Creating Brilliant Contents for Marketing

In business, you have various departments to help you reach the goals. Every department is managed by a team. One of the most essential departments is marketing. It can be one of the most challenging departments and the team often experience great level of stress since their performances affect business significantly. Growing your business means you should improve your marketing strategies. However, blindly following what the others do is often less effective to boost your own business. Creating brilliant content is one of the most effective strategy in marketing. 

Creating Brilliant Contents for Marketing

How to create brilliant content for marketing without large budget

Starting and running your own business often means you still have budget you should stick to. You cannot juts spend money carelessly. To improve your marketing, you can do many things other than spending excessive budget. You can create brilliant contents using more affordable resources. This strategy has high potential to grow your exposure and audience.

Platform and Target Audience

Creating Brilliant Contents for Marketing

Choose the right platform and focus your attention on your target audience. Since you still have rather small marketing team with low budget, you cannot pay expensive advertising agencies. However, you can make your marketing as powerful as possible. By directing your attention to only one or two social platforms, it can result more positively since you hit your target audience more precisely. Choose platforms that your target customers spend their times online the most. Choose platforms that has been generating leads to your site the most. 


Aside from delivering quality content, brilliant timing is also important. It can help improve the effectiveness of your contents. It is also important to set calendar to post contents so that you can maintain the engagement with your audience. You can also align the topic of interest of the contents you created with the right timing to release. It helps you to become more organized in managing your content delivery. This way, your marketing effort stays on track. 

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Visual Contents

Creating Brilliant Contents for Marketing

The visual content is also essential to attract your audience. However, creating shining visual for your content sometimes requires you to hire professional graphic designers or photographers which is cost a lot. Instead of spending budget on that, you can use low-cost resource such as free-tools to help you create more interesting contents. There are many softwares and tools you can use for free nowadays providing various templates, animations, and filters that can boos the visual of your contents. Thus, your content will be brilliant from value wise and visual wise. This means, you can develop your own skills without hiring a graphic designers.


To make brilliant contents, you should also think of the efficiency. You cannot waste your times doing one particular activity because you have many things on your plate to run your business. Creating and delivering content is not the only thing you do when growing your business. Thus, do not hesitate to embrace automation. Automating your way can be very efficient for your business. There are many tools you can use to automate your contents delivery so you can set the schedule in advance to post or share contents. 

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Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!

Your long awaited day offs is just lurking around the corner and you have planned to have surf holidays at one of the corner of the world. You planned everything—plane tickets, surf accommodation, and every surf essentials to pack. But there’s something that you haven’t 100% sure yet. Which surf board is best to bring (or rent) at your surf destination? 

The type of surfboard you use makes all the difference to your surf experience. Not every surfboard will do. The surfboards you’ll want to use on your surfing holiday will largely depend on your ability and the condition of the waves. You’ll need to change boards between riding the fat, classical mellow waves and riding sharp and powerful waves. So do a little research about the waves on your surf destination to know which one of these boards you need for the holiday. 

Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!

The Longboards for Beginners on Surf Holidays

If you just have your surf camp training session and having your first surfing holiday, you’ll want to stick on destination with fat, stable, mellow waves. The longboards will be the perfect choice for such waves and your current ability. The length of longboards allow you to walk up and down the boards for the best position. The large body gives the stability you need. It’s easier to paddle and quicker to catch smaller waves. This is the surfboard you want to carry around especially if you just learn to find your rhythm and surfing style.

Shortboard for Much Challenging Destinations

If you are coming for fast and steep waves, you gonna need shortboards. Just like its name, shortboards are generally short and range from 5 – 7 feet. The nose rocker is perfect for hyper manoeuvres, handling punchy waves and carving into the pocket of the waves. Shortboards gives speed and dexterity, but they are not as stable as longer boards.  Their smaller size also make for easier (and cheaper) transportation which can be a huge plus in surf holidays. 

Fish, Surfers’ Favourite 

Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!

