Things to Consider Before Starting Home Business

Running a business in your home sounds like a good plan. It can be considered as a great idea because it brings more convenience and is a money-saver. Surely, running your business from your home means you can save more money because the less expenses you need to pay. You don’t have to rent a building for the office.

What to know before starting home business?

You also don’t necessarily need transportation cost because you run your business literally from home. Everything seem more controllable especially for expense wise. However, it is not something you can do carelessly either because there are some considerations you need to think before starting it properly.

Starting a business in home

Starting your own business regardless of the scale should be planned carefully especially if you have goal to make it last in the long run. Even if you plan to run a business in your home, you need to consider various factors so it can run smoothly. Here are things you need to consider:

1. Make your business legal and registered

You must run legal business to avoid legal consequences in the future. Therefore, you need to consider zoning waiver before running your home business.

You should actively get information regarding to this matter so you know what to prepare to get the approval. This matter may be different depending on the city and its regulations. Sometimes, you’re the neighbours’ approval is also required if you want to get approval to run a home-based business.

2. Financial resources

Just because home business is considered as a money-saver doesn’t mean you can ignore the finance. No matter how small your business is, you will still have to plan your finance.

If you don’t have personal cash ready to fund your business, you might need to propose a loan to lenders or banks. However, not all lenders or banks are willing to lend you money to operate home-based business. Most of the lenders ask you to prepare a well-thorough business plan to get their approval.

3. Business insurance

Another issue you need to consider before starting a home-based business is the insurance. Keep in mind that homeowners policies do not include or cover business liability coverage. Therefore, you might need to consider having separate business insurance coverage which specified in business property and business incidents. The liability coverage is important especially if you will have employees or customers in your home.

4. Commuting expenses?

Travel expense should be included into consideration as well even though you think it won’t appear in your business expenses. The good news is, it is actually deductible. Meanwhile, commuting expenses are never deductible.

5. How professional you are treating your home-based business?

It is also important to treat your home-based business like a business. Just because you operate it form home doesn’t mean you can mix the finance with your personal finance.

Business is business so you need to ensure yourself that you can commit to it properly. You still need to separate business and personal bank accounts and use sufficient tools and systems to run your business. You can figure out some ways to deduct your expenses especially a portion of your home expenses.

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6 Design Tips For Your Villa Website in Bali

So, you have built or bought a villa in Bali and needs to take it up to online marketing world by design and develop the better website?

How to have the better design for your villa website in Bali

As long as I could remember, for some places, villas are pretty much dominating as the main accommodation for travellers in Bali. Say Petitenget and Seminyak as the examples where you are barely won’t know where the hotels are.

And while you have been knowing that building your villa’s website is one of the main part of marketing your accommodation through digital platform, developing it is also getting more important especially when you think you will need a plan in redesigning it.

Therefore, in helping you to have the better designed website for your villa in Bali, I have prepared some valuable tips in how you are going to get it started.

1. Find the web design experts, seriously!

Your villa’s site is not your playground or a place to learn and apply the new website codes you have just found on internet. If you know nothing, then you will need to find the trusted and professional Bali web design company.

It doesn’t matter what the company and agency is, as long as there have been the professional web developer team and you are trusted them to start develop your villa, gives it a go! Investing your website budget to the web expert in Bali is a good investment to get the better web development services.

2. Getting to know your Bali villa’s target audience

It could be since the first second when you were planning about running a villa business, you have been thinking about the target market of your accommodation business.

If you are thinking that your main audience is those higher class travellers that keep on visiting Bali and the villa itself have been luxury designed, then you can go with the theme of how luxury your villa’s website will be designed.

The way how your site is designed is also a way how to set your business position and to highlight your target audience. If your villa’s main market is for family retreat, then you can think about how comfort and could be cheerful it is to stay in your villa with all of the rest of family members.

3. Gorgeous colour scheme for your villa’s website

Have you noticed that most of the time, the luxury villas especially in Bali are always being displayed in gold theme?

