Wedding Vendor in Bali: Creating a Theme & Menu Ideas

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and headache including for both brides and grooms. Not to mention, if you’re having a destination wedding faraway from home. Bali is among a favorite wedding destination for couples all around the world. Planning a reception there should be a breeze, except it’s not. In the whole planning thing, choosing a wedding vendor in Bali is among one of the most important todos for to-be-weds. 

Wedding vendor in Bali: Have a wedding concept – create a mood board!

Having a wedding theme starts with a concept. Once you have a clear idea of a concept, then you’ll have clearer vision on how you’d like what your event to turn out. And one of the most effective ways in creating a reception concept is by making a mood board for your ideas! Having a mood board is extremely helpful before you get to approach a reliable wedding vendor in Bali of your choice. 

wedding planner bali

Being consistent about your wedding theme 

Don’t get sidetracked when browsing for ideas and then loose sight of the fact that you’re trying to figure out a concept here. All of those ideas in Pinterests are gorgeous and shiny. And you may be tempted to get everything into your wedding. And that would just be a mess. This is why compiling everything into a moldboard will help—you’ll see all of the ideas you’ve compiled in one visual map.

Consider hiring a wedding planner in Bali 

You may think that skimping on a planner is a good way to cut on your reception expenses. But is it worth the cost? While budget is one of the most crucial concerns, do note that having an input from someone whose expertise is wedding—who does weddings regularly every other weekend—is going to help you tremendously. 

clifftop wedding in bali

  • Your planner will be able to help you decide a good wedding venue that suits the vision of the concept your have in mind. 
  • A wedding planner is likely able to recommend you to wedding vendor in Bali that they have worked with previously. 
  • Your party planner Bali will be able to give you insights to what can and cannot work for your wedding. 

What about your wedding menu?

One of the most fun part in planning a wedding is getting to planning the food! Don’t immediately book just any catering company just because your friend’s aunt recommend it, or that they belong to a relative and you get a discount. If you’ve gone all the way here and even have a theme for your wedding reception, why not do your best and plan your catering menu around your theme as well? 

bali beachfront wedding

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Engineering a suitable menu and decor 

Skip the cake if you and your partner don’t like it. Your parents may frown at this, but everything in a wedding is honestly optional and the limits is your creativity. And if your theme supports the whole removal of the cake anyway, then go right ahead. There are tons of ideas out there on wedding cake alternatives, and you should definitely take note; 

  • Macarons. Cute and colorful, they’re suitable for weddings with whimsical themes and design. Have similarly-colored macarons instead if you’d like the sweet but would love for them to be uniform to your overall wedding color scheme.
  • Champagne. I’m all for that mountain of champagne glasses—classy and not to mention, shiny. 
  • Fruit pies! Or any pies you love. Have a gigantic pie for your guests and stand out from the crowd 
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Find Out More About General Partnership in Business

Partnership is one of main keys for successful business. It is not a must for you to establish partnership when running your own business. However, it is a great choice if it benefits your business. Establishing partnership is not easy because it should be built by trust. You cannot just join partnership without knowing who your partner is and what kind arrangement you are getting into. There are also different types of partnerships in business you should know about. Choosing one of them should be done carefully because each has different characteristics and arrangement. One of the most common types is general partnership. 

All about general partnership in business

General partnership itself is a  formally business arrangement between two or more parties who agree to share all assets, profit, as well as financial and legal liabilities of a jointly-owned business structure. This is the most common partnerships practiced in business. The point of this partnership is that there is unlimited liability which put every individual to be liable in the matter of their personal assets to the partnership’s obligation including debts. 

Find Out More About General Partnership in Business

Responsibilities of Tax Liabilities

In this arrangement, partners are also responsible for their own tax liabilities. The good point of this partnership is the flexibility all participants have to build their own structure of the business however they see it fits. They also have more control to the operations. As the result, the decision regarding to the management can be made swiftly and decisively. It is definitely more efficient compared with the corporations in which bureaucracy is always too time-consuming and complicated. 

Agreement on Liabilities

In general partnership, two people/parties should be minimally include. The liability that may incur into the partnership should be agreed by all partners as well. Partnership agreement should be formally written to memorialize it. Oral agreements can be made as well. However, written agreement can prevent legal issues in the future. 


