Dealing with Leaving Tenant during Your Rental Property Investment

Running rental property investment is one of good strategies to earn monthly income. Of course it is not as simple as it sounds to be because there’s always challenge and risk along the way. One of the challenges is when your tenants decide to cut down their lease prematurely. There’s various reasons why tenant decide to do break the lease before it ends. It could be because of work relocations, family circumstance, or other personal matters. There is also situation that can drive tenant to move out and break the lease such as when the rental market is low and the rent is dropped. They may want to find better place with more affordable rent.

What should you do when your tenant decide to break their lease prematurely?

When you own rental property, there must be some problems you need to face include leaving tenants. However, you need to keep in mind that they can’t just leave without giving you notice. In fact, they need your permission before. Remember that the lease contains agreement. To terminate it, it should be in writing called break-lease agreement. It should have detailed information regarding to the cost, as well as responsibilities involved. As a landlord, you have right to let them go with no cost. However, is it a good option?

It is better to break everything in writing to make sure that both parties are safe. You also need to keep in mind that tenancy agreement is a legal contract. Thus, you need to make sure that your financial position won’t give you bad impact due to the breaking-tenancy agreement. As for the cost itself, it varies from state to state. Averagely, tenant should compensate you for reasonable cost for advertising and letting fees. Another cost includes maintenance expense such as for mowing.

There is also another option in which you can let go off your tenants with no cost. They can do the advertising themselves to find new tenants. This can be a great solution for both for you as landlords and your tenants. You don’t have to find new tenants and your tenants don’t have to pay for the cost of their breaking-lease. However, this solution won’t work if your tenants urge to break the lease as soon as possible. It is widely known that finding new tenants is not as easy as it sounds. This option will only work if the tenant notice you ahead of time so they have time to find new tenants before breaking the lease prematurely. If your tenants want to leave immediately, it leaves you no other options but calculated the cost of breaking the lease as mentioned earlier.

Tenant cutting tenancy agreement prematurely is not uncommon. Rental market is situational, seasonal and cyclical which can cause some problems for people involved in this business. However, do not let this possible problem deter you from growing your rental property investment. If you plan everything ahead with the right strategies, you will be able to thrive every challenge and make your investment bigger.

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Exclusive Holiday with Exclusive Bali Villas

Bali is a more than a nice place for holiday. It is where you can get meaningful travel either alone or with a group of friends and families. To manage your accommodation, you can rely on exclusive Bali villas, a villa management company that can help you finding the right villa for your stay in Bali. It is not that you can’t find it yourself. Trusting rental management means less hassle on your plate especially if you are planning on having exclusive holiday in Bali. By relying more on a rental management, you don’t have to worry about accommodation or stuffs and just enjoy the ride.

What exclusive Bali villas specializes at

There are various villa rental management or agencies in Bali since it is one of the most desired travel destinations for tourists around the world. However, you need to choose the best one if you want to have exclusive holiday along with exclusive service from where you are going to stay. Choosing villas is the right thing to do because then you can really feel the vibe of Bali at its finest. Exclusive Bali villas are specialized at many important things related to accommodation for your holiday such as:

Finding the right villa

It can be challenging to find the right villa in Bali because there are so many of them. It may be easy to find villas with high-end service and grand facilities. However, not all of them fits your preference. Besides, every individual has their own preferences as to what kind of villa they really want to stay at during their time in Bali. Some people look for humble and simple villa and others seek for more luxurious villas. Thus, exclusive Bali villas will help you finding the right one that really suits your personal interest started from the style of villa, the location, the price, and many more important things that need to be taken into consideration.

Villa with supervisor

Every villa featured in exclusive Bali villas include a supervisor to attend to your wish. You might have some requirements either before or during your stay at the villa. Thus, the supervisor stationed at the villa you book is the person you can rely on for any sort of requirements such as asking advice for restaurants, additional service, etc. You can always ask any question to the supervisor regarding to your holiday in Bali and you must have many if it is your first time visiting Bali.