For the simple trick how you are going to love the colour scheme of your website as well as your target audience is to focus on main image resources that are shown on each pages of the site. If the dominant colours of the building are the red and white, then both can be the benchmark of the site.

4. Professional and high quality images

One of the important thing that will encourage your target audience to give their trust on you is how professional your villa’s website is designed and developed. The more professional it looks, the better impression you will get.

And through the usage of professional and high quality images, your accommodation business will gain more trust and it is good as well to show what’s your villa’s got in more detailed images.

Don’t trust your phone camera in this no matter how advanced it is, but you’d better hire the professional photographers.

5. KISS: Keep It Simple, S*upid!

KISS is actually one of the popular design principle and I think it surely relates to how your site is designed as well. I have no idea how hard your Bali villa’s website will be developed, but it will seriously needs to look as simple as possible.

6. Make sure that your site can be accessed through multiple browsers and devices

Many people are referring it as responsive website. Your villa website should be proportionally appealing across different browsers and devices. And not only that, all of the elements are working as they should be.

The web development company must have been knowing how to test any kind of website on any kind of screen size.

And to be honest, testing your villa’s website itself is cumbersome. Say that the web developers have been testing it directly on their phones and using different browsers. But sometime when the client is checking it himself, the result can be very much different when the site layout can’t be rendered properly on his device.

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Small Investment Ideas You Can Actually Started Yourself

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have no idea what the main purpose of investment is except to build the wealth. All of us need more secure investments that can really helpful for any of our future important needs especially when there will be an emergency situation.

Today, involving in an investment business, you will need money. It is always like that (mostly) but it is not everything what you will need to have even though money still becoming more important to starting up the investment business.

Small budget investment ideas you can do yourself

Investing is actually simple, it is to trust the others to use your money in exchange that later you will get more or at least you are not losing what you have been gave.

If you are agree with me in that, then there are actually more small investment ideas you can really started yourself right now. Some of them are even have been taught of by your family since long.

1. Keep on saving the money

Since we were a kids, we have been taught to save the money we’ve got from our parents or other family members. Yet, we keep on underestimating this investment idea so some of us are failing in it.

In the other hands, those who keep on saving are even buying the car or travelling and starting a business by using the money they have been saving for years.

Whereas, if you gives it a second thought, this can be the start of your small investment idea that you can still doing it for next years.

Doing this may not giving you the monthly income as what the investment businesses are keep on telling you. But in the end of the day, the money you’ve got is still useful and can even be a big help your life.

2. Investing on stable business that have been established for years

Some or even most of us are investing their money to the investment holdings company and don’t know how their money are actually being used. They just gave their money and wait for the next month’s report to see whether or not they can make a revenue.

The funny thing that keep on happening is that, around where you are working or living, there have been so many businesses you are likely getting through almost every single day and some of the owners or managers are familiar to you. They may your neighbours for so long or even your friends and family as well.

And mostly, you will only need to spend small amount of money.

So, rather than giving your money to the investment holding company, why not collaborating with each other in case you are also interested in the business.

If you can easily share the money with the company that their employees are even don’t know your child name, I think that investing your money to be used by those you are knowing with stable businesses for years is more making any sense to everyone of us.

3. Investing on your own best skills

The better skill we can get, the better way to keep on inviting the money. Yes, it is an invitation ever since being a professional or an expert means that you are not only have certain high position about your career, but also different rate in getting money.

Education have been teaching us about that. We are learning, testing and experiencing our skill for years not just to be the better living human being, who would have denied the good amount of money sourced from the good business, right?

It means that you don’t always need to focusing your investment to what the other people are going to do about yours, but you should also need to invest your money more for yourself to take your skills to the next level. And later, you may find that money or wealth is not actually what you should be worried about.

Investment business should always means that you need to know about the recent trend on stock exchange or how much money to spend on property investment. You are always have a choice to starting it with small budget and small idea. And if you are doing it consistently, then the processes should never betray the results, right?

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Surf Camp As Your Next Travel Inspiration

Have you ever think before that a camp can be related with the surfing world? If you are thinking about setting up a floating tent on the boat, I think that will be too much. Surf camp is not like that even though there may someone have been doing that before.

