Happy Workplace For The Success Of Your Business

There are many ways you can do to run an effective and successful business. One of them is to create happy workplace so your employee’s engagement can increase.

Happy workplace to boost employee engagement

Running your own business doesn’t mean you do everything solo. To build successful business, you need a team that you can rely on. It consists of skilful and talented people in their field which can complement each other.

This way, you will be able to reach your goals and objectives efficiently. The fact is the happier your employees are, the more productive they can be.

Boosting employees engagement by creating happy workplace

Happy employees are more productive and creative.

That’s why happiness in workplace can lead to more positive engagement which in result benefit to the business itself. There are many ways you can do to create happy working environment in the workplace. Here are several ideas you can apply for your business:

  • Hire people with happy virus can be one of the most effective ways to create happy workplace. These people have tendency to always bring happiness wherever they are. Happy people can create happy culture which can result in more productivity and accountability in return. They can also spread happiness and laughter which result in stress-free workplace. Your business will stay productive and your employees will stay motivated to do better.
  • Boost the happiness in your workplace by greeting your team earnestly. A simple hello and good morning you give regularly can make your employees feel happier. It is also good idea to pop around the workplace periodically just to check how everyone is doing. However, make sure your appearance is not intimidating but friendly. This is simple gesture you can practice in the workplace.
  • Recognize your employees and deliver praise. There are many things that can make your employees less happy. One of them is feeling underappreciated. You need to give what your employees what they deserve such as sufficient salary, enough off-day work, etc. however, you can also make them feel more appreciated through simple gestures such as praising them when they did a good job, complimenting them for their brilliant job, etc. make sure to recognize and compliment when and where the credit is due.
  • Make sure that you create balance work and life dynamic. You need to value your employees for their work. However, you also need to recognize them as a human being who has life outside of work. And that is as important as their responsibility at work. You need to create a dynamic where work and life of your employees are balance. You can offer incentives, work-from-home day, etc.
  • Make time to have meaningful conversations with your team members. It is true that you have to keep everything professional in workplace. That’s why lots of business owners and manager avoid meaningful conversations with their team members. However, this can benefit you and your team because you will learn to know more about your team members and create more understanding. However, make sure that the topic of conversation is not something offensive to talk about.
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How Kids Can Enjoy the Surf Camp in Europe?

Surf camp Europe is one of the best travel gift the kids will ever had in life. They are deserving it since many of the family trip idea may not as what they want. Through a course of surfing, kids will really have leisure time to learn as well as to have fun.

The challenge of traveling with children is that, we are trying so hard to teach them something valuable. And sometimes, we should admitted that we were failing in finding the fun and interactive ways on how they can really enjoy their trip.

How surf camp Europe will really enjoyed by the kids

Therefore, I am suggesting you to plan about the surfing course trip for the kids through the surf camp where you can still involving in as the parents if you want and you shouldn’t try to think harder about the best ways how your son and daughter will be enjoy their vacation at Europe.

How a surf camp Europe will really be enjoyed by the kids?

You may have a question about why the surf camp must be in Europe. To be honest, there is no specific reason for that but only my favourite continent in the world. And, there are as well so many countries that are offering us the best and world class surfing experiences. So do for the kids.

Bringing the kids to the surf camp Europe is actually has been the great idea to spend the family retreat. It is because the kids along with all the other family members that are traveling will take advantages of the surfing activity itself.

We have been knowing that surfing has surprising benefits for us as the adult people. But specially for the kids, surfing is truly recommended to support their growth both physically and psychologically.

A surf camp will surely have their own surfing lessons for the kids. And, the surf team and instructors have also been trained on how to treat the children the fun ways. So, decided to be in a surf course have actually the best decision to make to start giving your children the fun holidays they can really enjoy.

Besides that, being at the beach is always fun for everyone no matter there will be some things we can do or simply just do nothing. And when it comes to the kids, the beach and the sea can really be the infinity playground for them.

A surf camp with professional instructors will also be the safe guard for the kids that are practicing their surf lessons. You have nothing to worry about and the beach will surely not the rocky bottom one as well, the waves are gentle and perfect for the kids to practice, safe from the predator animals, and the rests are only the fun things to enjoy.

Surf camp Europe may not be the first thing comes to your mind when thinking about the place to spend your family holidays as well as finding the surfing destination. But, Europe is not only a continent with popular landmarks and diversity, it is also where the beautiful beaches and waves are.