Hospitality from friendly staffs

Everything you need will be managed and organized by in-house staffs ready at your service if needed including babysitter, massage therapist, cook, or tour driver. However, it is important for you to send require for additional services at least four hours prior notice. This will give time for the staff of exclusive Bali villas to prepare. If you cancel your request, you will be charged accordingly. Holiday in Bali is not a bad idea because it provides everything you need started from amazing nature, friendly locals, to exclusive accommodation.

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Quickly Renting Your Property to Steady the Cash Flow

In rental property investment, vacancy is like a big enemy. It is something that rental property investors avoid the most. Vacancy means no income and no income means no steady cash flow.

Then, it means you won’t be able to sustain your portfolio.

The chance to grow your property investment is also getting slim if you cannot handle the situation. Thus, it is important to rent your property as quick as possible and do not give a chance for vacancy to happen in the slightest.

How to quickly rent your investment property

However, this is not a simple task. You should find the best strategies to attract prospective tenants.

How to quickly rent your investment property

Through rental investment property, you can get rental returns so you will be able to pay your mortgage, council rates, maintenance and other expenses. However, it is also important to sustain rental income while maximising the returns in order to steady your cash flow for a long run. Here are some tips to attract tenants as quick as possible:

  • Pay attention to the look of your property. Advertising your property is one of the strategies to attract tenants. However, it will be no use if your property look undesirable. Thus, you can make it look at its best by fixing some minor such as cleaning out gutters, mowing the lawns, or repainting. This way, your property will look more desirable from the photos you take for the ads.
  • Always be prepared by conducting regular inspection and routine maintenance. This way, you can keep your current tenants and attract the new ones. Every tenant wants to live in well-maintained living space. It will make them more comfortable and feel like at home. Besides, this is also kind of a safeguard for a long term capital value.
  • Create the first impression. This can be done when you pay attention to the outside of your rental property. When tenants inspect your property for the first time, they will look the outside before the inside. Thus, make sure to fix small problems before the tenants come. Thus, those small problems won’t turn into bigger ones in the future when the tenants decide to rent your property.
  • Add value of your property through some improvements. You should think of improvements that not only can be profitable but also boost your rental yield for a long run. You don’t have to focus on expensive improvements. Instead, you can do more aesthetic improvements. This way, your can make your property look more desirable while increasing its capital value.
  • Try to understand more on the market. Remember that aside from property market, you also need to understand tenant market. You should find out what the tenants really want of something they call home. Thus, they can meet their expectation. It also includes the pricing. Make sure to decide rent price by considering important factors include market expectation and tenants. You need to be careful before raising the rent because it’s not worthy if it means losing your chance to attract tenants.
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Tips for Travellers to Take Better Images in Bali

Most people who are visiting Bali may take pictures more often than the other travel destinations in Indonesia. It is making sense since Bali is a classic version of the country, a place for luxury retreat, adventures, rich in cultures and religion attractions and many more.

Tips to take better images in Bali for travellers

And to get more better and beautiful images in Bali, you will need some tips. But, I won’t give you some that may have been heard and read before, I have some things that you may have never been thought before.

1. Wake up earlier and start heading to the destination

When its come to the weekend, it is hard to find a place in Bali to take pictures without making you shout to people. The crowd of the place, the worst and might contribute to make your traveling day worst.

So that, if you want to start your traveling in a day, it is better to start earlier since there are many destinations that are best to shot in the morning. Most of the people still in their bed and you will also take advantage of the morning sun to add light to your images. That will be a great thing to have such natural lighting.

2. No matter how good the angle you may think, never try to climbs up the temple

Temple–no matter how small or big it is, if you are thinking that getting its image from the upper angle will be great, Do Not you dare to climbs up on it. It may sounds different with the other religion house of worship, temple in Bali is truly a holy place, literally.

Climbing it up without any permission will makes the religious adherents and religious leaders thinking that you have been reducing the sanctity of the temple. You’ll get a punishment for that and the worst case, there should be a sanctity ritual to get back the holiness of the temple than can cost the local people to spend up to hundreds million of IDR (Rupiah) and even more.

