How to Create Opportunities in Property Marketing

When you are involved in property marketing, there are many things to handle before you reach your success. It is impossible to be a successful investor overnight. However, it doesn’t mean you need to keep waiting the right time to invest.

How to create opportunities in property marketing

Timing is important in the business but it doesn’t give necessary impact in general. It is often that investors wait for the perfect time to buy perfect properties for example. However, it is impossible.

If you keep waiting for the right time, it never comes. If you wait for the right property to just pop out, it is impossible because every property will always have minor flaws.

Create your own opportunities in property investing

Successful person is not the one who keeps waiting but the one who actively searching. However, being active doesn’t mean you are too aggressive and move blindly. You need to take action with purpose.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity, why try to make your own?

  • One of the most important thing in creating opportunity is to keep your eyes open and your mind active. This way, you will be able to recognize opportunity when nobody does. If you keep being closed-off and ignorant, there is no such thing as opportunity. When you keep your eyes and mind open, you will be able to see opportunities in every area of life. It means you can create more opportunities for yourself to get better investment and do things better than others.
  • Instead of relying on opportunity that comes from economy, you need to create your opportunity by relying on your own skill, confidence, creativity and discipline. Those things matter more than economy. If you can sue every fiber of your potential, you can thrive regardless of the economy. If you know your potential, you will be able to recognize what you can do with them and how to create opportunity. Your potential can get you everywhere because there is no limit to it.
  • When situation happens, the best thing to do is to take advantage of it instead of consider it as burden. When you can do it, you can create opportunity. It is even better when you fuel it will ambition and passion. In property investing, there are situations when you need to make smart and quick decision. It can be burdensome. However, you can do better than most investors if you find a point where you can take action and make it your opportunity to strike.
  • Strengthen your creativity because it is very important in property investing. Through creativity, you will be able to see the world differently. With creative approach, you will be able to make differences. You don’t have to be the same as others to be successful. Being on different side from others isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it is the best thing to do. With more creativity, you see more way out. That way, you can create your own opportunity in which not everyone can do as well as you especially when you can think out of the box.
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Does Your Online Business Needs SEO Services?

Doing business online using the website means that you are going into the more wider and deeper competition. For some businesses, it may easy to rank on the first page of Google and the products and services the businesses are offering can be identified by the customers.

But for many of the other businesses and actually most of the available businesses are hard to be identified on search engines.

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) itself has only around 10 links as for the search results of the information we are looking for. So do with the customers that making the first page of Google be more exclusive and you will be proud of yourself if you can rank better on that first page of Google.

The thing is that, there has been many of the products or services that exactly the same with your business. If you are new to the business, then your site may not even be found on the 100 page of search results. So, how you will get the customers?

What is SEO service and how it will be good for your business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to make your website and hopefully all of the URLs to be found on the first page of Google for certain targeted keywords so your business can be developed very well.

How come your business will needs the SEO services?

The more your site is appeared on the 1st page of Google, the more it will be clicked and visited by the customers and then it may will increase the sale or any actions you’d like the visitors to be done in your site.

It is actually part of the online marketing strategy your business should take so you will get more traffics day by day.

When your site is usually on the 1st page of search engines, your brand will also be developed easily since there will be higher chance that your business will be popular to the customers.

So, if your online business needs to be visited thousands of visitors everyday so they will see your offers and then decided to buy something from it, doesn’t it mean that are actually have done the good business, does it?

People are looking for the information of many things using search engines including to buy and sell things. If you will have got an online shop, then you must be happy when your online shop is visited by many people on internet right?

The more people are coming, the better since you can sell more than you have been expected.

And if you will really needs to be as like that, to get more visitors and higher conversion to your online business, you will really need the SEO services to help your site to be ranked well.

SEO services themselves will be deal with the two things of your site. Both are the on-page optimization to prepare and repair your site structure, the contents that have been published, keyword researches, and all the things related to how your site is designed and developed.

While the second thing is that the off-page optimization where you will need more online recommendations through the links from the other sites or blogs.

If you are the businessman, I am sure that you may don’t know much about it and don’t know how to start to working on it no matter how serious you are about them. You will really needs a helping hands from the others to maximize the site potential so the optimization steps won’t be take so long.