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Building Effective Communication in Your Business Team

It is not easy to run business while building solid team at the same time, however, team is important for your business to make it work. You can handle all things related to your business but it will be more efficient if you can do it together with your teammates. Besides, you have more opportunities to expand your business and make it last longer. However, building a solid teamwork is not as easy as it sounds either. You need to build effective communication first to ensure that everyone is one the very same page. 

How to build effective communication between teammates

A conversation won’t work if you only care to speak and unwilling to listen. Effective communication is a two-way. This is how you can build relationship in your business. The key of effective communication is positive and personal awareness. 

To build effective communication, you need to have qualities such as active listening, assertiveness, eye contact, mindfulness, and self-confidence.  It is important to raise awareness to listen. This way, evert teammates understand how to face differences and how to respect each other. Differences are not always bad. It can help broadening the horizon and generate more ideas. You and your teammates also must be able to be mindful of individual’s space. 

Building Effective Communication in Your Business Team

It is also crucial to use positive language especially in professional environment. This can be carried through verbal communication. Positive language is important because it is encouraging and helpful. Meanwhile, negative language tend to drive conflict. Even if you have different opinion, it is important to deliver your intention through positive language so the others won’t feel offended. Positive language don’t necessarily results in positive consequences. However, it can prevent from unnecessary fight and conflict between teammates. 

Using positive language you look submissive. As business owner, you need to use assertiveness in maintaining effective communication. However, you have to differentiate between assertiveness and aggression. Assertiveness doesn’t contain hostile mood to the conversation. It is a clear statement of something you want to plan. Meanwhile, aggression leads to hostile behavior that can aggravate conflict instead of solution. Using assertiveness means you have self-confidence in expressing your thoughts without degrading others. 

To build effective communication, it is important to learn more about speaking style which include tone, accent, volume, etc. Your teammates may take differently when you deliver the same sentence in different tone. When you raise your voice too loud when giving order, it can be misinterpreted negatively by your teammates. When you speak in the right tones or pitch, you can motivate others. Positive speaking style is highly advised to use in working environment.

It is easy to have misunderstandings between teammates. That’s why creating positive and effective communication is crucial. Your team won’t be able to reach the goal of the business if they cannot even communicate well to each other. Learning how to use positive language through words choice or tone will benefit every teammate. As business owner, you can encourage your employees and team, or give them examples of effective communication. 

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Getting Balinese Design at Studio Tattoo Bali

Tattoo culture is huge in Bali. Even before the booming of mass tourism, Bali’s local people has known tattoo, or rajah in local language, as part of their tradition. Today, globalisation and international exposure has been playing their part in making this creative tradition to be an inseparable part of daily lifestyle on this island. Bali is brimming with modern studio tattoos and skilled artisan that’s ready to pour the art to your skin. 

Though tattoo culture become widely modernised in Bali (you can find anything from new school to illustrative arts), traditional Balinese style tattoo is probably one of the best thing you can get. Tattoo has strong magical value in Bali’s history. Only the elites of the society—the clerics, shamans, and rulers—were able to wear tattoo. However, the tradition now prevails in more modern designs. Bali is the right place if you want to get a tattoo that would remind you of this place forever. 

Unique Balinese Designs You Can Get at Studio Tattoo in Bali

Intricate details and rhythmic patterns are Bali’s most renown artistic traits, and this is prevalent on their tattoos. Black and grey ink are common on these designs, resulting in relief-like, 3D patterns on the skin. Below, we will go deeper to kind of traditional style tattoo requested at Bali tattoo studios.

Ganesha pictured in modern style

The Barong: A Studio Tattoo Bali’s Favorite

The most iconic Bali’s symbol, Barong is one of the earliest Bali’s traditional designs to get popular in many studio tattoos. To illustrate, Barong is known as Balinese spirit that guards the island. Barong is so versatile to put into various style. From blackwork, traditional, to simple line art, you can tailor Barong that fit your personality the most. Barong could have many bodies—it could bear the body of a lion, a bear, a tiger, to a dragon. Or you could just take the mask for simpler design. 