In general partnership, every parties involved are consequently obligated to adhere to various terms such as business deals, binding agreements, etc. those activities may not only lead to agreements but disagreements as well. However, it is inevitable. Conflict is to be expected but the point is how to build effective conflict resolution mechanism so everything can be settled peacefully in the end. 

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Force Majeure

In general partnership, when one partner dies then the partnership and agreement automatically dissolve. It also happens when one party becomes disabled or just simply exits the partnership. However, there must be provisions which arranges this particular situation to be handled properly. For example, the interest of the deceased partner is going to be transferred to the surviving partner, etc. 

There are advantages and disadvantages of general partnership for business. To avoid unnecessary threats and risks, you need to consider carefully of who you are going to be partnered with, especially if it is a long-term partnership type. As for general partnership, the benefit is that is the considerably cheaper cost. It also involves less paperwork compared with setting up a corporation or other types of partnerships such as limited liability partnership. 

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Three Best Indonesia’s Surf Camp Outside Bali

You might think that surfing in Indonesia is only limited in Bali, but oh boy, how you are wrong. Located on the equator, this biggest archipelagic country in the world is definitely Asia’s surfing mecca. Surfing spots is plentiful. From the north end of the country to the south end, this tropical country is blessed with pumping swells and emerald hollow breaks. All year long. You can have either a leisure surfing holiday or take it really seriously. Either way, we have rounded up five best surf camp in five different region in Indonesia.  

Best Surf Camp in Indonesia Rounded Up

The Hidden Tropic of West Sumbawa

The west Sumbawa has recently been rising in popularity as one of Indonesia’s predominant surf destinations. This region went off the radar for so long, hiding stunning white beaches, crystal clear water, and world class coral reefs blooming with marine life. A remote destination with some of the best and least crowded waves—especially if you compare it to Bali. The west Sumbawa have very consistent wave with blowing offshore winds all day long. One of the best stay for surfing in Sumbawa is probably the Nomad Tropical Surf Resort, where you can just paddle for 20 meters from your room to reach the waves. You can choose between rooms with suite bathrooms or family villas, the latter having its own jacuzzi and garden. Both types are accommodation are waterfront, by the way (hello, ocean!).

On days when you are not busy catching the waves, you can just taking leisure in the gazebos, scrolling the timeline with resorts’ wifi or playing golf on its 9 holes Golf Course. Or you can have relaxing yoga session, booking a massage, or even try the thrilling spear fishing. It might be quite pricey, but the comfort and sheer facility this resort give definitely make it as one of the best surf camp in Indonesia. 

The Unheard Boa, Nembrala, Indonesia

You probably have never heard about the Nembarala, on Boa, Rote Island. A little bit further from Sumbawa, the Rote Island in East Nusa Tenggara Region is yet another surfer’s hidden playground. The Nembrala has everything from softer and friendlier waves to fat and steep waves. 

The Boa Beach Villa Surf is probably the best surf camp you can find in this remote Indonesia.  This resort has only three rooms, cause giving exclusive and personal experience to the visiting surfers is their focus. It’s just a walk away from the beach. You don’t have to worry about lunch and dinners as it’s provided by the surf camp. Whenever you like it, you can always have alternative activities such as pilates, meditation, fishing, snorkelling, or kayaking around the mangroves. 

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G-Land Surf Camp of Java

The Java is commonly known as the land of ancient Javanese tradition, towering mountains, ruin of temples, and bursting cities. It’s the most populated island in Indonesia and surfing is not something people often think about. But that doesn’t mean Java is barren from swells, because the best in Java is pumping in its southern coasts. The G-Land is a famous surfing mecca of Java—it’s been around for at least the last 30 years. It’s also the name of the best surf camp on this spot, the G-land surf camp, located in coastline of the jungle preserve, the Alas Purwo National Park. You could choose one of many freestanding bungalows in the surf camp. Breakfast, dinners, and anything you need is available on the Central pavilion. 

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Traits You Need to Develop Business Successfully

Developing business is crucial if you want it to last in the long run. You can be a successful entrepreneur but it comes with time and effort. It is not something you can achieve in a day or two. Business development is a long-term value in which you should put your dedication into. It involves bigger objectives to reach and more complex plans to execute. That’s why not many people turn out successful with their effort in business development. 