You can hire or find services such as Bali SEO, backlink services, web design and many more that are contributing to help your site to be ranked on the first page of Google.

Keep in mind that for the certain keywords, their volume can be so high but the competition is also hard to beat. So, there will be more resources to be needed as well as the time consumed. Yet, there’s nothing impossible in the world if you keep on working on it.

You can also keep on track down the improvement of your site that has been achieved each weeks to see how effective the SEO services you are hiring and then decided what next thing to do. The faster SEO campaign your business site will need is 3 months as minimal but I will recommended that 6 months is really worth it.

SEO is not the shortest way for your site success, it is a group of way to start building and improving your online assets for the long future.

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Top 3 Business Trends in 2019 that Continue to Rise

Talking about the business trends in 2019, actually, there would be various business types that will continue to rise from the last year.

Top 3 Business Trends in 2019 that Continue to Rise

According to the latest forecast of U.S. Federal Reserve, the national gross domestic product will rise by 2.5 percent in this year along with the decreased on inflation for a 10th of a point into up to 2 percent. The most obvious challenge for firms that are still in the growing stage is the prediction that the unemployment rate would be dropping. It may hit the record, which is 3.5 percent this year. So, if you are not sure about the resolution in 2019 for your company, here we have the top 5 business trends you might need to read.

The demand for more data control from users

Last year in May, there was a report from the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation that consumers demand more control over their data, both for personal and business data. Not long after that, the slew of U.S. states announced the statures of tightened breach notification. The notification is supposed to regulate and manage how student data can be used and sold by the business.

In 2019, it is better to not purchasing any data or getting the data without the consent of your consumers. Besides the regulation gives a certain pressure on companies that would do so, the Deloitte reported that over 70 percent of the data is not accurate. Instead, you may try to leverage the seasons with a themed poll, travel quiz, or a holiday gift guide to get more accurate data from your consumers.

Alternative loan

Lending money from bank institutions will require the borrower such a long list of requirements. Some of them could not even pass the requirement and it makes them unable to apply for a loan. The innovation has been growing from recent years and it allows people to borrow money from non-bank institutions. For example, the trends of online loan become bigger and bigger last year.

However, alternative lenders need to simplify the entire process of lending. One of the online lending companies from Atlanta accessed more than USD 10 million every day in 2018 through its platform. The company also launched a certain application that supplies advice from experts like Tabatha Coffey and many more. This trend will surely continue in 2019.

Subscription services

It seemed that subscriptions services growth got slowed earlier in 2018. However, the industry still continues to grow impressively for one percent each month. Starting from food, apparel, up to lifestyle subscription services become the most popular.

On the other hand, the market would have a lot of space if you take subscriptions as a niche. A subscription service for stationary that was established in 2012 got sweet profits by charging USD 20 per month for stamps and three letterpress cards. No matter they would sell software or chew toys, companies with resolutions related to its revenue should also capitalize on this one of business trends.

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4 Steps How to Establish Estate Agency

  • Set Up Business Plan

Just like any other kinds of business, when you attempt to establish estate agency, you need to have clear business plan. A good business plan should be able to explain what it is going to do, how it grows and how it will succeed. You should also include your business target for both short term and long term.

4 Steps How to Establish Estate Agency

This is a good way to consider the whole circumstances including how you will compete with other agency and how you fill your own niche. After business plan, you should also decide the legal structure of your business. It is ordinarily required when you register your corporate to legal firm. 

  • Search Your Premises

When you are trying to find premises for your estate agency, you may prefer to a prime location since it has high value. A location where it has crowd visits near public facilities will obviously have higher rental costs. Moreover, it will be easy to be advertised and attract many prospective tenant. 

Make sure you have done your homework of researching each potential properties before contacting the owner. You also need to work on the average rent with different types of properties in one area. Afterward, you can start to compare all calculations and define which premises you can afford. Remember to consider about your resources and running costs when deciding the premises.

Some estate agencies even start their business from home with a laptop, internet connection, cellphone and vehicle for easy visits and viewings.  This way can effectively press the startup expenses low. However, you shouldn’t underestimate them since they actually can magnificently reach success. 