Iconic Balinese Ornaments

If you want a tattoo that screams “Bali” at a distance, the Balinese ornaments would be a great choice. Some combine the ornaments with a Balinese Hindu Gods figure at the centre, some goes only with the ornaments. There are three popular Balinese ornaments in tattoo studio Bali; the coral leaves, coral stone, and coral cyclops. Coral leaves takes inspiration from leaves of various size. In like manner, coral stones usually features shapes of sculptures that’s popular in Balinese statues. The coral cyclops pictures a concept of giant creatures with one large eyes. Black grey tattoo work best for this style. 

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Balinese Hindu Gods and Mythical Creatures

Besides the iconic Barong, a lot of people were enchanted with other Balinese Hindu Gods and mythical creatures to be engraved on their skin. Most requested figures on many studio tattoo Bali are the Rangda (often mistaken as the Barong itself), Kala, Garuda, Naga, Rhaksasa, Buta, and sometimes the fire spirit Banaspati. Likewise, popular Hindu gods that’s made into tattoo were Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesha, goddess Saraswati, and sometimes goddess Lakshmi. 

Balinese Words and Symbols 

Among other Balinese traditional arts, Hindu symbols and mantras are the most popular tattoo in this modern world. The simplicity and sacred holiness it offers make it perfect for someone who want a simple tattoo with deep meaning. It’s popular among the locals and tourists who just find new ways in Hinduism. The most popular symbol on this category are the sanskrit Om, Balinese Om, or the Mandala Om. In like fashion, some people go further by picking up quotes from Aksara script that has meaning to them. The artists on studio tattoo Bali usually helps you with the translation!

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The Use of Technology in Business

Technology plays important role in almost every aspect of life including business industry. It is one of the most effective tool or bridge for business owner to communicate with their customers efficiently. Besides, technology appears in various forms to use as needed by business goers. That is why running business today cannot be separated from the use of technology. In addition, technology keeps advancing in which can help business to grow effectively as well.

Technology and business

Through technology, business owners can achieve more goals more efficiently. Of course, it also depends on who uses it. Advanced technology needs to be operated by skilled human resources. Only then, the goals can be achieve effectively. Technology in business can be used in various ways started from management, communication, customer service, etc.

The Use of Technology in Business

Technical Skills

To use technology effectively, skilled technical person is needed. Only then can it be determined what kind of technological tools or devices to be used that fit the goal of the business and how it operates. That’s why using technology is not something spontaneous. It needs thorough planning to decide which type of technology to use and how to use it.

Technology for Customer Services

Technology is used to improve customer service and this has been proved through various type of business operation. Serving customer is the ultimate goal of business. You will only stay in business if you can fulfill the demand of your customers. Aside from delivering what customers need, it is also important to truly understand them. Using technology, business owners can conduct survey or data collection such as through website cookies, online polling, etc. technology can also help customers to get easier way for payment or order.

Technology to Increase Productivity

Technology plays important role in increasing productivity as well. Human resources are important but technology is faster and more efficient. Making or manufacturing products will be more efficient when technology is involved. Technology can help automating the process of production so the result is increasing. It also helps saving time so everything goes smoothly.

Technology for Human Resources

Technology can also be used to manage human resources. Resource management can be run more efficiently when technology is used. Through technology, business owner can recruit the best candidates of employee or team members. In addition. Technology can help business owners in delivering task for every employees. This way, the process is more systematic.

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Technology for Communications

Technology can also help improving communication. Delivering information can be done anytime and anywhere. It can help simplify the process. Various technologies to be used for effective communication include e-mail, text messaging service, mobile phones, social networks, etc.

Technology for Business Innovations

Technology can also help creating innovation in business. To be the top of the market, you need to keep innovating. This way, you can attract new customers and keep the existing ones. Innovation is one of the most important point for your business to grow. With the use of technology, the creation of innovation can be more accommodating. Internet is one of the crucial forms of technology you can use to create innovation.

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What Makes Komodo Liveaboard Budget So Affordable

You might have heard about the famous Komodo National Park on Flores, Indonesia, and its phenomenal sailing trip. As one of New 7 Wonder of the World, the Komodo has risen in popularity. It drives many travelers and divers alike to its transparent blue waters, undulating hills, and its rare dragon nests—the only colony of wild dragons left in the earth. Here, Komodo liveaboard budget remains as the most favourite option to have a taste of Komodo’s captivating beauty without spending all your savings.