Developing business successfully with the right traits

Every business owner may develop particular traits along their journey with building their business. They develop self-discipline or social skills throughout the time they put their time in growing their business. Positive qualities and traits are possessed by successful entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is not only financial resources that can help you running business successfully. Particular traits also play important role especially when it comes to business development where challenges and obstacles are more complex. 

developing business


To be successful with your business development plan, you have to be curious of many things. Curiosity is a habit a swell as trait an entrepreneur should possess because it can lead to something bigger and more significant. When you are curious, you will ask the right questions and you will eventually find out the essential elements to help you develop your business. Curiosity also leads to constant hunger of knowledge which will be beneficial for you in the long run. 

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Growth mindset

Passionate in learning and developing will also be helpful to execute business development plan successfully. When you involve in business, you have to possess a mindset of growth. It will what makes you passionate to become better. Business development requires bigger goals and objectives which means bigger challenges will also come. If you lack of knowledge, you won’t be able to develop your business successfully. Remember that learning is not only about sitting in the classroom. You can also learn from the process you are involved in daily basis. 

Being assertive

Persuasive is also a trait you should learn to sharpen when it seems to business and its development. You can improve your persuasion skills while running your own business because you will eventually meet and interact with different people such as clients, colleagues, even competitors. Use the moment to improve your skill in persuasion because it can help you develop your business through networking and partnerships. Besides, it will also help develop your communication skills. By knowing how to communicate and persuade people effectively, you can accomplish your goals successfully.


Self-awareness is a trait you also need to develop. Business development can be nerve-wrecking, time consuming, and emotionally exhausting. When you lack of self-awareness, you won’t be able to control what you feel. You may be easily get trampled down by minor challenges. Therefore, developing your self-awareness is important because it is the higher level of emotional intelligence. By developing it, you will develop the relationship with yourself and others. This way, even huge challenges won’t be able to dampen your mood. Instead, it will only drive your spirit.

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Tattoo Artist Bali Speaks: Choosing Tattoo Placement

Choosing a tattoo placement should always be one of the first things you consider when you’re getting a tattoo—whether it’s your first or your many times getting one. And this aspect is so important for solid reasons. There’s the considerations of pain tolerance and and the design of the tattoo itself when it comes to tattoo placement. 

experienced tattoo artist in bali

Where in your body should you get your tattoo? 

This is a trick question that should be answered individually. The issues with tattoo placement is more than just what meets the eye. Where you get inked affect these things:

  • Pain levels. Some parts of your body is just more painful to get tattooed more than others. These body parts include but not limited to the skin nearest to the bone. 
  • The appearance of the tattoo overtime. Are you planning to get tattooed on your stomach? Some areas of your body are the most likely to change or stretch overtime. The stomach is one of the examples. The skin on your abdominal area is also known to be able to stretch to a certain capacity, so don’t be surprised when your chosen tattoo artist Bali takes up more time inking the area.
  • You also need to think the suitability of the design to the part of the body that you’re going to ink. 
tattoo placement in arm

Tattoo artist Bali says: design is a huge factor 

The scale of your design is particularly important when deciding where in your body you’re going to put the ink. Where should you put the Mandala tattoo you’ve been itching to ink on your body? Do you have an elaborate piece you’d like to tattoo in your body? Fine lines and fine details? The tattoo would need to be large enough to accommodate all of the elaborate details so that your tattoo artist Bali would be able to ink the piece to its best possible form. 

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Choosing a place that’s easy to look at by yourself 

tattoo artist bali

This is especially important for first time tattoo collectors. If this is  your very first time in getting a tattoo, but you have to twist your head every time you want to see the newly inked artwork on your skin, that would be a big bummer. So if this is your first time getting a tattoo, it’s generally important for you yourself to be able to see the tattoo easily and be able to appreciate it from time to time. 

Pain levels correlates to your body parts 

A collarbone tattoo or a rib is going to be painful compared to, say, an upper arm tattoo, that’s just how it is. While the pain levels don’t discourage many to get their tattoo in their desired place anyway, this is something that needs to be understood and taken into consideration.

getting a tattoo in bali

There’s also the fact that the more painful area you’re tattooing, the more likely you’re going to need a break from the inking. It’s not uncommon for painful areas to tattoo to take longer compared to the less painful ones. For many, this may mean more cost, since some of the best tattoo artist Bali generally charge per hour basis. 