Doing that means you are demeaning the holy place as well as the local people. In this case, you have to think that your photography things are nothing at all.

3. You can hire the professional photography services

Better images is equal to a better or professional photographer. If you really need that, you have surely make a plan before to see if your budget will be enough for that.

Today, many of us have actually our own tools and camera on hands, but it is always a worth trying to do for hiring the professional photographer Bali if you do really care about the quality and your image stories.

One of the advantage you can get by hiring the pro is that you can start talking about which destinations you are going to visit and what the best concept for getting images in such places. Later, you will get the various and better image quality for your traveling story.

4. Getting around Bali by yourself for a photography hunting? Bring extra power resources

How you will take your images? Most people will answer to use the mobile phone, high-end DSLR camera and surely the combination of the both. The thing is that, leaving your accommodation to the certain destination you have planned a night before can take up to hours. Let’s say it will be 2 or 3 hours riding motorbike.

What if you don’t know the road to your destination? You may use the Map apps on your mobile, right? Now, your phone battery may reduced if you do that. It may not even stands for the next 3 hours. So, you will lost more chance for taking pictures.

So does when you are using the DSLR camera. If you think that you will take more images than before, you may need to think about the extra power resources since the road is too long to go back to the accommodation.

5. Brings at least a friend, never going solo!

If you are a solo traveler, it doesn’t mean that you have to be alone along your travel in Bali. Find a new friend and see if you may have the same common in experiencing Bali. Not to mention about the troublesome you may get when taking images. If you are alone, who would love to take your images if the place is quiet hard and somehow impossible for that?

That’s a new friend is for. Make him or her taking images of yours and see if you can also do the same thing as return. Anyway, with a new friend for heading to the destination in Bali, don’t you think that you will also help one another in adding an extra power resources. At least, there will 2 phones in your journey. You get what I mean, right?

So far, that some of the 5 tips to take a better images when you are traveling in Bali. I think those are special to you since there may many bloggers or travellers are covering such topics.

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Optimise the Return of Your Rental Property Investing

Running property business means you have asset to maximise in every possible way. Your property is your asset. However, your tenant is too. That’s why, optimising the return of your property investing can be done by maximising your rent.

The main goal why you choose to rent out your property is to gain financial freedom. Of course, it can’t happen in a short span.

It may take years before you reach that stage. However, renting out your property at least can give you stability of steady income each month as long as the lease allows you.

Even though you have already steady income from the rent you receive from your tenants monthly, you still can maximise it.

Strategies to optimise your property rent

First thing first, you need to know that in handling rental property you will need property manager.

Not only they can maintain physical condition of your property, they can also maintain your cash flow by handling the tenants well. Thus, hiring property manager can benefit you even if you have to pay extra.

Ways to optimise property rent

So below are some strategies to optimise the return of your rental property you can take advantages of.

First is to add some cosmetic touches to your property can lift the rent as well as the equity.

You see, it is common for the rent to increase in order to keep up with the inflation. However, if you increase the rent without giving any benefit to your tenants, your property will be less appealing. You will find more troubles from having to find tenants harder.

Thus, adding cosmetic touches such as paint, light fixtures, rug, and some simple elements can refresh the look of your property. Thus. You can boost up your cash flow.

Commit to longer leases is more recommended. You see, short leases like 6 months means you have two period of vacancy each year. It disadvantages you as an investor because you need to find new tenant twice harder within short amount of time. Thus, it is recommended to set longer lease at least for 12 months.

This means you have less interruption to the cash flow. The vacancy period is also less.

Next is to try some garden maintenance.

This seems like a simple plan but it can work. In fact, it can solve two problems. First, you can solve the problem of neglected outdoors it will look more appealing and well managed. Second, you will benefit from higher market rent especially with a tax deductible expense.

You don’t need to spend much money for garden maintenance. You only need to focus how to make it look neat and appealing, far from looking neglected.

Then, consider allowing your tenants to keep their pets. The number of pet owners is increasing and it means you can take a chance on it.