But actually, what makes this liveaboard so affordable among other kind of boats? In this article, we’re going in depth with facilities in budget liveaboard compared to other pricier boats in Labuan Bajo.

Standard Cabins Enough for A Rest

Budget liveaboard might be not as luxurious as cruise or Komodo yacht charter, but it provides all your basic needs. Don’t dream about cabins with windows displaying the beauty of the sea, double spring beds, and mini-fridge on the room. Komodo liveaboard is all about paying what you get. Liveaboard budget commonly feature bunkbeds on their cabins. Sometimes one cabins could fit 3-4 people inside. Some of the best Komodo liveaboard on the budget class have double beds with  windows, but they get full very fast. These cabins don’t have much space—often, it’s enough to fit only for the beds and a tiny cabinet. However, this is much better than open deck boats with no cabins. That means you are going to sleep in the deck on thin mattresses used as makeshift beds.

What Makes Komodo Liveaboard Budget So Affordable?

Shared Bathrooms Instead of Ensuite

To save space and maintenance cost, budget liveaboard often cut the bathrooms into just two to three units onboard. While you can get your own ensuite cabins with bathrooms in luxurious liveaboard, you gonna need to share in low-cost boats. Bathrooms are equipped with showers and toilets, but you might not have many rooms to move. 

Basic Meals Onboard

The food in budget liveaboard Komodo is one of the thing that we really like. It feels like you are eating at local warung by the street. There’s nothing fancy on the menu, but they are fulfilling and comforting. You won’t get matching set of plates, cups, and saucers, but it doesn’t matter anyway. The crew would try to cook different menus everyday, but there’s might be repeated meals like Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng. If you are a fond of these meals, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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No Luxury Adds-On on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

One thing that makes budget liveaboard in Labuan Bajo so affordable is the package. What they offer is the basic—and main—experience in Komodo. Trekking, Komodo hunting, diving, snorkelling, and exploring the islands. That’s all. No fancy add-ons; no spa, no water sport activities (think of Kayak and paddle boats), no latte a la cafe in the morning. Everything in this liveaboard budget is far from pretentiousness. Everything is humble yet ensnaring everything you need to have a fulfilling Komodo experience.  

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Improving Customer Service of Your Business

Running your own business can lead you to financial freedom which gives you more opportunities to build your wealth. Before reaching that point though, you need to know what to do to grow your business effectively. There are various elements you need to do it and one of them is great customer service. It is one of the most crucial factors especially for small business. Even if you offer amazing services or products, your business won’t be able to achieve long-term success if you cannot deliver great customer support.

How to improve customers service for business

How to improve customer service that benefits your business

Customer service may sound simple and easy but it is not in implementation. It is more challenging to practice. However, great customer service benefit your business. It is not only a way to keep your existing customer stay loyal but also to establish your business in the long run. Here are some tips to improve your customer service to benefit your business and customers:

  1. Optimize your support in various ways. You can do this by utilizing online channels to provide your customers sufficient support they need. It can be a hassle for your customers to reach you by phone call or visit your location directly when they need quick solution. Thus, you need to build online strategy so you will be more reachable. You can provide live chat in your website or monitor your social media channels to stay in touch with your customers.
  2. Make interaction with customer as one of your top priority. It may require you to dedicate more time but it is totally worth it. You should spare a time to interact more with your customer so you can ask them about their experience. This way, you will get to know your customers better so you can always have ideas how to improve your business.
  3. Do not ignore negative feedback from customers. Well. Interacting with unhappy customers might not be the best moment when running your business. However, it is crucial that you respond to them immediately and offer a solution. Make sure to choose the right words in responding your customers and let them know that you are apologetic and willing to solve their problems.
  4. Improve your website by creating a FAQ page so your customers don’t always have to call or email you whenever they have questions. Make sure that the page covers important topics including prices, how to contact, and other questions frequently asked by customers. This way, you also don’t have to waste your time answering the same questions over and over again.
  5. Always respond your customer immediately. This is crucial part because you need to make sure that your customers don’t feel ignored or neglected. Of course sometime it is hard to respond faster because you need to discuss the issue with your team and find the right solution. However, make sure to give quick respond even you haven’t figured out the solution yet. This is to show your customers that you care and are willing to help them find the solution.
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Luxury Mentawai Surf Charters—What You Will Need?