Considering the visibility of your tattoo 

While we consider yourself the most important person who should be able to enjoy your tattoo before anyone else, this is another factor in tattoo placement that cannot be overlooked. Do you want to be able to easily hide your tats? Perhaps for whatever reason, you cannot be seen sporting a tattoo during work, or anything of the sorts. 

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Things To Do With Business Development

Developing business is not something new. In fact, it is what most entrepreneurs do when they think it is safe enough to do so. However, business development is more than business expansion. It is a long-term effort and value from various important factors including markets, customers, and relationships. Business development is the creation, ideas, effort, activities, strategies, and initiatives to make a business better in the long run. 

What to do to make successful business development?

Business development activities are varied and every business owners can choose whatever it deems necessary to develop their business successfully. Each business may need different plan or strategies of business development because they have different characteristics and goals. The problem is, not all effort become fruitful. So here are several tips to run successful business development.

Things To Do With Business Development

Setting your goals

When you start your business, you set your goal. You plan which destination to arrive and what path to take. In business development, you have to set goals but in higher scale because that’s the point of business development. You have to develop your goals. At least, choose 3 to 5 achievements you want to reach in the next 12 months. 

Focusing your plan and strategies

Every business owner may apply different approach in business development. The point to stay focused on your approach because distractions are inevitable. By focusing your approach, you will know what to prioritize to reach your goals. You will also be able to develop products and services that specifically aim for your target markets.

Defining channels to generate more leads in the market

In this modern era, the way business development work is quite different. You will need more data to define channels properly. Your marketing channels are important tools for you to generate more leads. Thus, you have to pay attention to the content marketing you are going to deliver in the channels. Tactical plans are important to develop in this matter to create positive results. 

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Plan strategies based on client’s needs

Aligning with your customer’s needs by defining your sale process is also what you can do when it comes to business development. Times change, people change, and everything change. Thus, every individual may also have different needs and wants which influence their preferences. Customers play important role in business development. They affect the sales process and results. 

The right resources

Choosing the right resource to execute your business development plan. Determining the right resource is important factor for successful business development. It will make the plan works efficiently and effectively. The resources you need include people, technology, tools, etc. You should choose the right people with the right skills and knowledge to help you execute the plan successfully. Then, you should provide them with the right tools as well.

When you have developed strategic plans for business development, you have to share it with key stakeholders in your company. It is a long term plan which affect the value of the business. Therefore, everyone knows at least the vital elements of business development plan you have made. Thus, everyone will be on the same page. 

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What to Know About Mola Mola Season in Bali

The Mola Mola, or sunfish, is probably one of the most misunderstood, weird looking fish in the ocean. They look like a giant blob of a half-grown fish, awkwardly swimming with their large dorsal and anal fins. You might mistaken them for turtles from afar. Their swimming styles are strangely similar; the synchronised movement of their elongated fins on their flat body looks like a turtle—or a ray—has been turned on its side. When piercing to the surface, their big dorsal fins often tricks people into thinking that they are sharks. And when you meet their eyes, you will think that these fish are constantly confused. Yes, mola mola is bizarre. But all the weirdness of this sunfish only made them more attractive. And that’s the reason why divers flock to Bali each time Mola Mola season is approaching. If seeing the offbeat sunfish is in your list, here’s what you need to know. 

 What to Know About Mola Mola Season in Bali

Diving with Mola Mola is a Rare Opportunity 

Mola Mola is not that kind of fish you can dive with anytime. Though they are known to love sunbathing—laying flat on one of their side on the water surface, hence the name sunfish—they generally prefer cold water. Mostly, sunfish spend their time on the epipelagic zone, 0-200 meter on the ocean. For them, it’s the shallow water, where sunlight still illuminates the area. But when they like it, they would dive deeper up to 600 m below the surface to the twilight zone. Sunlight cannot reach this area and the water is much darker and the temperature is far lower. This area is incredibly rich with planktons, Mola’s favourite dishes. And they need a LOT to satisfy their big bellies. 