Most pet owners are willing to pay more as long as you allow them to keep their pet that they have considered as family member. Besides, pet owners usually prefer long lease.

They also tend to be well-management so they can take care of your property like they own it.

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Best Location to Stay in Bali for Beginner Surfers?

One of the proofs that Bali can be for every kind of travellers is that it can even be used for those as the surfing enthusiasts and would like to self-taught theirselves in a safety ways with or without an instructor. Beginner surfers are welcomed!

If you are with the other beginner surfers are wondering what to do if this will be your first time for visiting Bali, I’ll guide you here so you know what to do.

You will not only thinking about which beaches and locations you can visit for your surfing learning, but I can even tell you which place to rent the accommodation for the other beginner surfers that is close to the beach where all of you can start surfing safety.

Best and suggested location to stay in Bali for beginner surfers

So, let’s assuming that you are in a surfing trip to Bali with the other beginners.

Suggested location to stay in Bali where all of the beginner surfers can learn surfing everyday

If you are thinking about heading to Kuta since it is the most popular area and beach where you guys can also learn surfing, I don’t really agree with that idea since the beach has been polluted by the plastic wastes.

And that’s the last image I have seen about the Kuta beach until now where there are so many wastes around that can make your trip being disappointed.

I don’t know whether that time the Kuta beach was delivered the wastes from the other places or islands or not, the only thing I could remember is its own dirty no matter how many people are considering that they have been spent a good time there.

Besides Kuta, surely that there will also be the other destinations for beginner surfers to visit. But first, I think that it is important to think about the location to stay for all the beginner surfers to find the best location to stay in and can support their surfing activity.

I am talking about the best and recommended location, the accommodation as well as the beach. And if you are asking me where to stay and which accommodation to reserves plus the beach, then propose your surfing group to check out this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak.

Seminyak is the village in Bali with its own long beach. The accommodation that i just suggested to you will also need short minutes to the beach. Maybe just under 5 minutes to it by foot and then you can start surfing in a not so big waves that are perfect for beginner surfers. Even the new kid surfers are recommended to be there with surely by the surveillance of an adult or an instructor.

Staying in Seminyak village is also recommended for many beginner surfers who are requiring to stay closer at where they can experience the popular city and places in Bali and the surrounding. So, they will really experience many things while their main activity which to learn more about surfing won’t be distracted.

That’s why, this could be the best location to stay in Bali for the travellers as a whole as well as for the beginner surfers.

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Things You Should Know About Negotiation in Property Business

Negotiation is not something new. You negotiate with your partner about relationship before taking anything further. You even negotiate with the strangers when you involve in incident to find the best way-out. Therefore, negotiating in property business is also common. In fact, it is part of the business you couldn’t skip. Even if you are not good at negotiating, you should hire people to represent you in negotiation. Negotiating skill in property investing is important. Just because you can hire someone to do the job, it is much better to learn how to build the skill for yourself.

Things You Should Know About Negotiation in Property Business

About negotiation in property business to know

Actually, negotiating skill is not a subject you can learn from school. Experiences in real life are better even. Besides, some people are just natural in negotiation that they don’t need to learn how to do it. You see, a negotiator should hold the power so to get what they want from the other party. And here are some rules you can learn and follow:

  • It is important to think that basically everything is negotiable. It doesn’t mean you can always win in every negotiation. However, it reminds you that you always have change to negotiate everything without any doubt. This makes you confident to negotiate you want to achieve.
  • Even if you already knew who the other party is, you never know what they capable of. There is always chance to slip up and in the matter of second, the other are in the upper hand. That’s why you need to be prepared for the negotiation. You need to know what you really want to achieve. Only then you can make the right plan on how to achieve your goals.
  • Instead of focusing on how to win the negotiation, focus more on to achieve win-win solution. This way, both you and the other party can leave with satisfying deals. To achieve this, you need to remind yourself not to openly offend the other. Instead, show them that you have good intention and understanding. However, never assume that you and the other have the same goals and agenda. Ask some question before going to the real negotiation process to find out the other motives and intentions.
  • In negotiating, you need to appear confident even if your inside if nervous. Don’t be afraid of rejection or judge from the other. Also, do not easily give in what other demand because you have your own agenda you need to fulfill.
  • To put it simply, treat negotiation as a game. There must be rules and hints on how to win the game. By understanding the stages and structures of the game, you will know what to do. It is also highly advised not to trust other but yourself. Do not let the other see your desperation. In addition, it is even better if you play dumb instead of showing off your brain to let the other’s guard down and think they are in the upper hand before you strike.  
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Komodo Liveaboard Safety Tips for Solo Traveler Woman