Surf camp as the next travel inspiration

When it comes to traveling, sometimes you already have an ideal time for that. The thing is, you may are undecided where to go and what to do, you have no idea what kind of travel you are going to enjoy. And of all so many travel inspirations to spend your holidays, surf camp can be your next best favourite thing in traveling and possibly in life.

A brief introduction about what a surf camp is

Many of us are usually tent to learn something and gain more skills that can make our life being better. It could be a skill that can find you a job or could be the thing that can make you even happier or healthier. And apparently, one way we are achieving it is by traveling.

Surf camp itself is possible to be your next travel idea because it will be a place for you to learn the surfing skills, meet the new people that can be your friends, and you have known that surfing itself is usually fun so it will make you even happier as well as healthier ever since it is also a way how to workout while creating more happiness atmosphere at the beach.

For short, a surfing camp is a professional surf course by the certified instructor that will be your teacher. So instead of spending your holidays while enjoying at the beach, you will rather get the surfing lessons as well.

So if you are going to spend your holidays on a surf camp at any favourite beaches you have in mind, you will not only have way to spend the quality of your days but also you will get back to your home with the new skills and even the new friends.

How old do you have to be to do surf camp?

It depends on how young and old are you. If you think that you are the teenagers that have been entering the mid school, you are good to go since there have been so many surf camp adventure packages are waiting for you.

But if you are younger than that, some believe that the minimum age to learn surfing is seven. It means that when you are the parents with an elementary school baby boy, your son are even possible to be in a camp for his age to help him growing better.

So do when people or you have been reached the adult ages, for those 40-55 years old, you don’t have to worry that you can’t really be in a professional surf camp, there have been many of the surf courses and schools that can even possible for those 65+ years old people.

You don’t need to bring your own equipment except to the surfing spot

All I mean is that, you don’t have to buy and need to pack all of the surfing equipment started from your home while heading to your surf camp destination. If that will be at another country, that will be tired you even though some of the surfers are doing that all the time.

But if you think it will get you problems for example paying for the flight luggage and will avoid you from being more effective and efficient during your trip, then not bringing your surf equipment is not a big deal.

It is because the surf course operator will have been provided you such equipment to ensure that you will only need to bring yourself along with your personal stuffs.

There are many ways how people are traveling and packages they are reserving. If you think that you will need a surf camp to teach you some skills while you can still have more fun, spend the meaningful holidays and be healthier, what else you’ve got that could be better than that?

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Challenges in Marketing Your Business

Marketing and business cannot be separated because you cannot run your business without researching market startegy it at some points. You need marketing tools and strategies so your business will be more known to the public especially potential customers. There are various tools and strategies of business marketing but not all of them fit your business. Every individual may have different traits as how they manage their business. Besides, every business is unique so it just makes sense that different business need different marketing strategies or tools.

Conquering challenges of business marketing

Marketing your business sound simple when you look at the purpose, which is to let people know about your products and services. However, it is more challenging in practice. Business itself contains various challenges and that includes marketing challenges. Here are some of them:

Challenges in Marketing Your Business

Minimum Knowledge in Business Marketing

Lack of knowledge of marketing is a challenge especially for the beginners. Some people didn’t come from business background or discipline in the first place so the lack of knowledge of business marketing is expected. It leads to inability to make the right decision of what kind of marketing strategies or tools to be used to grow the business. The solution for this issue is to educate yourself about marketing. You can learn from books, more experienced entrepreneurs, business experts, and many more.

Lack of Visibility

Lack of visibility is one of the most common issues in marketing products and services. Without visibility, it is harder for public to know the existence of your business, let alone your products or services. You can solve this issue by approaching digital marketing. Most of people now engage in online world. It means, you need to improve your digital marketing to create bigger impacts to the visibility of your business. Choose digital places your prospective customers always spend their most times.