There is one thing that can make your surf adventure across the sea in Mentawai being more unforgettable, meaningful and you can make it as luxury as you need. It is to charter a boat and start spending your holidays on board while searching for the waves.

Mentawai is always on top list for the surfers in the world to spend their surf holidays while start learning about the surf or improving their level in uncrowded islands. It seems like many of the surfers are going to ride the waves in such private resorts, islands, or boats.

Experience the luxury Mentawai surf boat charters for holidays

This will also be the main reason why surfing won’t get you bored to death since you will not only play with the waves, the sea and the beach. But you can always to decide to get the luxury surf retreat through surf boat charters.

Things you will need to know to experience luxury through Mentawai surf charters

Right before you are getting yourself to Mentawai and picking up random boat to accompany you in spending your luxury holidays and adventure, you will need to know some things especially if you have never been there before.

The importance of doing this is surely to help you creating the better plan for your surf journey in Mentawai so you can really experience your holidays at its best through surf charters.

1. How to choose the right surf boat charters

I will getting it started by talking first about what kind of boat that will be your your “home” for the next days to come or simply just the one that will let you reach the surf spots as its needed.

Thing you have to know is, some people are only experience the luxury of Mentawai surf charters for a day and some are even for weeks. Some boat will anchoring for days close to the surf spots and some are getting around the islands as it is planned.

All of that activities are base on what you are required and what the surf charters are planned. Some surf operators have got an itinerary for days at the sea while visiting some of the recommended surf spots. And some just got a plan for a day.

All it means is that the surf boat charters in Mentawai are also offering the surf package for the travelers that have no idea how to spend their surf holidays.

And when it comes to talk about the perfect boat to choose, I would prefer to suggest you to choose the traditional boat design like Pinisi as it is one of the popular Indonesian boat. Even though that you are choosing the modern boat, it will also be fine as long as you are thinking that it will be safe and comfort for you.

2. How good the surf spots you are going to visit and ride their waves

Itinerary, I have mentioned this on above. When you are going to choose the best Mentawai’s surf boat charters, think about where you are going and what are things you can do. Specially for the surf spots, I think this will be the most important thing to know after your safety on the boat.

This second step is quite challenging. It is because there are more surf spots you can find at Mentawai Islands. Say it the 4 Bobs, Lance’s Left and Right, Macaroni’s, Nyang Nyang, Sipora, Pagai, and much more. Seriously, there are more surf spots than you think in Mentawai.

Therefore, if you are interesting about Mentawai surf boat charters, you’d better look closer to the surf package they are providing. In case you are the surf beginners, make sure that the surf spots and the waves are beginner-friendly as well.

3. Type of surf package to choose

The next thing you will need to know is the type of surf package you are going to choose. Some are offering the surf resorts with and without the boat charter or in separated package, some are offering the surf charters for certain number of passengers and some are the private ones in Mentawai.

Not only you will need to choose the above type of surf package in Mentawai, but you will need to make sure that the surf boat charters are also offering the liveaboard package for days or you will keep on end up at the bridge at the end of the day.

If you are choosing the liveaboard surf package, I don’t think that you will need another accommodation at the island. It will truly be an adventure across the Mentawai’s seas to find and experience he perfect surf holidays.

So, will you spend your holiday for only a day on the surf charter or you can make it longer as you have been coming far from another country and continent? Overall, no matter what kind of Mentawai surf boat charters you are experiencing, surfing in Mentawai is always recommended for every surfers in the world.

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Budgeting Monthly Expenses of Your Business

Keeping track of your business expense is not an option but obligation if you want to run your business smoothly. Sure it is not the most practical thing to do but it is crucial because it can make your working lives easier indeed. This relates directly to your financial business so you can prevent your business from overspending or potential troubles in the future. Of course every business may have different expenses. However, there are common expenses that every type of business must pay. It is important that you prove that your business expenses are legitimate so you can deduct them on your business tax return. 

Common business expenses to know

In order to keep everything in check, you need to make sure keeping everything recorded through documentation. This will help your business expense to stay on track not out of the line since finance is crucial factor for your business to keep going. Here are some common expenses every business must pay you need to know.