Looking for something that has the stability of longboards and the speed and manoeuvrability of a shortboard? The fish can be a perfect choice for your surf holidays, especially if you are looking for just a fun jump in the saltwater and looking for the high waves. Its wider and flatter than shortboards which give more stability with a twist in fast and snappy turns. Fish is a great choice if your destination is brimming with smaller waves with medium height (2-4 feet) and a bit of steepness. Another benefit; fish is light to carry and it’s small size allow it to be tucked inside a car without much trouble. 

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Gun for Surf Holidays in Extreme Destinations

A long and narrow surfboard with pointy nose and tail, which size could reach up 6 – 10+ feet is called a gun. Surfers who deals with big waves that moves the line of the horizon love gun for its stability and speed. Its shape allow surfers for faster pedalling and easier control on steeper waves. On surf holidays destination with 12ft waves, you want to bring gun. 

Funboard, Surfers’ Favourite for Laid-back Surfing

Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!

The extra volume of fun board allows you to catch more waves. They are wide and stable, which make it as perfect alternatives for beginners. If you are going to beaches with long barrels and stable rolling waves, you might want to just bring a this board.  The fun board can really bring out the fun of surfing without putting too much effort to catch the waves. 

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Connecting Methods To Sell Your Products

Selling your products is a key for your business to stay afloat as well as growing. It is not an easy task because you have to make quality products that meet your customers needs. Not to mention that you have to gain good impression. There are many factors that can make you failed in selling your products or service. For example, hiring wrong person as your sales reps, or using the wrong methods. In hiring people suitable for the job, you don’t have to look for experienced people. Instead, you can hire those who have strong motivation and fast learning ability. As for the methods, you can try the ones that focus on making connection with customers. 

Connecting Methods To Sell Your Products

Selling products by connecting with your customers

Information now is easily accessed through many technological devices and tools. Not to mention that people are getting smarter in using them to their benefit. Customers now can easily get any kind of information they want. For example, it is easy for them to look for information regarding to the brand they are interested in. Therefore, selling persuasion is not less effective because customers already know what they want. Instead, you can use another method, which is selling through connection. 

Build strong connections

It is important to build connection nowadays. The type of connection is the one that is beyond the intent to sell. It may be challenging especially for salesperson. Building genuine connection needs efforts. However, it is worth for garnering long term success in the future. There are many things you can do to apply this method. First, you have to show your realness. It is fine to show your vulnerable side to your customers. It can make them see you as human being. If your customers as something you are not sure the answer is, tell them that you are not informed yet about that issue. There is no point in pretending.

Show that you really care 

Connecting Methods To Sell Your Products

Aside from showing your realness, you also should show them that you care for them. There are many ways to show how you care for people. For example, asking question, listening tot heir problem attentively, giving input, etc. Instead of just offering your products, you can ask some questions first. Then, you can also ask about the problems they are facing. Only then, you can give your input. Make sure to start your conversation with trivial things like the weather, family life, etc. Make your customers feel safe and comfortable. This way, your customers won’t feel like the are having transactional conversation. 

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Be consistent and deliver facts to your customers

Consistency is important to show your genuine interest toward your customers, you should make time to reach them out even outside of selling agenda. You can as how your customer have been, what problems they are currently facing, etc. Also, make sure that you are not delivering empty promise but facts. Always deliver valuable facts to your customers. It can help build your credibility. Customers will know right away which brand uses exaggerated language and which one delivers facts only. 

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How to Survive and Have Enjoyable Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Trip with Komodo liveaboard is huge in Flores. This boat trip enables every curious mind to explore the wonder of famous yet isolated Komodo National Park, series of islets stretched on the Flores Sea. To see the home of the last dragons, to venture to wild empty islands full of savannah fields and high palm lontar trees, to walk in gorgeous deserted beaches, and to see bustling rich marine life underneath. Liveaboard trip enables you to experience everything in Komodo as a whole. Living in the middle of the sea, waking up with a view, and having a handful of exploration throughout the day. Liveaboard trip is awesome—but it you manage it wrong, it can turn to sour pretty quickly. 