The online estate agency features innovative technology and unique offering which give them special value. In this matter, you should also think how you will engage technology into generating money. Exploit the internet as much as you can or you will be left behind. 

  • Mark Your Name in the Market

There are some ways you can do to build strong presence in the local community for selling, buying, or renting properties on behalf of your clients. But first, you should think deeply about your brand. People have tendency to judge the image first before they decide to ask your services. 

The brand will also play mainly on the niche you will get. I suggest you highlight the unique selling point of your business have and make it remarkable. Second, you can start to advertise your properties through various media including leaflets, newspapers, and websites. 

For a startup company, sending leaflets door to door maybe effective since it is low cost with high possibility of response. Another effective way to advertise your business is though internet. You need to work on online marketing by establishing company’s website and have SEO strategy. You should keep in your mind that it’s not just an advertising of properties, it is also how you represent your brand to the potential clients. 

  • Insurance

Insurance is ultimately needed on this field. You need to prepare some protections in case of some complicated problems arise. This will also allow you to keep your clients trust which is very crucial for business sake. 

Learn that there are some different insurances regarding to estate agency. Certain insurance will help you to counter compensation claims while other will protect you from faulty advice charge. There is also insurance that will help you cover the buildings as well. 

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Basics Knowledge of Estate Agency

What is Estate Agency 

Estate agency is working for both selling and renting properties. They take on behalf of clients who is the original owner to face the prospective buyer or tenant. The properties can be residential or commercial purposes. 

Basics Knowledge of Estate Agency

The estate agency works is not only limited to sell or rent, but they also provide various services to their clients including handling the renovations if needed and manage administration legal procedures. From these services the estate agents receive commissions and fees. 

The works of estate agents is not like many people think that it’s so easy with few doing. This work actually requires maximum effort just like any other self-employment jobs out there. When you are determined to work hard, the result you acquire will be worth enough. Passion is really needed, so you will be able to open big opportunity and solidify your name in this market


The most essential skill of estate agents should own is proper communications. You should have enough confidence to involve with people. It’s way better if you have charm that could attract people in you as well as capability of understanding them. 

The skills will be helpful when you converse with prospective renter or buyer for initial introduction or prices negotiation. And, it becomes most needed when you have to deal with difficult clients. This works will be a lot of corresponding with people, so you have to know what to say if the other party are tricky.

You have to be ready when you face many problems. Sometimes, things don’t work out with the prospective buyer or renter even after so many discussions and offers. The properties remain unsold and deals are so far. So, perseverance and patient are other keys you should possess. Just like any other business, determination and passion is fundamental to succeed and overcome every setback.

Beside communication and self-determination, estate agents should also have solid commercial awareness. You have to master all things involving sales and marketing since you are the one who should sell or rent the properties. The owner depends on you to do this after all. You should learn other kinds of marketing channels and be able to identify which one gives the optimum results. 


Actually, there is no specific formal degree requirements in order to establish an estate agency. However, if you have studied about business major, civil structure engineering or surveying, it gives you more benefits. Besides, there are some particular courses which you can follow to learn this industry. Usually, you will have training about valuation as well as property management there. 

Collecting knowledge as much as you can would be great, but it is better to have enough experiences in this field if you are planning to initiate your own business. That way, you will be able to set some measurements, so you won’t lose to major players. 

Furthermore, you can consider to take specialist qualifications in order to show authority and particularly gain the client’s trust. This qualification mean you have mastered the law and regulations about the industry. And, you know how to prepare inventories and contracts in organized and legal way.

Since you will have to move from one site to other site of properties, it is suggested that an estate agent has driver license. Even sometimes, you need to drive your clients as well. 

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The Novitiate Guide to Businesses: Why You Should NOT Dive into Property Business

You might have heard of the things that make property business such a very enticing business department to dive into, but do you know that such business has its own dark side to it? These days, people will tell you that the best business to go to is the property business. They often mention lots of reasons why the business can be good. Things like a lowered risk and high revenue come to mind, and those two are probably enough to bring novice businessmen and businesswomen in. 

