some agreements between parties. Sometimes, it leads to hot debate especially when the conversation is getting difficult to handle. Having loving, effective discussion is important in business.

How To Have Loving, Effective Discussion In Business

Conducting a loving, effective discussion in business

Having a conversation or discussion within professional settings doesn’t mean you should maintain poker face and robotic tones. In fact, loving and direct discussion will be more effective in achieving the main objectives. How to make it true?

Stay away from personal subject

First thing first, do not touch personal subject when you have professional discussion. It is not professional especially when you bring in some rumours you hear somewhere. Don’t make any situation personal. Be direct in telling your objectives. Keep the conversation brief and clear. It doesn’t make the discussion any less loving. In fact, it can result in positive outcomes. 

Learn the body language

How To Have Loving, Effective Discussion In Business

Learn more about body language to understand which one is negative and positive. Do not use any negative gestures expression during your professional discussion. Make sure you are not showing offensive pose. Try to stay calm even though you find the others saying things you strongly disagree. Try to stay as relax as possible throughout the discussion. It will help you clear your mind so you won’t get riled up so easily. In professional conversation, patience is essential thing you should always carry. It helps you handling unruly emotions. 

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Do not raise your voice unnecessarily

To conduct loving, effective discussion, make sure to not raise your voice unnecessarily. There is no benefit of raising your voice during the discussion. The others might get attempted to do the same. Even if the other is the one who initiated first, do not follow the act. Keep in mind that it is professional discussion not a shouting match. You can have disagreements and that’s why you are holding conversation. Do not lose your temper easily. Keep in mind that you are trying to have loving, effective discussion. Keep everything in professional manner.

Keep your emotional state in check

It is easy to get emotional during challenging discussion. Some people channel their emotions through anger. Some people may shout to show their strong objection. However, there are also those who easily cry instead. Well, crying is humane but try to hold them during professional discussion. Even when you feel like you are the victim of unfair conversation, try to stay logical. When you get too emotional, you can ask to pause the discussion instead. Let yourself cool down and resume the discussion once you are ready. Emotional outbursts will only lead to awkward situation inconvenient for the parties involved. 

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Surf Camp

Summer is always fun an easy when we are kids, and that’s still the same for ours. It’s time for something fun; something new, different, and exciting like surfing. Every year, popular kids surf camp destinations like Portugal, Spain, Bali, and Maldives receives hundreds of young and aspiring surfer in the house. Surfing camps are great for kids and teen alike not only to learn to surf, but also to grow in so many ways as well. While these surf camps are undoubtedly fun, however, it can also unknowingly expose the children to invisible dangers. Here are simple steps on how to keep our protection to the kids when they are spending the time and having fun in the camps. 

How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Surf Camp

Pack Healthy Snacks or Lunchbox to Kids Surf Camp

One way to ensure child’s health is by ensuring they are eating healthy food. If the kids are going to a day camp, you can pack their lunchbox yourself. Make sure they have balanced meals consisting enough carbs, proteins, fibres, and healthy fats. If the kids are going to a sleeaway surf camp, you can pack them healthy snacks that they can share with their friends. 

Equip Them with Reef-Safe, High SPF Sunscreen

Protecting the little surf campers from sun damage should be a top priority. Especially when they are going to spend almost the whole day at the beach. Make sure the kids have high SPF, reef-friendly surfing sunscreen to avoid sunburn. You should also pack aloe vera sunburn gel relief in case they do get the sunburn. 

Educate Them to Common Local Insects 

Insects could greatly varied from one country to another. Before they go, make sure you have educate them to the local insect and critters and how to treat simple bites. Make sure you also pack an insect repeller for protection. 

See the Menu on Kids Surf Camp

How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Surf Camp

Call the institution and see if you can take a look on their menu. Lots of kids surf camp will gladly provide this—some even put their daily menu on the website. See if your kids are allergic to some of the menu. Discuss with the camp caretaker if your kids do have allergies to certain foods or following certain diet. Make sure that the surf camp maintain a hygiene standard on their meals and eating utensils. You don’t want to have the kids coming home with diarrhoea or food poisoning. 