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Lack of Leads

Lack of leads is the next challenge in marketing. You won’t have customers if you don’t have leads in the first place. And of course, your business is nothing without customers. Struggle in finding leads is common but it doesn’t mean you cannot prevent it. Instead of trying to be everything for everyone everywhere, it is highly advised to be more specific. It means you need to target your audience. This way, you can target particular segments and attract that special crowd more efficiently because you have precise goal. Choosing particular segments of customers help you to generate more leads that fits your products or services.

Lack of Budget and Time

Lack of budget and time is the next challenge in marketing. Effective and efficient marketing don’t have to cost a car. There are various marketing techniques and approaches you can use where you don’t have to spend too much money such as taking advantages of free digital marketing tools. As of the issue of the lack of time, what you can do is to delegate and automate. You must make time if you want to run your business properly. Once you plan to run your own business, you need to dedicate yourself which includes your time and energy.

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Komodo Yacht Charter: Debunking the Myths

With dozens of beautiful, uninhibited islands spread on tranquil blue sea, the Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, become one of the most sought after cruising ground in Southeast Asia. It’s the land of the last dragons on earth, undisturbed beaches, and undulating savannah hills that would beguile any wanderers. In such landscape, liveaboard and Komodo yacht charter automatically become the only—and the most favourite way—to explore the national park. 

As the increase of the popularity, however, the myths of yachting also widely spread more than ever. Many travelers, locals and foreign, still cannot decide to put out Flores seafaring experience on a yacht simply because of distorted idea about it in the first place. We see the needs to put on “correction” and debunk several myths and stereotypes about cruising in Komodo that you definitely need to know. 

Myths About Komodo Yacht Charter Debunked

Komodo Yacht Charter is Only for The Rich

Before we make it any further, let’s make it clear. Here in Labuan Bajo, the port town of Flores and gateway city to the national park, you’ll get several class of Komodo liveaboard. In the lower class is the budget liveaboard, a humble sailing boat with shared cabins, two bathrooms, and one multifunctional deck doubled as makeshift dining room. Sometimes they got no cabins at all and you got to lie in communal room with dozens other travelers. Budget liveaboard and other lower level boats usually has fixed itinerary, while yacht charter frees you to tailor your own. Yacht charter is among the top class of sailing boat in Komodo, taking Indonesian phinisi form with ensuite cabins for everyone. The cost of a week charter of sailing phinisi yacht is comparable to a rest in 5-star Bali’s hotels with oceanfront/ rice paddies view.It’s getting more affordable even for middle class, especially as you can split the bill with your friends/ family/ travel group. 

Sailing in Yacht Means Leaving Comfort Behind

Many still picture that sailing to the remote Komodo means that you would be away from any modern civilisation. It’s not like you are going to be constantly stuck in extreme conditions. Thank God, yachting means fully furnished cabins, decks, and any rooms in the yacht with highest standard of furnitures. You would see cozy cabins with double spring beds, spacious salons, modern kitchen, working TV, and even polished toilets onboard. Every indoor spaces are air conditioned so you don’t have to worry about humidity. When you think about Komodo yacht charter, you should think about a floating resort. Because that what it is. 

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“Not One of Us Know How to Yacht”

Oh dear, chartering a yacht doesn’t mean that you need to steer the wheel by yourself. What’s the use of crews that comes with the boat? Let them control the boat with their amazing sailing skills. Your duty is just to lie back and enjoy the experience. 

Yacht Would Make You Seasick

Many still associate yachting with nauseating incident—and such presumption sticks with yachting in Komodo as well. Well, it’s good to know that all Komodo yacht charter are taking the form of phinisi (a two masted) boat, means that they are large bodied and thus having high stability on choppy sea. Chance of getting seasick drop into very low number, and the comfort of cushiony sofas and comfortable bed could be really help. If you are still worried about seasickness, we recommend you to bring medicine, anti-nauseating band, herbal teas, or even essential oils if that could be of any help.  

Try chartering a yacht in Komodo and see how the experience change your life forever!

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Improving Your Mental Strength through Business

You see, starting business is like you are going into a battlefield. There are many obstacles to deal with before you claim your victory. In this case, your goal is to be a successful business owners and gain financial freedom. Of course, building wealth is also included into one of your objectives from the beginning of your plan to start your own business. Since running a business is so challenging, it can be mentally exhausting. Lots of people gave up even before reaching their goals. You need to be ready to face any problems that can appear when running a business.