However, they never move from the tropical seas. They’re essentially a tropical creature, and that’s why Bali is one of the best place to see Mola Mola season! And due to their deep home, you can’t just dive with Mola Mola whenever you like it. You need to wait until they come to the surface. 

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Why Mola Needs to Go Up 

Do you know that Mola’s skin can get heavily infected by parasites? There are hundreds of parasites live off Mola’s skin, and they can ‘house’ more than 40 kinds of parasites at once! This is the reason why Mola Mola needs to go to the surface. They need to get to the surface to have these nasty parasites removed by cleaner fish and seagulls once every year. Thus, marking our long-awaited Mola Mola season in Bali. 

June Marks the Mola Mola Season in Bali 

Do you know that the water temperature in Bali dropped during the middle of June to early November? Mola-Mola usually go up to the shallower water during these time to get cleaned in Nuda Penida’s cleaning station. They are most consistently seen around July to August, so this is your best bet to see Mola Mola in Bali at their peak of the season. However, their version of ‘shallow’ water is still deep to us! Mola would usually emerge to 40m – 18m depth below the surface—unless they are sunbathing. And that means you will need a PADI Advanced Open Water certification to see the Mola. 

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What You Need to Know About the Basic of Business Development

In business organizations, there is variety of job entitled to business development such as business development executive, business development manager, etc. those are important role in business because they have crucial responsibility for the growth of the business. Things that need to be taken care of by people who are entitled to the job related to business development include strategies, business partnerships, sales, marketing, business, expansion, and many more. Therefore, the job entitled to business development is not for anybody. It is for those who are strong-willed, skilled, organized, and strategic, as well as creative. 

Business development, the basic, and the importance

Business development itself is ideas, strategies, initiatives, as well as activities to make the business better. Developing business is not a simple job to do. Business development involves planning of business expansion growth, increasing revenues, increasing profitability, making strategic business plan, building business partnerships, etc. However, it doesn’t stop in those areas only. There are also underlying concepts of business development you should know because it involves the overall business objectives. 

What You Need to Know About the Basic of Business Development

Business Development

First thing first, business development has no limits of which field they are connected to. It is related to every field in the business no matter the department is. The activities of business dvelopment extend across various departments. The main thing driven business development to reach every department is business goal itself. 

Marketing Development

For marketing department, there are various activities such as advertising and promotion to reach successful sales of products. Business development activities in this department also include allocating estimated budget, planning effective marketing strategies, making personal visits, and many more. 

Sales Department

For sales department, the focus is still on the marketing strategies. However, there is targeted revenue number that is set to be the goal. Market research is important activities of business development in sales department. Sales strategies are needed in order to target the right customer base which in result can help in increasing the revenue.

Networking Department

For networking department, business development strategies are just as important as any other departments. Networking includes negotiations, as well as lobbying. These activities need true expertise and skills. Penetrating the market is the goal of these activities. However, those need to be done legally. Business development strategies for this field may also require third-parties such as government regulators and authorities, agencies, vendors, etc.

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Project Management 

For project management department, business expansion is also crucial and that’s why business development strategies are needed as well. By initiating the plan, it will be found whether or not the company need new facility to accommodate the project. There are many decisions need to be made properly when it comes to product management especially when expanding the business is the goal. 


For partnership, business development ideas are vital because there are advantages you can take from building business relationship. Going solo and being independent in growing your own business is not a wrong thing to do. However, building strategic partnership can help in the long run especially if you aim to make your business better and bigger in the future.

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A Mindful Holiday with Komodo Yacht Charter

Chartering A private yacht in the archipelago of Komodo National Park is the perfect way to explore this Jurassic beauty. Comprising of over 20 islands and dive sites, the Komodo offers secluded bays, world-class aquaatic life, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic experience you won’t find anywhere else. Luxury Komodo yacht charter is probably the best way to unwind and detach from the worries of the world. The comfort offered within its facility allows you to think of nothing else but to get totally immersed to the wonder of nature. 