How to Survive and Have Enjoyable Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Do Not Bring Too Much Baggage

Quite emotionally and physically, actually. Try to manage your moods and minimise your worries. Do not think too much of what might happen. Similarly, pack light for your things. This is the beauty of Komodo diving liveaboard; staying in liveaboard for sleeping, eating, and getting transported means you don’t have to dress up for every occasion. You can just wear anything you like and relax. Living in liveaboard calls for relaxed casual lifestyle. No need to bring heavy jeans or formal clothes cause you won’t need them that much. 

Be More Organised with Time and Belongings

First thing to know when you are sailing with liveaboard; space is small and very limited. So, be very wise with your belongings. Do not let them scatter anywhere as it will bring discomfort both to yourself and your roommates. Also, sailing in Komodo liveaboard is basically like travelling with kind of organised tour (only, it’s bit more relaxed). It won’t be like your regular solo travel. Try to wake up in time and follow the schedule accordingly. 

Stay Hydrated

How to Survive and Have Enjoyable Komodo Liveaboard Trip

You will spend almost the entire time under the sun and saltwater, so remember to always keep your self hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Bring ion water if you need to—and keep them in the liveaboard’s refrigerator. Eat a lot of fresh fruit—watermelon, melon, and cucumber are a must on most Komodo liveaboard. Fruits can help with your water intake and keep you fresh during the day. You won’t leave good memories in Komodo if you were getting fatigue on the whole trip. 

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Keep A Good Care to Your Equipment on Komodo Liveaboard

Remember that the islands within the national park are protected and they don’t have mall, dive centre and repairs, or dive shops on the land. It’s very important to keep your equipment in their prime conditions cause once it breaks, you won’t get it repaired any sooner. Bring spares for just in cause.

Listen and Pay Attention to Komodo Liveaboard Crew, Always

When you are sailing with Komodo liveaboard, you will be at the hand of professionals. It’s especially important to follow what the crews and the instructor have to say. Guidelines for diving, hiking, and walking with the dragons should be followed carefully. 

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Find Out More The Key Of Productivity To Boost Your Business

Productivity is really important for business growth. It is the key to how far your business can go and achieve the goals. Without effective productivity, it will be harder to gain success especially with the flow of business today that runs in a fast pace. If your business is lagged behind, it is hard to be standout in the crowd. The competition in the industry will become harder as well. That’s why it is essential to pay attention more to the productivity and what factors influence it the most. Boosting productivity means you boos your business in general as well. 

Boosting productivity for brighter future of your business

Maintaining productivity is not that easy even if you have applied strict rule to your employees, there will be time for boredom to intervene. Logically, you will become less productive when you feel bored. However, it is not always the case. You can turn your boredom into a weapon for you to increase productivity. How is it possible?

Find Out More The Key Of Productivity To Boost Your Business

Use boredom to stimulate your creativity

Boredom is said to be the root of all bad things. However, it is not entirely true. You can actually manipulate boredom into something good. There are benefits you can take from boredom. It can be used to stimulate your creativity. Remember that boredom is not always related to laziness. Some people thought that just because they are bored, they are lazy person. Boredom can stimulate individual’s productivity in performing ideas. 

Let your mind wander

You can use the moment of boredom to let your mind wander freely. Remember that eureka moment often comes in the least expected moments. When you feel bored, try not to do anything for an hour. Or, do mundane activities such as tidying up your bed, washing your car, etc. Avoid using phones or any gadget and just focus on your mundane activities. You will see where your mind wanders and how far it goes. Sometimes, boredom is the right moment for people to remove themselves and calm their mind. This is a great opportunity to move forward with bigger plans for your business. 

Boredom for problem solving

Find Out More The Key Of Productivity To Boost Your Business

Many successful entrepreneurs has found boredom as a tool for solving problems in their business as well. Running a business means there are various challenges you face almost everyday. It is often to feel stuck in finding the right solution when your mind is full of everything and lead yourself to boredom because you are in the same cycle. Use that moment of boredom to empty your mind completely. It is easier to think and the solution will come up when you least expect it. 