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Make Sure The Surf Instructors Are Licensed 

You want the kids to be at the right hand. Don’t shy away from asking the license of surf instructors at the camp to make sure they are really the professionals. Never bother to enrol your kids to surf camps who can’t even afford licensed professionals to teach the campers. 

Teach Them of Sexual Safety and Prevention 

It’s time to address the tough topics. It might be slightly awkward at first, but this is really important for the kids to comprehend the danger. The teens and young children should understand that no one, without exception, should ever touch parts of the body where their swimsuit covers. No one should ask them to touch anyone’s where the swimsuit covers. Teach them to speak out of they are singled out with just one adult or one older peer (or anyone, really) and feeling not comfortable with it. Talk to your children about what they need to do if an adult or older children at the camp acts inappropriately. 

That’s it. Once you’ve done all the prevention, the kids surf camp experience itself is actually fun, so enjoy while it last!

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Personal Development And Successful Business 

Venturing in business is long-life learning. It is where you put so much dedication of your time and yourself to do things you want to achieve badly. It is so easy for people who venture in entrepreneurship or business in general to feel like they have lost themselves in the middle of their journey. They forgot many other important things because they were too immersed in running business. There are many things you sacrifice to accomplish your mission. A good night’s sleep, healthy meal, or even simple ‘me time’ are hard to come by. Those seem like goals that are harder to achieve than your business goals. 

Personal Development And Successful Business

The importance of personal development for successful business

Keep in mind that there are many factors contributing to the success of a business. There are also many factors contributing to the failure of a business. One of them is not taking time for yourself. It might sound selfish especially because personal need is not on the list of your business goal or mission. However, your personal development can affect the success of your venture in business.

Personal development helps to grow business

Starting business out of your ambition is not a wrong thing to do. However, forgetting your own well-being or personal development in general is will only take you do so far in reaching success. Your personal growth and development is also valuable asset for the success of your business. It’s what can help you going strong in running your own business. Lots of entrepreneurs view time and money as the most important thing when running business. It is not entirely wrong but those are not the only thing contributing to your business’s success. 

Go to seminar and social events to broaden networks

Personal Development And Successful Business

Seminar and social events are important things you can do to improve your ability running your business and broaden the network. However, by not attending some of them won’t make your business crumble down so suddenly. You can replace those times by having educational opportunities to help you broaden your knowledge and understanding of your business. This will help your personal development to grow wonderfully without losing opportunity to reach your business goals. 

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You are in control

Remind yourself that you are running the business. It means you have so much control in you. Instead of being slaved by time and responsibility, you can set your own rules. You can do a better leader without scarifying your well-being. You can still manage your team without losing opportunity to grow your personal development. You can be the best version of yourself while running business successfully. It is possible and the first step you need to take is to give time for yourself.

Make yourself a priority

It might not be so easy to balance personal and professional development since there are so many things to do and responsibilities to hold. However, it is important to make yourself a priority. It will help you achieve long-term success in professional ground. By giving yourself time to grow your personal development healthily and positively, you are more fit to fill the role of leading your own business to success. 

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What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip

Lies hidden in little humble fisherman village in the northeast of Bali, Amed has constantly been charming divers from all around the world with its wonderful marine life under the waves. This quiet village is slowly developing as one of the most prominent diving hub in Bali. More and more dive centre enlisting Amed to its major dive tour destination—as well as opening dive offices in the village. Dive resorts start to pop up in this beautifully quiet village, offering a tranquil escape from the busier parts of Bali. More divers, with their dive suits and hanging fins, are seen among fisherman around their traditional ‘jukung’ boats in the beach. So if diving in Amed is enlisted in your travel wish, here’s what you need to pack before going there. 

What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip

The Dive Bag: to Carry All Your Amed Diving Essentials!

Good dive bags can be ridiculously expensive. But we swear by Poseidon they are totally worth it. Especially if you are travelling to a remote diving destination like Amed. Dive bags will be your investment for years—sometimes even outlive some of your dive gears. There are several types of dive bags out there; backpack, roller bags, hard case, duffel bag, and mesh bags. We recommend you to bring one dive bag of your preference and a mesh bag for the daily diving trip. The mesh bag is very convenient to contain all the dive gear essentials in one place as well as putting them to dry under the sun. 