Yacht can be a perfect choice for wellness and mindfulness retreat. Floating in a hotel, you will cast off from the land for a couple of dreamy days of beach time, diving, yoga, massages, and relaxation. Sailing on yacht charter in Komodo means letting all worldly matters get blown away by the salty winds. The business of your modern life will be replaced by effortless life, peace, and luxury in serenity. And that’s exactly why wellness yacht charter holiday should be in your bucket list for your next paid leaves. 

A Mindful Holiday with Komodo Yacht Charter

A Glimpse of Komodo Yacht Charter

Many luxury yacht charter in Komodo looks like a historical sailing vessel from the outside. Teak wooden hulls, two masts, flapping sails, and multi-tiered cabins will instantly take you back in time to the era of sailors and pirates. But once you step inside, you will see entirely modern interiors with plush sofas, wooden dining tables, ample lightings, and adorable Indonesian artworks. The al fresco areas offers couple of loungers and sun beds for anyone who want to get soaked up in the sun and sea breezes. The foredeck or main deck usually has a huge dining table where everyone would gather around to indulge in gourmet creations prepared by professionals chefs and cooks. And when the day gets too hot, you could always escape to the air conditioned indoor saloon. Get curled up on its comfy cushion, watch TV, or get something from its full-stocked library. 

Smooth Experiences 

Private charter yacht in Komodo usually run for three to ten days excursion. Each cruise can be tailored to your own preferred itinerary. Whether you’ll spend four nights in Komodo National Park or having a full 10 days blast to the Banda Island and Raja Ampat, it’s entirely up to you. Expect a smooth sail under the light of full moon, crossing the tranquil Komodo’s landscape. Wake up in different island each day, with glittering transparent water under the boat. 

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A Good Way to Life the Day

Picture yourself starting the day with yoga on the sun deck, the sun has just rising from the horizon. You are breathing fresh morning air, and your body get warmed from the golden sun rays. Everything you could listen is the gentle way of water on the hull and the light breeze. If only you could wake up like this outside the holiday.  

What’s for the day today?  Is it a thrilling walk with dragons? A leisure time in Pink Beach? Swimming in turquoise water? Or yoga on one of Padar’s peak? All the fun are aimed to get you reconnected with the wild nature; something that leave your soul fully recharged. It’s a mindful holiday on luxury Komodo liveaboard. 

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What Makes Millennials Good for Your Business

Running your own business requires you to use every potential to appeal customers. One of the most promising generations is millennials. They are important factor that drives business industries today. Thus, it is not exaggerating to say that millennials are good for your business. Therefore, many business goers today consider hiring millennials to help boosting their business. Of course, it is not right to generalize or stereotype people. However, it is also true that every group of generation have their own characteristics. As for millennials, there are many positive factors you can consider to hire them for your business. 

Involving millennials to your business

Every individual has their own characteristic that makes them behave the way they do. Every characteristic may have negative or positive impact to the way each individual works or solve a problem. As for millennials, there are various reasons why companies today consider hiring them. Lots of business goers see potential on millennials especially due to their characteristics. Here are reasons why millennials are good for your business.

Millennials are good for business

Hiring millennials will do you good because they are constantly hungry, not of food but of finding better solution. They have stringer drives to innovate better solutions for your business. They work with more motivation and passion which makes them a good innovator for your business, unlike people who only care to do the bare minimum just to ensure they that will get the paycheck every month. The best thing about hiring millennials for your business is that they don’t lack of motivation or willingness. Even if they are lack of experience, they make it up by having more passion to learn. They are also fast learners because they are familiar with advanced technology. 

To drive your business to the better future, you need the right people, especially those who have their finger on the current global environment. And millennials are the right people to choose. They are tapped into the greater market with high relevancy to the global environment. With their relevancy, your business will get directed towards the Zeitgeist. You don’t have to try grasping in the dark to touch this specific area if you have millennials working for you. Millennials are invaluable assets for your business especially because they have high potential in reaching wider market.

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Another good thing about hiring millennials for your business is that their tendency to not being limited to status quo. It is not because they are rebellious or something. It is more because they don’t see it efficient or working. Having millennials in your team will be advantageous due to this aspect. When you decide to hire competent, intelligent millennials, you will be able to get into a direction that will work now and in the future, not what has worked in the past. Most millennials are also more interested into companies that have clear vision and purpose. They even like it even more if the company can challenge the status quo which can appeal the market that is up and coming. 

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