Increased mental strength while running business

Business can be a good way to improve your mental toughness. While running your business, you have more opportunities to shape yourself to be better. Here is how you can develop your mental strength through business:

  • Before starting your own business, you need to find objectives and reasons why you want to do it in the first place. To decide the objectives and purposes, you will need to find out who you are first. You need to analyze the weakness and strength you have. You need to find something that can make you run business passionately. By doing self-analysis, it will be easier for you to find objectives and purpose of business you are going to start.
  • Develop your resilience so you will be prepared to run business and all obstacles it has. To build your mental resilience, you need to know what you are getting into including your products, competitors, and target customers. Train your mental resilience by being more creative with how you treat everything. It includes understanding your audience and outlining your good points the others don’t have. To be resilience, you need to be knowledgeable of everything related to yourself and your business.
  • Running business can help you developing your emotional intelligence as well because it contains so many stressor that can put you under pressure. The more things you handle while running your business, the more opportunities you have to grow emotionally. You will learn how to recognize and understand your emotions. You see, emotional outburst never benefit business so controlling your own emotions by improving your emotional intelligence is necessary.
  • Your mindset plays important role on how you can improve your mental strength while running business. Instead of fixed mindset, it will be more advantageous to have growth mindset. This way, you will be able to recognize the progress. Developing growth mindset, you can use your own skills or asking help from the right mentor.
  • It is true that you need to be resilient to run business smoothly because it can help you survive and keep going. However, it is also important to be flexible because there is always possibility for changes to happen. When you are resilient and flexible, you are more prepared to face any type of troubles in the business industry. You have strong mental foundation with the ability to change direction and adapt if needed.
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Bali Family Villas, A Guide To Find The Perfect Accommodation

Accommodation is crucial and must be taken into account when the holiday arrives. There are many tourists who are disappointed with the condition of the hotel or villa after making an order. Or an expat who requires them to take up residence during their employment period? Bali is also a resting place for tourists who want to enjoy a different holiday sensation. Millions of tourists from various worlds come in droves to see the amazing charm of Bali. Automatic, accommodation is also needed by tourists during vacation.

Bali family villas, perfect for a group, family, and expat. When you compare the budget that you have to spend on a hotel room or a villa, then you can choose exactly. When expats take their families along while working in Bali, the villa is a perfect choice. The villa rental price depends on the number of rooms, location, facilities, and area of the villa. The choice of rooms starts from 2 – 9 rooms. There are even some villas offering more than 9 bedrooms.

Other benefits you can get when choosing Bali villas which are in the area of the locals. For tourists who are first to Bali, you need to know that Bali has very thick customs and traditions. It will be very useful when you want to get to know local customs and traditions to prevent do’s and don’ts.

Advantages of Bali Family Villas

It is strongly recommended to stay in a villa compared to hotels or apartments, especially for expat. This is a matter of length of stay and costs. Villas are much cheaper than other accommodations and more practical. You can swim whenever you want, can sunbathe without crowds, and can eat whenever you want, as well as a spectacular experience.

Will be very tormented and feel pinched when vacationing family and living in a hotel room. In Bali family villas, you can immediately spread to each spacious room. The air in the villa area is still very clean in the morning, especially if you are looking for a villa with views of rice fields.

After resolving to determine the villa as a place to stay for vacation or settling down during work, the next question is how to find a suitable villa? This is rather complicated! It looks very easy, you just search through the internet and various choices of villas are available as needed. Finding blindly will make you confused to choose the right Bali family villas.

Recommendations from friends are ideal or see a review of someone who has rented a villa from a particular villa company. Companies that offer villas offer so much convenience for you. The important thing is good communication with them to prevent misunderstandings.