A 3mm or Shortie Wetsuit

Amed’s water is warm, ranging from 24ºC – 28ºC (75ºF – 82.4ºF) all year long. A 3mm wetsuit or even a shortie is usually enough for diving in Amed. Most of the days are usually sunny and hot with quite high humidity. Thin dive suit will keep you comfortable in tropical climate while still giving protection. If you are junkie enough to dive during the rainy days, you might need a 5mm dive suit as the temperature might drop.

Mask and Snorkel

What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip

Divers should have their own personal mask and snorkel. It’s not everyday you can find a perfect dive mask that fits perfectly in your face. Dive mask is affordable and easy to slip to the dive bag. 

Your BCD

The BCD is your lifesaver under the water and, unfortunately, it’s quite expensive and hard to pack. But that’s not a reason to not own your BCD. If you don’t have one, you can always rent it from one of Amed diving centre in the village. But it’s always better to have your own, the right BCD for your body type, and bring it to your dive holiday. 

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A Dive Computer 

When you are going to dive in Amed, you gonna need to plan your dive. Calculate the depth, decompression limits and the overall dive time. Don’t rely on dive centre. Get a dive computer that suits your need (and the size of your wrist) and bring it whenever you go. 

An Underwater Camera to Capture Beauty of Diving in Amed

Assuming that you rent the rest of the dive gears at dive centre, then the next thing you need to bring is definitely an underwater camera. Or just regular camera (action camera works too) with its underwater housing. You will need it to capture the breathtaking beauty of the underwater landscape on your Amed diving

Bug Repellant Lotion/ Spray

Just like the rest of Bali, Amed is very tropical—if not more. And you will likely stay in a hotel or resort surrounded by lush tropical garden. Though refreshing to see, tropical garden is a perfect habitat for mosquitos and other bugs. Always bring a bug repellant with you.

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Build Creative Team To Boost Your Business 

When it comes to running a business, building a team is very much needed. Even if you are the solo founder or owner of the business, you cannot just handle everything on your own. You will still need the hands of the others to help you build your business successfully. Not to mention that there will be too many things on your plate already. However, it is also true that building a solid team is just as challenging. You have to choose the right people to fill in the team perfectly. It is not always about hiring the best or most skillful talents. Personalities and other qualities should be included into consideration as well. 

Build Creative Team To Boost Your Business

Building more creative team for your business

It takes time to reach success in running a business. It is the same when you build a team. It is not only a team you have to build, but the one made of great teamwork, responsibility, passion, and creativity. However, it is not impossible for you to build such team to boost your business. It might need more time and effort but it will be worth it.

Facing obstacles makes the team stronger

Mistakes and mishaps are bound to happen in the process of building great teamwork between team members. It is not supposed to discourage you to get better. In fact, obstacles can help strengthen your team. It is also expected for team members to feel like meeting the dead-end and lose their sense of creativity. However, it is not something that cannot be fixed. As a leader, you can find many ways to lead your team into the light of creativity.

Emphasise awareness to others

One of the most important elements in building more creative team is to emphasize awareness. It is not only about being aware of paying attention to yourself but also the others. It is when you know how to perceive the others emotion as well. Once you implement awareness, it is easier to find the right solution to increase creativity within the team. Some members of your team might be more comfortable to brainstorm ideas when they are in peaceful or quiet environment. 

Casual environment stimulates creativity

Build Creative Team To Boost Your Business

Meanwhile, the others might find it easier to get creative when they are in casual, comfortable environment. There might also be some members in your team who can stimulate their creativity even more when they are engaged in physical activities instead of staying still. 

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Different kind of stimulating environment

Therefore, stimulating creativity within your team is not supposed to be generalized. It will be more effective if you can provide them the right environment within workplace that can help them stimulate their creativity. From various studies, it is shown that relaxing activity like meditation can really help in improving cognitive flexibility. It means, it will also help improve problem-solving skills. 

Try meditation room

The simple thing you can try to stimulate your team’s creativity is by providing them a meditation room or at least a quiet zone where your team members can do a meditation peacefully. Or at least, it can be a place where they find a safe place to think comfortably.

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