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Boredom could be spark for an entire business

It is often that boredom becomes the spark that kick starts the entire business. Therefore, do not be harsh on yourself or your employee when boredom comes. It can be the moment of revelation or moment of discovery of something big that can happen to your business. Boredom is not a waste if you can manipulate it into something that result positive values. The key to manipulate your boredom is to take a moment and look around you, but never at your devices. 

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How to Make Your Child Comfortable in Kids Surf Camp

Surfing is an awesome activity for anyone of all ages. Not only it makes you look cool (admit it, we love looking cool with a surf board), it also a total body workout that would keep you in shape. For kids, surfing is great to boost their body growth, fitness, self-esteem, and confidence. Enrolling kids to surf camp is one of the great way to spend the summer; gaining new skills, making new friends, and having a whole new experience! If you worry that your little beans won’t be comfortable at surf camp, here’s some way to make it better.Going to kids surf camp can be a big gig for the kiddos. Here’s how you can improve their experience and make them enjoy their time there

How to Make Your Kids Comfortable in Surf Camp

First, Make Them Comfortable in the Water

Kids who don’t have confidence on the water won’t be really comfortable at the surf camp. If the surf camp is on your family list on the upcoming holiday (and the kiddos are agree for that), you can start taking them to pool for a prep up. On surf camp, they will basically spend their day in the water, paddling for waves, and try to ride it. Having basic ability to swim in open water will help them a lot. 

Take Them to Surf with You

Introduce your minions to the joy of surfing! Having a glimpse of wave riding through their own parents would spark their natural interest in surfing. So when it’s time for them to come to kids surf camp, surfing is not something strange for them. In a new environment, having already familiar with the surf culture prior to their arrival to the surf camp would make the transition easier. 

How to Make Your Kids Comfortable in Surf Camp

Choose Surf Camp for Kids Near Your Home/ Hotel

Surfing is tiring. For their tiny body, surfing could use up all of their energy. That’s why kids tend to eat more and sleep longer once they got home. Which is excellent for their health, actually. They get tired easier after a season at the surf camp, so it would be very helpful to choose a surf camp near your home. Or your accommodation, if you’re on holiday. Having the surf camp close from home means more time used for actual rest than get it wasted on the roads. 

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Make Sure They Are in the Right Hand

You should be picky with kids surf camp if you really want them enjoy the time here. Make sure that the instructors are professionals, licensed, and actually good with kids. They should know how to tackle kids’ short-span attentions, give easy-to-understand directions to the kids, and handle kids’ needs.

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The Idea of Buying A Business

Starting your own business is a good idea because it gives you opportunities to start from zero and build it gradually according to your pace. However, it is also possible to buy a business. Buying a business however, is not as simple as buying groceries. You need to know what you are looking for and what priority to choose of the business. It is important to not do anything in a rush because buying a business is a huge decision to make. If you rush anything, there is high chance you make a bad move instead. Therefore, be patience and research thoroughly beforehand. 

Things to pay attention to when buying a business

Buying a business means you don’t have to come up with new idea because the business itself is already there with its potential and risk. What you need is the right plan of what to do with the business. There are many things you should consider before buying a business aside from financial readiness. Here are things to consider.

The Idea of Buying A Business

Do not get easily tempted with cheap price

Remember that the seller’s job is to sell so of course they will do anything to tempt you to buy the business. They will mention only the positive things about the business such as potential and its growth. Of course, the potential and growth of the business are important things to consider before buying. However, there are also other important things you should pay attention to such as risk, stability of the business, and many more. Do not let your mind closed. Always find something to analyze so you can avoid making a bad move. 

Establish foundation first

Instead of looking only for the growth of the business, pay attention more on its stability and solid foundation. Choosing a business with solid foundation means you have better opportunities to build a sustainable business. Do not assume blindly and randomly. Calculate everything thoroughly so you can predict whether or not you can maintain the business once you buy it. If the business has high potential to maintain its stability even after you take over, it means it’s a good business. Do not easily swayed by delusional business growth because stability is more important here. 