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How to Make a Smooth Starter in Property Investing

Being a successful, wealthy investor is almost everyone’s dreams. Being able to have financial freedom is what makes most people choose property investment business. This business opens so wider chances for you to build your wealth and establish a long term investment. Of course, it is not as simple as it sounds because there are challenges and risks you will face in the middle of the journey. There is no ultimate rules of how you can reach success through property. This business is promising but it also requires individualistic approach. It means, you need to be able to identify your own needs, circumstances, as well as goals to use the right approach to achieve your success.

Buying property investment

In the starter of your journey in property investing, buying property is very crucial. You cannot do it carelessly like it is nothing. It is what can determine your success to somehow. Buying the right property to invest will make you survive even when the property market is in bad condition.

You need to identify and set your own risk profile, goals, as well as time frame. Then, you should find proven property investment strategy that fits those. Keep in mind that you can’t grow wealth quickly through property. What you need to aim is establish steady investment so the wealth can grow gradually but surely. Thus, choose the right strategy and plan to actualize your vision.

It is highly recommended to surround yourself with positive, professional and experienced people. Their role can add significant change to your property investing especially regarding to information and taking decision. Aside of needing help from professionals like property strategist, experienced contractors, etc, you also need to connect with those individuals who share the same minds as yours.

Your financial footing is important especially for the starter. When you have steady steps, you can venture more. Therefore, it is essentials to run your numbers twice instead of once. Running your numbers should be based on various important factors such as interest rates. Remember that property investment is about game of number. Do the calculation well before buying a property so you make the best deals.

It will be easier to target your market specifically. When purchasing an investment property, you need to know who your target is so you can choose which property to buy and provide your target what they really need. It is also possible that you aim tenants and owner-occupiers to determine the value of your investment property.

Buying an investment property usually requires negotiation process. You need to know how to negotiate well to earn the best deal that is worth your money. Keep in mind that everything is negotiable when it comes to property investment purchase aside the price such as terms of settlement, deposit, etc. thus, you can always negotiate everything that you need to. However, make sure that you won’t make the process more difficult or complicated. And try your best to not let personal feeling influenced your purchase.

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Reasons To Become Best Diving For Beginners Certified

Ever thought of becoming a certified diver? When you are ready, don’t think too far. The possibility of unlimited will open wide after someone becomes a diver. The diving community certainly thinks the same for new experiences and trips to witness unique wildlife. This is the best way to dive for beginners to ascertain whether this activity is true is their passion.

Dive operators are increasingly prevalent in the world. This ensures that the best diving for beginners will be very easy to achieve in a short time. The stages of diving for beginners are not as difficult as the stages of becoming a dive master. Beginners will be given basic diving training, from how to use diving equipment, how to communicate while diving, diving safety and how to help other divers when underwater conditions change. Why is being best diving for beginners certified is very important?

Best Diving For Beginners Certified To Explore Underwater

The underwater world is very beautiful and full of surprises. One dive spot with other spots gives different views and nuances. Especially if you are a professional diver, you can watch underwater volcanoes in certain locations. Of course, this is a very dangerous and challenging experience. In some dive spots, you will find amazing rare and large species.

New Community

After you are certified, there will be many opportunities to try and explore the best spots in the world. Various stories of divers, favorite diving spots and amazing underwater photos will be shared by diving communities that will become knowledge for you. Asking various experiences of professional divers will be very useful for you to become the best beginner diver.

Out From Comfort Zone

Sometimes people don’t want to take risks and prefer to stay in the comfort zone. Being the best diving for beginners means you are out of your comfort zone to try something new. Diving is the only activity that is very challenging and fun to get you out of your comfort zone.

Make New Friends

Are you easy to get along or difficult to get along with? It will not be possible in the world of diving. There are many opportunities to establish acquaintances with divers from around the world. Completing and becoming the best diving for certified beginners will provide many opportunities to know the outside world. This is the best opportunity to get around visiting many dive spots around the world.

Know History

Want to find underground treasures like Titanic shipwrecks? Becoming the best diving for beginners certified is the first step to exploring and discovering the history buried under the sea. There are stages and skills that you must learn beyond the basic training of beginner divers. History is a part of our lives, which is very pleasant if we can find and browse underwater treasures of any kind.

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