The Novitiate Guide to Businesses: Why You Should NOT Dive into Property Business

Sure it got a nice ring to it, but there are several things that can turn a property business a hellish thing to dwell in. In today’s article, we are going to talk about just that: the cons of running a property business. Without further ado, let us begin talking about the first thing:

It is expensive to start 

In case you did not notice from the title, this guide is made for novices in the world of business. Because novices often do not have that much money to begin with (unless they have inherited a massive fortune from someone they know), a property business is not a business that every novice should/can start with. 

Why? Because it is darned expensive, that is why. To conduct a property business, you would need to have a property first.  Thanks to how the economy works in our world, lot prices will always increase with each passing day. At first, you might get a spot of land by paying a few thousand dollars. On the second day, you might need to pay a bit higher than that. On the next year, the price might jump into the 10,000 range. The year after that, the price can go up to 100,000 and so on. 

Unless you are the first player, you will get the land for a small sum. These days, no one is hardly a first player anymore, so you would need to pay a large sum just to get a piece of land. Not to mention the cost to renovate or to build your property, which will definitely add to the overall cost. 

Minimal chance of risk, but if something did happen to your property…

You will lose every fortune you have spent buying and building the property. Properties will always increase in price, but what if something happened to it? What if a sudden tornado strikes the property down? That way, the money you have spent in building the property will go to waste. The cost of rebuilding it will be high, and there is a chance that the price for the lot will go down thanks to the tornado. Sell it and you will not be getting any profit.  

Lastly, it is pretty complex

This should not be a problem if you are good at calculating risk and a whole other mathematical and prophetical mumbo jumbo. If you are not, then be prepared to face losses and unmitigated risks. You would need to be able to do a lot of calculation and risk management here. In property business (and whole other businesses out there), uncertainty is a businessman or businesswoman enemy, and you would need to have a bit of skill to combat uncertainty. 

These three reasons are the major reasons why the business is not a good thing to start with. Sure you can start with a property business if you want to be a business mogul, but if you do not have the money, the skill, and the sufficient risk management system, you are better off starting your own startup company. 

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Business Ideas for Young Adults

Business ideas for young adults are varied. But some of you are probably getting confused about how to start one or what kind of a business you should run. For the beginning, you can start with something that you love. For example, you can run cookies business if you love to bake cookies. Do you need more business ideas? Keep reading!

Business Ideas for Young Adults

Online Shops

It can be said that e-commerce is still a hype in this digital era. For you who want to have your own business at your young ages, do not miss this chance. You can sell stuff such as phone cases, hats, scarves, shoes, or anything online. You can create a social media account to market your products or you can also sell them on online shop platforms. Such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, and many more. Besides those products, you can also sell your handmade products. For example, food and beverages. Make sure you maximally use the available features in the social media or online shop platforms so that you can develop your online business.


If this is your first time starting a business and you do not have enough experiences, there is nothing wrong to be a reseller first before you have your own shop. Though the products you sell are other people’s products, you will be able to get knowledge such as marketing strategies. For example, if you become a reseller of makeup products from a specific brand, you will able to know what makeup products which are being a hype among beauty enthusiasts.

Culinary Business

Starting from your passion is the safest way to start a business. For you who love to cook or bake cookies as your hobby, why do not you make it to the next level by turning it to business? Do not think about the big scale culinary food, especially if you do not have enough fund yet. Start from a small scale, look around you. For the beginning, you are able to give your workmates or college friends a taste to your cookies. If they love your cookies, it is possible that they will order some to you as their snacks at work.


If you are living in an area where there are many boarding houses, you can try to start a laundry business. However, running a laundry business is not only washing, drying, and ironing other people’s apparels. This business also needs an accuracy so that you will not ever give clothes to wrong persons. A laundry business is suitable to be run in boarding houses areas because they will be many workers or college students who do not have times to wash their laundry on their own.


If you are a creative person who loves to make unique and attractive handicrafts, you can make it as a business. Because the products are your handmade handicrafts, it will surely have its own uniqueness which is different from other handicraft products. Are you interested to try this one of business ideas for young adults?

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