Budgeting Monthly Expenses of Your Business

location cost

One of the most common expenses of business is location cost. It includes mortgage, home business location, building lease, etc. It may sound simple but it is necessary to list them and have them recorded through proper documentation. Location cost also includes phone, utilities, and computer expenses. In fact, you also should include your cell phone and computer internet lines into your location cost list. 

essential expenses

You also need to budget the cost of essential expenses such as machinery, equipment, and furniture. If you can deduct the expense then it is better. You don’t have to purchase fancy furniture to complete your office. Just make sure you buy furniture with durability and quality that will let them last longer than a year. 

maintenance expenses

Maintenance expenses are surely common for any type of business and you have to budget it properly. It includes maintenance cost of equipment, facility, and building in general. However, you will still have to pay for other kind of maintenance such as snow removal, mowing, etc.


Salaries, wages, taxes, and benefits are also expenses that your business must pay. You should pay your employees according to the payroll system. And it includes their benefits and payroll taxes. This system may be a bit complicated especially when you are a beginner in running your own business. However, you can also look for a payroll company to handle this.

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supplies expenses

Supplies expenses should be included into your business monthly expense because you will probably need to replenish it. The supplies include materials and office you need to support your business. 

marketing cost

Next important business expense that you should budget is marketing cost. Advertising your business using marketing strategies and tools can cost a lot especially when you do it regularly. It should be included into monthly business expenses. Promotion activities and social media marketing requires money. Your website also requires regular maintenance which cost money as well. Thus, you need to budget these expenses and if possible, deduct them to keep your financial setting in balance.

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Etiquettes You Should Know on Komodo Cruise Sailing

There’s no trip to Komodo that ever complete without the help of Komodo Cruise. This far-flung destination was made of chain of little islands connected by the Flores Sea. The Komodo National Park must be made especially for a sailing trip and wild expedition. Liveaboard trip is huge here. Travelers and divers alike loves to hop on a week of sailing trip to explore every nooks and crannies of Komodo. To dive the wonderful underwater, hike the breathtaking islands, and meet the dragons. 

Though sailing trip is somewhat necessary in Komodo, not everyone knows the right etiquette of being on cruises. Today, we are going to cover some of the most important cruise norms and rules that everyone should know. Some of the most generic rules are applicable to all boat—even on humble liveaboard. However, some are exclusive to a cruise and you should practice it whenever you embark on one. 

Etiquettes You Should Know on Komodo Cruise Sailing

Captain of Cruise Komodo Always Come First

When you hop into a Komodo cruise, you should be aware that you are under the authority of the cruise’s captain. Yes, the crew would serve you, but that doesn’t make you as the decision maker on the cruise. The main authority in the vessel falls on the captain’s hands, and he’s the one to make orders and decisions. He’s the one to discuss with if you wish to customise your itineraries, because he knows very well about the weathers and currents in Komodo. You should discuss and coordinate with the captains, especially if you want to change your destinations in the middle of the journey. 

The captain will be the first person to enter the boat and the last to leave. Upon the embarkation, you should wait for your captains—unless he gives you permission to enter first.  

On Smoking

No cruise prohibits you from smoking at the sea. However, they come with lots of rules. First, you should never ever throw the cigarette butts into the sea. Ever. The sea is not your giant trash bin. Second, never extinguish the cigarette on the deck floor—or on any furniture on the cruise. Use the available ashtray to cast the ashes, extinguish, and dump the butts. 

On Drinking Wine

You would probably never think of this, but some traditional cruises do not favour red wine or red berry. They could seriously stain the the deck. Discuss with your Komodo cruise about what kind of drinks that’s accepted and not onboard. 

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On Peeping Another Komodo Cruise

You are not the only one to embark on Komodo sailing trip. There will be many other boats, cruises, and yachts passing through and arounds! Naturally, you would have curiosity upon another boats, and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, be careful when you want to peep other passing cruises. If you display it too openly (and made comparing comments), your captain might find it disrespectful. 

The Foot and Footwear

Respect the cruise you are in by not wearing stilettos and any other type of high heels. It’s very essentials as almost all cruises in Komodo are made from woods. High heels are very damaging to the wooden deck. On a side note, it’s not very practical either to wear stilettos during island exploration and beach visits. You should wear something comfy, non-slippery, and not damaging to the cruise. Rubber flip flop is a good one! Also, don’t forget to always wipe your feet (or sandals) on small rugs. They are usually available on the cruise entrance and under the ladder. Do your best to not wet the deck. 

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