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Calculate the purchase price

Before buying a business, you need to make calculation about the purchase price and terms whether or not they are worth it and make sense. You have to calculate the possibility of the business to not grow. It is possible for the business you have bought to not grow significantly. You need to prepare for the worst after all. However, you can prevent from severe loss if you calculate everything ahead of time. The best way is to find the exit so that you will be more prepared when something goes far from what you have expected when buying the business. Furthermore, it is highly advised to analyze all potential upside as well as downside. This way, you use only realistic, effective, and practical approach that will help you a lot in building the business. 

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Scuba Diving for Beginners: Best Way to Stay Confident on Your Training

Theres’s something about learning scuba diving that feels both amazing, exciting, and a little bit intimidating all at once. There are just many things to learn! Many people who just begin their path to ocean discovery often feel challenged to master the diving technique. Mostly not due to their lack of ability, but more on nervousness—one of the biggest obstacle in diving. We have heard too many diver fails to practice the right diving technique or operating the gears because of nervousness. Worry not. Here’s our best tips to stay confident during your scuba diving beginners training and become a fluent diver. 

Scuba Diving for Beginners: Best Way to Stay Confident on Your Training

Believe in Yourself

It’s obvious, we know. But as cliche as it sounds, confidence do come from yourself. If you believe that you will never be able to master the dive techniques, you won’t. You need to convince yourself that scuba diving is an easy and fun thing to learn to get rid of the mental block. Just like on any other sports, being confident in your ability plays a vital role in your success. Confidence becomes very essential in scuba diving as you would do everything we human don’t naturally do. Spending time underwater, breathing in aqualungs, and many more. If anything goes wrong, confidence can help you survive from fatal accident. Being confident is the best tips we can give to any beginners in scuba diving. 

Snorkel Before Starting Your Scuba Diving for Beginners Training

As said before, confidence in the water is the biggest challenge for beginners in scuba diving. That’s being said, those who has plenty of experience in snorkelling is having the advantage of already being confident in the water. Try to snorkel when you are having holiday. Go to swimming pool on the weekend. Do your best to feel comfortable on the water before going to your first scuba diving lessons. 

See If You Can Find the Most Compatible Dive Buddy

A good dive buddy that match with your personality plays a huge part on boosting your confidence underwater. At this stage, the right dive buddy for you should be the one who are more skilled than you, more confident, and able to guide you. They shouldn’t make you worried—instead, they can open the door of underwater experience for you to enjoy.

Unsure About Something? Ask It!

There’s thin line between death and enjoyment on scuba diving. Never assume anything by yourself. If you don’t understand something, ask it away! There’s no such thing as dumb question in scuba diving.

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Dive More Often 

The last and one of our best scuba diving for beginners tips: if you want to be confident, build up your experience. Remember when you are taking as much as exercise before taking a final big test. On every exercise, your skills are improved. You start to figure out your own patterns, you get used to what you need to do. With every training you do, you are building more and more confidence. And when confidence flows, you know you can do it—smoothly, perfectly.

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Disadvantage of Overwork and How to Overcome It

Business is a tough industry especially now because the pace is running like there is no tomorrow. People in the industry believe that they shouldn’t slack around or else they will be left behind. This often result in overworked, and stress workers. Busyness in business is often viewed as a good thing because it shows how demanded they are and how their role is important in the industry. However, it often ends up with negative side effects as well such as poor personal relationship, deteriorating mental health, and over exhausting body. Therefore, there is no benefit of overworking. 

Healthier work for healthier business

It is important for you as a leader of your business to promote healthy work. There are other ways you can do to benefit your business aside from overworking yourself or letting your workers working to death. When you and your team adopt healthy ways of working, the result will come out more positive. Remember that nobody can make you sustainable but yourself. 