Some people loves to plan their holiday with their closest persons, some just love to explore the world alone. In Komodo, solo traveler occupies half of the rooms in Labuan Bajo, Flores’s portion and the gateway to Komodo National Park. The Labuan Bajo itself has a thick backpacking vibes hanging on the town. This fisherman hub is now brimming with backpacker dorms, hostels, and  budget hotels. Here, solo travelers can spend a night and plan their trip before continuing their journey with Komodo liveaboard. Of course, as the world kindly remind us everyday, the world could be dangerous for woman to travel alone, and Flores is no exception. Even if Labuan Bajo is pretty much safe for solo travelers, it’s better to take a safe precaution. If you are a woman and plan to go to Komodo anytime soon, read the guide below. 

Komodo Liveaboard Safety Tips for Solo Traveler Woman

Learn Komodo and Flores Throughly

When you are travelling alone, you don’t want to look confused. You want to look confident so no one would see you as a target. Even when you join an organised Komodo liveaboard tour, it’s always good to know your itinerary in detail. Learn the map of Komodo National Park and your destination details. It feels good to know where you are going to and be the first to notice if something went wrong.  

Prep A Fake Wallet

Ah, a classic tips that never gets old. One of the major trick that always work on travelling is distributing your money into several hidden places, but I’m a firm believer of fake wallet trick. The key is having a fake wallet where you’d put your old student ID, library ID, and any shop loyalty cards (like that one from your supermarket stores) to make it seems real and put some $15-20 dollar cash inside. Should someone threat you, you can escape quickly by giving off your invaluable wallet.  

Book A Shared Cabin

When you book a Komodo liveaboard, try to have a shared cabins. Shared cabins are everything for solo travelers in Komodo. It saves the budget, it gives you a nice bed instead of a semi-open deck for sleeping, and it opens an opportunity to make a new friend. Aside of driving away boredom and loneliness, having a friend is very important during solo traveling—and you would soon realise why. If gender difference concern your safety, you could always make a request to the ship captain/ tour leader to have same-gender passenger to share your cabin. 

Tell Family/ Closest Friends Your Travel Detail

Here’s the thing. While couples and group travelers has someone to keep in check with the, solo travelers are at disadvantage when it comes to disaster. They have no one to look for them. It will be long before the group know that they has been missing. Before you off to sail with the Komodo liveaboard, make sure you have confide your trip details to someone you trust. There have been few ships accidents in Komodo, and should anything happened to you, your family/ friends would know before it’s late.

Make Friends in Komodo Liveaboard 

This is why making friends during solo travelling is very important, especially when you are going into a place as remote as Komodo. Also, it gets somehow easier to be open and socialise when you are alone. You could share the fun of exploring the newly found Komodo, diving stories, camping stories, and many other things. The passion of wildlife and diving usually creates a strong link here in Komodo. Making new friends adds so much fun to your trip! As a bonus, you might find yourself a great friend to take your photographs backdropped by Komodo’s awesome landscape!

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The Right Time to Raise the Rent on Your Property Investment

Through property investing, you can learn how to build the wealth. Of course, it not going to be all sunshine and rainbow all the time. You will encounter many problems throughout your journeys. Ups and downs is part of the deal anyway. There are lots of investors choose to rent out their property investment to get steady income each month by receiving the rent from their tenant. Well, this is kind of passive income which can ensure the security of your cash flow. However, there should be a time when you need to raise the rent to maximize the return of your property asset.

Consider to raise the rent

Even though as a landlord you have rights to raise the rent, you cannot do it randomly at any time. Remember that aside from owning property investment, you also need tenants to occupy it and pay the rent. Your property may be your income-producing asset but it is also a home for another person. Therefore, raising the rent is not as simple as you thought. There are some considerations before taking that decision.

  • The lease signed by your tenant should be taken into consideration before raising the rent. You may not be able to raise the rent if your tenants have signed a fixed term tenancy. You can do it when the lease period ends instead. Of course you also still have condition allowing you to raise the rent even if your tenants have signed fixed term tenancy. You get that rights if you have rental review clause written into agreement upon signing.
  • Another thing to consider is the rental market. You cannot just raise the rent in overwhelming amount. You need to consider the amount based on the rental market situation as well. Small raise like 3-5% sounds fine for your tenants. More than that, they could be overwhelmed. Even though you have the rights to raise the rent, your tenants still have the rights to dispute it as well. Therefore, matching and adjusting with the rental market prices is the right thing to do before raising the rent.
  • Opinion from your property manager should be taken into consideration as well. They have experience and knowledge about rental property management. Thus, their opinion can be valid. You can discuss about raising the rent first with your property manager. They also know more if the demand is high. Thus, they can give your information about your tenant’s financial situation.
  • Your tenants should be included as important consideration. Therefore, make sure to let them know about the raising rent in writing immediately when your decision is finale. Mandatory notice period should be within 30-60 days. It may also different according to the state where your property is located. You can also give explanation to your tenants or let your property manager do it. Your tenants have the rights to know why you raise the rent. It makes them understand more the situation and makes everything more reasonable for both parties without opening hole for misunderstanding and dispute.
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Select Seminyak Villas for Your Holiday in Bali

The list of the reasons why Bali has become one of the most visited destinations for retreat goes on and on. There are many aspects from Bali which keeps making people curious to visit and want to come visit again. If this is your first time in Bali, it is recommended to stay at one of Seminyak villas. Of course, Bali has large areas where you can venture to. Seminyak is not the only place you can visit for your holiday in Bali. However, Seminyak has everything you need to really enjoy the finest of Bali. You can easily spot fine restaurants, chill bars, boutique shops, fun café, beaches, and many more. It alo grants you easy and fast access to the airport.

Seminyak villas to choose

Compared to other areas in Bali, Seminyak can be considered as one of the most crowded one. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy serene vibe. You can still find piece of tranquility from the accommodation you choose. That’s why renting a villa is more recommended for you during your holiday in Bali. There are lots of villas in Seminyak that you can rent. To make it easier with searching and booking process, it is recommended to use a rental villa management company.

The Best location for accommodation in Seminyak.

Seminyak is situated between Legian and Canggu. That’s why it grants you great access to most important places within close proximity. Thus, you won’t waste much time venturing around the place.

Petitenget is one of recommended area where you can stay and find the best villa to rent. It is located in more north of Seminyak. In this area, it will be easy for you to find boutique shops and fine restaurants. The villas situated in this area mostly offer luxury features started from amenities, services, to facilities.

Another recommended area is Jalan Kayu. This particular area has become one of the most popular places to stay since it is one on the main streets in Seminyak. However, its location is more inland and your access to the beach is not in short distance. This place is more suitable for peaceful retreat.

Double Six Beach is also a popular area amongst tourists. It is situated in the southern area of Seminyak and closer to the borders Legian. This is also famous amongst young travelers who like to chill and fun while enjoying their time in Bali in slower paces. Aside from hotels, there are various villas situated in this particular area. Thus, it is recommended to book beachfront villa so you can enjoy the view of the beach anytime you open your eyes.

Booking one of Seminyak villas in Bali is relatively easy, there are no complicated procedures and the payment method is clear. It is also recommended to book villa that really fits not only your preference but also needs. You also need to remember that the prices change depending on the season. During peak season or school holiday, the rate will increase and it will relatively go lower during low season.

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