Disadvantage of Overwork and How to Overcome It

Avoid working non-stop 24/7

You should try to understand that this kind of work is not healthy at all both for you and your team. Let weekend be a weekend which means no work involved. It is the time when you focus on your family and recharge your energy. Work can wait on Monday. It is the same to your workers. Try to not send them emails during weekend. It is their time and their right to rest properly. You can draft the tasks into a folders and give them first thing Monday morning. Physical and mental well-being are both important to maintain. This way, you and your team will be more productive during weekday because you are well-rested throughout the weekend. 

Don’t have a motto of ‘I live to work’

It means you spend your time solely for work and nothing else. If you, as a leader has this kind of philosophy, your teams will think it is a must for them to do so. Make sure that you work because you choose it and you have reason for it. For example, you work late at night because you dedicate the evening for your kids. If this the case, let your team know that you work by choice, and you know what you are doing. This way, your team will understand that they also have their own choice, not solely following your way of working. 

Quality over quantity

Instead the quantity, you should focus more on the quality of contribution the team make. Don’t scold your workers if they want to finish their work on time so they can catch up family dinner. Don’t praise your workers over trivial things such as coming earlier to work. You should also focus on the result. You can acknowledge your workers who can deliver a high-quality presentation to client instead of praising those who work till late at nights in the office. Respecting personal time of your workers is necessary. It can help reduce their work-related stress so they can work more productively. 

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How to Be Polite Diver in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

You have heard about the Komodo National Park for quite some time and it’s been sitting in your bucket list. Not only that it famous for the last of Komodo Dragons, but the national park also house one of the best underwater ecosystem throughout the world. You will spend three to six days exploring the Komodo, doing as many dives as you can, and calling the Komodo diving liveaboard as home for the next few days. And yes, you will be sailing with six to ten other passengers—unless you rent it whole. Make sure you behave like a good diver you are. No one like that rude, insensitive guy who make everyone uncomfortable. Here’s how. 

How to Be Polite Diver in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

On Sharing A Cabin 

If you book a single supplement or taking a cabin for two with your other one, this should not be an issue. But if you take a sharing cabin in Komodo diving liveaboard with one or more persons, you need to be more careful. Discuss about bed choices. Ask them which side of the closet they prefer. Store your bags and belongings as neat as possible. Don’t let your things clutters and disturb the others. Similarly, you can remind them if their stuffs are taking too much space in the cabin. Try to be assertive and understanding all at once. 

On Keeping A Wet Gear in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Ugh. This is a horrible nightmare to happen in a sailing trip. Never, ever, keep your wet dive gears in the cabin unless the crew specifically ask you to do so. Most Komodo diving liveaboard have a special gear station. Choose your assigned storage to store your dive gears. You can put a dry bag there to keep handy items such as flip flops, hats, sunglasses, or even hair conditioner. 

On Living in the Liveaboard

Live in Komodo liveaboard are pretty simple. It’s all about dive, eat, sleep, repeat—and taking leisure all in between. Everything will be okay as long as you follow the boat’s rules. Listen to their procedures on getting in and out the water. Pay attention to every briefings, from boat’s safety procedures to dive plan on each sites. Stay organised and keep your belongings in place.

On Using the Facilities

How to Be Polite Diver in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Every facilities you have in Komodo diving liveaboard is communal, so remember to share it wisely.  Do not block electricity outlets for yourself. Charge your electronics for only as long as it needed. Don’t tag the sun chairs with your towel if you are not using it. Others want to lay down there, too. Only pricks monopolise communal facilities.

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Being On Time

On diving liveaboard, time is everything. The earlier everyone’s ready, the faster the boat can reach the destination. Just being on time helps. Try to be on time for every briefing, tender loading, and getting back from excursion. Don’t make the others wait for you. 

Pack A Good Attitude to Komodo Diving Liveaboard

The most important thing: pack a good attitude! Remember to treat everyone equally and with respect. Try to be friendly with everyone you meet on the board—it’s good to have friends especially if you are travelling solo. 

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